Chapter 11: The Sensei

"Yeah, sorry about that," Tatsumi groaned, lying face flat on the ground, slightly numb from Baby Beel's electric outburst. No matter how many times he'd experienced, it still stings.

"Dabu! Dabu!"

Tatsumi slowly sat up, leaning against the bed frame as he looked up at Aki. She was sitting on her bed, an annoyed expression on her face as she's comforting the excited mini demon, her maternal instinct shining through. No matter how much she'd complained and whined, Tatsumi knew clearer than anyone else, that she always had a soft spot for that little infant. That's just who she was, always denying.

He had thought that maybe, like always, she was only denying her feelings for him. He was so sure, that she felt something for him, especially after the numerous times he'd seen the blush on her face, and of course, that almost kissed on that very day he can never forget.

"So, any reason why you're trying to murder me in my sleep?"

There it was again, the shade of pink on her face, and her shying away from his eyes docilely. This had always been a side of her that captivated him. She'd always been so loud, so strong, but when around him, she would let her guards down occasionally, revealing her vulnerability and gentleness.

Baby Beel was still squealing happily, more energetic than he'd ever been. Right this moment, was how it should always be. Not before when there's just him and Baby Beel, but now, just the three of them. Baby Beel had missed her, he had missed her.

"Oi, have you heard what I sai-"

"He misses you." The words came out of his mouth even before he can stop himself, his eyes fixated on Aki.

"Huh?" Aki had snapped her head up, meeting his eyes.

"Baby Beel, he misses you." He repeated again before he softened his voice to a whisper. "He misses his mother."

He was embarrassed to say that that's for sure. Tatsumi never had any soft moment, well, there were, but never once so willingly, or openly. No one will ever know just how much courage it had took him to be like this, genuine, to Aki, to... himself.


... ... Oh?

Was that all she can say after all that?! Tatsumi's brow twitched at Aki's casual dismissal of his feelings, her attention back to Baby Beel, who was now happily patting her face passionately. He really did hate that baby sometimes.

"Oh geez, I miss this little bugger too. I mean, who's there to electrocute me half to death then made it his life mission to make my face swollen as a pig?" She deadpanned, tossing Baby Beel straight back at him, which he caught easily.

"Oh please, as if you need any help in that." He scoffed bitterly. Tatsumi had his mind set, if Aki didn't acknowledge him, he's going to make her acknowledge him.

"YOU-" Before Aki can finish, Tatsumi got up swiftly right at her face, gently grabbing her chin towards him, so close that he can smell that faint jasmine scent that always accompany her. Tatsumi swallowed his momentary victory smugness when he saw the blood flushed to her face in split second, knowing he had some sort of effects on her.

"Huh, what do you know, Baby Beel actually leaft a handprint. He really did hit you quite hard." Tatsumi deliberately whispered, noting her shudder so ever slightly... right until he got pushed to the ground, face hitting the floor roughly.

"WHAT THE HELL WOMAN! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" Tatsumi roared once he got up, glowering at Aki. Her always ruining whatever pathetic efforts he's putting. Can't she see he's trying be nicer to her?!


Tatsumi instantly shut his mouth, face paled. Oh right. He forgot about that.

"I- er, Hilda, s-she, your sensei, window," He stuttered, rubbing his neck uneasily. Luckily for him, Aki seemed to know what he's trying to say.

"If you want to look for Gon sensei, he'll be at my father's party tomorrow. It is compulsory for everyone to go, so he can't run away there. In fact, I pretty much doubt you'll miss him."

"Oh, okay." Tatsumi said, only to have awkward silence filling the room afterwards. Using this chance, Tatsumi quietly take in the room. Unlike the empty room in the apartment she stayed in, this room contained more personal stuff. Girly stuff like stuffed toys, books, and even an array of pictures on her table, and one stood out the most to him.

A picture of Kanzaki and Aki when they were kids, their arms around each other, both grinning widely and happily. Though it was a picture of them when they were just children, Tatsumi felt annoyed, wanting nothing more than smashing that photo frame then tear that picture up.

"Kanzaki and you huh..." Tatsumi said softly, voice filled with mixed feelings that he himself don't understand. He just knew he didn't like it. It's as if someone was squeezing his heart, and there was a weird lump in his throat that he can never swallow down.

"Erm, yeah, Hajime and me..."

Yep, he didn't want to hear about it anymore. Honestly, why did he ask in the first place?!

"Oh, right, okay."

"Yeah, we're, er, dating..."

Crap, too late, she's talking.

"Sort of."

Tatsumi's ear twitched. That word was 'off', a good kind of off. And something akin to a glimmer of hope bloomed within, not that he knew where that came from anyway. He's not desperate.

"Sort of? What do you mean sort of? So are you two dating or not?!" He snapped. Okay, so that sounded a little desperate to him. Just a little.


"I can't believe it..."

"Yes, yes, you can't believe it," I deadpanned. Ever since I'd told Tatsumi about my real situation half an hour ago, he'd been repeating the same sentence again and again with that stupid blank expression of his, not paying any attention at all. Even Baby Beel fell asleep!

"I can't believe it..."

"That's I'm awesome? I think so too."

"I can't believe it..."

"That I'm the most beautiful person you've ever laid eyes on? Aw, I'm blushing."

""I can't believe it..."

"That you're the biggest idiot ever exist on earth?"

"I can't believe it..."

"That you're gay?"

"I can't- HEY! I'm NOT gay!"

"Ah, the trance is finally broken." I grinned.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!" Tatsumi suddenly yelled out, again. His glare intensified.



"Maybe because I didn't think you would come to my house in the first place? You know, uninvited?" I dared, and yep, that did the job of shutting him up.

"Yeahh, that... Well! You said I'll see you tomorrow, but you didn't show up! Now who's fault was that? !"

"I left a note!"

"You left a note without explanation!"

"I did! I. Wrote. I. Had. Family. Emergencies!" I argued back. By now, I was gritting my teeth, my forehead against Tatsumi, both of us head butting for dominance.

"Not. Good. Enough!" He growled.



Tatsumi and I both tensed up at the same time, instantly snapped our heads towards the sleeping baby. Much to our relief, we did not rouse Baby Beel up from his sleep, otherwise...

We both let out a sigh at the same time, and only then did we realize how close we were standing. In split second, jumped back from each other, face flushed. Well, I don't know about him, but I know my face was.

"So, yeah. You know everything now, and you can tell Hilda where my sensei will be tomorrow, so I guess you can go now. I need to be up early tomorrow." I coughed, looking anywhere but him.

"Oh, right, your family and all that tradition crap."

"It's crap alright," I chuckled. I had told Tatsumi about my need to pretend to be the 'submissive' daughter. As much as Tatsumi wasn't too happy when he first heard about it, but there's nothing he can do.

And the fact that I'd made him swear not to do anything.

God knows what trouble he'll get himself into.

Just after Tatsumi was about to leave after I'd point out the directions back to the guest room, he turned and grabbed my hand, stopping me from closing the door. He had this weird constipated expression on his face, even fidgeting slightly.


"Yessss?" I asked suspiciously with narrowed eyes.

"Erm, er..."

Ah. Guess I was right.

"The toilet is down the hall way to the right." I pointed out, only to have my kindness be repaid by a whack on the head.


"WHAT THE HELL! STOP YELLING FOR GOD'S SAKE! ARE YOU TRYING TO WAKE EVERYBODY UP?!" I whispered harshly, hitting him back while using my other hand to rub the bruise that was forming. Geez! Violent much?

"R-Right," Tatsumi finally whispered, both of us looking left and right just in case. It was strange though, for there's not a single soul in sight. Normally my father's men were much more alert than that.

Oh well. It worked in our favour anyway.

"So, what do you want?" I asked impatiently. Even if my father's men weren't here, can't hurt to be cautious.

"You... You're really not dating Kanzaki right? It's all just a lie."

His concerns certainly caught me by surprise, and I strangely found myself blushing. Fortunately, it's still dark, so I doubt Tatsumi noticed it.

"Y-Yeah, like I've said, he's like my brother. We'll never date, ever. What of it?" I asked hotly, still trying to hide my embarrassment.

"Well, nothing!" He replied just as agitatedly, but then softened up a second later. It was then when I remembered Tatsumi's hand was on mine, for he'd tightened his grip slightly.

"It's just... I'm glad."


Even before I can process what Tatsumi had just said, he left, the warmth left my hand. Not before he flicked my forehead that is.

"Nothing! Just nothing! Go back to sleep will you?! Geez! It's so late and you're still up! I'm going to sleep now, bye!"Tatsumi practically rambled like an idiot while I was nursing my forehead, promptly slamming my sliding door shut loudly even before I can have the last word. Honestly, what is his problem?

Tatsumi leaned against the door of the guest room, covering his face with his arms. He'd dashed back to the guest from after he'd said those words to Aki, his face as red as a tomato.


"WAHHH!" Tatsumi screamed at the sudden voice, jumping up. There Hilda was, appearing out of nowhere, scaring the crap out of him. "JESUS CHRIST HILDA! I ALMOST HAVE HEART ATTACK! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"

Hilda stood there, as if she hadn't heard Tatsumi outburst. Instead, she only tiled her head, staring down at him with a smirk on her face.

"I'm glad?" Hilda started smoothly, a tone of mockery in her voice, "That was pretty lame wasn't it? Even I felt embarrassed for you."

If Tatsumi wasn't blushing before, he sure is now. In fact, he practically erupted and smoke from forming from the heat. For a second, dying of embarrassment seemed valid.

"And where have I been? Who do you think make sure no one interrupts you and Aki-san time together?" Hilda scoffed as he took Baby Beel away from him.

"Oh, OH!" Tatsumi said, remembering how no one ever come running no matter how loud Aki and him were yelling at each other. "T-Thanks, I guess."

Hilda frowned, slightly annoyed by his lack of gratitude. After all, she had gone all the way to help him patch things up with that human girl. Her, a demon of her status! Helping them! That was a huge sacrifice on her part! He should at least grovel.

Tatsumi paused in his step when he felt the murderous aura Hilda was emitting, the said demon glaring at him. Just what has he done now?!


"You better have something about her sensei, or else."

The whole day had gone by quickly with them being asked to help with the preparation of the celebration. And now that it had begun, all the dining room was flooded with guest, with scrumptious food laid out and drinks being served, where people rejoice and drink heartily.

On the other hand, Tatsumi and Furuichi stood by the side awkwardly, with Hilda nowhere in sight, Baby Beel himself having fun on his own on Tatsumi's back. Instead of drawing any attention to themselves, they had decided to just law low and eat their hearts out till everything is over, then head home, taking Aki along with them.

At least that's what Tatsumi had in mind.

Tatsumi had been getting more and more irritated as he stay in this mansion, getting more and more pissed as he watched Aki. She had been greeting guests the whole day, with that moronic Kanzaki by his side, that blasted hand of his never leaving her waist. That and that smirk he kept sending his way.

Of course, being the stubborn and prideful guy he is, Tatsumi himself had sent his own smirk at him, sheer smugness that told him he knew everything. Sure, it irritated Kanzaki a little, and he had the upper hand, but as time passed, and his hand still on her waist, Tatsumi wasn't sure anymore.

That wasn't all that was annoying him. It was how Aki was being treated by her parents and how she was acting that was also pissing him off. This wasn't the Aki he knew, the quiet, passive, meek one, apologizing when she was 'speaking out of turn'.

Since when do Aki apologize at all?!

It was appalling, and Tatsumi had often found himself debating whether to defend her or to go right up to her and shake her till she has grown a spine. Just one day, he reminded himself, just one day and this whole thing will be over.

"Mouuu, there isn't even any cute chicks in here," Furuichi whined, looking just as bored, blissfully ignorant about that had happened last night.

"Hmmm," Tatsumi replied noncommittally. Aki sure cleaned up good. She had light make up on, highlighting her features, making her seemed like a porcelain doll. She was wearing a red, expensive looking kimono, adding layers and complimenting that flat figure of hers.

Tatsumi remembered being speechless when he first saw her in that get up, but soon frown over it. It was too... rigid. Too unAki-like. That smile that didn't reach her eyes was fixed on her face, as if she was wearing a thick mask.

There Aki was, flashing that smile that never once reaches her eyes, like she's wearing a thick mask. This wasn't Aki, at least it wasn't his Aki.

"So, you're finally admitting your feelings?" Furuichi suddenly pipped up, causing the brown hair boy to choke on his own saliva.

"W-W-What are you saying?!" He stuttered, face pink, "I-I..."

Furuichi was not impressed, and it was shown on his face. "Uh-huh, you what? So you mean to tell me you can't keep your eyes off Aki-chan is because of no particular reason?"

"Pfffttttt, what do you know. Just shut up, you baka." Tatsumi huffed, grabbing some food and stuffed his mouth, avoiding from talking.

Little did he know, Furuichi knew more he'd let on.

He always had.

"I knew it, it's you," Hilda said coldly, glaring at the tall, silver haired, tall and lean man that in the backyard from last night, the very one right outside of Aki's room. The man was very handsome, one would say. Had a lazy grin on, his half lidded eyes staring back at her with a glint."Prince Belphegor."

"Ara ara, it's Gon sensei now, if you haven't heard from my cute student- Whoa," Said Prince ducked, for without notice, Hilda had attack him. "Is that how you treat royalty? Are you sure my baby brother will be safe?"

"You ran away," Hilda simply said, tone of indifference. She never stopped attacking, and he never stopped dodging.

"I guess that's how Shimizudani Aki got her skills, from a coward like you." She sneered.

"Ouch, you wound me, Hilda," Belphegor smirked, but a hint of melancholy can been seen in his eyes, "You know me, Hilda, you know I have to go. I can't take the throne."

"You could have at least stayed!" Hilda snapped, slowly losing control over her emotions. It had been too long, too many years. She had been looking for him, all these time...

"Hilda..." Belphegor started, voice softened, "I'm sorry."


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