Note: my first langue is not English so please understand why my grammar is a bit weird

When Cloud at last open his eyes again, he notice he and Tifa was no longer in the church, instead thier were in the bar "You know, you´re pretty heavy"

Cloud turned quickly around, facing Reno and Rude. "Weren't there, some kids living with you?" asked Rude and Reno added" 'Course they aren´t here" Cloud turned sad his head away, not saying a word

"You don´t care?" asked Rude

"I just…." The blond man trailed off, he turned to Tifa there still was unconscious. Reno and Rude watched him and waited he should say something but nothing came from the blond; Reno sighted "You´re a real handful" he said and went together with his partner.

Not long after arrive Sora and Riku "So?" asked Riku him but Cloud shook his head.

Sora and Riku glanced confused to each other before Cloud said "We wait till Reno and Rude return"
"Okay" replied Sora a little bit disappointed over the blond wouldn´t take action but he couldn´t push him.

The sun setting and the world was soon covered in darkness as the nightfall arrived, it was there Tifa woke up. Cloud there had been looking out at the window the whole time said "Reno and Rude are out looking"

Tifa nodded a single time and asked calm "you have Geostigma, don´t you?"
she got no answer from him "you just gonna give up and die, is that it?"

Sora there was the only one who stayed up in the room turned confused but really worried too against Cloud, the blond sat down beside her "There´s no cure"

"Yeah but that doesn't stop Denzel!" she said to hers friend "don´t run"
Sora nodded cheerful "Let´s us fight it together!" even he didn´t really have an idea what this 'sickness' was.

Cloud shook his head "Sora, Tifa… I´m not fitting to help anyone. Not my family, not my friends… nobody "

Sora took his hand toward Cloud with open mouth as he wanted to say something to cheer him up but he couldn´t so he took the hand down and stared sad at the floor, however both he AND Cloud turned confused their eyes to Tifa as she said "Dilly-dally shilly-shally"
Cloud hesitated knowing what the words means but didn´t know what to do, he turned quickly around when Reno said "She want you to move on man"

Tifa rose from the bed, asking with slightly hope in hers voice "Did you find them?"

Reno crossed his arms "We know where they are, Kadaj´s gang took the kids"

"Where are they?" asked Cloud the redheaded, Reno opened his mouth to speak but it was Rude there replied "There are at their base now. The forgotten city"

Riku walked past the Turks, over to Sora "If we hurry, we can-" "No, they go" cut Cloud the silver haired boy, Reno and Rude just standing their ground and stared weird at him, even Riku did "Why?" he asked

"Stop running!" yelled Tifa hard at hers friend "I know, even you find the kids you might not be able to help them. Maybe something would happen some should never happen and it scares you" she hammed hard hers hand on the bed "look at you, you think you got it so darn hard. You don´t want to be alone but won´t let people in, sure you won´t answer the phone but I don´t see you throw it away either!"

And then the silence came, Reno looked first at Rude and then to Cloud "You go" he said cold and went "their base is yours"
Sora and Riku leaved to, Sora stopped with the door "Tell us when you ready"
he never got the answer.

"What is it?" asked Tifa after there was gone "our memories or us?"
Cloud turned to her "My memories. I just…."

She sighted and nodded against the door "Go, find them"

Riku and Sora sat down in the bar and waited, they both turned their heads when Cloud came. He walked past them only saying one word but that was more than enough "Come"

The keyblade wielders smiled and followed

They arrived in a strange forest, every tree shined in ghostly ray. Cloud walked calmly through with Sora and Riku closely beside him, suddenly stopped the blond with his eyes locked at something straight up ahead, he took his sword and then the hell broke loose. Bullets fly around them, Sora and Riku called their keyblades and closely followed Cloud against the enemy. Loz and Yazoo was the one there shoot against them while Kadaj stood behind them with his sword in hand, he smirked evil when Cloud and the keyblade wielders closing in. He walked against them and makes a calling hand-move, down from the tress jumped all the kids and Denzel down, stood like a wall between Kadaj´s- and Could´s team. The heroes was force to stop in order not to hurt the children "Cowards" sneered Sora at them and attacked the man there had attacked Tifa; Loz. Riku nodded to Cloud and chased after Yazoo.

Cloud stopped and stared at the leader; Kadaj

"Glad you could make it!" he cheered insanity happy, Cloud sat his two swords into one as Kadaj began walk around him "I only came here for the kids"

"Sure you did brother" smirked the man and attacked.

Loz changed against Sora as he used his speed to shift places but when he tried to attack with his weapons powerful punch, Sora blocked it with his keyblade and only been pushed few feet´s away. However Sora didn´t have time to recover before the man attacked again and thanks to the speed, Loz was a difficult enemy to hit "Would you just stand still?" shouted Sora and used Strike Raid after him… with mixed effect.

Riku in the other hand didn´t have problems with hitting the enemy but more NOT to be hit, he jumped from tree to tree as Yazoo kept shooting after him. Riku landed on a bigger branch and blocked some of the shoots; his eyes flew down when Sora down with the roots landed against the tree with Loz holding around his collar "Sora!" Riku slashed after Yazoo and now attacked Loz "leave him alone!"
However it was Cloud there saved Sora first, he hit Loz hard so he ended up flying; just to be replaced by Kadaj there attacked alongside his other brother. Before they could reach Cloud and Sora, a dark portal swallowed them and Kadaj landed on empty ground. He looked up to Riku there grinned and too vanishes in a dark portal. Kadaj stood looking at the spot with a hiss on his lips, angry over his prey succeed to escape.

"See I told I wouldn´t be any help"

Sora turned to Riku asking to say something, the silver haired boy walked toward Cloud "The Geostigma you have, it reek of Darkness. And inside that Darkness are Sephiroth"

Cloud took his hand up to his arm "Is Kadaj?..."

Riku nodded "It wouldn´t surprise me if they are able to reborn him, but they need something named Jenova to do that"

"How do you know?"

Riku laughed humorless "You´re not the only one who has been trapped inside the Darkness" his smile fainted when sounds of someone arrive, all the heroes took their weapons but lowered them when a little girl ran into Clouds arm


The girl looked up to him "Cloud! Denzel and Tifa-" "Tifa is alright" he said calmly to her

"I want talk to her"

Cloud searched after his phone but apparently he dropped it in the battle, the girl turned to Riku and Sora there shook their heads as they neither had a phone. Cloud turned also to them "Could you two bring Marlene back to Tifa? I go to Shinra for getting few answers"

"We can´t do that" replied Riku before Sora could

"But I…"

Marlene stepped angry away from the blond man "Forget it Cloud! Why don´t you pay any attention to us?" she ran over to Sora and the boy took his arm protection around her, Cloud seems really shocked over the little girls words and tried made her understand "Marlene, please give me some time. There´s a battle to be fought, but it´s not simple as fighting it, understand?"

"No, I don´t!"

"Cloud?" asked Riku "are you sure this only being fighting them?"

Cloud stood silent, in big thoughts he turned to Riku "The Darkness, will it ever disappear?"

"No, it won´t but you can use it in good matters"

"Really?... "Cloud stood long and thought about Riku´s words, and then he nodded with a new glance in his eyes "Marlene, let´s go"

The girl nodded happy and ran back to him, Cloud took hers hand and walked "I´m going to try"
Sora smiled a thanks to his friend and they followed him.

In the city there was chaos, Loz and Yazoo had gathered all the kids around the Shinar's monument as they wanted to break down, people stood around and shouted all kind of words after them. Most of them stood there because of their children's, others did because that monument was a memorial of what they have lost. Loz smirked lifted his hand and Heartless arrived, they attacking everyone there was too near and soon everybody. Tifa ran through all the panic, right against Denzel. She took around his shoulder and called his name but the boy didn´t reach of hers voice, he only stood there like all the other children´s.

Yazoo and Loz laughed and began once again trying overthrow the giant monument but stopped as someone said cocky "And what are you up to?"
they turned around, facing Reno and Rude.

Yazoo smirked "We know, mother is here" pointing at the monument

Reno grinned "So you think we hide 'her' here?" he asked and Yazoo gave again "Did you?"
"Don´t ask us" smirked Rude and Reno laughed "For we don´t know!"

"Oh so you do know where she is"

Reno stopped laughing and took angry a step to them, then he got confused over how the heck did they know back to Rude. He stared few seconds at his partner before he attacked.

At the same had Kadaj captured Rufus and now stood he and the wounded man on a skyscraper, watching the chaos "Say Kadaj, I have a question for you"

"And I got an answer" replied the white haired man

"You told me, you needed the Jonova cell in order to be whole again. What did you mean by that?"

Kadaj turned to the battle field again and in a glint his form changed into someone with long white hair and icky blue eyes "Him, he´s coming back"

"Sephiroth, the nightmare"

Kadaj´s form returned "So they say. I never met Sephiroth, it´s just… I sense him there! It´s unbearable, knowing she might rather wants him than…."

Rufus smiled under the sheets "Poor little remnant" he said causing Kadaj glaring furies "It doesn't matter who she picks; you all meets the same end!"

He straight his hand out to Rufus as Darkness flow out from it "She wants this world to die, but ever since she got here… nothing has change. So now I will do it, to make her happy"

Rufus smiled "Do whatever your heart content, cause all the trouble you want. We do as light command, we promise; we´ll stop you no matter what"

Kadaj began laughing "Please is that your excuse for going after mother yourself? You don´t seems sorry"

Rufus smirked "Sorry? Actually I´m enjoyed it"

"Fine, then let´s us put an end to all this" the Darkness around his hand spread and Kadaj shoot a beam against the sky, the sky opened a portal of Darkness and out from that Darkness arrived a giant heartless. It flew right toward the Shinra monument, landed on it and tried to break it with its giant claws. Down from its feet stopped Reno startled when he saw it and didn´t even notice at he by an accident had knocked his own partner down with his rod, the redheaded had only his eyes at the giant Heartless there began flapping its wings. Rude haven´t seen it either, the only thing he was thinking about was a hit Reno but he stopped when he saw the Heartless. The two Turks thought of the same there and both turned around and ran away from the flying Heartless there now was ready to fire, Loz and Yazoo grinned and chased after them.

Tifa who still stood with Denzel saw it too but she wouldn´t leave the kid, so she covered him as a human shield against the blast. The Heartless fired its flare against the monument and a huge explosion made everyone in the area toppled, the Heartless roared in the air and landed again on what was left of the monument.

Reno and Rude rose slowly up after the blast as Yazoo and his brother arrived and Yazoo asked smirking "Having fun jet?"

Reno looked to his partner and said slowly but angry too "In time of my life!" in the last he jumped up and attacked with a kick, Rude who was slightly slower than Reno hit Loz right in the face and the battle was on.
Yazoo dodged most of Reno's attack and when the red headed made an opening he kicked back and send the red haired flying , Reno quickly recovered from it and ran after Yazoo there jumped on a building "Forget your little reunion and get a grip!"

The white haired smirked down to the Turk "Not before we get mother, and then it would be the end of everything"

Reno glared after him, he ran toward the building and by his agile leaping he reached Yazoo fast and tried knock him down with his electric rod but the white haired jumped away. However he didn´t expects another attacker from behind, he landed now pretty far away with his left hand holding a cut he got from Soras keyblade.

Loz got the same trouble but not from Sora, the white haired man suddenly got hit by a powerful lighting and he fall right on the ground from that hit. Rude stared surprised over what just happed, turned to the two others.

Sora stared with open mouth at Reno there hided his right hand out of Rude´s sight and shocked it slightly as the electricity slowly vanishes again.

"Can all Turks do that?" asked Sora

Reno shook his head "No, it´s only me." he looked right in Soras eyes with a determent look "don´t tell anyone what you just saw"

"…Okay, but how can you-"

"Control an element?" finish Reno for him with a smile "because I have a really strong heart" he grinned more of Sora dump look, he didn´t understand what the redheaded was talking about! "You see: everyone in my world gets power over elements if their hearts is strong, of course human from other worlds can too but it´s more common where I live because of the Radiant Light"

Sora turned his face away from Reno and nodded slowly "I think I understand now…"

Reno laughed nugged the boys head before he leaped off. Sora stared kinda surprised over he just got a nuggy, he rubbed his head before he smiled "I guess he don´t hate me anymore" he jumped down and ran after the giant Heartless there now fly away from the hole it had made and towards the city.

Tifa woke up as well as Denzel there now was back to his old self, they looked around and Tifa asked the boy "You alright?" the boy nodded but suddenly cried "Watch out!" more Heartless arrived and quickly stood Tifa ready to battle, to protect Denzel from harm. One of them jumped right at her but Tifa kicked it away and it ramp right into some others Heartless, they however recovered quickly and all three of them attacked her. She made up a good fight against them but suddenly they changed prey and now they attacked Denzel. Tifa cried his name; sadly it was no use for she was too high up in the air to reach him in time and like that wasn´t enough arrived a bomb Heartless. It shoots after her but barely missed, from the shoot shock wave Tifa landed hard on the ground. Instead hit the shoot a building there fall right against Tifa!

At the same time arrived two others, all the Heartless there surrounded Denzel faded in Darkness from a powerful light attack and Tifa was saved as Cloud ran into the danger and got her out in a hanging hair. Denzel turned around as his savior stopped beside of him and let his weapon fade in light "Riku!" the silver haired boy smiled to the smaller boy, they both turned to Cloud arrive with Tifa "Sorry it took so long" apologized the blond to Tifa.

Tifa smiled "It´s alright, you´re here and that´s matters"
Cloud nodded and added "Marlene is safe, we took her home"

Riku looked around but he couldn´t find what he was looking for "Have you seen Sora? That fool just ran off without saying anything" he groaned when Tifa shook hers head "Great, I hope he´s not taking a nap"

Denzel laughed of Riku; he turned to Cloud "I go back to Marlene, we´ll wait for you"

Cloud nodded as the boy ran off, he, Tifa and Riku sat after the giant Heartless where they found Sora too following the Heartless.

Riku nodded to his friend and at the same time they jumped on the steel construction and tried get a blow on the flying Heartless but that thing was harder to kill than expected, the Heartless flew after Riku there kept firing Dark balls after it even he stopped when it tried to grab him with its claws, he dough rolled away from it and shoot another dark ball at it. It was a bulls-eye, the Heartless roared as the attack hit it right in the face and it now flew confused around. That gave Sora the change; he jumped out after it and stabbed his keyblade right down on the Heartless back. The Heartless fly on all kind of ways to get Sora off, it succeeds when it flew right into a destroyed building. Riku saw it happen but he could only stand and watch Sora fall, lucky was the brown haired boy saved by Cloud and they both landed safety on another steel construction from a destroyed building. Cloud nodded to Sora there gave him the thump up before he jumped once again up after the Heartless; Cloud split his sword into two before he jumped after the Heartless. It turned against him and got his swords right in the face, closely followed by the keyblades. The Heartless screamed and it fall on the ground, Cloud and the keyblade wielders landed again and looked down to it; to their horror rose the Heartless again and fly up in the air with sign of it wanted to shoot another flare and this time: it was a really big shoot.

Cloud jumped up after it but the Heartless kicked him down, Sora ran towards the place where Cloud fall and before the blond hit the ground he called another keyblade and crossed both as a ramp to Cloud "Don´t give up!" and pushed him up again with his keyblades. Riku stood higher up and he saw Cloud come up so he jumped out, grab Cloud hands and gave him more speed towards the Heartless. As the last came Tifa and helped him in speed up like the two others and said to him "No giving up" before he passed her.

He reached the Heartless there now was ready to fire, he gathered all his sword pieces into one and the Heatless fired! Cloud flew right into the flare and he could feel he wouldn´t make it but as he thought all hope was lost he saw; light. And inside that light he saw… her.

He reached his hand to her as she did the same, she smiled that smile she always did to him "Everything will be alright" she said as their hand touched.

Tifa landed beside Riku and Sora, all watching how Cloud disappeared in the Heartless fire, Sora turned to Riku there said cool "He´s fine, look" Sora turned back and cheered when Cloud came out from the Flare with Aerith´s Light as shield.
He reached the Heartless, douched its claw, stabbed his sword deep down in its body and ran through it with the sword still down and jumped as the Heartless was surrounded by light and blue fire. The Heartless was beaten and it faded in Darkness as it fall, Sora smirked and gave the Heartless the final blow there released the Heart.

Meanwhile stood Kadaj with a grin over his face, he turned to Rufus "Any request for the next act?" he froze when the Shinar's president rose, threw the sheet off and revealed he was lesser than half wounded, Kadaj gasped when he saw what the man had in his hand: a box of the left of Jenova.


Rufus smirked "A good son would had known" he said to Kadaj before he threw the box out. Kadaj screamed and fired at the blond man before he jumped out after the box. Lucky the shoot never hit Rufus thanks to Mickey there blocked it, he turned to Rufus

"Just in time I found you" smiled the King, Rufus nodded and took his gun "Let us talk after business" Mickey smiled and Rufus aimed at the box and hit it just when Kadaj got it. He landed on the ground where his two brothers were and checked the box where his "mother" was in: seems to be alright, he nodded to his brothers and they quickly jumped on three bikes and took the run.

Cloud and the keyblade masters arrive few moments after, saw in last second Loz bike vanishes in a corner "Let´s go!" Cloud jumped on his bike and so did Sora and Riku and they follow Kadaj and his gang.

Reno and Rude stood not long away from them, they turned their eyes toward Rufus there nodded and they both smiled, Reno took his staff on his shoulder "Finally! I have looked forward to this!"

The chase after Kadaj wasn´t easy, he was a good driver and his two brothers made the drive for the heroes pretty difficult after some they SHOOT after them! And they didn´t have time to this!

Riku called his keyblade and yelled to Cloud "You go after Kadaj; we take care of these punks!" Cloud nodded and turned road way; after Kadaj.
The two wielders looked after him before they began the fight against Kadaj´s brothers.

Yazoo and Loz smirked and shoot again after them, Loz drive up beside Riku and made his weapon ready to smash the bike to pieces; it would had succeed it not Sora stunned him with a fire spell and Riku quickly slashed him away with his keyblade. Yazoo laughed insane as he drive past Sora and aimed right at him, lucky came some bigger shoots from a helicopter. Yazoo was force to flee, unless he wanted to look like a pincushion full of bullets. Sora and Riku looked up towards the helicopter where they saw Rude nod to them and in the cockpit grinned Reno with thump up, the keyblade masters waved back and followed Loz and Yazoo.

Reno flew up ahead and as he found the two brothers; he shoot again "You chose to chase the wrong guys!" Yazoo and Loz tried to dough the attack from above and suddenly turned Loz his bike, used his brothers as ramp and now he shoot after the helicopter. Reno grinned and just flew behind a building.

Sora and Riku catch up with them; both called their keyblades and threw them right after Loz and Yazoo. The two brothers saw the keyblades a bit too late and Loz bike was cut into two, Sora and Riku stopped their bikes and jumped off with their keyblades return in light "The road ends here!" said Sora with pointed keyblade at them.

Loz and Yazoo laughed "Really?" asked Yazoo silky before Loz attacked closely followed by his brother. The battle was pretty even, they was all equal strong so this battle would reeeaaally be long if not the helicopter arrived and shoot after the brothers, however Yazoo got enough of the Turks so he ran right towards it and somehow succeed him jump right inside of it, shoot after Reno (only succeed him to hit the controller) and them push Rude out. He landed on a building and joined once again the fight against Sora and Riku

Reno heard his partners cry "Rude!"
he tried to turn the chopper but when he did the controller broke and the helicopter was completely out of control, Reno ran out the cockpit and smiled reviled over seeing his partner was alright as if he hang on the choppers legs. Reno helped Rude up again and when the chopper was close enough to the ground, they jumped off.

Sora and Riku got few problems towards the brothers, mostly because they both worried about Reno and Rude for they didn´t see they jumped off the falling helicopter. However they both exclaimed happy when the two Turks joined the battle and it succeed them to defeat Loz and Yazoo.

Sora walked to Reno "Thanks for helping us"

Reno laughed "No sweat Sora! It´s my job"

Sora laughed but stopped when a fleet of Nobodies arrived and surrounded all of them "I thought we got rid of them when we defeated Xemnas!" yelled Sora astonished, Riku called his Way to Dawn "We can´t worry about that now, let´s beat these guys and catch up with Cloud!"

Reno and Rude there never had seen Nobodies before nodded and all of them attacked the Nobodies but sadly there was more than hoped, forcing the heroes to spilt up; Riku teamed up with Rude and took the west flank while Sora and Reno took east.

Sora and Reno stood back against back and the redheaded joked "These things sure give us a workout" Sora turned to him and got a weird sense of déjà vu "Gotten tired?"

Reno smirked "Maybe a little, but I can still handle these punks" was he really going to do the same as…?
the redheaded ran right in the middle and the sound of something really big recharged began small electric waves surround Reno, he grinned as the Nobodies attacked him "Take this!" he shouted and big thunder waves hit all the surroundings Nobodies and with a battle cry some real thunderbolts hit the rest of the Nobodies and the red haired fall on the ground.

Riku and Rude there had seen the whole scene couldn´t believe their own eyes, Sora ran towards Reno and knelt beside Reno and hoped he wouldn´t die like Axel did. "Reno, Reno!"

"Shut it, Lea…" muttered Reno weak and somehow like he was somewhere else "I´m not deaf"

Sora shook him again, wonder only a very little who this "Lee" was? Reno open slowly his eyes and looked at Sora with a smile "I think I came to zap myself" Sora laughed and helped him up to sit "You did it great, but why do you think you zap yourself?"

Reno smiled rolled up his sleeves, revealing a still smoking wound
"Oh" Sora nodded slightly frowning over the wound "it does not look good…"

Reno looked at the wound "Nah it could be worse, it happen sometimes when I use my element too much" he tried to hide the lighting wound from Riku and Rude but from the expression from their faces; they already knew about his powers. Reno smiled weak to Rude

"So um… you saw it?"

Rude nodded "It was hard missing all the lighting"
Reno smiled embarrassed and muttered something he would had told him, Rude shook slightly his head "It was a good choice to hide it." he added asking "so you do really come from another world?"

"Do you think I would lie about that?" yelled Reno and jumped on his feet but stopped cursing over the wound, all the other laughed as Reno again shouted at his partner.

Meanwhile in the ruin of Midgar fought Cloud against Kadaj on the bikes, they locked their bikes as they tried to cut the opponent down and they both flew over an edged. Only there they cut the bikes away from each other, and it succeed Cloud got a hit on the Jenova box. Kadaj landed first and drive fast into an old church, Cloud landed few seconds later but didn´t follow him. He turned to his hidden arm and tore the sleeves off, revealing the blackness of his Geostigma. Cloud turned on his bike again and drives too into the church where Kadaj overthrew a pillar in hope to kill Cloud with it, but the blond he expected that so he jumped of the bike and landed safety when the bike smashed into pieces from the pillar. Cloud turned towards Kadaj there stood on the roof with the box.

"Brother, I´m with her at last!"

"So what´s going to happen now?" asked the blond not really caring of the outcomes, Kadaj smiled down to the box "Mother going to tell me"

"I guess a remnant doesn´t really know"

Kadaj turned angry towards Cloud "So what if I´m a poppet?" Dark magic began flow out from his free hand "Once upon a time…" he fired the darkness after Cloud "you were too!"

Cloud jumped away from the Darkness so it leaved a big hole on the ground, Kadaj laughed and made himself ready to fire but then something else happen. Out from the hole he made flowed water there shined in light up, it sprang up as an geyser but not furies as normal water usual did, no this water sprang unnatural up and spread so rain fall down inside the church. Cloud stood amazed of the water, he turned surprised his head to the sick arm when he felt light went thought it and healed the Geostigma away, with no single trace back. Kadaj in the other hand couldn´t stand being near this kind of light, he turned his bike and took the run; away from this place. The water stopped and a small lake was created, Cloud smiled to the healing water before he chased after Kadaj, to finish him once and for all.

Few kilometer away from the church found Cloud Kadaj once again, by the white haired almost cut his arm off. Cloud took his sword, attacks him and forced the white haired to defend. The fight was hard and long, none of them refused to give but it succeed Cloud to defeat Kadaj. Kadaj fall over an edged and couldn´t drag himself up because he hold on the box, Cloud stepped right over him, just looking and waiting what his enemy would do. Kadaj had only two choices and one of them was to drop his "mother" and ask Cloud for help. But he never did.

Kadaj threw the box after the blond and Cloud cut it into two, Kadaj jumped after the box and with a victories smile he took what was left of Jenova inside of himself. Cloud jumped after him and tried in a disparate move to finish him off before it was… too late. As his sword reached Kadaj it was stopped by a long blade, Cloud stared shocked at it before he turned to his worst enemy.

"It´s good to see you, Cloud" said the man there few seconds ago should have been Kadaj, the silver haired man looked at Cloud with his icky blue eyes and by a single blow, he pushed Cloud away. Before he could even land again attacked Sephiroth him but lucky Cloud blocked the attack and the silver haired man landed graceful few meters away from him "Your Geostigma is gone"

Cloud glared at him and made himself ready to attack when Sephiroth smiled evil "What a pity"
faster than possible attacked the white haired man Cloud and the worst fight was on, every building there was near ended up slice into pieces from both their swords but most from Sephiroth. Cloud tried keep up with him but he was weaken after all those battle he has being thought and suddenly a sharp pain went troughs his chest: Sephiroth had stabbed him with his long sword, the silver haired thought at Cloud would give up but it succeed the blond to get free and get a hit in. They landed not long away from each other. Sephiroth looked at the wound he just got "Where did you find this strength?"

"I´m not about to tell YOU!"

Cloud attacked again and got Sephiroth smashed into an entire building, he followed but couldn´t find his enemy outside. As answer where he was the roof of the building fall right down at him, Cloud spiltted his sword in two and cut an opening in the falling building. Sephiroth attacked right behind him and Cloud got stabbed again, he didn´t even have time to recover or attack because the silver haired kept attacking and when he finally stopped was Cloud more death than alive but still he kept fighting.

On another building stood, Sora, Riku, Tifa and even Reno and watched. Sora wanted to help Cloud but Tifa stopped him "This is his fight"

"I know that but he´s getting himself killed!" cried Sora, he turned surprised around when Reno laughed "Then you don´t know him pal!" the red haired grinned turned his blue eyes towards the fight "there shall much more to kill this guy, right?" he asked Tifa there nodded "he can do this"

Sora looked at Riku there nodded and they stood watching like the rest did.

Cloud felt on his knees unable to move, thanks to the wounds. Sephiroth landed in front of him, smirking "Tell me what you cherish most; give me the pleasure to take it away" he attacked with a final blow and Cloud didn´t move.

But right before the blade hits him saw Cloud… her. She turned to him with a smile "It doesn't look like you to give up."

"But I… will I ever be…"

She smiled "They already have, just don´t forget where your friends are" she gave hers hand to him "Your light has been right under your nose"

For the first time in long time he smiled peacefully "Yeah"

Cloud opened his eyes and blocked the sword with his, stared at a pretty surprised Sephiroth
"You don´t get it do you? There´s not a thing I don´t cherish!" he pushed the silver haired up in the air and jumped right after him. Clouds sword got blue fire around and it spitted into all its pieces, flowing like they had their own will power around Sephiroth. And then Cloud did his final blow, he took one piece of the sword at time and attack with such a speed at he leaved an after image of himself every time he hit Sephiroth. He landed on the ground and all the sword pieces landed around him, Cloud turn up to the fading person in the air "Go back to where you belong… in my memories"

Sephiroth didn´t smile but seems more to understand now "I will…" then his expression turned back to his evil self "Never be a memory" that was his last words before he was taken by the Darkness. Cloud smiled weak and walked away, he had at last found peace in his heart.

3 days later:

"The water in the church will be send out to all the Geostigma infected, they will all be saved" said Rufus to the group and turned to Cloud "all thanks to you"

The blond nodded but turned to Sora and Riku "I can´t take all the credit, I wouldn´t have made it without you, thanks Sora and Riku"

Sora grinned big while Riku nodded more cool, Reno laughed loud while his partner just shook his head.
Mickey walked past them and to Rufus "Seems like everything is going back to its old self again, but tell me Rufus" the King got serious and all the chatter silent "about what I told you earlier?"

Rufus sighted "I´m sorry Mickey, but what you ask me I can´t do. You´re talking about helping Hollow Bastion; world's can´t meddle in others. Not even for an old friends request"

Mickey nodded sad "I understand, well I guess there´s nothing we can do here…" he turned around and walked towards the exits "we leave as soon as you two are ready" Mickey walked outside the door.
Reno looked few seconds after him before he turned to his boss "Hollow Bastion?"

Rufus turned his back to them "A world swallowed by the Darkness, there´s nothing left"

"You´re wrong" everyone turned to Cloud "Hollow Bastion is gone, it´s regained its old name again"

Sora smiled "Yeah! It now Radiant Garden again! Last time I-"he stopped when Reno suddenly ran out from the door and slammed it hard "Did I say something wrong?" asked Sora Tifa there sighted "No… it´s just… Radiant Garden is actually Reno´s home"

"WHAT?" exclaimed both Riku and Sora of those news, even Rufus looked surprised.
"But why didn´t he return?" asked Sora still shocked.

"Because, unlike most of the others… he don´t have anything to return back to"

Reno stood on a building, still a little mad and confused over his reaction of his home world, he turned his head when a Gummiship flew up in the air and away from this world "Well at least we got rid of them" he joked ironic


The redheaded turned to his former friend "What?"

Cloud stopped beside him "Me and Tifa have considered return to… well you know where"

Reno turned his back to him, he wouldn´t show him his frustration "Why?"

"Not everything was lost back then, many things have returned" told the blond. Reno turned with a stare most would have backed away from "But not lives! They will never return!"

"Suit yourself" shrugged Cloud and went "we can´t dwell in the past, I leaned that on the hard way" Reno glared after him "And think we once was friends, what an idiot" sneered the red haired but still he wondered he maybe should return home… but was that place really his home anymore?

It ends maybe a little bit sad but trust me, you will know what Reno´s choice was in "Unbreakable Promises"

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