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"Another one?"

"Yes. You two are to destroy Iwagakure: New Directions, 3rd Illionois District Factory. They've been dumping sewage and chemicals into Lake Michigan."

"Sewage? Gross, un."

"Move out!"

"Yes sir!"

"Sasori no Danna, un?"

"Yes brat?"

Deidara pouted at the nickname but easily moved on.

"Can I blow this place up? Please?"



"It depends on the lay out."

"Okay, un."

He hummed as he followed Sasori along, for once happy with the world. If only people would stop polluting the beauty of nature, everything would be perfect. Just then, Sasori extended a hand towards him and he easily linked his fingers with the elders. Scratch his earlier thoughts, life with Sasori was perfect as it was.

"Tonight's Akatsuki Night Out."

"Hm. Maybe the bathroom bitch will be there again, un."

"Bathroom bitch? Seriously?"

"Yup, un!"

Sasori laughed lightly, and Deidara felt his smile grow even wider at the sound.

"You are the strangest person I have ever met."


They walked along in silence for a while, Sasori staring straight ahead while Deidara looked up at the sky, their linked hands the only sign that they knew the other was still there.

"There it is."

He snapped his head back down to view the large, gray buildings with black smoke escaping the enormous chimneys.

"Explosions, un?"


Deidara grinned as he pulled out some clay, hands already molding it into a bird. He loved this part.

After all, Art is a Bang!

It's done…I'm going to go cry now…But anyways, I hope you enjoyed the story!