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Morning Surprise

Remus is awakened by the feel of something hot and wet surrounding his morning erection. He moans, thrusting into the warm, wet heat that's sliding over him, engulfing a great deal of his cock, before his eyes snap open in alarm, because…. this isn't a dream. It feels to real to be a dream. And no one should be giving him a blow job, no matter how wonderful it feels. He just doesn't have anyone in his life that does that sort of thing.

He looks down the length of his body with bleary, lust filled eyes, and gasps as his brown orbs meet a mischievous set of grey ones.

"Morning Moony," Sirius says, taking his wonderful, wonderful mouth away from the startled boy's erection with a rather loud pop. "Merry Christmas."

The first thought that enters Remus' muddled brain is 'it's not Christmas. Remus tries to glare at Sirius, but he knows that he fails miserably. "What the fuck are you doing Sirius?" is what comes out of his mouth though, trying to make himself sound less puzzled and more angry.

"I'm giving you your Christmas present," Sirius says, bending his head down so that his breath ghosts out against Remus' hot flesh, feeling warm and moist against him. Remus feels himself twitch.

"Is this your idea of prank? Because if it is Padfoot, I think I may just bloody kill you."

Sirius grins rather fondly at him, his lips still hovering but an inch over his cock. "No pranking here Moony. This is all for you." He flicks his tongue out slowly, wrapping in around the tip of his friend's cock before he parts his lips to slide his mouth over the hard flesh once again.

Remus falls back onto the bed with a groan, his hips arching up off the mattress, trying to push himself deeper into the warm, wet heat. "Sirius…."

"Shhh Moons," Sirius murmurs around him, the muffled words causing delicious vibrations to trail along his erection. "I got you. Just let me take care of you." He pushes his friend's hips back down against the mattress before sliding his lips further down the werewolf's impressive cock.

Remus groans rather loudly, his hips instinctively rocking into the warmth. "Fu-fuuuuccckkkk Sirius…. How…." He gasps, reaching down to grasp at Sirius' hair and pull him closer as the other boy begins to suck on him. "How are you so good at that?"

Sirius pulls off of his cock again, causing the werewolf to whimper softly at the loss. "Such a curious werewolf you are Moony." The dark haired teen chuckles warmly. "Why don't you just hush now and let me make you feel good?" He raises a challenging eyebrow, one long, elegant finger trailing over his dick from root to tip. "Or am I going to have to put a silencing spell on you just to shut you up long enough for me to finish?"

Remus shivers, his body trembling with arousal due to the dark promise present in the animagus' voice.

"You just might," Remus murmurs hoarsely, and groans in pleasure as Sirius one large hand around him.

Sirius smirks wickedly. "Why Moony, my dear, I never knew you to be such a kinky bastard."

The werewolf's response is cut off as Sirius lunges forward and pulls him into a heated kiss.

And really, after that, they're far too busy to do anything as simple as talking.

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