Justin & Alex

A/N: Recently inspired by the Spanish language 2009 film Daniel y Ana (now streaming on Netflix if you're so inclined to see it) I've decided to take a crack a writing a Jalex fic. The movie itself depicts the true-life story of a brother and sister that were kidnapped at gun-point, taken to a remote location where they were coerced by their captors to have sex with each other in front of a video camera.

Needless to say the experience irrecoverably changed the dynamic of the siblings' relationship forever and not for the better. The brother became anti-social and increasingly sexually obsessed with the sister. So much so that he even attempted (rather lamely) to kill his sister's new husband toward the end of the film.

While watching this movie I couldn't help thinking how this plot line might make a great Jalex story. A few words of caution before you read on though- the subject matter will be a very mature with graphic depictions of incest, violence and rape. So if any of this is not your cup of tea you should turn back now.

I also wanted to mention that this is my first try at a WoWP fic. Furthermore it will be a bit AU and more loosely on the plot of the aforementioned film rather any canon Wizards story lines.

Disclaimer: I don't own Wizards of Waverly Place or the film Daniel y Ana.

Chapter One

April 3rd, 2015

"Mom, don't you think the hem needs to be a little shorter?" inquires the exuberant but clearly annoyed bride-to-be. For the last hour she's been arguing with her mother about the latest alterations to her wedding dress.

The dark-haired 22 year-old beauty is currently swathed in a cream-colored frock comprised entirely out of lace and chiffon. While perched atop an upholstered ottoman she expels a frustrated sigh as she tries to appraise her reflection in the three-way mirror directly behind her with a critical eye.

Meanwhile, her beleaguered mother kneels below trying mark the correct measurements of her daughter's dress. It's a tricky endeavor for Theresa Russo since her lovely yet impatient daughter; Alex keeps fidgeting about, making it nearly impossible to avoid getting pricked by pins.

"No peeking, Alexandra. Not until I'm finished!" admonishes the older woman. Reluctantly, Alex obeys with an eye roll as she makes an abrupt about-face.

Alex Russo is in a very bad mood and she can feel the beginnings of migraine coming on. Great. Not only is she hot, tired and extremely uncomfortable, her legs have developed a cramp from standing on the ottoman for too long.

Forget water-boarding, being stuffed into this monstrosity, like some oversized tamale is pure torture, she mentally grouses.

Despite outwardly appearances, Alex Russo is still a tomboy at heart. So normally she wouldn't be caught dead in such an ornate girly-girl gown. But as Theresa Russo's only daughter she's ill-fated to wear the same horrendous Princess Di inspired nightmare her mother did on her own wedding day.

She sighs pensively. If she had had her way, Alex would have conjured up a stylish Vera Wang-esque creation instead with just a flick of her wand.

However, that plan didn't go over too well when her older know-it-all brother, Justin caught her last week down in the lair poised over last month's edition of Modern Bride with her wand at the ready. Alex was just moments away from pulling the dress of her dreams right out the pages of the magazine. But she was foiled, yet again, by her goody-goody brother when he reminded her about family, tradition and not breaking Mom's heart. It was the guilt trip to end all guilt trips, proving once again what a major dork-face Justin really is.

God, I swear that man was a Jewish mother in another life, Alex thinks exasperatedly.

In the next instant she is abruptly wrenched out of her musings of her life-long nemesis when her mother suddenly snaps at her, "Alexandra Margarita Russo, if you don't stop moving, I swear to God I'm going to stick you with one of these pins! Now hold still so I can finish marking the hem."

"But Mom," she starts whining, briefly reminding Theresa of the petulant little girl she once was. "You need to make it shorter otherwise I'll just trip over myself when Dad walks me down the aisle. You wouldn't want me to do that in front of all of our family and friends, right?

"Not to mention that Mason will probably step all over the bottom of this frilly thing when we have our first dance. It's bad enough the man can't 'bust a move' like a normal person. Do we really need to add to his embarrassment – or mine?"

As she hurriedly fastens the last of the pins to the folded edge of the garment, Theresa reassures her, "Mija, this dress was designed so that your feet don't show. That way you'll look as if you're gliding gracefully across the floor, like a beautiful swan. Not trudging across it like a herd of wild buffalo. Trust me, it'll be fine."

Finally, to Alex's relief, she watches her mother let go of her handiwork. And as the voluminous skirt cascades back down to its proper length the anxious young woman swivels back around toward the looking glass. As the amended reflection in the mirror slowly comes into view both mother and daughter gasp simultaneously.

Alex smiles broadly, her brown eyes glinting with delight as she admires this latest rounds of alterations. Not only had her mother taken up the hem, she also had modified the sleeves from their original 1980's over-embellished poofy-ness to a more contemporary capped sleeve look. The bodice had also been taken in to give Alex a more tapered hourglass silhouette. Lastly, the new and improved décolletage manages to tastefully showcase her perky bosoms in the most flattering way.

"Well, what do you think?" asks an expectant Theresa.

If the Cheshire cat grin being cast into the reflective surface of the glass is indicative of her daughter's feelings, then it is plainly obvious to Theresa that her baby girl is more than pleased with her efforts.

Unexpectedly, Alex reaches out to her mother quickly pulling her into a grateful hug. "Oh, Mom, thank you so much! I love it!"

Theresa holds her child tightly to her. With the last hour's nit-picking long forgotten, her heart fills with love. "Do you really like it?"

Alex pulls back a little to look her mother in the eye, "Mom, would this face lie to you?"

Theresa tries open her mouth to immediately respond, but Alex hastily interrupts, "Uh, don't answer that."

Theresa just smiles back at her daughter. She can hardly believe it. This beautiful young bride standing before her was once her trouble making little girl. She gets all teary-eyed just thinking about it.

"Oh, Mom, don't cry," Alex says worriedly. "I love the dress. It's the most wonderful wedding gown I've ever seen and I am proud to wear it, I swear."

"Better than Vera Wang?" asks an unheralded yet familiar male voice.

After retreating from her mother's arms Alex's eyes cast a level gaze in the direction of the intrusive sound. Sure enough, her suspicions are confirmed when she finds herself staring into the smug face of her elder brother, Justin Vincenzo Pepe Russo.

As he casually leans against the door frame of his mother's sewing room, Alex can't help noticing his rather self-satisfied expression. It really pisses her off the way Justin unflinchingly glances back at her as his gray-green eyes dancing merrily with mischief.

Keeping her balance on the makeshift pedestal, Alex sweeps her long hair back over her shoulder as she strikes an almost regal pose. Her eyes, dark and flinty, stare her brother down like the peasant she thinks he is. So what if he's graduating from Columbia with honors next month? Her upcoming nuptials are more important damn it! And far as she's concerned her wedding to Mason Greyback will be the event of the season if not the year. And it'll be her time to shine. So Justin better watch it or she'll see to it that he gets a nasty case of the crabs and not the venereal kind.

Besides, Alex won the fucking wizard competition. An accomplishment she still likes to lord over Mr. Summa cum Laude whenever he's being extremely obnoxious, like right about now.

"Can it, egghead. Can't you see Mom and I are having a moment here?" she sneers.

However, much to her chagrin Justin remains surprisingly unflappable despite the affront to his ego. He probably knows better than most that as the Big Day fast approaches, Alex's nerves will just make her even more prickly than usual.

So he simply smiles at his kid sister and says, "Whatever you say, Alex."

Then before he walks away he gives her a meaningful look as he tells her, "You look beautiful, by the way. Mason's one lucky guy. Well, gotta run. I'm meeting Juliet for dinner. Later."

"Oh, don't forget to remind her about the fitting tomorrow. She and Harper have to be at Lucia's Bridal at 6 o'clock sharp!" Alex hurriedly calls out.

"That's good since sundown is at 5:45. Don't worry, I'll tell her," Justin promises his sister. Then with a wry little grin he adds, "You know the girls aren't exactly thrilled with their bridesmaid dresses."

"Why?" Alex asks displaying an expression of pure innocence.

Justin chortles a bit. Alex may have the face of an angel but her halo is slightly bent by her devilish ways.

"Because purple makes Harper look like Barney the Dinosaur. And Juliet complained that the color does no favors to her already pale complexion."

"Hey, it's not my fault you're dating a re-animated corpse," she argues. "And as for Harper, well she'll just have to get over that overwhelming urge to sing the 'I Love You, You Love Me' song!"

"Alex! That's not very nice," Theresa reprimands her daughter for her sharp remarks.

Justin holds up his hands in a gesture of appeasement as he addresses his mother, "Its okay, Mom. We all know how Alex will do anything to be the center of attention. Even if it means making her best friend and my girlfriend commit fashion suicide."

Titling her head toward Alex, Theresa left eyebrow quirks up as she murmurs, "Well...he does have a point."

Incensed by the fact that her mother has taken Justin's side, yet again, Alex places her hands on her hips and cries out, "Mom! Hello, I'm the bride. And besides isn't there a rule or something that says I have the right to look better than everybody else on my wedding day?"


Justin, who is amused by his sister's rant, quickly glances down at his watch. As much as he would love to keep picking on Alex, he is definitely running late for his date with Juliet.

Walking up to his mother, he pecks her on the cheek. "Sorry, Mom. I can't keep Juliet waiting."

He then dares to look at his sister whose face has taken on a lovely shade of red. She's still angry and staring daggers him. And he can't help thinking just how adorable she looks when she's mad at him. He's momentarily taken in by those pouty lips and the dark fathomless pools of brown that make a man want drown in them.

Stop it, Justin, he chastises himself when he realizes where his mind just wandered off to.

The former wizard panics as the repressed attraction he holds towards his younger sister rears its ugly head. He does his best to push it to the back of his mind where it belongs. Justin wishes he could trounce on his illicit passion and stamp it out of existence once and for all. So far all attempts to do just that have failed.

If truth be told, Justin Russo has always felt more than just brotherly affection towards Alex. The inherent over protectiveness and the overwhelming need to be her hero and savior was ever-present - it still is. And no matter how many times she's prank-ed him, made fun of his nerdy tendencies or botched up a spell, Justin still strove to be there for her no matter what.

But then somewhere between the sunset of childhood and the dawn of adolescence something had changed in him. Something wrong and forbidden had taken root in his heart effectively blurring the fine lines between familial love and the first stirrings of lust.

Perplexing yet irresistible feelings of longing and barely contained desire had fueled his masturbatory fantasies and were the cause of his nocturnal emissions. When his Dad, Jerry found out what was happening, he kindly told him that it was perfectly natural for boys his age to have wet dreams. His father had meant well. He really did. But his little pep talk did nothing to keep Justin's guilt from gnawing away at his insides. Justin Russo knew that there was nothing natural about dreaming of fucking your sister.

Determined to maintain his good guy image, he did everything he could to keep his thoughts away from Alex. Justin threw himself into his academic and wizard studies to keep his obsession in check. He dated girl after girl, each one weirder than the last, in the hopes that their individual eccentricities would somehow distract him from his sister's charms.

And for a time his efforts had paid off until Puerto Rico...

Thinking back he still can't believe how he almost spilled his guts and confessed his love to Alex in front of that stupid campfire. God only knows how many times since that trip he's actually contemplated going on another quest for the Stone of Dreams. Justin knew exactly what he wanted to wish for. But pangs of guilt and cowardice prevented him from going after the one thing he wanted most in this world- his sister, Alex.

Now it's much too late. Since he is no longer a wizard, he's powerless to stop the inevitable. Justin and Alex are not kids anymore. And as much as it pains him she belongs to someone else now. So does Justin. It's as it should be, it's the natural order of things. Brothers and sisters grow up and grow apart to lead separate lives all the time. He knows this. Therefore, Justin has resigned himself to what he cannot change.

Yet, as Alex's wedding day inches ever closer, why does Justin feel like he's about to lose the most important thing in his life? He shouldn't feel like this, it's wrong and it's not fair to Juliet, the woman he now shares his life with.

Thus the right thing, the only thing left to do is to continue suppressing these feelings that threaten to breach the walls of his self-control. What other choice does he have?

Ashamed of his incestuous pondering, Justin suddenly wrenches his eyes away from his sister before promptly turning his back to her.

"Bye, Alex. I'll call you tomorrow," he grumbles as he all but runs out of the sewing room.


As she watches Justin's retreating back disappear down the hallway, Alex is touched by his earlier compliment yet confused by his hasty exit. She had seen that lost look in his eyes. The one he always gets when something is bothering him. Oh, he tried to hide it of course. But Alex is too quick and surefooted to let anything get past her sights.

For now she tables her worries. It's been a long day and all she wants is hot shower and the comfort of Mason's arms around her. She'll have all day tomorrow to come up with a plan to discover what's got her anal retentive brother's panties all in a twist.

One way or another she's determined to get him to open up to her.

So for now Alex Russo keeps up a facade of casual indifference by acting like she's not fazed in the least by her brother's troubles.

"Okay, mija, you can take the dress off now. Cuidado with the pins." Her mother's warning shakes Alex out of her private thoughts.

After she steps off the ottoman, Alex begins to remove the garment as her mother looks on.

"You know, Justin is right. When Mason finally sees you in this dress, he'll know just now lucky he is."

"Pftt, well yeah, Mason should feel lucky. He's marrying me. If that's not luck I don't know what is."

"Mija, marriage is more than luck," Theresa Russo gently reminds her only daughter. "It's about understanding, mutual respect and lots and lots of patience."

"Is that the secret recipe that's kept you and Daddy married all these years?"

Theresa places a hand on her daughter's shoulder. Sighing wearily she responds, "I love the man to death, you know I do. But your father can be so embarrassing sometimes."

"Wow, you don't say?" Alex exclaims with feigned wide-eyed indignation.

Deep down she knows if there is ever an award the World's Most Mortifying Parents both Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Russo would share those honors.

Meanwhile, unaware of her daughter's inner thoughts, Theresa continues with her reverie, "Thank God I was blessed with the patience of a saint. Otherwise we would've been divorced in less than a year."

Amused by her mother's perpetual vanity Alex can't help but chuckle.


A/N: Okay, that was chapter one. Things seem rosy now with the wedding talk and all. But again I caution that the next chapter will be dark, graphic and not very pleasant. So it's not too late get off of this crazy train.

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