Justin & Alex

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Chapter Nine

May 30, 2015- The Russo Family Loft- 9:22 AM

"Jerry, would you hurry up! We're going to be late to Justin's graduation, again,"Theresa Russo scolds her husband as they both try to get ready for their eldest son's commencement ceremony.

"I know, honey. But I'm having trouble with this tie." Jerry frustratingly demonstrates his ineptness at getting dressed when his sausage-like fingers clumsily fumble with the sloppy knot on his paisley necktie.

When Theresa sees how her spouse struggles to tame the length of cloth around his neck, she suddenly feels sorry for him. The man may know his way around a sandwich, but when it comes to dressing up for special occasion he's all thumbs.

"Awww, come here my snugly bug. Let me help you," she coos at him with a tender smile.

Relieved by his wife's offer of assistance, Jerry relays his gratitude, "Thanks, sweetheart. I don't know what I do without you. I'm just so nervous. Do you realize that Justin will be the first Russo ever to graduate from college?"

As Theresa's nimble fingers start to undo the disastrous fastening around Jerry's neck she tells him, "You're welcome. And of course you'd be lost without me, everybody knows that. But really, babe, what do you have be so nervous about? You're not the one that's going to be standing at the podium giving the valedictorian speech today. Justin is. If anyone should be anxious, it's him."

Jerry nods in agreement. He then cranes head back while his dutiful wife lifts the starched collar of his white dress shirt so she can maneuver the tie around more easily. Next, with a couple of well executed loops, the necktie is securely fastened into a perfect Windsor knot.

Turning around to face the mirror above their shared dresser, he inspects Theresa's handiwork and likes what he sees. Still, there's something missing. That's when he remembers that he hasn't splashed on any of his favorite aftershave yet.

But when he goes to pick up the familiar blue glass bottle off the top of the dresser, his wife twists her mouth with disgust as she immediately derides him, "Ay Dios, Jerry, not the Aqua Velva! Sorry, honey but that stuff stinks!"

Dropping the cheap drugstore fragrance back on the flat lacquered surface, he saunters up to his fiery-tempered wife who is dressed to kill today in a sexy little red hot dress that must have cost a fortune. Not that he minds (okay, maybe just little because money still doesn't grow on trees). In any case, Theresa maybe pushing fifty, but she's still the most beautiful woman he's ever seen.

As he continues to stare appreciatively at the curvaceous Mexican woman, Jerry emits a hungry growl as he suddenly reaches out to wrap his beefy arms around Theresa's still slender waist. She gasps in surprise as she feels herself being pulled towards her husband.

"Jerry! What's gotten into you?" Theresa asks with a girlish giggle while she places her hands on her husband's surprisingly firm biceps.

Leaning in, he proceeds to nuzzle her long neck with the side of his face. Taking in her exotic scent he replies with a sigh, "So my aftershave stinks, huh? That's not what you said last night when my tongue was..."

However, before Jerry can even finish that sexually charged sentence, their youngest son Max suddenly bursts into their bedroom unannounced. Shocked at the sight of his mother and father locked in an intimate embrace he cries out, "Oh gross, old people smooching. My eyes! My eyes!" All the while his hands try to block his vision from the spectacle before him.

Theresa immediately withdraws from her husband wearing a scandalized expression on her face. "Max Russo! Don't you knock before entering a room?"

Jerry, who is blushing like a whore in church, clears his throat as he tries to regain some decorum. "Ahem! Y-yes, your mother is right. You should listen to her about the knocking and stuff."

Crap, first Justin and Alex, and now Mom and Dad...why is everybody in this house so horny all of sudden, Max wonders to himself.

The overwhelming feeling of ickiness not withstanding, he suddenly remembers why he went into his parents' room in the first place.

"Sorry, I just wanted to let you guys know that Uncle Ernesto and Grandma Maggie just got here," the youngest Russo sheepishly announces.

"Oh good. What about Kelbo and Meagan?" Jerry asks his son.

"Uncle Kelbo walked through the portal in the lair about an hour ago before any non-wizard relatives showed up," Max happily reports. But then he adds with some sadness, "Aunt Meagan sent an email to Justin earlier this morning telling him that she won't be able to make it. But his gift is on its way. Sorry Dad."

Feeling snubbed once again by his younger sister's refusal to participate in any family functions, Jerry Russo angrily grinds his teeth as he says, "Typical Meagan. Would it kill her to set aside her grudges for one day? One stinking day is all I ask. But nooooo, she has to be difficult."

Worried that her husband's sour mood might put a damper on the day's festivities, Theresa tries to soothe his ruffled feathers as best she can. Lovingly, she places a delicate hand along his jaw line then slowly turns his face toward hers. "Sweetheart, remember what Dr. Neely said about your blood pressure. Don't let yourself get upset. Our son, our first born is about to graduate sum cuma laude from Columbia University. Think of it Jer...We'll finally have child that we can brag about."

Leave it to his clever little wife to come up with a way to make him feel better. "You know Theresa, you're right. Let's get a move on then. We don't have a moment to lose to claim those bragging rights!" He then takes his spouse by the hand to lead her out of the room.

Irked by his parents' blatant disregard to his feelings, Max charily reminds them, "Oh, guys...I'm standing right here. You know me, Max...the heir of the Waverly Sub Station Empire."

Both Jerry and Theresa stop and take a moment to appraise their youngest child. Then after a beat or two mother and father burst out laughing hysterically.

"Oh, Max...don't be silly," Theresa breathlessly says in between chortles. "Your father will run the Sub Station into the ground before you can inherit a thing!"

Wiping tears of mirth from his eyes, Jerry concurs with his wife's conclusions, "It's true, son. At the rate we're going, we'll be out of business in six months!"

"Yeah, yeah very funny. I've been hearing the same tune since I was kid. 'We're broke' or 'The Sub Station is on its last legs'. Don't forget Dad, I have access to the books now so I know exactly how much money you're raking in every month..." Max crosses his arms over his chest as he smiles knowingly at his father.

Surprised by her son's declaration, Theresa's eyes narrow with suspicion as she asks her suddenly guilty looking husband, "Jerry...what is Max talking about?"

Alarmed by the possible disclosure of the true figures of the shop's daily cash receipts, Jerry tries to distract his wife by not-so-gently pushing her out the bedroom door.

"Come on, Theresa. We don't want to be late. Don't forget what happened when Justin graduated from high school. We got stuck standing in the area reserved for the bad parents. You don't want us to be known as the bad parents now, do you?"

"Estas loco hombre? Stop pushing me Jerry- I can walk on my own. Let's go then. But don't think for a minute you're off the hook. We're going to take a really good look at those accounting ledgers tomorrow after the shop closes comprendes?"

Giving Max a heated glower that definitely conveys 'Thanks a lot, moron', Jerry reluctantly answers his wife, "Yes, dear. I comprendo."


"Alex, will you stop fussing over my hair! Everybody's here already and because of you, we're running late."

Already feeling pressed for time, Alex Russo quickly runs her delicate fingers through her brother's freshly cut raven tufts while she chides, "Listen, Justin. You may be okay looking like a total nerd-ling on stage today. But I'll be damned if I let any brother of mine step out of the house looking like one of those geeks on The Big Bang Theory!"

"Sheldon or Leonard?" Justin snippily asks his sharp-tongued sister as he raises his eyebrow with a slight air of superiority.

"What?" Alex asks him in return, clearly not understanding the nature of the question.

"Sheldon or Leonard?" Justin reiterates. He then adds, "Because if you say Sheldon, while I'm envious of his encyclopedic scientific knowledge, he comes across as a bit of a stiff. Now Leonard I can identify with. He seems to be a more likable fellow and..."

Throwing up her hands with exasperation, Alex cries out, "Are you even listening to yourself? Who cares? Sheldon and Leonard aren't real, Justin! Besides, you should know by now that all of you people look alike to me, so it doesn't matter, alright?"

Slightly rebuffed by her insensitive comment he scowls at her. "What do you mean by 'you people', Alex?

"You know, geeks," she nonchalantly answers him, shrugging her shoulders like it's no big deal.

Frowning, Justin lets his sister know that he doesn't like being corralled in with the rest of the nerd-herd. "Gee, Alex. It's nice to know you hold me in such high regard."

"Awww, did I hurt your feelings, Jussy-Wussy?" Alex teases with a wicked gleam in her eye as her lips curl up into a sexy smirk.

"Don't call me that," he warns her. "You know I hate it."

Alex just throatily laughs, well aware that Justin's statement is a big fat lie. They both know that he becomes putty in her hands every time she uses that nickname on him. Even now while he may appear unhappy about it, the adorable pout on his lips says otherwise.

"You know you're so cute when you get mad," Alex tells her brother in a sultry tone.

As she watches Justin try to fight a silly grin from forming on his lips, Alex's own devilish smile broadens even more as her fingers slowly wrap around the silky material of Justin's red tie. Once she's got a good firm grasp on the strip of cloth, it serves as a tether which she uses to pull him closer to her. To Alex's delight, it doesn't take long at all to align their bodies just the way she wants, breast to chest.

Justin, who is caught off guard by the sudden contact, lets out a stuttering breath as his questioning gaze bores into hers. Being in such close proximity to Alex is much too dangerous. The intoxicating scent of her perfume is already driving him crazy. But now with the softness of her supple figure smashed up against his, his intellect gives way to lustful thoughts. As he loses himself in her dark, mysterious eyes his fingers long to strip every stitch of clothing from her body while his mouth waters with the anticipation to explore and devour every inch of her until she's begging for mercy.

As pheromones conspire to rob Justin of his senses, lust begins to supersede reason. And all he knows right now is that he wants to kiss Alex's inviting lips, hard and passionately. The desire to steal her breath and perhaps her soul with the harmonious union of their mouths is overwhelming. Excitement surges throughout his central nervous system as a steady pulse of electrical current fires off synapses which in turn send delicious tingles to every part of his body. He can actually feel the frissons of his arousal from balls to bone.

However, the one remaining sliver of logic that remains inside his sexually addled brain tells him that acting on his desires would be unwise. With his graduation less than an hour away and the majority of the Larkin-Russo clan waiting anxiously for them downstairs, having his way with his baby sister right now wouldn't be the most prudent of moves.

Yet, when Alex deliberately grinds her hips against his, Justin can feel his once-dormant phallus suddenly spring to life as it stiffens against his sister's rolling pelvis. Justin curses under his breath for having a sister so bewitching and at the same time be so vexing. In spite of her limited sexual prowess, instinctually she knows precisely which buttons to push to bring out the animal in him. It only takes another twist of her hips to make his entire body ache for hers. And judging from that evil glint in her eyes, the little minx knows exactly what's happening to him.

Still, Justin is painfully aware that intellect must prevail over raw hot passion no matter how tempting the latter maybe.

"A-Alex, stop it!" he growls at her through gritted teeth, clearly annoyed by that fact that his tantalizing sister is being such a cock-tease.

Alex giggles at her brother, reveling in the joy of seeing him so hot and bothered. "What's the matter big brother?"

When Justin refuses to answer her, Alex smiles wittingly at him before lowering her gaze to the rampant bulge in his pants. "Looks like you need someone to give you a 'hand.' Let me see if I can help you with that," she whispers huskily while unashamedly placing her right hand on the prominent swelling of his crotch.

Justin, who is shocked by her incredible boldness, gulps down an uneasy breath which makes his Adam's apple bob up and down. "W-what's with you? Have you lost your mind?" he whispers at his surprisingly brazen little sister. He can hardly believe that it's her hand that's sensuously caressing the outline of his erection over his pants. It wasn't so long ago that Alex shied away from such shamelessness. Especially in light of the fact that they have yet to consummate their relationship even though ardent declarations of reciprocating love have been made.


Weeks earlier…

When the Russo siblings' respective relationships with Juliet and Mason imploded so abruptly and dramatically, the specter of hurt feelings and bad memories still lingered. Sadly, both long-term romances had been founded and then weakly supported upon the fickle premise of physical attraction and adolescent infatuation which was fine when you're in high school.

However, as they grew into adulthood, Justin and Alex experienced an acute awareness that forced the siblings to realize that their busy lives could longer be ruled by raging hormones and idealistic puppy love. The Russo's needed something more tangible and sustaining to appease the need for genuine love and affection that could no longer be fulfilled by their teenaged crushes. Therefore, it was ironic and quite shocking to the siblings that the passionate and lasting relationship they tried to find with their chosen supernatural partners could only be achieved with each other.

And yet, no matter how deep their mutual feelings run, one glaring truth remains - it's still incest.

There's no getting around the cold, hard fact that they are related by blood, no matter how many times Justin has tried to rationalize it in his head. Just the very idea of the taboo conjures up a whole slew of undesirable connotations which makes him feel wrong and dirty at times.

Naturally, the logical side of his brain tells him unequivocally that a brother and sister shouldn't feel the things that he and Alex feel for one another. Still…every time he's near her all it takes is just one touch, a shared glance, perhaps or even the soft brush of her pillowy lips against his to dash all of his analytical thinking to hell.

He loves her, damn it. It's all he cares about. And he won't allow social norms (wizard or mortal) keep him from his sister – ever.

Nonetheless, Justin as well as Alex know that while this newfound affair of theirs feels right and wonderful to them, there are still real and terrible consequences should their incestuous relationship ever be discovered.

As the older and wiser sibling that he's always professed to be, it's still quite jarring sometimes to love his baby sister in this wholly different albeit forbidden way. Nevertheless, he's had time, years in fact, to come to terms with the illicit passion that burns inside of his very soul. And although his feelings go against every moral tenet he's sworn to obey and uphold, Justin knows with every fiber of his being what he wants. He wants a life with Alex, come hell or high water. And if he has to go defy the very fabric of his nature to do it, then so be it.

Yet in spite his determination to make his dreams come true, he's still nagged by the one question he's been afraid to ask: does Alex really want the same things he does? Does she feel the same way – like the earth would stop turning on its axis if he were to spurn her love?

So, after much soul searching, Justin has decided to take a mature approach by confronting his fears thus avoid committing the same mistakes he had with Juliet. He's convinced himself that by actually talking about their feelings he and Alex will resolve their issues once and for all.

In fact, deep in his gut he knows that if their bond is be a lasting one then it got to be based on more significant principles such as deep understanding and un-abiding love that comes from years of shared hardships and joys. As brother and sister they already have a firm foundation. And yet, he still can't help the sense of worry constantly churning away in the pit of his stomach. Should they become full-fledged lovers, will he and Alex have the necessary building blocks to raise and fortify such a union when it seems the whole world is against them? He certainly hopes so.

Perhaps Alex has sensed his anxiety. If so, that would explain the reason why she decreed that she and Justin should to abstain from having full-on sex. It didn't seem to matter to her they've been secretly "dating" each other for the better part of a month. Of course as a (horny) guy, Justin balked at first. Soon enough though, in her unique way of explaining things, Alex made him see that this was the right course of action for them. How else would they overcome the trauma of their first forced encounter if they didn't take things slow and easy?

Therefore, it stands to reason that by not rushing things and actually taking the time to get to know each other as man and woman rather than brother and sister, Justin and Alex can work towards a more meaningful relationship.

Furthermore, by allowing time to play a major factor in their blossoming relationship, the remaining emotional scars (from the terrible circumstances that brought about their unorthodox romance) can finally begin to heal. Lastly, Alex points out to her astounded brother that while this process may prove to be a long and arduous one, there's still the hope that one day she will eventually be comfortable with the notion of physical intimacy as well as a deep emotional connection.

After hearing his sister out, the ex-wizard owlishly blinks at her as her words seep into his consciousness. Moments later, to his pleasant surprise, he actually finds her argument to be sound, flawless and full of level-headed maturity. And Justin almost smiles to himself when he realizes how grown up his little sister is in spite of outward appearances to the contrary.

There's still a small part of him though that feels a twinge of disappointment that they won't be fooling around like he wants.

But when she tells him, "Hey, don't look so depressed! I love you, you egghead! And I don't mean family love either, if you catch my drift."

Well, it may not be the most romantic declaration of love he's ever heard. But knowing Alex as well as he does, this is probably the closest she'll ever come to admitting how she really feels about him. So naturally Justin is elated, now that he knows he's not in this thing alone, thank Merlin.

Feeling relieved, he resolutely faces the reality of their unique situation by accepting her terms.

At first, they're as chaste as angels. But…as time stretches on, the siblings soon discover that the asceticism of their self-imposed abstinence has inadvertently enticed their desire for the forbidden act itself.

And after weeks of fighting their (unnatural) urges, Justin and Alex give in to their feelings and try to find ways to assuage their needs for closeness without actually crossing that invisible line. Thanks to Alex's inventive mind and mischievous use of magic, they've been able to have plenty of hot and heavy make-out sessions in different parts of the loft and wizard's lair without the rest of the family becoming the wiser of their tawdry secret.

During the day their entanglements are usually quick and stolen moments when their parents' attention is diverted elsewhere. Their younger brother Max, who is complicit with his older siblings' relationship, usually serves as look-out and covers for them so they can kiss and hug like two hormonal teenagers in love.

But late at night, after everyone has gone to bed, Justin waits a few minutes before silently crossing the hall to slip into his sister's bedroom. And it's there that she waits for him, smiling impishly with wand in hand, ready to cast the necessary spells to prevent discovery of their clandestine love affair.

Alone at last, under the cover of darkness and magic, the would-be lovers can finally express the burning affections they possess for one another.

And very much like their knock-down-drag-out fights, these nightly encounters usually go on for hours. But unfortunately for Justin, the heavy petting and dry humping always leave him in a hot and bothered state that he finds difficult to suppress. Eventually, when he doesn't think he can take anymore of the rubbing, touching and squeezing between them, the evenings usually end with him waiting for Alex to fall asleep so that he can race to the bathroom for a very hot and very long shower.

Only there, beneath the scalding spray of the showerhead, can he finally find the relief he so desperatley needs as he unleashes the pent up arousal built up in his loins. Much to his chagrin however, it never takes long for Justin to achieve this goal. With just a few well executed strokes on his aching member he brings himself to a quick yet roaring orgasm. Every time he cums hard and fast like this, he's always fascinated by the way his dick throbs and twitches as it shoots a steady stream of white hot semen which splatters all over the tiled shower wall. And it's all he can do not to cry out his sister's name as he rides out the crest of his ecstasy.

Afterward, feeling spent yet still unsatisfied, he toddles off to his own lonely bed to mull over his frustration. He wants his sister so badly he can almost taste it. But when he thinks of the pact he's made with her, he growls in anger. How can he be expected to keep himself and his penis in check when his every waking thought is of fucking Alex six ways to Sunday?

It sure doesn't help his cause when every cell in his body craves to put an end to his suffering and just throw her down on any flat surface and screw her until he can't see straight. Oh God! Just the thought of being skin to skin with her makes him hard again. He'd give anything right now to have Alex underneath him while he pounds her into the mattress.

But then out of nowhere, like a bucket of ice water, the instinctual need to protect his sister usually kicks in, effectively dousing the flames of desire. And that's usually followed by a great sense of shame which prevents him from taking things any further. Besides, he knows that Alex is still apprehensive about going over that final threshold with him and he refuses to take her until she's ready.

Holy shit! Who knew that having scruples would turn out to be the ultimate cock-block?

Of course Alex hasn't said a word about his little (well, not that little) problem so far. But Justin can sense her nervousness in the way her body stiffens every time he tries to remove an article of clothing or he says or does something that reminds her of that dreadful night. So for her sake he's put a strangle hold on his own passions by imposing restraint through sheer force of will.

Self-denial though has its price since it's left him in a state of constant heightened arousal. Just seeing her walk into a room with her hips swaying to and fro as her breasts bounce ever so slightly causes him to have instant erections. Of course this always happens when his parents happen to be around. So in order to avoid the awkward questions that might crop up due to the huge tent in his pants, the ex-wizard must dash away at every inopportune moment, like some madcap superhero, to rub one out. In fact, Justin has jerked off so many times in the last three weeks, he believes he can feel the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, setting all of the cloak and dagger sexual hi-jinks aside, there have also been tranquil moments between brother and sister that have been spent together in mutual contemplation.

Lying side by side on either Justin's bed or Alex's, each will ponder over the startling and yet remarkable ways their relationship has changed.

While both of them fully acknowledge that they will remain brother and sister no matter what happens (blood ties are forever after all and impossible to dissolve), they are something more than family now. And yet...the right word to describe exactly what their astonishing connection is still continues to elude them.

Others, if they were to learn of their incestuous entanglement, would probably label Alex and Justin as freaks of nature- sick and twisted perverts that deserve to be shunned from the rest of respectable society. The siblings have discussed this very real consequence, at length. And they've weighed the pros and cons of what their secret could mean for their future. If discovered, their family would most likely be destroyed. Their Catholic mother would especially be horrified because of her deep roots in the Church.

Their father, on the other hand, might be supportive of their relationship, like Max is. After all, Jerry Russo is an ex-wizard who knows as well as they do that incest isn't exactly frowned upon in the Wizard World despite what that twisted sorcerer had told them. Especially since it was through his wizard history lessons that all three Russo children learned that the five great magical families were all founded and propagated through incestuous marriages. However, Jerry would still remind his two eldest children that as a full wizard, Alex still runs the risk of losing Justin because he's a mortal now.

Unfortunately, it's the one undeniable truth they can't escape -even as brother and sister they are still subjected to the very same rules that forbid wizard and mortal unions.

"It's by decree of the Council, Alex. No human will ever be allowed to live in the wizard realm, you know this," Justin reminds his sister one night.

"But you're an ex-wizard and a Monster Hunter. Aren't you like their top guy in the Order of George Michaels? That's got to count for something, right?" Alex argues her point with the tenacity of a trial lawyer.

Kissing the tip of her nose, Justin gently tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear as he tells her, "First of all, it's the Order of St. George which is named after the legendary first millennium dragon slayer. George Michaels is the pop singer that got caught giving some guy oral sex in a public toilet. And secondly, I was only granted the position at the behest of Professor Crumbs as a conciliation prize after I lost the competition."

Alex growls in frustration as she throws her hands up. "So what!" she nearly yells.

Reluctantly, her voice drops a few decibels when her older brother motions her to take it down a notch or two.

"You've proven yourself, haven't you?" she hisses angrily in an effort to keep quiet but failing miserably. "Didn't you single-handedly take out that den of flesh-eating zombies last year? Or what about the time you lead the team that captured and contained the Loch Ness Monster? If it wasn't for you the Scottish countryside would have been trampled like Tokyo in a Godzilla movie!"

Justin smiles at Alex's conviction and for the way she's been obviously keeping track of his hunting activities even though she's pretended not to care. "Hey, I'll have you know that Nessie's not that bad. The only reason she even left the loch in the first place was to go after the evil Druids that were poaching her eggs."

"Okay, whatever. Anyway what are we going to do about us? Our relationship is doomed, Justin!" Alex whines over the hopelessness of their unique situation.

Moved by her outburst, Justin swiftly sweeps up his sister into his strong arms. "Ssssh, baby. We're not doomed. It's okay. We'll figure it out, like we always do." He then plants a series of soft reassuring kisses across her forehead as he pulls her in even tighter.

Snuggling closer to her brother's warm body, Alex still doesn't feel reassured that she and Justin will ever find an answer to resolve their woes.

"How can we fix this? The wizard realm won't let us be together unless I give up my powers. And even if that happens, we'd still have sneak around in the mortal world because we're breaking the law here! So basically we're screwed any way you look at it. I don't want to lose my magic. But I also don't want us live the rest our lives hiding how we feel, pretending that we're not a couple. Gosh, it's all so unfair!"

"I know. But I don't care what anybody says, Alex. I love you and I'm not going to give you up without a fight. We'll find a way, I swear it," Justin professes as he kisses the top of her head.

Alex rises from his chest to stare down into his eyes as she emphatically tells him, "I love you too, Justin. And if you say we'll find a way to be together, then I believe you." She then leans in to fuse her lips to his, sealing their resolve to stay together forever with a kiss.


Back in the present as Alex recites the Go-Through, Mo-Through spell, Justin wants to pinch himself to see if he's dreaming. This has to be a dream because he didn't just see his sister's hand smoothly phase through both his pants and boxers like a hot knife through butter. His breath hitches with disbelief. This can't be the same woman that seemed so timid and demure just the night before. Wasn't she the one that refused to lift up her tank top so that he can suckle on her nipples? And didn't she snap her legs closed when he tried to feel his way up her naked thighs?

As Justin continues to rack his brain to find some plausible explanation for Alex's risqué behavior, he suddenly recalls overhearing his sister telling Harper over the phone last week that she was getting him a very special graduation present, and that it's going to be a huge surprise. Was this what she meant? Not that he's complaining or anything. But what happened between then and now that's made the usually timorous girl so wanton and reckless all of a sudden? Soon enough though, all of Justin's burning questions, along with logic and reason, are thrown out the window the instant he feels Alex's dexterous fingers quickly find the thick blood-engorged member housed within the layers of cloth.

As for Alex, she certainly wastes no time as she slowly begins to stroke the length of Justin's erect penis after capturing the organ firmly in her grasp. As she continues to pump her small hand up and down, she smiles when she hears her older brother's moans and grunts of appreciation. All the while she's loving the way his hardened flesh throbs within the soft palm of her hand.

However, the dark-haired young woman soon discovers that the friction between her hand and her brother's penis is dry. And if she's not careful she's is liable to rub Justin raw, resulting in injury. Therefore, lubrication is needed here to aid in her efforts to give him pleasure. And she knows right where to get it. Carefully, she runs her thumb and fingers over the sensitive tip of the hot thick cock which is already weeping with a copious amount of per-ejaculatory fluid. Making sure her hand gets nice and moist, Alex then proceeds to coat the entire length of the quivering phallus with its own natural secretions. Meanwhile, her left hand tightens its grasp on the red tie, ensuring a not-so-easy escape for Justin. She then re-doubles her efforts to get him off by increasing the frequency and speed of her strokes.

Justin gasps as he senses the difference at the way his sister's nimble fingers now easily glide up and down the warm smooth skin of his shaft, sapping any desire to break free of Alex's fetters. Faster and faster she goes, pushing him ever closer toward the edge of his sanity. He groans at his sister's touch which makes his member feel like it's sheathed in velvet. Justin's breathing becomes increasingly erratic as he completely submits to the steady movement of Alex's warm hand on his twitching cock. It won't be long now before he's erupting like Mt. Vesuvius all over her working fingers.

Closing his eyes, Justin moans, "Oh, Alex! That feels so fucking good. Don't stop, baby. Please don't stop!"

Alex, extremely pleased by Justin's reaction to her ministrations thus far, starts to manipulate his genitals even faster as she hotly whispers to him, "I have no intention of stopping, Justin. But, if you think this feels amazing, just you wait until tonight."

However, Justin's pays no heed to the mention of plans for an evening filled with promise and passion. He's too far gone at this point and the only thing he can concentrate on is the sinful sensation of Alex's tiny hand moving steadily over his throbbing dick. He wants to touch her so badly in return. Yet, he knows that if he does he'll lose what little self-control he has left. So he decides to keep his hands at his sides while his sister continues to masterfully jerk him off.

Meanwhile, as Alex pushes him further and further towards that glorious finish line, Justin's hazy eyes flutter open only to discover her unflinching gaze upon him, greedily drinking in his every expression. The white hot intensity reflected in those dark lust-filled pools mirrors his own and he's overcome by it. The very knowledge that it's his own baby sister's hand snugly wrapped around him, bringing him closer with every stroke to the brink of oblivion is almost too much for the former wizard to take. And unlike the first time she nearly brought him off with her hand, this time it's of her own volition which makes the experience all the more arousing.

Licking his dry lips, Justin touches his now sweaty forehead to hers as he rasps, "Ah Gawd! Alex, if you keep this up I'm gonna cum in my pants!"

Alex's core which is already dripping and throbbing with need, pulses even more when she hears her brother's impassioned cry. She can hear the desperate need for completion in his gravely voice. So she mercifully gives it to him.

"Justin, let go," she huskily pleads with him. "I know you want to. Please? I want to feel you throbbing and gushing inside of my hand. I promise to clean up all the mess. Go ahead and cum, baby."

As soon as he receives the go-ahead from Alex, Justin grunts and groans like a raging beast as he senses the familiar tightening of his testes just seconds before he releases the biggest load of his life all over Alex's hand. He moans as his knees immediately give way. Thankfully his sister is right there to catch him before he falls to the ground. And as the great big spurts of hot sticky ejaculate continually leave his shuddering body, Justin suddenly feels Alex crush her mouth over his to hungrily swallow up his cries of pure orgasmic bliss as she removes her soiled hand from inside his still fastened pants. He's so lost in his afterglow that he doesn't seem to mind when she surreptitiously wipes her fingers clean on the back of his pants.

As they start to kiss each other wildly, tongues and lips clashing with one another, Justin brings himself to touch Alex at last. Like a man possessed, Justin's left hand swiftly finds its way beneath the frilly skirt of Alex's dainty yellow dress so he can run his fingers up her thighs. His other hand has already slipped inside the bodice to play with her perky breasts.

Adoring how silky smooth her skin feels beneath his touch, Justin slides his exploring fingers closer to the juncture between her legs. He's somewhat shocked yet elated when he makes the unexpected discovery that not only is his sweet little sister not wearing any panties, her vagina's juices are flowing freely just for him. Furthermore, he's able to ascertain very quickly that the more he stimulates the pebbling nipples of her breasts the wetter she gets. So he continues to tweak and rub the sensitive peaks until he has Alex cascading like Niagara Falls.

God, what he wouldn't give to have a taste of her right now, to bury his face between her trembling legs and delve his tongue into her hot moist center to extract its sweet, sweet nectar. But there's no time for that now, so Justin will have to appease his appetite with a small sample of Alex's essence. Mustering up a ferocious sounding growl, he suddenly pushes his sister back against his desk, grabs her by her tiny waist and then lifts the young woman effortlessly to deposit her upon the flat wooden surface.

As his chest heaves and his nostrils flare, Justin positions himself to stand between Alex's spread legs. Next, he hikes up the bottom of her dress all the way to her waist, exposing her wet folds to his hungry eyes. Then without any warning he takes two rigid fingers and plunges them deeply into his sister's slick entrance. Afterward he begins to piston them in and out of her pussy at a merciless pace as his thumb presses down on her swollen clit. Meanwhile, his other hand buries itself in her long raven locks as he attacks the curve of her neck with his mouth.

From the moment Alex feels Justin start to rub the sensitive little nub she hisses between clenched teeth, her back sharply arches while her eyes tightly squeeze shut.

"Oooooo, Justin. Fuck, just like that. Don't you dare stop!" Alex begs with labored breath as her brother continues to penetrate and stimulate her vagina with his skilled fingers. Relinquishing her hold on the strip of silk around his collar, she firmly plants her hands on Justin's desk, anchoring herself. As she surrenders to Justin's seduction, her head tips back allowing the glossy ends of her long black hair sweep across the desk's top.

"You like that, Alex?, Justin throatily rasps between nips and kisses. While his hot breath fans across the flesh of her neckline, he adds, "Do you like it when your big brother fucks you with his fingers?" Not once does the frantic tempo of his thrusting digits slow down as he asks questions that he already knows the answers to. He can feel her wordless reply in the way her walls contract and then relax around his fingers as his thumb relentlessly massages Alex's throbbing clitoris.

Suddenly shock waves of pleasure assault her lithe body when Justin very deliberately curls up his long fingers inside her to graze her G-spot. Alex throws her head back as she's quickly rendered incapable of speech. Instead, she gives him a series of unintelligible whimpers and moans as spreads her legs even further.

Justin quickly looks down to see how swollen Alex's clitoris is. Judging from the bright red color and the way its distended, the erogenous little nodule is just begging for release. But as he prepares himself to start rubbing and pinching the engorged bundle of nerves in earnest to bring about her orgasm, there's suddenly an unexpected the knock on his locked bedroom door followed by the sound of his mother's concerned voice.

"Justin, are you alright, mijo? What's taking so long?"

Just hearing his mother's distressed cadence is enough to snap Justin back into reality...a reality that tells him that he's talking to the woman that gave birth to him while he's still knuckle-deep inside his younger sister. Naturally he panics.

"M-Mom, uh, s-sorry I w-was..."Justin sputters and stalls like the dying engine on an old clunker as he tries to come up with a believable story that would explain the delay.

Meanwhile, Alex knows that if she leaves it up to Justin they'll get busted for sure. Trying her best to ignore the terrible urgent need still aching away inside her nether regions, she's determined to rescue her hapless brother from an epic fail. As much as she hates curtailing what would have been one mind-blowing climax she knows that she's the only one fit to get them out of this awkward situation alive.

"Hey, don't worry Mom. We'll be right down", Alex answers her mother with unabashed confidence of a born liar.

"Alex?" Theresa exclaims with some astonishment. "What are you doing in your brother's room?"

"Relax, Mom." Alex smoothly tells her mother. "There was a problem with Justin's suit. The pants were too tight. Guess the dorkster put on a few pounds." Alex snorts finding her own clever fabrication to be completely hilarious. "Anyway, we knew you didn't have time to let the waistband out. So I used magic instead. I hope that's alright."

Justin, meanwhile looks at her like she's lost her marbles. There's no way their mother is going to believe such a far-fetched story.

Anxiously, brother and sister wait it out as precious seconds of silence tick by. Moments later, their mother tells them to their great relief, "You know how much I hate magic. But if it saved me the trouble of breaking out my sewing machine, then I guess it's okay. Good thinking, mija!

"As for Justin, no more enchiladas for you, Mr. Porky! Now hurry up, I don't know how long your father can keep Kelbo from telling your Uncle Ernesto that he's Shakira."

"Will do, Mom!" Alex confidently answers her mother as she smirks at her mortified and astounded brother. He's probably still amazed by her uncanny ability to boldfaced lie in a time of crisis.

Meanwhile, Justin can't help the indignant thought from popping into his head, Mr. Porky? What the hell?

He then looks at his seemingly unruffled sister as he wonders, How does she do that? How does Alex always manage to come out smelling like a rose while I'm made to look like a complete fool?

Thankfully, Theresa is somehow convinced by the fish-tale Alex just fed to her. Just seconds later she walks away from the door with the clack-clack of her stilettos trailing behind her. Cautious by nature, Justin waits a full minute until he can no longer hear the retreating footfalls. Only after he's assured that the danger has passed does he finally extricate his fingers from Alex's vaginal opening. Then in a surprising uncharacteristic move he absentmindedly places the saturated digits into his mouth to savor the taste that is uniquely Alex's.

"Mmmm," Justin groans appreciatively as he sucks every trace of her fluids from his skin. After he's through licking his fingers clean, he apologetically looks at his visibly shocked sister.

"Sorry, I can't help myself. You just taste so good" Justin salaciously declares to Alex, who is now blushing from head to toe. He then wolfishly smiles at her before drawing her into a passionate kiss so that she too can taste what he's been raving about.

When the tangy sweetness of her very own juices is swept into her mouth by Justin's tongue, Alex's taste buds come alive as they rejoice over the palatable yet strange new flavor. She unabashedly moans as she thinks to herself, mmmm...Justin's so right, I do taste good!

Meanwhile, the necessity to breathe causes Justin to breaks away for a moment. Panting uncontrollably he adds, "And I'm sorry that I wasn't able to return the favor just now. Thank you, by the way. What you did was wonderful." Justin then slams his lips on hers again, pouring out all of his love and gratitude into the kiss.

The lustful oral exchange leaves Alex breathless and wanting. Yet, as good as it feels to have her brother's teeth and tongue ravage her tender lips, the need for precious oxygen soon takes precedence again, forcing their mouths to pull away from each other.

Once she's breathing normally, Alex says with a dismissive wave of her hand, "You're welcome. And don't worry about returning the favor. You'll just owe me for one tonight."

Curiosity getting the better of him, Justin frowns as he worriedly inquires, "Speaking of tonight...what's this 'big surprise' you have in store for me?"

It's not that he isn't looking forward to his graduation gift from Alex. It's just that when it comes to his sister and presents (especially those involving magic) things don't always go according to plan.

Alex just smiles sweetly at her worrywart of a brother as she takes her time to smooth down her rumpled dress. She then gingerly hops off the desk to reach for her wand as she tells Justin, "Well, looks like somebody's been eavesdropping. Listen, Sir Snoops-A-Lot, if I told you then it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?"

"I guess not," he glumly admits. "But you know me, I hate surprises."

"That's just too bad, dork," Alex quickly retorts. An evil little grin forms on her lips when she sees how Justin rolls his eyes over her very juvenile remark.

Next she casually points the working tip of her wand directly at her thoroughly defiled brother before adding, "Besides haven't you ever heard that good things come to those who wait? Now hold still so I can get you back to looking like you weren't just molested by your horny little sister."

"Fine," Justin begrudgingly answers her back.

In spite of his gruff exterior, on the inside Justin is extremely relieved and grateful for the magical assist since the feeling of cooling spunk in his pants isn't the most pleasant sensation in the world. But once his appearance is fully restored its former scholarly and dignified state he quickly remembers to tell his mischievous sister that under no circumstances is she to leave the house today unless she puts on some proper undergarments first.


May 30, 2015 -Columbia University, Morning Side Campus -12:15 PM

The rest of the day goes relatively smooth for Justin Russo, whose valedictorian speech turned out to be a rousing success with both his fellow graduates and the esteemed faculty members of Columbia University.

Still decked out in the traditional sky-blue cap and gown he had donned for the ceremony, Justin now finds himself surrounded by his extremely proud family and closest friends who all congratulate him many times over for his academic achievement and for the delivery of such a moving and inspiring commencement address.

Even Mr. Laritate, the retired ex-principle of Tribeca Prep, offers his well wishes. Justin is truly touched that the man had flown out all the way from his dude ranch in New Mexico just to see his favorite former pupil graduate with honors.

"You did good there, buckaroo," the rotund bespectacled bachelor praises the recent alumnus who is now fully grown adult. Herschel Laritate has a hard time believing that the confident young man standing before him now had once been under his tutelage as a teenaged boy.

My God, time really does have a way of catching up to us all, Laritate muses as he reflects on how much the Russo children have grown up since he left New York City. Not only had Justin changed, his rebellious younger sister Alex had become a very beautiful young woman and an aspiring graphic designer from what he was told by her effusive parents. Even Maximilian Russo, who he had labeled years ago as a hopeless goofball turned out a lot better than he expected. Who knew the kid had a head for business?

Meanwhile Justin gushes as he shakes the retired educator's hand. "Thank you, sir. I feel so honored that you're here to share this day with me and my family."

"Nonsense, Russo. I've been looking forward to this day for a very long time. I just knew you'd make me proud." Justin smiles with the knowledge that he can now look at his former mentor in the mortal world as his equal. Suddenly a great sense of personal satisfaction overtakes him as both men continue to converse and pose for pictures.

Too bad Professor Crumbs can't be here, Justin sadly ponders as his thoughts turn to the other instructor who also guided his footsteps on his journey through academia. However, he knows that Wizard Council members are strictly forbidden from attending any mortal ceremonial rituals such as weddings, funerals or in Justin's case a graduation unless they are related by blood to one of the participants. He can only hope that the wise old wizard is somehow watching him on this day via his crystal ball.

As the minutes wear on more accolades and praise are heaped upon Justin like laurels at his feet, all of which are well received and greatly appreciated.

Yet...he is still waiting and hoping to receive the one person's opinion that he values above all others- his sister Alex's.

Strangely enough, she wasn't amongst the first wave of well wishers. In fact Justin observed how she kind of hung back to watch him get ambushed by an exuberant Harper Finkle, who wanted to be the first to congratulate him.

Guess old crushes diehard...poor Zeke, Justin thought to himself as he lamented the glaring truth that his best friend still holds the number two spot in the obsessive redhead's heart.

Presently, Justin suddenly notices how Alex is conspicuously absent again as the now empty space that she had currently occupied cruelly taunts him. Where the devil is she? Did his sister finally decide she's had enough tedium for one afternoon and flash herself out of this place before the boredom totally consumed her?

No, she wouldn't do that, no matter how mind-numbing she may find this whole exercise to be. Alex knows better than anyone just how important this rite of passage is to him and she wouldn't miss the opportunity to offer up her own accolades albeit with a snarky twist that's so uniquely hers.

And as the seconds press on and she fails to reappear, her absence is felt even stronger. How can Justin continue to bask in this moment of great accomplishment and triumph if the person he loves most is not at his side? To make matters worse the bothersome twinge in his chest only serves as a cruel reminder that this day will not be complete unless he can share it with her.

Desperately, his green-gray eyes search for her beautiful face amongst the familiar throng friends and relatives and yet he fails to see her anywhere. Again he scans the surrounding area for any sign of the black-haired temptress in the pale yellow dress. But for some ungodly reason Alex seems to be eluding him. However, when at last he spots her standing just a few feet away from the enthusiastic revelers still swarming around him, snapping digital photos like the paparazzi, Justin breathes a sigh of relief.

However, judging from the sour grimace twisting the curve of her lips and the dissociated stance of her body, he now sees and understands that his outwardly anti-social sister is simply biding her time until the gaggle disperses so she doesn't have to endure any unwanted physical contact from their touchy-feely out-of-town relatives.

Smart move for someone that usually doesn't like to be touched, Justin concludes while his knowing gaze locks onto hers. Slyly, he nods his head in her direction as his wise gray orbs clearly convey the following message - I'm onto you.

Thanks to Justin's keen sense of observation, Alex Russo is quite aware that she's been called out by her astute brother. So her chocolate pools stare right back at him as she smirks mischievously.

Seeing the wicked little smile play upon his lovely sister's kissable lips only serves to dredge up the recent memory of what they did to each other earlier today. As the erotic scene replays in his mind for the umpteenth time, Justin blushes deeply as his uncontrollable arousal reemerges once more. Embarrassed by the momentary lack of self control, he offers up a quick prayer of thanks to the gods for the billowy commencement robes that have helped him conceal the raging hard-on he's been experiencing all day.


As for Alex, she couldn't be prouder of her big brother if she tried. Sisterly pride however didn't prevent her from noticing just how handsome Justin looked as he stood straight and tall behind the podium while he addressed the massive graduating Class of 2015 in a clear and unwavering voice.

Now she's not going to pretend that she understood all of the brainy junk he had to say, especially the part where he spoke of, "Progression without resolution is pretty much the epitome of stagnation… rather than a blueprint for success and personal achievement."

However, Alex did have a good chuckle when Justin later said, "Don't treat your heart like a mint condition action figure wrapped in plastic never to be played with. Go ahead and open that hermetically sealed package and put what's inside to good use."

Ah, Justin and his dolls. He just had to work them into his speech somehow, didn't he? God, what a geek! And yet he's all mine, Alex had lovingly contemplated with a smile.

Soon enough the female wizard is roused from her recollections when her father Jerry abruptly announces that it's time to go back to the Sub Station for the party being thrown in Justin's honor. That's when Alex sees her opening. Quickly sauntering up to her older brother she loops her arm through his and says with a sigh, "Sheesh! I thought those horrible people would never leave you alone."

"And by 'horrible people' you mean our family and friends, right?" Justin jovially points out as mirth dances gleefully in the depth of his eyes.

"Well, duh genius! Who else do you think I mean?" Alex incredulously questions him in return as they start to walk away, arm and arm, from the sprawling university campus still teeming with a horde of present faculty, alumni and their respective loved ones.


Moments later, they're inside the multistory parking garage, where every member of their group prepares to board their individual vehicles. As Alex and Justin approach his silver Toyota Prius, their respective BFF's follow closely behind them. However, Alex has had her fill of her chatty friend monopolizing Justin's time today and has decided make a preemptive strike to rectify the situation and pronto.

There's no way in hell that I'm going to let Harper hog the front passenger seat again like she did on the ride over here this morning, Alex angrily vows as she remembers how she got stuck sitting in the backseat with the socially inept Zeke Beakerman. Don't get her wrong, Justin's best pal is sweet and all, but she doesn't speak Nerd. So half of what he said to her got lost in translation.

Furthermore, Alex Russo maybe many things but stupid she ain't. She's been onto Harper's little game to wheedle her way into Justin's good graces since the very beginning.

From the moment the one-woman fashion disaster found out about his breakup with Juliet, Harper has been trying to run a surreptitious campaign to win the heart of her life-long crush any way she can. For almost three weeks straight the redhead has been bombarding Justin with unwanted attention and showering him with stupid little gifts. And all while Alex has been forced to watch from the sidelines, jealous yet powerless to stop her friend from shamelessly throwing herself at her brother, not caring if she's humiliated by his continual rejection.

The whole thing is just incredibly sad and extremely pathetic considering the fact that Harper already has a boyfriend that for some odd reason is completely crazy about her. And although Harper and Zeke have been an established couple for years, Alex can't understand why she would still harbor this unnatural fixation for Justin.

Okay, Alex does understand to a certain extent...Justin is cute, in that nerdy, bookish sort of a way that makes a woman like her want to just dirty him up. And if truth be told the man does have a hot looking ass. Then there's those electrifying greenish-gray eyes of his that make her want to melt like a delicate snowflake on her warm pink tongue. And don't get her started on his deceptively thin-looking lips. Justin has proven many times over that his austere looking pucker can passionately and skillfully steal her breath away each and every time that he kisses her.

Oh yeah, Alex can see why her best friend would still carry a torch for her big brother after so long. But unfortunately for Harper Finkle and all womankind everywhere, Alexandra Margarita Russo has already staked her claim on Justin Vincenzo Pepe Russo. And she isn't about to relinquish her ownership of him anytime soon. Heck, if she could plant her flag on that adorable tush of his, she would, just so everyone will know that the boy is hers, plain and simple.

However, while the sad fact remains that she may not ever get to publicly declare Justin as hers (for very obvious reasons) that doesn't stop her from feeling covetous or possessive every time another female takes notice of what rightfully belongs to her.

Alex still smiles as she smugly proclaims to herself, Sorry girls, but this nerd's been taken off the market again. And this time it's for keeps. So back off bitches!

With that train of thought, Alex casts a wary glance over her shoulder in her best friend's direction, deciding right then and there to suddenly call out, "Shotgun!"

In that instant Harper's boisterous face crumbles as her plans to sit next to Justin again are foiled by her one true friend. "But Alex..." she whines not caring how desperate she sounds to those around her. "I wanted to sit in the front seat with Justin again!"

"Sorry Harper, my bad. Anyway, why don't you ride with Zeke. You know, your boyfriend? Remember him...the one you've practically ignored all day so you can drool all over Captain Jim Bob Dork-wood over here?"

Miffed at having the name of his favorite comic book hero maligned in such a manner, Justin immediately sets out to make the situation right. "First of all, Alex it's Sher-wood, not Dork-wood, as in the Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood lore. And second of all, I'm standing right here!"

"Zip it, egghead. You've already graduated, so nobody cares what you think anymore!" Alex argues back while secretly loving their never ending banter.

In the meantime, regardless of being shamed to remember the faithful, loving man at her side, Harper tries to vehemently protest her banishment. Yet before she can open her big fat mouth, her clever wizard friend has already sneakily muttered a persuasion spell under her breath that craftily convinces both Harper and Zeke to squeeze into the back of Jerry Russo's old delivery truck instead.

"That's sounds like a great idea, Alex! Thanks for suggesting it," Harper chirpily states in appreciation, completely unaware that she and Zeke are under the affects a magical enchantment. "Come on Zeke, let's go! We can get to the shop sooner to help Mr. and Mrs. Russo set things up."

Zeke grins adoringly at his girlfriend as he takes her hand then leads the way to Jerry's rickety vehicle. "Sounds like a plan, Harper," he happily acquiesces.

Alex grins from ear to ear as she and her brother watch their friends pack themselves like sardines into the bucket of bolts that passes for a viable mode of transportation. However, her victory is nearly squashed when Justin turns to her to sternly say, "Alexandra Margarita Russo, I saw what you did. And it wasn't very nice."

Turning to face the chronically righteous goody two-shoes, she replies with an impish grin, "Oh, don't be such a party-pooper! So I used a little spell. Big deal! It might not have been nice but I had fun. And that's what's important here. Me having fun. Besides, how else was I suppose to get you all to myself?"

Dropping his arm from Alex's, Justin discretely interlocks their fingers then gives her hand a gentle squeeze. Next as he looks deeply into her lipid brown eyes he whispers, "Alex, you don't have to use a spell to get my attention. You already have it. Don't you know by now that every time I see you the rest of the world disappears for me? You are all the magic that I will ever need."

Alex, clearly touched by her brother's sentiments, briefly smiles up at him with the goofiest of grins. God, how she loves this hopelessly romantic doofus.

But as sappy as she might be feeling right now, she knows that she still has to keep up appearances just in case there are any remaining relatives lurking about. So she puts on her best disgusted sister expression, rolls her eyes and scoffs, "Pssht, you can be so cheesy sometimes, you know that?"

Instead of feeling bothered by Alex's obvious slight to his sensitive nature, Justin takes it all in stride. He knows her well enough to realize that she's play acting, putting on a terrific front to distract any curious on-lookers from the undisclosed truth- that he and his baby sister are head-over-heels in love with each other.


May 31, 2015 - Waverly Sub Station 1:20 AM

"Well, that was one hell of a party!" Kelbo Russo rollickingly proclaims as he slings an arm around his older brother's shoulders.

A very tired and perturbed Jerry looks at his screwball younger sibling like he's just grown a second head. "Are you kidding me?" he asks the man that he sometimes regrets giving his powers to. "If you think that having the cops called on us twice because you just had to have your third encore of 'My Hips Don't Lie' while you were in full blown Shakira regalia, then yes it was one hell of a party!"

The full wizard has yet to take his leave even though the festive gathering has been over for a couple of hours now. With the exception of Zeke Beakerman and his girlfriend, Harper Finkle, all the other guests had already vacated the premises the first time the police showed up to shut down their celebration. As the departing revelers rushed to the sole exit like rats from a sinking ship, many of the non-wizard guests were left to wonder exactly how the Russo's managed to get Shakira to sing at Justin's party in the first place.

Of course when the law enforcement officers took one look at Kelbo (wearing Shakira's skin) gyrating his hips on the makeshift stage, all was forgiven that first go-round. The Russo's were let off with a lenient warning about "keeping the noise down" in exchange for autographs from their favorite Latina pop icon.

But then Zeke, being a huge fan of the alleged Colombian-born singer (despite the fact that he knows she's really a 47-year old male wizard in disguise), enthusiastically called for that damned third encore of his favorite Shakira song.

And Kelbo being Kelbo, he happily obliged him as he would any other of Shakira's adoring fans. Only this time the not-so-sage wizard decided that the only way to do the tune any justice would be to flash in his entire stage orchestra to accompany him.

Needless to say, the ear-splitting concert-like decibels managed to not only blow out a few of windows from the surrounding shops, including old man Greenwald's, they also attracted the unwanted attention of nearly the entire 13th Police Precinct. Only this time they weren't so willing to look the other way. Ultimately, to Jerry's great unhappiness, they proceeded to fine the sub shop owner with a slew of infractions from disturbing the peace to hosting a live concert without the proper permits.

However, if there was one silver lining to this disastrous evening it was the blessed fact that Kelbo maintained his magical facade as Shakira without any hiccups as far as anyone could tell.

But Merlin only knows what the lingering repercussions will be for this musical farce. And as far as Jerry Russo and the rest of his immediate family are concerned, his baby brother has long overstayed his welcome. They all love Kelbo dearly, really they do. Yet they would all agree that he's so much easier to take in smaller doses.

After ensuring that Shakira's band and all of their instruments had been magically transported out of the Sub Station, Jerry finally rounds on his brother to give him a piece of his mind. "Okay Kelbo, you caused enough trouble for one night. So it's time for you to go. Bye-bye and thanks so much for almost costing me my business license!"

Failing to realize that he had definitely pushed the envelope too far with his antics, the much taller Kelbo needles his shorter brother in the ribs as he emphatically claims, "Ah, I was only trying to have a little fun. You're just jealous because I look better in skin-tight black Lycra."

"Out, Kelbo!" Jerry warns him as he points a stubby finger towards the kitchen where the family wizard lair lies just beyond the walk-in cooler door. When he sees his younger brother slowly shuffle his feet like a dog with its tail between its legs, the sub shop owner angrily crosses his arms over his chest to show his unwelcome guest that he means business.

Fearing another family squabble, Theresa steps in to try to defuse the escalating situation when she addresses her brother-in-law," Look, Kelbo, Jerry's right. Maybe the party did get a little out of hand. Anyway, why don't you go home and let things cool off, okay?"

"Okay, I'm sorry. But you ought to know that Jerry's always been bit of a grouch. At least our mom always said so. Anyway...bye Theresa."

Mrs. Russo bids her quirky brother-in-law farewell with a quick peck on the cheek.

"Buenas noches, Kelbo," she tells him pointedly.

Not bothering to say good-bye to his angry brother, Kelbo Russo makes tracks to the kitchen, but then he suddenly stops mid-stride to face his two nephews, his only niece and their wicked awesome friends. Raising his hand he fondly says, "Bye kids. Maybe next time you can visit me in my new pad in the Wizard World."

"Sounds good, Uncle Kelbo," Max pipes up with a yawn while Alex and Justin nod in agreement.

Then just before he disappears through the cooler door, Kelbo tells his brother's children, "Just one thing though: make sure you don't bring your father since he's such a buzz-kill."

"GET OUT, Kelbo! I mean it!" Jerry yells for the last time, totally pissed that his brother just called him a buzz-kill in front of his family.

"Okay, I'm going, I'm going! Sheesh, Jer. You outta learn to relax more. It's really good for the old ticker."

The cooler door closes just in time before a giant squirt bottle (that Jerry just hurtled through the air with deadly accuracy) hits its shiny stainless steel surface.


May 31, 2015- The Russo Family Loft- Justin Russo's bedroom 2:43 AM

"Psssht, Justin. You awake?" Alex whispers at her brother from the foot of his bed.

When she only hears a loud snore followed by a muffled, "Mmmphft, go away Grandma, I don't want any pudding," that's when she realizes with unshakable certainty that the King of All Geeks is currently slumbering away in Dream Land.

Damn him! Now what am I going to do?

"I don't believe this," she groans aloud to no one in particular.

Didn't she just tell Justin to wait for her in his room so she can take him to his surprise? What part of, "Don't fall asleep," didn't he understand? Hell, it's the catchphrase to one of his favorite horror films of all time, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Of course if the dummy was actually awake he'd quickly clarify how much he prefers the 1984 Wes Craven classic versus the lame 2010 remake. Lord knows, how many times she's listened to Justin's fan-boy rants over the years regarding his presumption that any horror fan worth his salt knows that there's no way a light-weight Jackie Earle Haley could ever hold a candle to Robert Englund. And as much as she hates to admit it, Alex is inclined to agree- 80's Freddy rocks.

"Oh, hell. Now I'm starting to think like you too!" Alex chides her still sleeping brother. "You're so lucky you're hot and I want to do you, Nerd-Boy. But how do I wake you up?"

Racking her brain for ideas, she finally decides to take a cue from old Freddy Kruger himself. But she can't send just any old movie monster into Justin's dreams, because knowing him, he'll probably stop his screaming long enough to ask them for an autograph. No, it can't be anybody famous or infamous as the case maybe. It has to be somebody really scary that's guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of her big brother and chase him right out of his dreams.

Then like a thunderbolt out of the blue, the perfect solution pops into her head and she almost kicks herself for not thinking of it before. Smiling deviously, Alex reaches down to quickly slip her wand out of her boot. Next, she points the magical instrument towards the snoring man on the bed as she recites the following words:

Freddy, Michael, Pinhead and Jason, they all look like wimps when Man Tooth does the chasin'!

Alex then cackles to herself the moment a green eerie light emanates from the tip of her wand to cast its unnatural glow over Justin's unsuspecting form. To her great surprise it doesn't take long for the spell to take affect when she sees her brother begin to thrash and writhe on the bed in fearful throes of the nightmare quickly unfolding inside his subconscious.

Rocking from side to side, Justin starts to mutter desperate phrases like, "Stop it!" and "Please help me, Mommy!" as his amused sister looks on.

Boy, Man Tooth must be really doing a number on Justin if he's calling for Mom already, Alex deduces.


Meanwhile In Justin's Dreamscape...

Being chased sucks. And when you're being chased by some freakazoid boogeyman that's determined to show his range of his ghoulish faces all at once, it's the suckiest thing to be subjected to.

But as Justin Russo continues to run for his life down an endless wooded path getting slapped in the face by bushes and low hanging tree branches, he can't understand how he even got into this predicament in the first place.

One minute he was swimming in a deep blue ocean chasing after Alex, who was a mermaid for some reason. Justin remembers how she kept slapping her scaly fish's tale on the ocean's surface, splashing her brother with huge salty sprays of seawater to keep him from catching her.

Then in the next instant the scene had drastically changed when he was transported onto dry land. Justin suddenly found himself in the arboreal surroundings of a dense forest under a dark moonless sky. Alex was now gone and the only thing remaining was the eerie quiet that always precedes impending doom. As his eyes darted around desperately, he was bordered by an infinite series of tall proud redwoods casting dark foreboding shadows and tangled underbrush. It appeared as if the trees themselves were closing in on him cutting off all exits to a safe haven. With no possible means of escape in sight, there was a sudden sense of entrapment that felt downright claustrophobic.

With his suffocating fear ever mounting, Justin's poor heart beat faster and faster. And the deathly quiet did him no favors when the only sound he could hear was the wheezing of his own heavy breathing. That was until his ears made out the unexpected rustling of leaves and the distinctive crunch of twigs snapping from underfoot.

"Who's there?" Justin called out in as manly a voice as he could muster, while praying the whole time that his playful sister would come out from behind one of the many trees to tease him about his scaredy-cat ways.

However, when the silence was abruptly broken by a very familiar voice hissing out his name, Justin Russo abandoned all hope of this dream having a happy ending.

"Oh, Jussssstin," the creepy disembodied voice whispered again, the jeering inflection resonated through the dry leaves that hung from gnarled branches. Sadly for Justin, the tone was unmistakable - it was the same one that made him wet the bed until he was twelve years-old.

And even though he's all grown up and reason told him that his fears were irrational, Justin still couldn't stop cringing over the possibility of coming face to face with the supernatural entity that tormented him throughout his childhood again.

Turning his body in all directions, Justin's eyes were wide-open with fright as they frantically searched every corner the gloomy looking woods for a sign of the dreaded terror known only as Man Tooth. However, when his cagey surveillance revealed nothing sinister lurking about, he breathed a sigh of relief.

But Justin (who is life's favorite butt monkey) should have known that his victory over his qualms would be transitory at best. Yet, nothing could have prepared him for the chilling sensation he felt when a pair of cold clammy hands suddenly clamp down on his shoulders from behind.

Fearful though he was, Justin still dared to cast a wary glance over his shoulder, where he unwittingly found himself staring into the nightmarish pasty visage of his nemesis from his formative years - Man Tooth.

"Hello, Justin...missed me?" the frightening stalker of children's dreams asked of his favorite victim.

Justin quickly shut his eyes as he trembled from head to toe. Repulsed by the close proximity of the monster, he was unable to answer him, so he shook his head from side to side in a negative response.

As if sensing Justin's fear, the petrifying apparition tightened his hold on his victim then leaned in even closer to whisper in his ear, "Is that a 'no'? Gee, that's too bad 'cause I missed you and all the fun we had when you were a kid. Lemme ask you something...are you still a bed-wetter, Russo? Let's see if we can find out for old time's sake, hmm?"

Angered by Man Tooth's insinuations about his terror-induced incontinence or lack there of, Justin suddenly finds his voice to fight back. "Listen here, I'll have you know that I haven't had a single incident since I was twelve. So why don't you fuck off! I'm not scared of you anymore."

The boogeyman just laughed at him, "Oh, wow. Cuss words, Justin? Looks like you've grown a pair of brass ones. I'm almost impressed." He then removed his icy cold fingers from Justin's shoulders so he could slither around to his front. When he saw that the young man standing before him had open his eyes to bravely regard him, Man Tooth decided that playtime was over.

With devilish thoughts prancing about in his head, the ghoul's mouth split open with that trademark toothy grin of his that always made him look even more ghastly in appearance.

Man Tooth then leaned in really close, invading all pretense of personal space, to very casually address his prey, "Hey Justin...guess what?"

"What?" Justin tried to sound tough on the outside while on the inside he was quivering like a bowl full of Jell-O.

"BOO!" was all the boogeyman said. Yet it was enough to make Justin break into a mad dash while yelling for his mommy.

Still screaming his head off, the ex-wizard sprinted blindly into the woods as fast as his powerful legs could carry him. Like a scared rabbit, Justin ran and ran and ran trying to evade capture.

Presently, Justin is still racing toward some unseen finish line, while his overworked heart pounds incessantly against his ribs. He's already getting tired. And to his detriment, he can feel the exhaustion seeping into his aching muscles while his lungs burn from lack of air. Deciding to quickly take in the scenery as it rapidly zips by, Justin soon discovers that no matter how far or how long he's gone into the forest, he can't seem to shake the devious monster that's still in hot pursuit.

Of course Man Tooth, being an incorporeal spirit, doesn't require things like oxygen or rest, so he can easily keep up the chase until the nightmare runs its course.

"Nightmare...of course! How could I be so stupid?" Justin thinks aloud, slapping his forehead as he almost trips over a tree stump that he's sure he'd passed several times before.

That's the thing with dreams, déjà vu can really mess with your head.

"You really want me to answer that?" Man Tooth mockingly asks, his voice sounding like it's coming from directly behind Justin.

Not wanting to turn around to find out, Justin simply yells, "Shut up, Man Tooth! It was a rhetorical question!"

Justin quickly rights his footing, then resumes his trek forward while trying to prod his analytical mind into telling his subconscious what to do next- which is kind of a difficult thing to do right now when he's got a maniacal ghost breathing down his neck at every turn.

"Think Justin, think! What do people do in nightmares to wake themselves up?" he asks himself as he feels his legs grow weaker and weaker.

But just as Justin's body is about to succumb to total fatigue, the answer comes to him like a heavenly revelation from above. "That's it!" he cries out, snapping two fingers for emphasis. Coming to an abrupt stop, Justin's chest heaves with great effort to refill his lungs as he slowly turns around to face his dogged pursuer.

Meanwhile, Man Tooth who is clearly surprised by Justin's sudden halt, manages to still look quite menacing as he begins to creep ever closer to his intended target. Smiling like a rabid jackal, he raises his hands out in front of him, wiggling his long boney fingers.

"Any last words, Russo?" the ghoulish creeper asks, just mere inches from nabbing his prize.

Now that he has a means of escape, Justin Russo smirks triumphantly at the confused boogeyman. "Yeah, as I a matter of fact I do."

Astonishingly, the impenetrable woodland suddenly vanishes from directly behind Justin only to be replaced by a steep jagged cliff overlooking an unfathomable chasm.

Incredibly the yawning abyss appears to be five times the width of the Grand Canyon with no way of determining where it bottoms out, if at all.

Suddenly, a great gust of wind rises up from out of nowhere, violently whipping through Justin's hair signaling him that it's time to go. Touching two fingers to his brow, he salutes the night prowler as he offers up a contemptuous grin.

Man Tooth can only look on in horror as the young man deliberately walks backwards until the heels of his shoes are teetering over the craggy edge of the precipice.

"What are you doing, Justin? Are you crazy? You're going to fall!" Man Tooth points out with a tremulous voice but makes no move to stop him.

Spreading his arms out, Justin Russo appears not to have a care in the world as he smugly replies, "That's precisely what I have in mind. By the way, how's this for my last words- Fuck and You?"

Then with a great whoop he hollers out, "GERONIMO!" before he vaults off the rocky overhang with a back flip and then plummets into the vast gorge waiting to swallow him whole.


A/N: And there you have it, Chapter 9. Okay so I have good news and bad news.

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