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xXx Somewhere in Namimori xXx

"w-why is the school is in the middle of the forest? a-and are we even still in Japan?"

The brunette asked to the person infornt of her with a smirk plastered on his face.

Reborn quite amused seeing the brunette reaction and like to tease her more on their long way into the deep forest but got distracted as he sense someone presence and on que too the car abruptly stop causing the brunette to stumble towards Reborn.

He who always cool and composed person stunned as the brunette fall towards him. Her face fell perfectly on his chest making him froze on his seat.

Deep inside him,he thanks the person whoever he/she is for making his ride more fun. But sadly his sadistic nature doesn't allow him to be a greatfull person.

"Hieee ! Gomen !"

She squeak and try to get up but got a disapprove move from the Reborn force her to unable move from the awkward position.

"Like it?"

He asked making the brunette blush.

"L-L-Like what?"

He smirk.

"My cologne.."


Then he got another idea he smirk grow larger.

"Or you prefer me?"

He said looking at the small brunette who is still in daze.


Reborn smirk but a bit different because this one is a large victorious smirk.



A cold yet dreamy voice like Reborn interrupt his fun.


Reborn click his tongue making the other boy raised an eyebrow never he seen this person react like that.

As he spot a small pigtails brunette fidgeting and face red as tomato he got an idea that he would like to play some game and see what reaction the older man would give because he on a urge bored to death so might as well have fun. He pull the brunette out the limo.

But got interrupt as the older man grab the brunette other hand. She yelped.


The brunette scream in her head while she sense some major death glare from both side.

'I'm regretting every second left in my life to receive that letter'

"Hands of or i'll bite you to death"

The skylark said with a piercing glare to the older man.

"Kid you don't want to mess with me now let her go"

"Heh, why do i need to listen to you anyway"

"Because i said so"

"Not good enough reason for me NOT to play with the herbivore"

"She's my toy now let her fragile hand go"

As the older man last word he change his pet into a gun.

'Hey ! I'm right here you know ! and..'

"Hieeee ! w-why.. h-h-how.. that thing change into a gun !"

As the other boy smirk definitely his game plan is working he let out his favorite weapon from who-know-where to charge at the older man still holding the brunette hand causing her to stumble.

'Why is it people carry weapon here ! Is it even legal in the first place? wait..'

"A tonfa?"

The brunette said dumbly making the other skylark almost chuckle but he cant it's not his personality so he wont.

"Dame-Tsuna student need this kinda stuff to survive here"

'This is isn't STUFF ! It's a weapon for good sake and what do you mean by to survive here? Take me back ! ! !'

"Stop chattering herbivores"

As the skylark charge forward...

"W-w-wait ! Can both of you would let go of me?"

The brunette interrupt.


Both of them answer in unison causing the brunette to taken aback.


Suddenly she felt a shiver down right to her spine and her gut telling her another dangerous yet attractive person is about to make an appearance.

"Oya,oya what's this? Fighting over for one pray?"

And...her gut was right oh joy.

'Oh hell'

"Don't get in the way pineapple herbivores"

The new person twitch after hearing that nickname he truly hate it.

"Kufufufu what's that Little Skylark"

Reborn only stand there amuse on the new event that just occur.

'Pineapple? Oh, his hair does look like a pineapple'

The brunette thought then she chuckle softly making the other to look at her the second they turn their glance towards the brunette they froze on the spot.

The first to snapped from the trance is the pineapple hairstyle dude he put on an evil smirk.

'Oya so another interesting person is about to join the fun here'

Not another second to waste he grab the brunette and carry her (like always bridal style) and jump on one of the tree branch then gone.

The brunette who is stunned on a sudden event let out her infamous shriek.

"Hieeeeeee ! !"

"Oya? You sure are loud"

"Because you just kidnapped me ! !"

"Kufufufu, i'm bored"

"Then let me go ! !"

"Oya, no can do you my new toy to play with"

'Why is people keep saying i'm a toy ! Damn it !'

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