Chapter 21: Mischief Aboard

Minerva's seasickness returned not long after they set sail once more, but she was pleased that it seemed to not be quite as bad and she prayed desperately she'd actually be able to enjoy Christmas in just a few days.

The day after their visit in the Bahamas was Christmas Eve, and they were set to spend the entire day cruising. Minerva felt well enough to join Harry and Albus in a game of something called shuffle board, and was thrilled to hand both boys their heads as she swept the floor with them.

"How are you so good at this Min?" Harry asked slightly out of breath. While shuffleboard didn't require a whole lot of activity, Harry had been chasing the little disks all the way down the shuffleboard court to see exactly where they landed. Between running the entire game, which he wasn't used to now that he wasn't the victim of Harry hunting, and the South America humidity he was sweaty and very out of breath.

"I've had a lot of practice Harry," Minerva said with a slight smile as she passed the 11 year old a cool bottle of water. He had just barely started calling her 'Min,' and she found that she kind of liked it. At the very least she liked that he felt comfortable enough around her to shorten her name without permission.

"You used to play shuffleboard a lot?" Harry drank greedily, but didn't take his eyes off the older witch for a moment.

"No, this is actually the first time." She took a drink from a second bottle of water before starting to clean up the shuffleboard game by returning the disks and poles. She had to do it the muggle way since she couldn't risk other cruisers coming out and seeing objects magically soaring around the deck by themselves. "I was however a brilliant chaser when I was in school."

Harry could have hit himself in the forehead. She'd told him that before, but he'd forgotten. Then he looked confused once more. "How does being a chaser tie into being good at shuffleboard?"

Minerva couldn't help but laugh at that comment since it might seem a little strange if you didn't think about it right. "As a chaser you have to have a good arm and amazing aim to get the Quaffle passed the keeper through the hoop."

"Oh, I guess that makes sense," the teen replied feeling a little dumb.

"Alright shuffleboard master, care to try your hand at horse shoes?" Albus piped in taking the poles from Minerva and returning them to their stand.

"Let me rest a bit Al," the Transfiguration professor replied. "While my stomach is accepting this better than before I still feel queasy if I'm up much."

"We could go to the pool," Harry piped in when Minerva suggested resting. "Then I could swim, and Albus too if he wanted, and Min could just soak in the sun for a bit as she gets control of her stomach once more."

"Sounds like a brilliant idea to me," Albus stated with his usual twinkle lighting up his eyes. "Let's head back to the cabin and get our swim things then." With that the small family went to change into their pool clothes, and then made their way to the pool deck. While it was bound to be freezing back home in England, the beautiful South America weather was very inviting.

When Albus, Harry, and Minerva arrived at the pool deck in their swim suits with their towels draped over one shoulder Harry was delighted to see the Erikson family also basking in the beautiful weather. Samuel was chasing his three children and had just managed to duck Daniel under when the Dumbledores approached. Shaking her head Minerva took a seat beside Emily who was in a turquoise bikini reading some romance novel as she soaked up the warm rays of the sun.

"Harry, you're here," Daniel spluttered as he emerged from the water. "Good, we could use your help. Dad is drowning us."

"Sounds like fun," Harry replied tossing his towel in Minerva's general direction and cannon balling right beside his new friend's father.

"Harry James, you get out and put your towel in a proper location rather than just simply throwing it anywhere you please." Minerva used her stern teacher voice and her lips were pressed tight as she glared at the dark haired child.

"But Min, I'm already in," Harry whined. He was sorely tempted to grin and point out that that rhymed, but he didn't want to get off topic. "Can't you just take care of it for me this once?"

"Absolutely not young man," the older woman insisted. "'This once' will turn out to be more than once if I let you get away with such behavior. You know better than to just drop your things wherever and if you didn't want to get out of the pool to take care of things you should have done it properly before you got in. Now you have to the count of three before I make you sit on a deck chair for 11 minutes watching everyone else play. 1..."

Harry flushed bright red and bolted out of the inviting water the instant the words left her lips. He couldn't believe she was threatening him with a timeout where everyone could see, and in front of his new friend. How old did she think he was? 5? Well you were acting like a five year old. A small part of his brain pointed out as he snatched up the towel and laid it on a free sun chair beside Minerva. Shut up! He told his inner self still scowling. "Happy?" he grumbled.

"Watch the attitude young man," was Minerva's only response as her lips pursed tighter and she fixed him with a steady warning gaze.

"Yes ma'am, sorry." This statement was much softer as Harry realized he was treading on thin ice and Minerva really didn't deserve the snark he was dishing out. With that he turned back to the Erikson kids who hastily started splashing around again trying to pretend they hadn't been watching the whole thing and Harry had to fight back a grin because he was sure he would have done the exact same thing.

This time Harry didn't bother with the elaborate entrance of a cannon ball; Minerva had kind of ruined the effect by making him get out. "So uh, what are we playing?" the chastened child asked while silently praying they stayed in the shallow water since he still couldn't swim well. He had grown more comfortable with the water the two weeks he had been at the small cottage with Albus and Minerva before school started, but neither of the adults had had much time to teach him to swim so he could barely tread water.

"It's us against dad," Becca chimed in as she jumped at Samuel from behind.

"Hey you little sea urchin," Samuel growled spinning around as fast as the water would allow him and trying to knock his daughter off his back. "Four against one isn't fair by a long shot."

"I agree," Albus gave a big grin and ran right for the pool before cannon balling right in front of both of the Erikson boys and Harry causing such a gigantic splash that Harry would have sworn he'd used magic to accomplish it.

"Hey!" spluttered all three kids as they attempted to wipe the chlorine filled water from their eyes.

"Oh for heaven's sake Albus do be careful," Minerva called exasperatedly from her place in the sun. Honestly, the man acted as if he was really young enough to be Harry's father, or brother might be better, and Minerva felt certain he was going to seriously injure himself one of these days.

"It is so fair," Becca piped up still holding tight to her father's shoulders. "Dad is way bigger than us so we need more people on our side to make it even.

"Hey, your size gives you an advantage because you can wiggle away easy and you are all little speed demons." With that Samuel flopped backwards into the water completely ducking Becca and finally getting her to release him.

"How about it becomes four on two?" Albus put in with a grin. "That ought to even out the playing field a bit. Harry eyed him suspiciously and thought that it would even out the odds only if Albus didn't use any magic. Otherwise they were all doomed.

"Sounds good to me," Samuel declared grinning just as broadly as he grabbed for Joshua, caught him, and swung him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Help!" Joshua yelped just before his father released him and sent him dropping head first into the 3 feet of water. With that the war was on and all four children lunged at the two grown men ready for battle.

For over an hour the children and the father figures wrestled about in the water. Minerva about had a heart attack when Albus agreed to play something called 'chicken fight' and placed Harry on top of his shoulders. Any person that had the sense god gave a fly would know that 110 years old was much too old to be shouldering an 11 year old boy like that, and she didn't care how small he was for his age. She got a further shock when Daniel, who was on Samuel's shoulders, and lunged for Harry and the two boys started squabbling and trying to knock the other one into the water making both men do some quick steps to keep their footing for the squirming children.

Daniel, who had played this game before, managed to knock Harry off after only 5 seconds, but Harry was determined and he got back up. He'd been riding a broom since that first flying lesson, and he was certain he could manage this. He assured himself that Daniel had just gotten lucky because Harry was inexperienced. This theory was proven correct as Harry climbed back on Albus's shoulders and went at his new friend once more. This time he was ready, and the battle was on. Daniel, who had been pleased to knock Harry down so fast the first time, was startled when his friend came back with a vengeance, but he wasn't going to give up. He was a master at this game, and he felt confident that he could knock his undersized friend off the old man's shoulders once more. He had his work cut out for him however, and it was finally him that was sent overboard into the water below. The boys declared that a tie breaker was an absolute must, and it was Samuel that protested.

"Boys, this may be all fun and games to you, but it's taxing on us old folks. Let's call it quits before you give one of us a heart attack."

"Who you calling old Erikson?" Albus demanded not letting Harry off his shoulders. "I'm just getting warmed up here."

Samuel eyed Albus in surprise. While he was starting to feel wore out he had really been speaking to defend Albus. He had no idea how old the man was, but he looked like he was at least 90 and Samuel seriously didn't want to have the old man suddenly keel over; especially since he wasn't CPR certified. Seeing that Albus really did look good however, Samuel shrugged and squatted down to let his son back on his shoulders. "Alright Dumbledore, but we aren't going to show any mercy this time. You won by a slide of generosity and lenience for your senile age, but now you're getting the real deal."

"Bring it Erikson," Albus replied gleefully feeling as giddy as a child in a candy shop. The banter between the men made all four of the children laugh and the two women roll their eyes. Harry and Daniel sobered quickly however as they lunged for each other.

Daniel had practically been raised in the water and was an old champ at this game, but Harry made the first formidable opponent he'd had in a while, and the result was a game that lasted for several full minutes and quickly grabbed the attention of every person on the pool deck. The bystanders didn't take long to start taking sides, and Harry and Albus were thrilled to hear phrases of "You can take him old man!" and "teach that youngster a lesson!" It may just have been they were prejudice, but it seemed like most of the cheers were for the small boy and the ridiculously old man.

Harry could feel Albus's strength finally giving and knew he had to end this fast. After running for so long from his oversized cousin he knew that he had most of his strength in his legs. He also knew that Daniel was in great shape and able to counter most of Harry's offensive blows so their only chance was to psych the larger boy out and catch him off guard. Therefore Harry waited for one more swing from Daniel and used that to lean backwards as if he were falling off of Albus's shoulders. He did a magnificent backbend managing to stay in position by wrapping his legs tightly around Albus. Then, as Daniel raised his arms in the supposed victory, Harry swung back up to sitting like a lightning bolt and shoved the boy hard making not only Daniel go down, but also knocking Samuel over so that he too disappeared beneath the water. Harry then raised his own arms as the cheers erupted around the pool deck and Albus finally lowered him to allow the boy to scramble off his shoulders.

"How in the world did you manage that one Harry?" Daniel spluttered as he resurfaced half choking on the water he'd inhaled from his ducking.

"Magic," the dark haired child responded grinning. It wasn't true, and he knew that the other boy wouldn't believe it so he felt no problem stating it. For once in his life he could give that as an answer and not have to run like wild fire while his aunt or uncle chased him down.

After everyone had worn themselves out in the pool the two families headed in to grab a bite for lunch. Minerva agreed to a game of horseshoes and was frustrated to find it beyond her talents. While she was a good aim she just couldn't seem to get the stupid ring to stay around the pole since she was used to getting a ball through a hoop so it didn't matter how hard she threw it so long as it made it in.

After horseshoes Minerva had to rest again to settle her stomach, and Albus told Harry that he could have the rest of the day to do as he wished so Harry scampered away to find Daniel where he spent the rest of the afternoon playing videogames marveling in the luxury of being able to relax and enjoy himself without fear of his cousin making his life miserable or everyone pointing and staring at him for being The-Boy-Who-Lived.

The two boys caught a quick dinner together, and then decided to see what kind of Christmas party they had going on since it was Christmas Eve. Walking around the ship they found a ball room and Harry couldn't help but smile as he looked in and saw Albus and Minerva dancing together. He was twice her age and had taught her at school nearly 50 years ago, but they made a beautiful couple in his opinion.

Daniel and Harry joined and sang Christmas Carols as loud as they could for about a half hour before growing bored and going to see what else there was to do. On a different deck they saw a Christmas party in full swing and both boys hesitantly looked around.

"I don't really see many kids around," Harry piped up first scanning the party deck. This one wasn't full of seniors and little kids like the dance deck had been, but instead seemed to be overflowing with adults around Mr. and Mrs. Ericksons' ages. Some were a bit older and a few looked young enough to attend Hogwarts, though he would have to admit they would all be in the older years.

Daniel however, just shrugged and made his way over to a refreshment table that held heaps of all kinds of cookies as well as a punch bowl filled with a thick white drink. Daniel smiled as he recognized eggnog, and immediately began to fill a small plastic glass with it and grabbed a gingerbread cookie from the pile. "Some of these people aren't much older than us, and they wouldn't have cookies and eggnog if kids weren't able to join in. Besides, they would have had some dumb guard at the entrance to the deck to stop us."

Harry eyed the eggnog skeptically for a moment. His aunt had always been very firm about Dudley not having much of it, and that was practically the only thing she denied her perfect little angel. She said it was full of spirits and that they weren't good for little boys. She had however allowed him one glass. The couple Daniel had pointed out as his example for people not much older looked as if they were about 16 or so and were so concentrated on sucking each other's faces Harry wasn't sure he wanted to think about them being close to his age. The lack of the guard however was something Harry couldn't protest since there had been absolutely nobody to challenge their entrance. They hadn't even gotten as much as a raised eyebrow by random passerby.

"Try some of this eggnog Harry, it's really great," Daniel coaxed pouring Harry a glass of his own.

"You're sure it's safe?" Harry asked with hesitation, but he took it.

"What could possibly be wrong with eggnog?" Daniel laughed as he filled his own glass again.

"My Aunt said that eggnog has spirits in it," Harry muttered feeling really dumb. He hadn't understood what she had meant all those years he'd served it at the Dursley Christmas party, and even now that he knew about magic he still didn't know what she was talking about. He'd seen ghosts float all over Hogwarts for almost 4 months, but he still didn't have a clue how a ghost could possess a drink. As if reading his mind, Daniel about choked from laughing as he started his second cup.

"Your aunt is cracked," he stated laughing. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with eggnog, I've had it loads of times." Then he held up his half full glass in a motion to make a toast. "Oh great eggnog spirit, I beseech thee to show thyself or I shall doom thee to be vanquished by my interior digestive system."

Harry couldn't help but bust out laughing and held up his own cup. Some of the words that Daniel had just used would have made Hermione swell with pride, but Harry kept it simple. "Nothing? Well then here it goes," and with that he put the plastic cup to his lips and drank. His first sip had tasted a bit strange, but he told himself that that was because he'd never had it before and he drank it down thirstily before filling his glass again completely determined to have a good time since Daniel didn't seem at all worried. After the 2nd glass of eggnog Harry was no longer hesitant about the party they had attended and thought that eggnog was the best thing in the world.

While Daniel's claim to have enjoyed eggnog many times before was true, he hadn't realized the fact that each time he'd been offered it had been at a church Christmas party where they hadn't put the alcohol, which was the true 'spirits' that Petunia Dursley had spoken of, in it because of the children at this party. The cruise party they were attending however was indeed for adults, and the only reason they hadn't been stopped before entering the deck was because of a change of security and therefore a slight absence of the guard.

After Harry had finished his second little cup, and Daniel his third, the boys were grinning from ear to ear and ready for anything so they left the refreshment table and began seeing what kind of activities they had going on. It didn't take them long to find a table set up with several cups of eggnog on two sides and a cluster of table tennis balls. This caught their attention right away because around it was a crowd that seemed to be cheering on two men in their mid-twenties who were both standing at either end of the table. As Harry and Daniel watched, one of the young men tossed a little ball across the table, and it landed in one of the little plastic cups in front of the other man. The crowd started screaming wildly, and the one that threw the ball took a small bow while the other man picked up the cup with the ball and quickly drank down the eggnog inside it. After the quick bow, the throwing young man threw yet another small ball, and more cheering ensued as it landed in a cup just like that last time. It didn't take Harry and Daniel long to realize that if the ball landed in the cup, the one that didn't throw the ball had to drink the eggnog inside it.

The one throwing the balls made the ball go into 6 different cups before finally missing, and when he missed the drinker looked more than a little relieved but smiled and picked up a ball of his own before taking his turn to throw. He wasn't a very good aim however, and he missed the very first shot. The crowd around him laughed, and Harry and Daniel could hear the man swear violently and slap the table hard. The original thrower however, just grinned and started tossing the balls again. This trend continued a few more rounds, with the original thrower only drinking 1 of the 10 cups set before him while the drinker had been forced to finish all 10 of his. The victor held up his hands to soak in the praise and called out "who dares to challenge the nog-pong champion?"

Grinning like a chesire cat, Harry stepped forward as some of the crowd made to fill the table with the standard 20 glasses once again. "I'll give it a shot," he declared firmly and his confidence rose even further at the slap on the back Daniel gave him.

"You sure you know what you're getting in to squirt?" the 'champion' laughed. Harry just nodded and took the defeated man's place. "Aint you a bit small? You can barely see above the table top."

"Let him play Greg, it will be funny," called one of the other boys from the crowd, and instantly there was a chorus of 'let him plays' all around the circle.

"Alright, but don't come crying to me when you're puking your guts out tonight squirt," Greg declared holding his hands up in a 'truce' signal.

As soon as the 20 cups were in place, a girl with vibrant red hair cut to frame her face stepped forward and placed a cluster of balls at Harry's elbow. "You start first since you're the challenger," she stated, and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek that made him blush scarlet and make a rude hand gesture to Daniel as he cat called that would have made Minerva box his ears good.

Harry didn't know where the skill came from, but he had excellent hand-eye coordination. It was one of the reasons he was able to spot and catch the snitch so easily. Therefore, his first five shots were right on target, knocking out half of his opponents drinks in one shot. The crowd around him was going wild as Greg was forced to drink one after the other, and Harry, for once, basked in the praise of attention. His mind seemed slightly numb, and all he could think was that this was the best night ever and he was having an absolute blast. On his sixth shot however, he got over confident and swore as the ball bounced off the ridge of the cup and ended his turn.

Greg however, smiled. "Alright pip-squeak, you've been lucky so far, but that's about to change. Hope you can drink better than you can throw."

Harry felt himself grow slightly nervous at those words, but for some reason his self-confidence, which had never been high before, refused to let him think that he had anything to fear so he just smiled and replied "bring it on."

The young man grinned, but as he picked up one of the ping pong balls, it faded a little as he tried to focus on the cups in front of him. Finally he tossed, and whooped loudly as it hit its mark and sank into one of the little cups. Harry grinned and held out the cup as a toast before drinking it down without a second thought. Without thinking, he mimicked what Greg and the other boy had done, and threw his empty eggnog cup over his shoulder to clutter to the ground.

He drank two more before Greg finally missed, and found himself feeling relieved because drinking so much in such a short amount of time was making him feel sick. Still, he couldn't help but respond "that all you got big shot? Now it's my turn to show you how it's done." With that he picked up a ball of his own, that had been restocked while he was drinking, and took aim. He frowned as he realized that the cups seemed a bit fuzzier than they had previously but he put that down to drinking so quickly and the excitement from it all and just kept his focus. He only hit his mark twice this time, but Greg only hit his once when it came time, and Harry finally managed to sink his ball into Greg's last cup while 3 of his own remained.

The crowd around him screamed crazily and pounded him on the back in congratulations, but Harry found he didn't feel excited at all about beating the other boy. Instead he felt increasingly sick, and found that all he wanted to do was find a quiet place to sit down and maybe drink some water. When he tried to walk away however, some of the crowd grabbed hold of his shoulder declaring he couldn't leave yet because he was the new champion and had to accept a challenger. Harry wanted desperately to just leave, but as a pretty young woman with dark brown hair to her waist stepped forward and the glasses began to be replaced, Harry found himself consenting.

Harry's head was spinning so much that he didn't catch the name of the girl he was opposing, but she sank 4 balls her first turn and Harry did his best to drink them. He was stubborn and reminded himself that he had been forced to endure much worse than this before, so stuck to it. He managed to sink one of her cups before he missed, and couldn't help but swear as a little ball plunked into the cup nearest him. He drank it as stoically as he could, and tried to suppress a groan as another ball took refuge in another of his little cups. He picked up that cup and tried hard to ignore the feeling of bile climbing up his stomach as he drank it down. No sooner had he drained it however, than the feeling multiplied by ten and he lurched forward and instantly expelled all of the contents of his stomach right at the feet of the crowd around him. Everyone in front shrieked and jumped back, some landing on the feet of the people standing behind them, but none of it registered in Harry's brain.

"Kid, are you alright?" the girl with the short red hair stepped up to him again and rested an arm on his shoulder. Harry barely noticed as he threw up once again, but was thankful the girl didn't seem entirely disgusted with him. Instead she seemed to pity him. "Drinking all of that is rough kid; I think you need to call it quits." With that she pushed her way through the crowd and Harry found himself immensely glad for her support since his legs seemed to not want to work properly.

Daniel had been watching his friend, and when the girl led Harry away, he instantly grabbed the other side since it was clear he could barely walk. Once away from the crowd Daniel and the girl led Harry to a vacant chair and sat him down. "You ok Harry?" Daniel asked looking worriedly at his friend.

"I don't feel so good," Harry mumbled feeling like a whiny baby but not caring because his throat was on fire from puking and his stomach still seemed determined to declare war.

"Sipping some water will help," the older girl declared, and dashed away for just a moment to get Harry a clear glass of cool water. "Just sip it or it won't have a prayer of staying down and you'll just throw up again."

"Thanks," Harry mumbled accepting the little plastic cup with trembling hands. He had to hold onto it with both hands to keep from dropping it, but as he brought it too his lips he felt the cool water offer instant relief and he found himself wanting to gulp down the whole thing.

"Sip it," the girl reminded sternly pulling the cup away from Harry's lips when she saw him drink half of it at once. "I know it feels good right now, but if you don't sip you'll just get sick again."

Harry sat there for 15 minutes silently sipping his water with Daniel and the girl right beside him. He felt slightly better since he was no longer throwing up, but he was still feeling overall miserable. "I think I need to go home," he mumbled and tried to stand. Instantly he flung both hands to his head however as the room started to spin and he felt yet another urge to vomit violently.

"Yeah, I think that would be best," the girl agreed and stood to help steady him. "I don't trust you alone though, so I'll help you get there."

"I'll help too Harry," Daniel offered feeling very scared for his new friend. He didn't understand what was wrong with him, but it was clear that Harry could barely walk. Daniel himself was starting to feel a bit funny since he had been sipping at another glass of eggnog while he watched the nog-pong games.

Leaning heavily on the people on either side of him, Harry slowly made it across the deck. They didn't get far however before a security guard spotted them and made his way over. "What do you two think you are doing?" the man demanded looking sternly at Harry and Daniel. "This deck is for adults only."

"I'm taking them back to their cabin Tim," the red headed girl answered still supporting Harry. "Somehow they got past security earlier and this one," she motioned to Harry with her head, "somehow got into a nog-pong game til he finally puked his guts out."

"Zoe, why on earth did you let him play?" Tim demanded looking sternly at the girl this time, and she found herself looking at her feet.

"I'd already had two drinks and wasn't thinking about the age restriction in the excitement of seeing someone challenge Greg Barnum," Zoe admitted her face nearly as red as her hair.

"Zoe..." the guard stated shaking his head. "Alright, I can't leave my post, so I'm going to trust you to help these boys home. The smaller one looks like he's three sheets to the wind. I'll radio more security to patrol the deck and make sure we don't have any others that somehow slipped past."

"Sounds good Tim," Zoe replied with a smile before helping Daniel walk Harry the rest of the way off the party deck.

"What did he mean that deck is only for adults?" Daniel asked with a slight pout. "It was loads of fun, and it's not like they're doing anything. Harry just got sick from drinking 13 cups of eggnog in 20 minutes."

"That deck is for adults only because the eggnog has alcohol in it," Zoe explained with a sigh. It would figure the boys hadn't had a clue what was really going on. Her suspicions were confirmed as Daniel's eyes went wide.

"You mean that eggnog had beer in it?" he demanded.

"Something like that," Zoe stated stopping for a moment to wipe her brow. Harry was small for his age, but his dead weight was still hard to support, and Harry was practically no help at all.

"You said you'd had eggnog loads of times," Harry protested trying, and failing, to glare at Daniel. He too was glad for a short rest. Just moving made him feel sick.

"I have," Daniel defended firmly. "They serve it every year at the church Christmas party."

"They usually don't have alcohol in the eggnog they serve at church things since kids are expected to attend," Zoe replied. "Now where is your cabin Harry?"

"I don't know," the dark haired boy responded woefully. "I don't have a clue where I'm even at."

"I know," Daniel piped in. He'd been to the Dumbledore cabin once before, so began leading the way for the trio.

"Minerva and Albus are both going to kill me," Harry groaned as the knowledge that he was drunk fully sank in.

"I don't know your folks," Zoe responded softly, "but if they are anything like mine I'm afraid I'll have to agree with you."

"Mine too," Daniel put in woefully. While part of his brain told him that he wasn't near as drunk as Harry, he had had to admit that he was feeling slightly wobbly and a bit sick. His mum also had the eyes of a hawk and tended to notice everything.

"At least one good thing will come from my murder," Harry retorted sullenly.

"What's that?" Zoe couldn't help but laugh at the 11 year old. She didn't know the two boys from Adam, but she was the oldest of 6 kids and found that she felt a certain attraction to younger children that needed help.

"At least then I'll be put out of my misery."

Author's note: Sorry it took so long to update, I've been struggling with this story every time I try to write it for months and it's become a chore compared to my other one. I got a pm asking about it though, so I decided to just bite the bullet and write. I actually had a lot of fun writing this chapter though, so I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. What do you think of the Dumbledore family activities? What about Harry and Daniel's party? What do you think should happen next? Let me know.

Also, I I've only ever been to one alcoholic party and I didn't drink at it since I don't believe in drinking and I was only 18, so I may have gotten some of the details wrong. Soda-Pong was absolutely hilarious though, except for when you wanted to puke grape soda...