Extra-Terrestrial 2: Saving Sara

I'm back baby, and it's feeling good! I won't be updating at a set time, but don't worry, there won't be much gaps between the updates. Please enjoy chapter one.

Chapter One

I sat back in History, bored listening to the teacher drag on slowly about World War Two. Don't get me wrong, I'm interested in History, but I studied all that in my spare time after Seth and Sara left for home so I already know what's what. Everything being repeated is what's boring me.

Ever since Jack and Alex published their book about the journey with Seth and Sara, including the picture of me sleeping on Seth in the RV, everyone has been asking me questions about my relationship with him. None of them got an answer though. I scared them off by telling them that Seth left me a blaster that destroys anyone who bothers me. Haven't heard a word since. See what a little white lie can do?

The teacher dimmed the lights and showed us a few clips from the war on her laptop, so that gave me more of a chance to daydream.

From underneath my t-shirt, the necklace that Sara gave me flashed once, then twice, then repeatedly really, really brightly. I slapped my hand over it, and instantly felt the heat radiating from it, instead of the usual ice coldness.

Before I could get a chance to think about it the teacher called on me with a question. The flashing stopped and the metal cooled amazingly quick.

I answered the question right and packed my bag and went to leave with the rest of the class when the bell went until the teacher called me back.

"Good job in answering the question Leslie, considering we didn't study that part of the war yet." She said. "Just try and pay attention in class next time, even if your alien stuff is going haywire."

I took the pendant into my hand subconsciously, fidgeting with it. "Will do miss. See you later." I waved with a grin and left the class, only to run into Shay, my best friend from my street. She knows more about the aliens than the book describes. She's a writer who's into romantic novels and gushy stuff like that, and apparently what's between Seth and I is 'amazingly cute and romantic'. She even started typing up a story about us. Yeah. She's a little strange.

"What were you called back for?" she asked.

"Caught daydreaming and she saw my necklace flashing." I explained.

"It flashed? Has it done that before?"

"Usually around alien stuff." I shrugged.

"Did Seth leave an alien style hickey on you or something when you snogged before? Maybe he put an alien stuff in you and you have a mini Seth inside you now." Shay winked at me and nudged me with her elbow.

"That is not going in your story." I warned her.

She gave me a look that told me that it was definitely going into her story and it was more than likely going to be more intimate than it actually was. Great.

"Keep an eye on your email tonight. I'll be sending you a copy of my new scene. You'll pee your pants when you read it."

I rolled my eyes with a smile and followed her out of the school. I got into her older sister Tye's car and she took off like a bullet, one of her favourite things about driving being breaking the speed limit.

"Think you'll break the cops' speedometer by going too fast?" Shay asked over my shoulder, as I searched through Tye's CDs. She took the corners well, having practised them from the minute she was allowed drive.

"I don't know. It's worth a shot." She grinned, pressing down further on the accelerator.

I picked a CD and opened the case, only to find it empty. Tye smiled at me, turning up the radio. "I was expecting you, so prepared my radio for you." She said, taking the hard shoulder with ease.

"It's beyond scary how well you guys know me." I said.

"Leslie's necklace flashed in class earlier." Shay told Tye excitedly.

Tye smiled. "Were you daydreaming again?" she asked.

"No. I was thinking over history." I answered, but to be honest, I couldn't really remember.

Tye started thinking for a minute. "Hey, didn't you say that the necklace had a twin?"

"Yeah. Sara gave me hers so Seth has the other one." I answered. "Why?"

"Do you think that the necklaces just maybe react to each other?" Tye asked.

"It's possible. You think that Seth is back on Earth?" I wondered, the thought of it making me smile.

"Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see." Tye smiled and sped past the speed camera, waving at it as she went.

"Thanks for the lift." I said to Tye and Shay, shoving my bag up onto my shoulder as I walked up my drive to the house.

"See you at the party!" they replied and drove off, almost instantly out of sight.

I went around the back of the house, where we normally entered the house. We didn't use the front door much since the cars and all were always parked behind the house.

"I'm home!" I called through the patio door, dropping my bag on the porch.

"Hey. How was your day?" Alex greeted from the counter. She was working on her laptop, researching reports that were made.

Henry Burke kept his promise. Every time there was alien activity, I was brought up to Witch Mountain, where it was all held. Of course, I was sworn to secrecy by the government, so Jack and Alex know nothing about what I've seen. This left Alex in the same position she was before, researching reports and examining pictures.

"Fine. Tye managed to break the speed camera up the road by going too fast. Eventually."

"Sometimes I wonder if I should be letting you get a lift with her to and from school."

"Don't worry. Have I time for a shower before the party."

"Yes, if you blow dry your hair instead of running around the garden like a nutjob." Alex said.

"You'll never stop me!" I declared, and bolted for the shower, smelling myself just to be sure that I stank.


"Ah Leslie. You look lovely." Our neighbour, Mrs Powder complimented when I arrived in the kitchen to help her bring the food out into the garden.

"Thanks." It was simple really. A black vest, dark jean shorts and a pair of boots. And my run around dry hair.

Alex had complained at first, but Jack let her know that she wouldn't be able to get me into anything much fancier within a trillion years.

"Seth would easily get her in." Alex muttered defeated.

"He's probably get her out just as quick." Jack joked. He's really cool about the me/Seth thing, so decided to take a childish advantage of it. He's been throwing jokes, jibes and all sorts of implications at me about Seth, and each time he's managed to make me think of stuff I'm too young to do yet. Damn him.

I took the final stuff out and put it on the table. Shay and Tye arrived, Tye dressed to impress with her boyfriend Jale. I thought his name was weird at first too, but this is Tye. She hates the cops. It's a perfect match.

"Hey Shay." I greeted, who was dressed less fancy than her sister, but much more than I was.

"Sup." Shay returned, doing the nod thing.

"How's it going guys?" I grinned to Tye and Jale.

Jale adores me. He says I'm the little sister he's always wanted. He told me that Shay's a pain in the arse, mainly because she doesn't stop talking.

"Little sis!" he exclaimed, pulling me into a huge, breath-sucking hug. Oh yeah. He knows about the alien thing too. In a nutshell, Alex, Jack, Shay, Tye, and Jale know about mine and Seth's goings on. Henry Burke thinks there is, but isn't completely sure, despite the picture in the book.

I pushed myself out of the hug. "Jesus Jale. You can actually clean up."

"Tye dressed me. She said I wasn't allowed to go in my overalls." Jale muttered.

"I know the feeling. I was going in my babygrow but wasn't allowed."

"Food everyone!" Mr Powder called from the barbeque beside dad.

"Beer?" Jale asked Tye.


"Can I?" I asked jokingly.

"Don't think so squirt. You can have some orange juice out of the little cartons. I think there's some over there that the little kids get when they're going to school." Jale teased.

Tye shoved him. "Don't be a prick now." She warned him.

Jale grinned. "Think Seth has her all riled up?" he smirked, winked at me and escaped before his life was in danger.

I turned to Tye and Shay. "Jale knows too?"

"Tye done it!" Shay exclaimed, pointing accusingly at her sister.

"He asked." Tye shrugged, and sat down on one side of me at the table, while Shay sat the other.

"Bon appetite everyone!" Mrs Powder called, and sat down beside her husband.

Dinner progressed, and I was eating like Jack, who ate like a starved grizzly bear.

"You've sauce all over your face." Shay told me, putting a napkin down beside me. I made sure that when no one was looking, then brought a blunt knife to my mouth and scraped it off, putting it back onto the meat where it belonged.

"Classy." Shay commented sarcastically. "It's a wonder why Seth ever snogged you."

"Oh yes, Leslie." Mr Powder called, overhearing Shay's big mouth. "Do share your experiences with Seth with us. We'd love to hear them."

Thanks Shay.

"Anything that's to be explained is in the book." I told him.

"There's only a comment from Jack and Alex and the picture. What lead to you two sharing the couch?"


"Leslie Bruno."

I turned around and saw Henry Burke and his bodyguards making their way into the garden.

Jale stood up. "Is there anything we can help you with?" he asked protectively. He hates the government, so automatically becomes weary when they arrive on the scene.

"There is nothing for you to be concerned about." Henry replied.

"Have I to go?" I asked. Henry nodded. I stood up out of my seat.

"Thanks for the food Mr and Mrs Powder." I smiled. "It was great."

I nodded to Jack and Alex, then said bye to Shay, Tye and Jale before walking across the lawn to Henry.

"Do I need anything?" I asked.

"We still have all of your belongings." Henry answered. "I think you might be quite interested in what we found this time. You could be of a big help this time."

"Okay." We left the garden, and saw the SUV waiting for us. I climbed into the front passenger seat, which was the comfiest seat when you're driving for a few hours towards Witch Mountain.

"You know, you guys could have come thirty seconds earlier, save an awkward conversation." I told them, kicking off my boots and crossing my feet underneath me once we got out onto the road.

"Miss Bruno, sexual implications will fly at you at this age. It's only natural." One of the bodyguards told me. He was young enough, so I guess he was at the receiving end or still is.

"Anyway, what's the deal?"

"You'll see."

Here's the long awaited chapter one. It's a filler, but the next chapter will bring more action. Stay tuned!