Chapter 13

Asgard was… enormous, magnificent, gigantesque, awe-inspiring, and all other hyperbolic adjectives. It literally glowed, even in the midday sun, and there was a ringing in the air that cut through James head like an arrow through a lump of cheese.

There was a movement to his left, and he turned around groggily.

Hey, there was Remus! And his mouth was moving up and down. He looked very funny, Sirius decided, a bit like a fish. He was just opening his mouth to tell him that, when he realised that there was a bright red trickle of blood winding its way slowly down his head.

Huh. That hadn't been there a couple of minutes ago.

"What happened mate?" Sirius asked. Or at least he tried to ask. No sound seemed to be coming out of his mouth.

"That's weird. What happened? Wait, I can't hear that either. No! Now millions of witches will be deprived of my smooth as honey voice! They won't be able to fully appreciate the Sirius Black experience without my dulcet tones wrapping around them as we engage in sweet sweet-"

Remus, who had been waving his wand in a complicated gesture and muttering under his breath, looked up at this point, and practically Apparated over to his friend, slapping his hand over his mouth.

He jabbed his wand sharply into both his friend's ears, and then said firmly:

"You are not mute. The spell we used to travel to Asgard worked and we managed to travel millions of light years to a different sector of space; however the ride wasn't as smooth as we could have hoped, and then we were thrown out of the portal with quite a bit of force. There was also a large blast, which explains temporary deafness. Now, I suspect that I might have a slight concussion, given that I can see two of you, and I would rather not have to fight against all of Asgard's warriors because my idiot of a friend decided to draw them to us by shouting about the pleasures he can induce with his, and I quote 'smooth as honey voice.'

"Now, I'm going to take my hand away, and if you don't stop screaming, then I curse you so badly that your ears will fall off. Permanently. Do you understand?"

Sirius nodded frantically. He knew all too well what his mild mannered exterior hid, and he wasn't exactly rushing to experience it.

(He didn't even want to think about what happened the time he had drunk the last of the milk without replacing it. He had literally caught him red handed, thanks to some nifty charm-work, and had made sure that certain, ahem, other parts of his anatomy had remained interesting colours. Although he was by far the calmest of the Marauders, it wouldn't go to mistake him for the nicest, or the least dangerous.)

His musing of the (not so) good old days was cut short when he realised-

"Hold on a sec, where're Lily and James?"

He turned around frantically, and scanned the area anxiously as if his two missing friend would appear out of thin air.

Remus looked around, slightly dazed.

"Oh," he said, "They came with us did they?"

Sirius stared at the werewolf incredulously. Remus forgetting something was like a good politician, technically possible but not really likely.

But then, the trail of blood down his face gained a new meaning, and the word 'concussion' floated around his head. Remus had said that, hadn't he? Oh hell. What were you meant to do with someone with a concussion? Keep them awake wasn't it?

He looked into his friend's glazed eyes.

He sighed. This wasn't going to be easy. But it was doable. We was the great Sirius Black, the wizard who had managed to sneak three Veelas into the Boy's Dorm for his seventeenth birthday. He would make sure Remus was okay, fire some rudimentary healing magic at the wound that would hopefully hold until he found Lily, who after twelve years of motherhood had become proficient at mending all types of hurts. Easy.

"Well," said a voice behind him, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Sirius turned slowly. Behind him was a large man in golden armour, staring ominously at him. What concerned him more, however was the long sword that he held in his hand.

"Er," he said, desperately casting back to his previous experience of wrongdoings to find a suitable excuse.

"I can explain!"

Beside him Remus gave a snort of laughter, and slowly toppled over.

Alright, this might be harder than he thought.

On the other side of Asgard, near the library, two shadowy figures crept slowly through the halls, silently making their way to where they believed the Bifrost was.

"Are you sure?" James hissed as quietly as possible (which to be honest, wasn't that quietly. Many years of making himself the centre of attention worked against him, and the end result was that his whisper was only slightly lower than Lily's normal speaking voice.)

"Of course I am! If they're anywhere, they'll be on the Bifrost site. That's where the spell was meant to transport us anyway. I must have made some mistake with some of the runes. Maybe next time if I tweak the algorithm slightly, I can get a more stable portal, of course, I'd need to compensate for the distance which was a little further than I expected…"

"Yes, yes, next time we'll do it better. Now focus! I want to find them as quickly as possible. This place is unnatural. I never thought there could be anywhere gaudier than Malfoy Manor."

Lily and James continued on their quest to get to the outside area of the Palace. Unfortunately, what they didn't realise was that Asgardian magic was… special. After millennia of being imbued by enchantments, it had achieved, if not sentience, then perhaps the next closest thing. What this meant was that with every Point Me spell the duo fired, it led them closer the the heart of the Palace: that is to say the Throne Room, and in it the All Father, Odin Borson.

Millions of miles away, in a castle in Scotland, Harry Potter looked up, a small frown on his face. There was something not quite right, something that was bothering him. It wasn't unlike the sensation of forgetting a word, knowing that it was there on the tip of his tongue, if only he could concentrate…

"And I am pleased to announce," said Dumbledore, "That this year, in the spirit of interplanetary cooperation, that Hogwarts will play host to the Avengers! I hope that you will make them all feel welcome…"

With a sharp jerk of his head, Harry looked up at the staff table. Sure enough, there was Stark, who gave him a short wave, and two seats down from him was…

Loki came to the front of his mind.

'Brother,' he whispered.