New Story for Sanda, hope you like it.

This is different than the show, but this is a storyline, that me and my friend Sanda thought of how they actually could have met . Thanks Sanda for the wonderful idea for this story. I just hope I do it justice.

Chapter 1

Reid was a Doctor at Oakdale Memorial, he hasn't dated in months, not since he came to town. He had two best friends, Katie and Sanda, which he spent most of his free time with. They would go to the circus with Jacob, parks, walking, but Katie and Sanda knew he needed to find someone special to spend his time with. He didn't want to rush things, but Sanda and Katie came up with a perfect way for him to get to know people. They had Henry babysit Jacob one Friday, and they went over to Reid's. Sanda and Katie arrived with Reid's favourite foods, he ate, and was having a great time. He walked over to put a movie on, but Sanda smiled, "No grab your laptop Reid"

"Laptop, I don't want to work"

"You are not working Sweetie, you are going to have some fun". Katie brought over Reid's laptop, and turned it on. Sanda sat on one side of Reid, while Katie sat on the other. Reid laughed, "Ok what are you two up to?

"You will see". Katie went to the website for Single men to find other Men who are looking for friendship, or love.

"No way, this is happening, I find some weirdo, that stakes me"

"You don't give your personal information up, unless you like them"

"Yeah do you watch CSI, they find your information Sanda"

"It will be fine, I have used this type of site before. It is fun, you talk, and if you don't like them move on". Katie smiled, "Here the name of the site is, "Finding the Perfect Mate"

"Oh that is Lame, finding love on the Internet".

"Give me a name you want to be called, or I will pick it". Katie laughs

"No Katie".

"Fine, you are Sexy Doc"

"No". Katie logged in, and already signed it as his screen name.

"Sexy Doc, if Bob Hughes or anyone at the Hospital see this"

"Stop Reid this is fun".

"What do I have to do"?

"Say something about yourself, tell them what you like, and post it. You get replies you talk to whoever you want".

"God you both do this crap"?

"Yes, so are you, now what should we write"?

"I don't know, so forget it".

"OK I will do it". Sanda smiled, "Say I'm looking for a friendship, I'm a hard working man, looking for another man to talk to, and just share a drink or some conversation with. I'm not looking for love, just someone to have a deep friendship with, and if it goes to the next level, it will be at our choice. I love eating , Football, any sports actually, and I love spending times with my friends. I would love to meet new one's, and if this is boring move on, or post a reply, hope to hear from you soon". Katie pushed enter, and Reid, yelled "You didn't really post that"?

"Yes, what did you think I was doing typing what she said"?

"Oh God, I look like I'm desperate for a friend, I"m not, I have two to many already". Sanda and Katie laugh, put they are shocked, when Reid already had 4 replies, Reid smiled, "Darn, they didn't even wait a minute"

Katie smiled, "What do you want to do Reid"?

Reid is staring at the computer, he wanted to turn it off, but part of him was interested in who was posting. He didn't say anything, he just stared at Katie and Sanda, making them both laugh.

To be continued