Chapter 23

Sanda and Reid went downstairs, and Jacob got up walking over to them.

"You missed almost the whole movie, I was waiting for you"

Tegan walked over giving Sanda a nip on the ankle.

"Ouch Tegan what is wrong with you"? Tegan meowed, and walked over to Reid but he whispered, 'No you don't, I get it you both are mad"

Jacob smiled, That is cool I wish I was a cat, I could bite you, and not get grounded"

Reid smiled, ' He didn't get me". Reid turned but Tegan ran after him making Reid yell out. Sanda and Jacob laugh as Reid started to laugh too.

"We are sorry Jacob but would ice cream make up for us taking to long upstairs"

"Yes" Jacob smiled as Reid whispered, " Ice Cream sounds great, maybe we can give him strawberries, he needs his fruit". Sanda walked into the kitchen, and Reid picked up Tegan, and whispered, "You have a little attitude Tegan"

Jacob asked if they could watch another movie?

"No Bud you have to go to bed soon, maybe we will see what is on TV"

Reid walked over grabbing the converter, and was flipping channels. Jacob laughed when Reid saw a hockey game, and he was glued to the set. Sanda yelled out from the kitchen, "Not hockey Reid"

" This is a Philadelphia game it is almost over"

Jacob ran into the kitchen, and up to Sanda. "Mommy got mad at Uncle Reid for watching sports all the time, but she likes it now"

'Really I like watching sometimes"

Sanda put the ice cream, and strawberries on a tray, and walked into the living room. Reid smiled as she handed him his bowl, and she sat on the love seat with Jacob. They were eating, Reid was glued to the set, and he was getting loud making Jacob, and Sanda giggle. Reid jumped up yelling, "Come on Ref get your head out of your"

Sanda yelled, "Reid Oliver"

"Sorry but did you see that hit that is crazy"

"Remember we have a child here"

"Oh right I get carried away sometimes"

Jacob laughed, "All the time he says bad words when he sees football too"

"Really Reid you have to watch your language"

"I will try, that referee was a idiot"

Jacob giggles, "Idiot".

"That is not a proper word to say Uncle Reid should be ashamed of himself"

"Well I'm sorry but he is one"

Sanda threw the pillow at Reid hitting him, making him jump up, and grab a pillow throwing one back. It wasn't long before the three of them were laughing hysterically hitting each other until they finally collapsed on the couch, all exhausted.

Sanda whispered, "Reid"

"Yes I didn't hurt you"?

"No but promise me we will always have days like this"

"Of course Angel why would you say that"?

"You are my best friend, and I never want to lose you".

Reid pulled her close, and whispered, "You will never lose me Angel, I love you too".

They all sat watching the TV, Jacob fell asleep in Sanda's arms, as she leaned into Reid never feeling more safe than she did this moment.