Just the sight of her was enough to make his hearts pound with joy.

A flash of tangled curls on a crowded alien street could make him speed up, only to discover it wasn't her at all.

The sight of her face, that strong face. More beautiful to him than any other.

He'd known women more beautiful than River. Strictly speaking, Amy was prettier. Yet it was River that made his hearts pound, made his blood race, made him smile with mad joy, only to wipe it away when she turned, and pretend to be irritated instead.

Oh, how he loved her face. The shape of it, the warmth of it, her soft skin, and the crinkles around her eyes.

He loved her eyebrow that cocked at him in mockery. He loved her nose with that slight bump that made it too strong for beauty, but absolutely perfect for her. He loved her lips, with their lies and their spoilers and their hallucinogenic lipstick. She had killed him with those lips, yet they were the most perfect lips in the universe.

And her eyes, which saw right through him, an unnervingly clear gaze for someone with so turbulent a past. Eyes that saw right past all the lies and bravado, and touched him with such gentleness, yet pierced him with such power.

And when those eyes smiled, the world glowed.

Her face. How had he lived so long, and seen so much, and never known he was only looking for her face?

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