A/N: Another slash fic to write, this time a Kartie story. Kurt and Artie are two characters who rarely have their moments together and I always envisioned them as a couple, so here you go. By the way, in this world, Blaine doesn't exist.

It was a typical afternoon at McKinley High when Artie Abrams witnessed something he never should have: he saw his friend and Glee club mate Kurt Hummel and school bully Dave Karofsky arguing over something in the locker room, and then Karofsky had grabbed Kurt and kissed him. Kurt pushed the bigger boy off; Karofsky punched the locker and ran off. Kurt sank to his knees, covering his mouth. Artie wheeled himself in silently and put a hand on Kurt's shoulder. Kurt flinched and spun around.

"I won't tell anyone," Artie promised and Kurt began to cry into Artie's lap. Artie stroked Kurt's perfectly moussed brown hair back. "I'm so sorry, Kurt. No one could've seen that coming," Artie said, trying to comfort the sobbing boy. Kurt looked up at Artie and hugged him.

"Thank you," Kurt whispered. Artie helped Kurt clean himself up and the two boys walked to Glee club without a word. This silent moment made Artie start to see Kurt in a different light: Kurt came off as the sassy, self-centered miva, and what Artie was seeing now was the shy, scared, and sensitive Kurt. Before the two reached the choir room, Artie stopped and Kurt looked at him.

"I don't know how it feels to be kissed against your will, but I really care about you, Kurt, and you can always count on me if you need anything. I'll be here for you, okay?" Artie took Kurt's hand and squeezed it. Kurt looked at Artie as if he wanted to kiss him, but the events that just took place stopped him. Kurt simply nodded and walked into Glee club. Artie followed suit.

After Glee club, Artie was rolling towards his dad's car when he saw Kurt standing outside his Lincoln Navigator with his head against the window. Artie looked around for signs of Karofsky, and then rolled over to Kurt.

"Hey," Artie said. Kurt looked over at him and smiled slightly. "Are you okay?" Artie asked. Kurt nodded and looked as if he was going to say something, but stopped himself. "We'll talk tomorrow, okay?" Kurt nodded again and got in his car. Artie rolled off to his dad's car, where his father was nearly asleep in the driver's seat.

"Where were you?" Mr. Abrams asked.

"Helping a friend," Artie replied.

A/N2: Short chapter, just wanted to get the ball rolling.