It was New Year's eve and for some crazy reason he had said that he would go to Ducky's masked party.

He hadn't seen why he should spend an evening staying up late at a party full of drunk masked stranger he didn't even know but as Ducky had pointed out Jethro owed him and big.

During his last divorce four months ago Ducky had let Gibbs stay with him free of charge until Diane could find a new place to live then when Gibbs finally had got his house back he had found out his ex-wife number three had painted all over Gibbs's cream colure walls with in a bright pink leave curse words that she would choose to describe Gibbs and Ducky had been ready with a bucket of fresh paint from the word go.

It had taken the two of them a while but after roping his team into it they were soon done and all the pink was gone.

So when Ducky had asked one little favour of his best friend just to come to a New Year's party and wear a mask how could Gibbs really say no?

So here Gibbs stood wearing a dark tucks with a cheap black mask. "Ah Jethro I'm glad you have come" Ducky said opening the door and helping his friend in to his house were many people were already merry and masked.

There is bourbon and plenty of it so help yourself and talk to people" Ducky said before the doorbell rang again and he was back at the door.

Gibbs nodded before making his way over to the drink cabinet and pouring himself a large bourbon.

As he drank the amber liquid he looked around the room and didn't recognise anyone. Everyone may have been masked but Gibbs was an investigator.

This was ridicules but it's what Ducky wanted and one night away from his basement would hurt would it?

Gibbs shrugged and turned to pour himself another bourbon when a voice stopped him "You going to let anyone else have some?"

Gibbs turned and felt his jaw drop and the sight of the person in front of him.

She wore a red silky dress that had a slit up the side going up to near the top of her thigh and a red mask similar to his just plain and simple. The red of the dress made her hair look like it was on fire and then on her feet a pair of killer red stilettos.

The woman smiled at Gibbs's expression before moving in front of him and pouring herself some bourbon and taking a sip "Ducky had good taste" she said with a smile and Gibbs nodded. "How do you know Ducky?" she asked trying to make conversation.

"I have worked with him for many years you?"

"A family friend" The read head said with a sigh which Gibbs noticed.

"You ok?"

"Yeah just this isn't my kind of thing I would rather just be at home reading or something" she said before taking another sip of her drink.

"Yeah I know how you feel, this isn't my thing either" Gibbs said with a smile.

The pair made more small talk into the course of the evening. When Ducky saw Gibbs talking to the attractive redhead he wasn't at all surprised.

Then music began to play "Ooh I love this song" The masked redhead said with a smile.

"Would you like to dance?" Gibbs asked not sure where it came from or why he was asking her to dance but it just seemed so natural.

"I would love to" she said taking his hand as he led them to the dance floor.

They began to slowly sway to the music. Their body just fitted so well together, the way her hand slipped into his, the way her hand rested on his shoulder and the way his hand fitted to the small of her back and their feet worked with each other.

They both couldn't believe they could dance so well together but they could it was like they had all along.

Suddenly the music stopped and everyone was looking at their watches as the countdown to midnight began.

Gibbs couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She had the most mesmerising green eyes he had ever seen.

The entire world seemed to be drowned out just leaving the two of them standing arms around each other "Five, four, three, two" and just as everyone was counting to one Gibbs felt her hands come to rest on his cheek and then her soft lips on his.

He responded immediately kissing her slowly and softly tasting the bourbon on her lips and the faint taste of coffee.

As they pulled apart they rested their heads against each other "Happy New year" she panted almost out of breath.

Just as Gibbs was about to kiss her again her phone went off. "I'm sorry I have to go" she said before kissing him quickly on the lips and turning to leave.

"Wait" he said making her turn away "I'm Jethro" he said hoping to hear her name.

"I'm…" Just as she was about to say her name a firework went off outside with a loud bang making it impossible for him to hear.

Then everyone began to move around and before he knew it she was gone.


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