Chapter 29

Jenny couldn't help but smile, he loved Liam so much, and he cared for her son so much and for herself. Leroy Jethro Gibbs was perfect "What Jenny, what is it?" Gibbs asked looking at her confused.

"Marry me?"

There was so much going on in Gibbs's mind that he could quite believe what he was hearing, was Jenny really asking him to marry her, to spend the rest of his life with her? Now when Liam was missing?

I mean who was Gibbs kidding, of course he wanted to marry her, he already had the ring didn't He? And he couldn't think about his life without them now.

Jenny couldn't quite believe she let those words tumble out of her mouth and pass her lips. She looked up to look at his face, it look shocked, confused and mostly upset.

That was when she knew she had lost him, he was going to say no and leave her alone again, leaving not only herself heartbroken but her son too. This was why she didn't let Liam meet the men she dated, he would get attached and when things didn't work out like it always did and he would get hurt.

Gibbs finally met Jenny's gaze, he began to open his mouth to say something but then closed it again just as Jenny phone began to ring, she pulled her phone out of her pocket "Shepard" she answered, her heart was in her throat, she hopped it was good news.

"I found them, they are ok" Zack's mother's relieved voice came from the other end "They got lost in the park, I'm so sorry Jenny, so sorry"

Jenny's hand went straight to her chest in an attempt to stop her heart from leaping out of her chest in relief "All that matters is they are ok, you mind if I come get him now?" she asked, once Jenny saw Liam her mind would be at full rest, knowing her little boy would be safe and sound in her arms.

Gibbs heard this and let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding when he heard Jenny say they were ok and even more when she asked to pick them up.

"Ok bye, I'll be there as soon as I can" Jenny smiled to herself before putting the phone down. "They're ok, they got a little lost, she found them, I'm going to go and pick him up" Jenny smiled to Gibbs.

"I'll come with you" Gibbs touched her arm lightly "Meet me at the elevator" Jenny nodded giving him a weak smile before watching him walk away.

"Everything ok boss" Tim McGee asked as Gibbs stormed back into the bullpen, while Jenny made her way over to the elevator and stood with her back to them waiting for it to arrive.

"Yep" Gibbs grumbled before moving over to his desk and rummaging through it "DiNozzo you're in charge, go when your paper work is done and taken up to the director" he ordered before going to join Jenny over at the elevator.

Jenny felt Gibbs at her side and gave him a small smile before they both stepped in the elevator, "Who's car?" Jenny asked.

"Yours" Gibbs answered "I'll get it tomorrow" he explained.

For once in the time they had been together there was a silence and not a nice one, an awkward one, neither one wanted to speak, both were afraid they would lose the other, that they would not want to spend the rest of their live together.

Half an hour later and they both arrived at Zack's house, Liam and Zack and his mum were already waiting outside.

"Mum" Liam walked off the porch and toward his mother, who soon smothered him in a hug.

"Are you ok baby?" she asked pulling back his long dark brown fringe to get a good look at his face.

"I'm fine Zack and me were playing pirates in the woods and we got a little lost" Liam explained "He was Gibbs this time, I hope you don't mind?" Liam asked looked over his mother's shoulder to Gibbs, knowing that pirates was their thing.

"Of course I don't mind" Gibbs gave the little boy a smile as Zack and his mother came over.

"I'm so sorry" Sarah Zack's mother apologised once again.

"Its ok" Jenny gave the women a weak smile "Things happen, but all that matters is that the boys are ok"

Sarah nodded, now understanding where Liam got his good nature from, "Come on Zack it's time to say goodbye" Sarah turned to her own son.

"Bye Liam, thanks for coming over" the little boy waved to his friend.

"Bye Zack, see yah Monday" Liam smiled before turning and following Jenny and Gibbs to the car.

Hours later they arrived back at Jenny's house having stopped at a pizza place for dinner and then of course Liam had wanted ice-cream.

"Go brush your teeth before bed" Jenny told Liam as he sleepily made his way over to the stairs "God knows what all that sugar will do to your teeth if you don't" she commented, she shouldn't have let him put extra sauce on his ice-cream let alone the sprinkles.

Gibbs took off his coat and put it next to Jenny and Liam's before following her into the kitchen, where she began to make the coffee.

"You ok?" Gibbs asked coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Yeah" Jenny nodded "It's just been a long day" she sighed as he let go of her waist. He then went and grabbed two mugs out of the cupboard, she was surprised he knew everything so well, but then she realised he had practically been living there for the last couple of months.

Gibbs watched as Jenny poured them both coffee "Jen…I…" he began making her turn to face him.

But he stopped as soon as he heard Liam coming down the stairs "I brushed my teeth" the boy grinned to the both of them, as if proving the point. "Night ma" he hugged Jenny.

"Night sweetie" she hugged him tighter and kissed him on the forehead before letting him go.

"Night Gibbs" Liam gave him a smile.

"Night buddy" Gibbs nodded before Liam left the kitchen and ran up the stairs.

"I'm going to bed, you coming?" Jenny asked moments later Gibbs nodded before taking her hand and going up with her.

Ten minutes later they both got into bed "Jen" Gibbs almost whispered.

"Mmm" She answered tiredly looking up at him from her place resting on his chest.

"What you said earlier, did you mean it?" he asked hoping her answer would be yes.

Jenny pretended to think for a moment "Yes Jethro it was…but if you think it's too soon or…" Jenny began but was stopped when Gibbs pulled up his hand to show her a diamond engagement ring. "Or maybe you've already been thinking about it" she continued still in shock.

"Will you marry me Jen, cos I know I would marry you?" Gibbs asked with a sexy grin.

"Of course I will" Jenny practically leaped on him and kissed him.


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