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Chapter Two

Red October & Outbound Flight



48 hours after the Victory Celebration, and the USSA revealance


The two councils were in a room that the queen loaned to them, in order to discuss about their respective Orders. Ironic enough, it was the same room Obi-Wan, and Yoda discussed Anakin's future and how he demanded that said boy be taken on as his apprentice.

On one side of the room was the Jedi Council, along with Obi-wan, Qui-gon, and Anakin. On the other side was the Samurai Council, with them was Hikari and Jason.

"I'm still worried about the Sith Jason and the others fought here two days ago." Said Ki-Adi-Mundi from his seat. "It was obviously just the Apprentice from what Jason, Hikari, Obi-wan and Qui-gon reported."

Yoda hummed and nodded in agreement. "Always two, there are." He said. "No more, no less."

"A Master, and an Apprentice." Master Lucas said, with a nod. "I agree, which means that a Sith Master is still lurking out there in the galaxy. It would be wise to identify this Sith as soon as possible, and find him as quickly as possible."

Again Yoda nodded, "I agree,"

The Jedi Masters nodded at that and it was then Mace Windu spoke.

"Now, that we agree to look for the Sith, perhaps you can tell us how it is you allow attachments in your Order," the Jedi said to the point, which caused a few of the Jedi including Yoda and Qui-Gon, along with the Samurai to frown.

"And what, pre-tell, is wrong of us having relationships with others?," the Lycan Samurai Master White Fang, who had grey fur except for a white under-belly, said suspiciously.

"What's wrong, is that emotions lead to the Dark Side!" Mace said sternly, but the Samurai just sighed.

"Do you really believe that?" Asked a Female Samurai Master, Nina Tahata, who had white hair, tail and ears and Crimson Red eyes. "If you really believe emotions like Love, and Happiness lead to the dark side...prove it."

Mace, along with the rest of the Jedi blinked. "Excuse me?" Mace asked, stunned at what she said.

Nina smirked a bit. "You heard me, Prove it." She said. "Prove to me that Emotions like Love lead to the Dark Side, when clearly evidence shows it does not. No Jedi, or even Samurai has fallen because of Love. They fell because of Fear, Hatred, Anger, Greed, and such. Never has a Jedi Fallen to the Dark Side because of Love, or Happiness. In fact, it has saved many Jedi and Samurai alike from the fate of being a Sith. One good example would be Darth Revan, and how he redeemed Bastila from falling to the Dark Side because of the love they shared. Has any Sith had a Lover or Wife by their side as they ruled? No, they didn't as such, there is nothing saying that all emotions lead to the Dark Side. If anything, it can prevent and save people from the Dark Side."

The Jedi were shocked by this, as another Samurai by the name of Hideaki Hanzou, who wore black with dark purple trimmed armor and black hair and emerald colored eye, continued where Nina left off.

"In the revised version of the Jedi Code, it says: There is no emotion, yet there is peace," Hideaki recited.

"So?" Mace said with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, we all know that achieving that is impossible." Hideaki said. "Every Sentient being in the galaxy needs emotions, its what makes us different from one another. We've all expressed emotions in our lives, if anyone in this room has ever not expressed even the tiniest emotion, at all, raise their hand." No one raised their hand. "See? we've all expressed emotions someway or another, whether we wanted to or not. If someone tried to suppress their emotions, eventually its all gonna build up more and more until they cant take it anymore. All Samurai express their Emotions when they want, but they know when to make sure their emotions don't cloud their judgment in battle or in any other situation."

Shaak Ti chose that moment to speak.

"So you are saying, the Samurai are allowed to have emotions when they are not on assignment or on a battlefield, but they keep their emotions out of the task?" the Togruta Jedi Master said, and Hideaki grinned at her.

"Tekisetsuna, Master Shaak Ti. You do indeed have a sharp mind," Hideaki complimented, "You are correct. Its all about Controlling your emotions, not suppressing and killing them off. In truth, the Sith actually view emotions like love as 'weaknesses' because they think it makes Sith Lords 'Soft'."

"Love, and emotions like it can actually develop loyalty as well." Another Master, a Male Neko with black/white hair and black eyes named Toddo Nukaza said. "If you came to love something or someone, would you want to betray it? Like for example, say there was one Jedi who loved another Jedi. The Jedi is tempted by a Sith Lord that if he join him, he will grant him power. However the Jedi says no. Why? Because he know that doing that would be betraying the person he holds most dear, and he could never do that."

Most of the Jedi were floored by that information. Yoda began to think about it, and he had to admit, the Code they are using today is indeed flawed. He nodded his head and turned to the Samurai.

"Discuss this, me and the Jedi Council will. Good points, you've given," the Grand Jedi Master said and the Samurai Council nodded, while the Jedi Council was stunned by their Leader's suggestion.

"Master Yoda, are you sure?" Adi Gallia said in concern, and Yoda just grinned at her, "Sure I am, about this." He said. "Trust me, you must about this." The council simply nodded, and it was then Eeth Koth spoke "I am curious about one thing." He said. "I remember Jason and Hikari mentioning something about the Samurai previously being a Super Soldier project before Korbin arrived."

Master Lucas nodded "Yes, that is true." He said. "That was a few hundred years ago, during what we call the Great War. It was a war fought between the Union, which was the USSA before it was reformed, and the Vagaari Empire. The Vagaari are a race of Nomadic Warriors, and have a mission to control the whole galaxy. The Samurai were created by a man named Tokage Uzumiha. It was a Volunteer Super-Soldier program that was created as a way to turn the tide in the war. They had Nanomachines, microscopic machines, injected into their bodies that would improve their Strength, thinking capacity, increase their healing factor, and more. They were also given the most advance suits of armor, and the best training."

"As the war Continued," Nina continued where Leon left off "Many children were orphaned in the war. So, Togake allowed some of these Children to join the Samurai if they wanted to, similar to how the Jedi accept infants into the Order."

"When the Samurai first saw action, they managed to turn the tide of the whole war effort against the Vagaari." White Fang said, grinning a bit. "It was a day that every member of the USSA and the Samurai would always remember. We began to slowly push them back, until finally we managed to get the Vagaari to sign a peace treaty, and they retreated further into their territory."

"After the war ended, many Samurai retired, to live normal lives." Leon said. "Though many more stayed, knowing that a day would come that the Samurai would be needed again."

The Jedi listened and were clearly fascinated by the Samurai Order origins.

"Then a fleet of 4 Consular-class Cruisers, which were all crewed by Jedi who were led by Korbin Seto and Sara Noir, arrived in Sol Space," Hideaki said, "And after telling the Government authorities their story, the Union allowed them to settle on the recent colony of Caprica. A few years after, the former Jedi sensed the Force potential in many members of the Samurai Program, and asked the Union for permission to train them. The Union granted their request, and Project Samurai became the Samurai Order."

"We still train Commandos, though." Nina said. "Usually they are people with a low force sensitivity, but they are still a very important part of our Order. Just as much as the Knights and our Shinobi."

"Shinobi?" Mace asked.

"They are our Stealth branch of the Order." Leon answered. "They are more for Espionage, Recon, behind-enemy-lines kind of stuff. We have many different branches of our Order. The Knights, Commandos, Shinobi, the Mechwarrior Corps, the Medical Corps, and our own Agricultural Corps as well. We set them up so that even if someone doesn't have the Force Sensitivity to become a knight, they still have plenty of other options that being stuck in the Agri-Corps, so they don't feel useless or anything."

The Jedi seemed to flinch at that, knowing many Younlings that weren't choosen by a Master developed an unwanted-complex, and were mostly envious of the ones who do become Padawans. It was then Sasae Tinn perqued up in interest at one of the corps.

"What is the Mechwarrior Corps?" He asked curiously, and the other Jedi and Anakin became curious. The Samurai smirked. It was the final human, a black haired grey-eyed woman by the name of Cassandra Troy spoke.

"The Mechwarrior Corps focuses on Mecha Warefare, if you have seen the tall robots that lined the city during the parade, those are only one example of Mecha," she said and the Jedi Council nodded in rememberance at that as Cassandra continued,"Mecha are pretty much any form of massive Robot that a Human or any other person can pilot. Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors and the most common in our military like the Samurai Exclusive MBF-M1 Astray's and MVF-11C Murasame's, to the Alliance's mass produced GAT-01 Strike Daggers, GAT-01A1 Daggers, and such. They are ten times more maneuverable, and have more armaments, variability, and more. The Mechwarrior Corps was created as a way to create Mech Super-aces for Mobile Suits and armor."

"You mean people are actually piloting those things?" Plo Koon asked, surprised as were the rest of the council. Cassandra nodded "Yes, though we still use Starfighters, Mechs and Mobile Suits dominate most of the armed forces of the USSA and the Samurai. And now I have a feeling that soon the whole galaxy's going to want Mobile Suits now that they've seen what they can do."

The Jedi nodded, knowing that certain groups and organizations, including the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, will want to acquire some of these machines to use for their own purposes, and not for the greater good.

"I agree, and even if you set up laws that'll regulate them to military use only, that doesn't mean that'll stop crime groups from getting their hands on a few and cause havoc," Mace said, and the Samurai gave a grin at that.

"Which is why every Samurai mobile suit is equipped with a recta scan safety feature, if someone tries to steal one of our suits, a computer virus progammed into the machine's Operating System, or 'O.S.' for short, will activate and damage it beyond repair, rendering it useless," Cassandra put in, "The only way to bypass the recta scan is to rip out the eye of the original pilot, but only a few people know that would work."

She then sighed "Unfortunately, its so expensive, that only Samurai units, and the more advance USSA Units use them. Mass-Produced units like Strike Daggers and A1 Dagger's can still be captured, salvaged or reverse-engineered. All we can do is keep our more advance and dangerous models out of the hands of people like the Hutts."

Everyone of the Jedi seemed to quirk an eyebrow at how she addressed the Hutts with venom.

"Confrontation with the Hutts, you had?" Yoda asked and Leon shrugged.

"You can say that. We encountered them decades ago, when a Hutt by the name of Jobbo attempted to gain control of the Beskar and other precious metal Mining Facilities in the Altair System in U.S.S.A Space, by orchestrating pirate raids against shipments coming from and heading to the system," Leon laid out, "He was hoping to gain a big fortune if he sold the Beskar Iron to the Highest Bidder. Unfortunately, he wasn't expecting a quick response from the military, and the Samurai" He chuckled a bit "We began escorting all of our shipments, cracking-down on any Hutt Operations in the system, all of that. It was also the day the Samurai Police Division was created, made for the purpose of taking down Criminal Activity within USSA Controlled space."

"The whole thing came to an end when Jobbo attempted a last-stand operation, attempting to strike at a large shipment of Beskar, only for it to turn out to be a trap and was killed when his flagship was destroyed." White Fang said. "The Hutt's knew that the only way to save their skin was to send in a peace delegation lead by Jabba himself. We organized the 12th Fleet, 7th Fleet, and 18th Fleet to the system of the the meeting just in case they tried anything funny. In the end, the Hutts had to pay billions of Credits to pay for the Damages Jobbo caused, not to mention the families effected."

Nina chucked a bit "Lets just say, it was a dark day for the Hutt Cartel, and they still have a bit of a grudge on us." She said, "Even though the whole affair lasted only a couple months, many people have called the incident, 'The Hutt Conflict'. Which fit the reason of the event, perfectly,"

"And also, the Treaty of Altair that was signed, stated that including the reparations, the Hutts were, and still are, forbidden from entering Sol Space ever again," Toddo finished up, and the Jedi were stunned by the quick and ruthless response the U.S.S.A and the Samurai handled the situation. Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin were also amazed by the way they responded, Qui-Gon was the first to respond.

"You don't mess around do you?" he asked, The Samurai council all chuckled at that. "That we don't, by friend." Leon said. "As Sun Tzu once said: In War we prepare for Peace, and in peace we prepare for war. The art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence under no circumstances can it be neglected."

Yoda nodded at the words that Leon said, "Wise words, this Sun Tzu says," he said and the Samurai nodded.

"Sun Tzu was a genius in the Military field of his time, which was thousands of years ago, which led most people to call him, The God of War," Leon said as the Jedi listened, "His book, "The Art of War" is still read by many military commanders and political leaders to this day,"

The Jedi were all very interested in this man called Sun Tzu, even Mace took a mental note to see if he could get a copy of this 'Art Of War' book.

It was right then that a Sol Alliance soldier in ODST armor entered the room, "Master Lucas," he adressed the Samurai Master. "She's here."

Lucas grinned a bit "Thank you, Sergeant, send her in." He said, and with a nod the ODST left. "Anakin, we have something of a surprise for you." Leon said, surprising the young Jedi.

"M-Me sir?" The boy said, and Leon smiled and nodded. "Yes, you see, we've actually had an eye on you for quite some time, and we've actually considered offering you a position in the Samurai order once we managed to find a way to free you, but since the Jedi got to you first, we decided to free someone else for you."

Anakin was confused, and was about to ask who until the doors opened, and in stepped in Shmi Skywalker, who was wearing a female version of the Sol Alliance Naval Uniform, only without the insignia. Anakin's eyes widen in recognition as tears threatened to leak from his eyes.

"M-Mom?" Anakin said, and Shmi looked in his direction and almost immediatley her eyes also widen in recognition.

"Ani?" she said, as tears also threatned to fall from her eyes as well, "I-is that you?"

Her answer came as with a speed nobody thought he had, Anakin embraced his mother at the waiste in a tight hug, which soon after Shmi quickly began to return.

The Jedi were extreamly shocked that the Samurai went so far as to free Anakin's Mother, while all of the Samurai couldn't help but smile at the sight. Hikari sent a short little message to her master 'I think this will help keep the Kit from falling to the Dark Side.' She said, and Jason grinned and nodded.

The Shock the Jedi had, eventually transformed into a bit of happieness and soon all of the Jedi were also smiling, even Mace himself allowed himself a small smile. 'Maybe the Samurai are right,' he thought. 'Maybe...not all emotions lead to the Dark Side.'

This thought was shared by all of the Council, and they all silently agreed that maybe the time has come for change in their order.

After a few minutes passed before the Mother & son released each other from their hug, and Shmi got a good look at her son.

"My. Look at you! You look handsome," she said and Anakin blushed a bit at the praise.

"Mom," Anakin said in embarassment causing the others to laugh. Anakin then looked toward the Samurai and then bowed in respect.

"Thank you for freeing my mother," Anakin thanked, "I'm in your debt,"

Leon smiled "Hey, it's the least we could do." He said. "After all, if was you who destroyed that Trade Federation Control Ship, so you've earned it." He then turned to the Jedi Council "Now before we call this whole meeting to an end, I have a bit of a Proposition for the Jedi." The Jedi were curious about this, so they nodded for him to continue. "We both share the same enemy, the Sith. And we all know there is still a Sith Lord out there in the galaxy. In order to hunt him and any of his followers down, and to improve relations between our two Orders, I propose we create a Joint Jedi-Samurai task force."

The others, besides the Samurai, were surprised by this. "How would this Task Force operate?" Plo Koon asked.

"Simply, it would be made up of the best both the Samurai and the Jedi have to offer." Leon elaborated. "Knights, Padawans, Masters, Commandos, Shinobi, all of them. It would be a way to share knowledge, information, and such between our respective Orders, and its one Mission would be to hunt down the Sith wherever they may rise. "

The Jedi nodded in agreement at this, since it would prove useful in searching for the Sith.

"And what will this Task Force be called?" Even Piell asked. Leon smirked as he spoke the name.

"Task Force 141," he said and the Jedi were confused by that, but they accepted it nonetheless. After discussing changes to the Jedi Code, and picking Shmi as a represenative of Task Force 141, much to her shock, the meeting was adjourned. In the end, all of the Samurai knew that this was the first major step, to changing the fate of the galaxy.


27 BBY

In-Orbit around Yaga Minor

Modified Proteus-class Battlestar Red October


(Begin Playing: Hymm of the Red October)

Marko Aleksandrovich Ramius stood on the bridge of his Flagship of the 3rd Fleet. He was an elderly man with white hair and beard that surrounded his face, and brown eyes that possessed a look that he had seen much action in his life. Surrounding his ship were the other ships of the 3rd Fleet. Including his Battlestar, there were Four Mercury-class Battlestars, two Interdictor-class Cruisers, Five Hammerhead-class Cruisers, Five Dreadnought-class Cruisers, Seven Foray-class Blockade Runners, Ten Halcyon-class Cruisers, Nine Mitchell-class Transport Corvette's, Eight Spartacus-class Frigates, and finally two Normandy-class Stealth Frigates.

They all shared the same paint scheme of red with maroon trimming, earning them the nickname, the Red October Fleet.

"It's a beautiful sight, Admiral," said Ramius' XO and ship captain Vasily Borodin, as they looked at the planet below them. The Admiral nodded in agreement.

"That it is, Vasily," he said in what sounded like a mixed Russian/British accent. Vasily looked at his Chrometer and turned to his commander.

"It's time, sir," he said and Marko nodded.

"Yes," he said, as he gazed at his fleet. "Time Indeed...have all ships prepare to advance, and to begin Operation: Caterpillar."

"Yes sir." Vasily said as he saluted the Admiral, and he returned it as the XO went to do his orders. He then turned back to the planet, thinking over the mission he memorized for the past 3 weeks. He was to herd the Outbound Flight toward Sol Alliance Space away from it's percieved course which will take it to the Chiss Ascendancy, and thus it's destruction, while defending it from any factions who will try to destroy it.

While he was doing his part, Samurai and Central Intelligence Service Agents on the colony ship disguised as colonists, will gather evidence and arrest the Outbound Flight Project's director, Jedi Master Jorus C'Boath for charges of kidnapping, hostage holding, mutiny, and murder. After arresting the Rogue Jedi one of the Mitchell-class Transport Corvettes will deliver reinforcements to the ship.

Most would say piece of cake, but Marko was no idiot.

Something could go wrong at any time, and Sidious could have a back-up plan if his original one failed. The Admiral sighed, knowing it was going to be a long mission.

"Sir," he turned and saw Vasily behind him, "All ships report all stations ready, Admiral," he said and then another came up to Vasily.

"Captain, all sections report all systems green and ready," the man said, and Vasily nodded and turned to Marko.

"Admiral, by your command?" he said, and Ramius contemplated and nodded.

"Commence Operation: Caterpillar," the Admiral said.




Lorana Jinzler, Jedi Apprentice to Jorus C'Baoth was walking up the Ramp that lead up towards the Outbound Flight, sadness written on her face. Her younger brother, Dean, absolutely hates her, all because she became a Jedi and he didn't, and also because their parents loved her more than him. Of course her parents also attempted to show him the same love and affection they had for her but he blocked it out and set up a lie that he was forever alone. She sighed sadly as she boarded the ship, as a tear fell from her eye.

'Sometimes, I wish I wasn't accepted into the Jedi Order,' she thought.

Ever since the Jedi Code was changed five years ago, many Jedi younglings reunited with their families, most met them for the first time. When Lorana met her family, she was happy to see them. She got along with her other siblings, but was greatly put off by Dean's jealously toward her. She hoped that time will change him and they will get along, but sadly, Dean didn't want anything to do with her, much to their parents' sadness, thinking that their youngest son will forever hate their daughter.

However, what she didn't know at the time was that while her said Brother was storming away from her after their last conversation, he was currently unaware of him being followed by someone else.

"Why do you hate your Sister, when she has done nothing to be hated for?" A voice said behind Dean, and the boy turned to see a young woman wearing a USSA Uniform. She had short ear-length brown hair and brown eyes, standing at 5'11. By the look he saw on her face, she wasn't happy.

"What it is to you? She became a Jedi, while my so-called parents loved her like she was their little goddess while pushing me to the side! Besides what can a person from the Sol Alliance know?," he said in a rude tone, which the woman did not take very well.

A loud smack was heard and made some people turn and saw that the young woman had smacked the younger Jinzler across the face with a stern and dissappointed look on her face.

"You're a real nemnogo derʹma you know that?" she said in a biting tone, while Dean rubbed his cheek which had a red hand-print. "I had one look at your sister, and I can tell she doesn't think she's better than you. In fact, from the look she has, she probably wishes she never was a Jedi, why? Because of you! I'm betting you only think your Parents give more attention to her is because at every attempt they make to get closer to you, you push them away! Your only hurting yourself in all of this!"

Dean was about respond, but the woman wasn't done yet "Your probably just Jealous because you weren't a Jedi." She said. "So what! A lot of my friends, and even my own Sister are actually in the Samurai Order, but am I mad at them? No! And do you know why? Because I know they love me, and I love them back. I don't put up some worthless excuse that My Parents love my sister more just because she can use the force and I can't, which is absolute garbage!"

Dean flinched at her tone. He was now beginning to fear this woman. Not in a good way.

"So you better get out of this foolish false belief of you being all alone in the galaxy, because you weren't from the start! Got it?" she growled at the end and Dean nodded frantically less he faced her wrath. She glared for a minute longer and then nodded in satisfaction, "Good," she said and turned around and was about to leave.

"Wait! Who are you?" he asked, albeit a little nervously. She turned her head, giving him a neutral expression.

"My name," she started as Dean waited, "is Tanya Pavelovna," she said and then walked away. Leaving Dean to think about what she just said.

As the woman walked away, a voice caught her attention "Every little bit counts, right Tanya?" Tanya looked to her left, and smiled at the sight of the 20 year old man approaching her, wearing the same uniform as she was. He had short brown hair and green eyes.

Tanya nodded "Da, Alek." She said to her friend, Aleksandr Sokolov. "If this all plays out correctly, I want that girl to return to her family, and when she does they will all accept her. I always hated how idiotic that kid was about all of this."

"True," Alek said. "Come on, we should get back with the rest of the Squad...It's about to begin."

Tanya nodded in understanding, "Yes," she said as they continued onward, "Yes we must," with that they headed to where their Squad was waiting.


Somewhere on the Outbound Flight


A group of colonists were making their way toward their quarters on the Colony Ship, breifcases in hand. As they walked through the ship, they did what they could to avoid any attention from any of the other colonists. The group finally reached their quarters, and put their breifcases down.

One of the colonists, a human with sandy blond hair and Indigo eyes sighed "Well, we made it this far." He said. "I wish we could have brought the others though."

"Victor, we couldn't take Lita and the others with us because it might draw attention to us since their USSA species like Huli and Neko." said another man with black hair and amber eyes.

"And also it will cause that asshole C'boath to become suspicious and do something drastic," Said a woman with long blue dyed hair in a high pony-tail and onyx colored eyes. Victor could only sigh at that.

"I know," He said, as he bent down and opened the case, revealing some pieces of the new Samurai Bushido Mk. V armor, colored in sand-gold with black trim "Still, it's just not the same without them here," he said as he closed the case and felt a hand on his shoulder and saw a woman with shoulder blade length black hair in a low pony-tail, and dark green eyes looking at him with a look of understanding.

"We won't be seperated for long Victor," The woman said, "They're with the Red October Fleet, so we'll meet up with them eventually,"

Victor nodded "Ya, I guess your right Teresa." He said. "So, what do we do first, sir?"

The man in charge of their group, a Silver haired Colbat eyed man, sat down in the chair. "We do as we're ordered to do." He said. "We need to keep Outbound Flight from being destroyed. We all know our parts in all of this, right?" he asked and the others nodded.

"Me and one of my team will handle C'Boath while the rest keep the other Jedi onboard busy," the black haired/amber eyed man said, and then motioned back to him.

"My team will gather evidence against C'Boath, and when the shit hits the fan, keep the colonists calm," He said, "And return all the Force-sensitive children back to their families," he said, "And when we achieve our objectives, we send the all clear signal and wait for the cavalry," everyone nodded at that.

"And what happens if something goes wrong, like Sidious changing his plans?" asked a man with Japanese features, with military cut dark brown hair, and dark grey eyes. The leader sighed.

"And we try to save as many colonists as we can," he said but then got a determined look on his face, "But, make no mistake. We. Will. Not. Fail, the lives of all these colonists depends on our success."



With C'Boath


Jedi Master Jorus C'Baoth stood on one of the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser bridges of the Outbound Flight. He was simply waiting for the final check-ups to finish, and then they will finally launch. While he was waiting, he looked over the names of the Jedi who were assigned to the Project by the council and himself. He frowned when he saw that Qui-Gon Jinn, his former Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the Former's new Padawan, Anakin Skywalker are on the list.

He had no doubt that it was Mace Windu who assigned them because the man distrusted Jorus greatly and didn't like how he viewed Force-Sensitives, mainly the Jedi, as the rightful rulers of the galaxy, and saw Non-Force Sensitives as just servants that the Jedi must watch over. He scoffed, knowing the Jedi Master was always known to be a bit on the paranoid side, as he continued to read the names of the Jedi under his command.

He allowed himself to grin a bit when one name came on the list. He was at least thankful they assigned his former Padawan Lorana because he demanded so. Unlike what some believed about him being hard on her, Jorus treasured Lorana as he saw her as a prodigy in the Jedi Arts. Of course he would'nt saw this out loud to anyone.

He frowned a bit when he heard word the Jedi Council reformed the Code and allowed members of the Order to have relationships, or allowed families to see their children who were accepted into the Order. He of course was against this since he was a staunch traditionalist, but the Council was adamant in it's decision. Saying that since the Samurai allowed Emotions and they looked ok, they should at least give it a try.

His eyes narrowed at the thought of those Samurai. He found it unbelievable that they accepted force users and non force users alike into their Order. He believed that if someone wasn't a force user, then they shouldn't be in the Order and would be better off in Agri-corp or as a Temple Security Guard. Of course the Samurai were soldiers first and needed every able-bodied person in their ranks. He shook his head as the captain of the ship, the Mon Calamari Pakmillu, approached him.

"Master C'Boath? We're ready to launch," the alien said and C'Boath nodded.

"Proceed with the countdown," he said, and the Captain nodded.

"Proceed with the countdown," he said, and the Captain nodded. He then turned to the rest of the crew on the bridge "All Hands, prepare for launch!" He ordered. "Have all Dreadnought's activate their engines and prepare to move out!"

The crew on the bridge nodded as they followed his orders. He then turned to look outside.

'Soon, very soon, I will build a world and then a Galaxy which will only be ruled by the Jedi,' The Jedi Master thought, 'And no-one will stand in my way,'

He then stopped his thinking when he felt the engines of the six Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers rumble to life and the countdown began.

"T-minus 30 seconds and counting," said one of the officers as he watched the chrometer count down to the launch of the most ambitious and most reckless plan in the history of the galaxy.


Meanwhile in Orbit

Red October Fleet


"Sir, the Outbound Flight is about to launch." Said Vasily. Marko nodded "Very Well then." He said. "Have all ships move into position."

Vasily nodded as he issued the Orders, and the Admiral watched as the Outbound Flight's engines activated. He read about the ill-fated journey and how it was sabotaged from the start by Palpatine and his agents. And also by that disgrace of a Jedi Jorus C'Boath. He mentally rolled his eyes at the thought of how that arrogant fool led the ship into Chiss Space which resulted in the destruction of the and caused the deaths of many colonists. Not only that, but he usurped coomand of the ship from the captain, kidnapped Force-sensitive children in the dead of night and the rest of the colonists hostage against their will.

Well, that will end when the agents aboard will spring into action when they reach USSA Space and arrest him. He'll no doubt put up a resistance, but knowing the other Jedi on board the Colony Ship will no doubt side with the agents and colonists since they didn't like him anyway.

His thoughts were interrupted as he saw the timer reach 'zero' and the Outbound Flight lauched. He then frowned a bit at the look of the ship.

"Ugh. What a waste of good Dreadnaughts," Marko grumbled and Vasily nodded in agreement.

"I couldn't agreement with you more, sir," he said as the ship left the shipyards, "They could've at least purchased one of the few Maurentania-class Colony Ships we had left, instead of... that, it just looks like a bunch of ships around a giant gas tank."

Marko chuckled a bit "True," he said. "Maybe once all this is over we can add the ships to our fleet. Anyways, patch me a Comm to all of our ships. I'd like to explain the situation we are in to them all before The Outbound leaves the system."

"Aye sir." Vasily said as he signalled the Comm Officer, who nodded and activated the fleet-wide transmition. Vasily nodded toward the Admiral as he picked the microphone.

"Comrades?" he spoke into the mike as the crews of the ships listened, "This the Admiral speaking, as you all know, the Outbound Flight has left the Yaga shipyards and has began it's maiden voyage with dozens of our Samurai comrades, and agents of the CISA whose mission is to arrest Rogue Jedi Master Jorus C'Boath for multiple crimes against the colonists and the crew," He paused a bit as he took his time, "Our mission, is to escort the ship through the new route that Jorus was given to ensure that it is not destroyed by any faction who wish to destroy it,"

Many on the ship knew who he meant by any other faction, that being Admiral Thrawn and Palpatine.

"Of course there will be some resistance from Master C'Boath himself, who views Non-Force sensitives as beneath him," he rolled his eyes at that along with a few of the crew, "But we must remain vigilant, and professional. And when this mission is over, we will head to the Aloha System, where we will recieve ship leave, where the beaches are splendid, and also the companionship," he said and he swore he could hear many single male members of the crew giving out whistles, and cheers. He could even see some of the Woman members on the bridge blush bright red.

Marko smiled "A great day Comrades." He said. "Today, we change history."

(Russian Federation Version of the Soviet Anthem plays. The USSA Council allows the people of Earth to continue playing their respective National anthems, while the USSA Anthem is Journey Home from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War)

Marko grinned as the crew of the Red October Fleet start singing the Russian Anthem, since a majority of them were Russian. He then turned to the helm.

"Ensign! All ahead full!" Marko ordered and the Ensign obeyed, "And Open an Open Comm. Let's let the Outbound Flight hear us."


Outbound Flight Bridge


"Umm, sirs, I'm picking up something strange on the Comm channels." The Crewman on the Comm said.

"What is it?" The Captain asked.

"Well, its on an open channel." He said. "And, unless I'm going crazy...I hear singing,"

Pakmillu and C'Boath both raised an eyebrow at that.

"Singing?" They both said at the same time and the Crewman nodded.

"Yes sirs," he said, "I'll put it on speakers," with that he flipped a switch and soon singing was heard everywhere on the Outbound Flight. It confused the crew and the passeners because it was in a language they didn't understand. Although, the undercover Samurai and CISA agents did.


With the team


"You've got to be kidding," Teresa grumbled, as she shook her head. "He always does this before a Mission."

"Well, it gets the men and women in his fleet pumping," said Victor, smiling a bit, as were most of the other team members. "And their gonna need it on this mission if things hit the fan."

"That's true," the leader said with a chuckle, "Admiral Ramius is known to be a shrewd person,"


With Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin


"What the?" Obi-wan said. "Where is that music coming from?"

"I don't know," Anakin said. "But it sounds like that one language from Earth...what was it called, Russian?"

Qui-Gon nodded in answer to his new Padawan's question," Yes my young Padawan. And if I remember correctly, that is the National Anthem of the Russian Federation. Back when Earth was still divided into many governments," he said and Anakin nodded in understanding as he studied Earth's history, which most of it was bloody, including the most destructive World Wars which cost the lives of millions of people. He listened to his master as Qui-Gon continued.

"From what I heard when Earth finally united, the Nations became states, but still kept their National status," he said, "This transmition must be coming from the fleet that was sent to escort the Outbound through the new path."

"Ya, I actually feel a bit safer with that fleet with us, even if its just temporary." Obi-wan said. "I think the Flight is too vulnerable, and too big of a target."

Qui-Gon nodded in agreement with his former Padawan, "Yes, I agree with you on that Obi-Wan," he then turned to his current Padawan, "By the way Anakin, how's your mother doing?" he asked.

"She's doing fine," he said and then grinned, "When she told me how two Samurai came a day after I left, and paid Watto in gold bars for her, she swore she thought the little airbag was going to have a heart attack!," he said much to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's amusement, "I never laughed so hard in my life!"

The two chuckled at that "I actually would have liked to have seen that," Qui-gon said. "But how is she?"

"Mom said she really enjoys her position in Task Force 141." Anakin said. "They gave her the proper training that she needed, and now she's the XO of one of their ships, the Spartacus-class Frigate Allegiance. She's made a lot of friends on the ship too. She says the Captains almost like the Sister she's never had."

"Glad to hear that Ani," Qui-Gon informed smiling at the embarrassed Padawan from the nickname "I want the two of you to be on alert while we are on this ship, something is feeling off about this entire thing, and I don't like it..."

The two younger Jedi nodded their agreement as they continued toward the bridge to meet with C'boath.


Meanwhile , with Lorana


Lorana was sitting in her quarters, looking at a holo-picture of her family, more so her little brother. When her parents told her of how he saw their praise of her being a Jedi, and how he saw it as them loving her more than him, thus resulting in him being jealous and spiteful toward her.

Whenever she thinks about it, the more she wishes she never had her Force Sensitivity. She wished that maybe she could have a normal life. In the last few Months, she's been considering leaving the Jedi Order once and for all after this mission, and have that Normal life she wanted. She hoped that maybe if she left, just maybe she could earn the love of her Brother.

She of course never told her Master about her plan. She knew how he believed Force Sensitives were higher than anyone else (though she had no idea how much of an understatement that was), and he would do whatever he could to keep her in the Order.

So, she decided to have a meeting with Master Yoda about her resignation, and not tell her Master about it. Sighing, she placed the holo-picture on the nightstan in her quarters, stood up, and left, heading for the main bridge of the Outbound Flight.

Unkown to Lorana, her life was about to change drastically during the duration of this assignment


3 hours later, Coruscant


Palpatine was in his office alone. If anyone walked into the room at that moment they would see a fuming Chancellor/Sith since his plan for Destroying the Outbound Flight Project had hit several snags all at once.

The first and foremost would be that the course that he had originally planned for the flight to take was altered at the last minute. The USSA Reported that the path the Flight was originally going to take would send them strait into the Space of an Alien Government called the Chiss Acendancy, who were a very militarily strict nation. They said that to ensure the saftey of the people onboard they had to change their course through a more safer route.

He originally argued of course, but was forced to concede, due to the Senate imploring him to trust in the USSA's experience in the Unkown Regions, and the Assembly Council assuring that they ensure the Flight's safety.

Second, was that they assigned a fleet of warships to protect the colony ship from any faction that might want to attack it, with the Flagship being a modified Proteus-class Battlestar. The fleet was so large that not even the Hutt's own money-lustful mercenaries were stupid enough to attack it, even if he tripled the price.

Basically speaking, he was running out of ideas, and time, fast!

'Blasted Alliance! My entire plan for the Outbound Flight is in jepoardy!' he thought. 'It's as if they are always two steps ahead of me! Like they knew my every move!'

Then his desk communicator beeped on "Chancellor, you have a visitor." The voice of his Secretary said. "He says its important that he speaks to you."

Palpatine rose an eyebrow "Who is it?" He asked.

"A Human Male, wearing a uniform so he looks to be from the military sir." She said. "Shall I send him in?"

"Yes, send him in." Palpatine said. A few moments later, and a human male stepped in. He wore a black military uniform that had some gold trimming around the chest, and wore a pair of grey boots and long black pants (Think the Black ZAFT Uniform From Gundam SEED). Around his shoulder was a small arm band that was Crimson Red, with a white center and a Black Hawk Talon claw in the middle.

The man himself stood at 5'7 tall, with short military crew cut Red hair, and had dark green eyes. He had a single scar that went across his left eye leaving a red mark.

The man stopped in front of the Chancellor and bowed a bit "Greetings, Chancellor Palpatine," he said. "My name is Krane Blaid, Lieutenant Colonel of Triad."

Palpatine rose an eyebrow at that. He heard of Triad by reading from the history holo-books that the President gave him. From what he knew, Triad was scattered after their leader, who made a last stand against the USSA Forces, was presumed dead. He then gestured the man to take a seat and Krane did so.

"And what do I owe the pleasure of your visit, Colonel?," The Sith Lord asked, and Krane grinned.

"Well, we happen to have heard about your little situation about the USSA changing the course of the Outbound Flight, and we believe we could be able to assist you in this matter." The Colonel said.

Palpatine was surprised by this, but maintained his composure "Well, if your asking about Protection, I am sure that the fleet the USSA sent will be-" He began, but Krane cut him off.

"I'm not talking about protecting the ship, Palpatine." He said, before pausing. "Or, do you prefer the title, Darth Sideious?"


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