Ah, a little "Alice in Wonderland" themed story I decided to work on. I had actually not intended it to be based on "Alice in Wonderland" but after reading "Alice in the Country of Hearts" I decided to put that type of twist into my story. So "Wonderland" is the code name for the Underworld, and "Alice" will be the code name for the gem that Naruto wears around his neck.

Warnings/Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto if I did…well you get the jest, and there will be killing, cussing, sex and YAOI so if you do not like any of these just leave.



Code Names

-Person on opposite end of the line of a call-

Dark midnight orbs glared heatedly at the men standing before him. "What do you mean you were unable to obtain the merchandise?" He growled causing the three in in front of him to cower in fear of their boss. As the raven stood, his phone sounded causing a frustrated 'tsk' from the pale lips and almost inaudible sighs of relief from the men as they relaxed somewhat. "What?" The pale raven asked harshly into the device.

-Otouto that is no way to say hello.-

"Fuck you, Itachi. What the hell do you want I'm a little busy at the moment?" He snapped as he glared back up at the men who cowered again at his look.

-Oh, did something happen then?- At the low growl Itachi chuckled. -Well I was just calling to inform you about your 'merchandise'. It seems that in order to use it you will need a 'key' of sorts.-

"What do you mean what kind of key?"

The other chuckled again. –You will find out soon, Otouto. Seeing as I presume your 'merchandise' was unattainable at this time?-

"How the fuck do you-" The raven haired man was cut off by his brother.

-Don't worry, I'm sure you will get it and figure out what this 'key' is that you need to activate it, though if I were you I would go out and find it myself. Don't trust others for the job, Sasuke, you may lose something precious that way.- At this the conversation ended with Itachi hanging up on his younger brother.

Snapping the cellphone shut, Sasuke placed it back in his pocket. Calmly he opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of white formal gloves, slipping them on. The raven then picked up his hat, a top hat with one flower and a card slipped into it. The three men watched their boss with weary eyes as the tall pale raven placed the hat atop his head. Sasuke walked around his desk heading for the door before pausing and turning back to the men a vicious smirk stretched across his pale face as he lifted his pistol.

Gunshots sounded throughout the building and as Sasuke passed the front desk he threw a glare to the silver haired man standing at the entrance. "Clean up then meet me at the mansion." He said before walking out into the night.

The woman moaned as she climaxed then sighed. Panting she looked down with a small smile at the man below her. "Mmn, you were really good." She said as she rubbed her hands up and down his bare tan chest. A wide grin and narrowed mischievous blue eyes was her response before she pouted. "Though, it would have felt better if you weren't wearing a condom."

A deep chuckle escaped the man as he sat up shaking his golden locks before lifting the long haired brunette from him. "Sorry, doll." He said as he swung his feet off the bed taking the condom off and grabbing a hand towel from his back. "But I don't like to go around pollinating flowers." After tying the condom he wrapped the dirtied rubber up in the towel and tossed it back into his duffle bag. The dark haired woman hummed as she slipped on her dark blue dress and picked up her purse.

Blue eyes calmly shifted to the side before a gun was pointed at his head. The woman smirked as she stared at the blonde man in front of her. "I'll be taking Alice now."

"Ah, are you working for Hatter? I didn't know the bastard would stoop to sending women after Alice. I'm use to see all these big ugly men coming after me to obtain the gem, but I'd have to say I knew from the start that you were after my Alice."

She snorted as she pressed the gun closer to the blonde's head. "Sorry, but I'm not with Hatter. I normally wouldn't say who I work for but since you're going to die anyway I don't mind telling you." The woman's smirk grew larger. "I work for the Red Queen." She said as she began to pull the trigger.

Blue orbs were now closed and he couldn't stop the grin that stretched across his face as he heard a loud gasp. Opening his eyes the blonde saw the woman gasp again, dropping the gun as she gripped her throat trying to breath. "Ah, the Red Queen, hmm? Well, thanks for the information, doll, but I'm not the one going to die at the moment. You see, that lovely tea we had earlier was of a special brand. I am actually hoping to share it with someone else as well; you know he loves his tea and would do anything to get his hands on exotic flavors." The blonde spoke cheerily as he watched the woman fall to the floor still gasping for air, her body becoming paralyzed as well as her organs slowly losing their functions.

As she continued to gasp the tanned man stood and unhurriedly dressed before bending down to her dying body. "You see, that tea was my special blend consisting of several poisonous herbs. Cassava, cherry leaves and tomato leaves are just a few ingredients." He pouted. "I don't know why I'm telling you 'cause it's not like you'd be alive to appreciate it once I use it on that man." The blonde sighed heavily as he stood. Stretching the blue eyed man grabbed his bag and walked out of the hotel room.

Sasuke glared over his cup of tea at the people in his living room as he sat in his large arm chair. The two idiots were arguing again, Suigetsu the silver haired young man with violet eyes and Karin the red-headed woman with red eyes. Kakashi, the older silver haired man with an eye patch and doctors mask that was now pulled down as he stood leaning against the wall happily sipping at his own tea. Then there was Neji, the long haired brunette with pale lavender eyes slightly paced the floor near the fireplace glancing at his watch every so often.

Neji groaned as he stopped in his pacing. "Uchiha, this had better be good I am now officially late to a prior engagement."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted as he finished his tea before setting his cup down. "It's very rude to rush a man who is enjoying a cup of delicious tea." Onyx orbs glared at the brunette as he refilled his cup. Sighing after taking a sip he relaxed into his chair. "Alice is in our city as we speak." He said capturing everyone's attention. "Though it seems that the men I sent to get it were incompetent. I don't know who has Alice but I want all of you to head out and retrieve it." At their nods he opened his mouth to say more only to be interrupted by the door flying open.

The pink haired woman in a long flowing red dress waltzed through the door as if she owned the place and smiled brightly as she spotted the raven. "Sasuke-kun! It's so good to see you again!" She said as she made it to his side and clung to him, almost making him spill his precious tea.

"What are you doing here, Sakura." Sasuke deadpanned. "And where the hell is Shikamaru, wasn't he watching the door?" He growled out as he glanced at Kakashi.

"Ma ma, Sasuke, I'm sure he's still there. Though he may have fallen asleep again." The silver haired man smiled.

Sakura pouted as she pulled away from the raven and sat on the arm of the chair. "Sasuke-kun, I came by to see if you decided on marrying me or not."

Sasuke snorted, once again sipping his tea. "I'm not marrying you."

Green eyes narrowed before the pinkette stood, walking back to the doorway. "Well, Hatter I have a proposition for you then. Either you marry me or you don't get to have Alice." A smirk formed across her face as she glanced back to the now glaring raven. "I should now be in possession of the gem, though it was such a waste to have my underling kill off the Cheshire Cat, I know how much you enjoyed chasing him."

A tea cup flew past her head and crashed against the wall as Sasuke's body stood menacingly with his pistol pointing right at the pink haired woman. "What does he have to do with this?"

"Oh, you mean you didn't know? Why Sasuke-kun, the Cheshire Cat was the one in possession of Alice." Sakura said innocently though her face said a different story, twisted with malicious glee.

Sasuke's body relaxed and he sat in his chair once again. "Hn." A smirk forming on his pale face. "You forget, Red Queen, that he is a sly cat that tends to get out of slippery situations." Sakura stiffened, a frown forming on her face as she narrowed her green eyes. As she opened her mouth to retort her cell began to ring.

Pulling it out she glanced at the display and smirked, glancing at the Uchiha she flipped open the phone. "We'll see. Yes?" Green orbs began to widen by each passing second. "WHAT! How?...poison…?" With a frustrated growl she snapped her phone shut and glared at the widely smirking raven. "Well, Hatter." She spat. "It looks like he got away with Alice." The pinkette snarled before spinning on her heel and leaving.

"Hn, now that we know who has the gem I want you to find him. Bring him to me alive." Sasuke said as he stood and walked out of the room to retire to his bedroom.

Two months…two fucking months and no Alice or Cheshire Cat. Sasuke sat behind his desk in his large study while he held a cup of tea to the point it looked as if the cup would shatter, his eyes shadowed by his hair and hat. In the room with him were a bruised and battered Suigetsu, a cursing/blushing pissed off Karin, a ruffled Kakashi (whom still seemed to be smiling), and an irate pacing Neji. The four in the room ignored the tea cup that had been thrown across the room as it shattered upon making contact with the wall. They also ignored the desk being flipped over and the objects being tossed around the room, only once in a while dodging an item that was on course to their heads.

The pale raven haired man was panting by the time he finished his destruction of his study and growled out as his phone began to ring. "What?" He snapped as he flipped the device open.

There was a deep chuckle on the other end before the person spoke. –Geez, Hatter, are you on your period?-

Onyx orbs narrowed before snapping to the other occupants in the room. "Get out!" He barked as he flopped down in his chair and as soon as the others left he continued. "Why the fuck are you calling me, Cheshire Cat? Did you finally decided to give me Alice or are you calling to annoy me?"

-Tch, a bastard as always. Do you really think I'd just give you Alice? Heh, I don't think so, you see I tend to pester your ass for as long as I live. Though, I do hope we can talk over a cup of tea someday.- The blonde chuckled. –I'm sure you'd just die to get your hands on this special herbal tea I have, it's very unique.-

Sasuke straightened a bit at the blonde's words. "Oh, is that so?" A chuckle was his response.

-Of course, teme.- The other laughed before going silent and spoke in a more serious tone. –I don't mind you sending the others after me, but you keep them away from Iruka. Do you understand, Sasuke? Because if anything happens to him I will kill you.- With this said the blonde hung up leaving Sasuke in silence.

"Hn dobe, like I would stoop to something like that." A smirk flitted across his pale face as amusement danced across his eyes. "I'll be seeing you soon…Naruto."

Characters in play

Hatter- Sasuke

Cheshire Cat- Naruto

White Rabbit- Neji

Tweedledum- Suigetsu

Tweedledee- Karin

March Hare- Kakashi

Red Queen- Sakura

I know the White Rabbit is supposed to work for the Red Queen (or Queen of Hearts which ever one) but I thought to change that up a bit and have Neji working for Sasuke instead. Also I will be putting up a drawing of Naruto from this story up on my DA account in which you can find the link to my account in my profile. Thanks for reading!...Now review :D...Please :)