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Warnings and disclaimer: There will be death, lemons (eventually), fighting, etc. This is Yaoi so if you don't like then don't read. …Also, I don't own Naruto.



Code Names

-Person on opposite end of the line of a call-

Blue eyes stared out of the window, the garden below being lit by the moon's pale light. Things had been quiet since he was brought back to the mansion, he sighed as he let his head softly thump against the cool glass. Visions of a blonde and raven haired child ran through the garden of various flowers. Laughter ringing in Naruto's head as his memories threatened to take him back. "Memories I wish never happened…" He said as the pull became too great. "Must be because I'm back at the place where it all started."


"Naruto-dobe, you can't run forever!" A nine year old Sasuke shouted as he chased after the giggling eight year old.

"Can too! It's too funny watching you get mad because you can't catch me!" The blonde laughed as he continued his little game.

"I will catch you and when I do…" The raven growled out letting his sentence hang for the imagination.

"No way will I let you catch me, Sasuke-teme!" Naruto said as he quickly climbed the tree he ran to. He looked down at the huffing Uchiha and grinned before sticking out his tongue. "I'm not going to let you kiss me again, I like Sakura-chan!"

Onyx orbs glared up at the hyperactive blonde. "Sakura doesn't like you."

"Then I'll make her like me." Naruto glared right back.

"You can't make someone like you, idiot." Sasuke said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Then why are you trying to make me like you?" Blue eyes narrowed further.

The young Uchiha blinked, his arms falling back to his sides. He glared at his feet before switching his glare to the blonde up in the tree. "Fine, I won't make you like me and you can go play with someone else from now on too!" Sasuke said childishly before storming off back to the mansion.

A sixteen year old Naruto slammed Sasuke against the wall of an empty classroom. "Bastard, why the hell did you agree to date Sakura? You knew I liked her, you asshole!"

"Hn, she asked me for a date, so what." The raven said boredly with a shrug of his shoulders.

"'So what?!' Bastard, you could have told her no just like all the other times." The blonde growled out gripping the pale boy's shirt collar tighter.

"So you could go up to her after I shot her down and get the shit beat out of you and told how much of a pathetic looser you are? Dobe, open your eyes. She doesn't like you, she never will." Sasuke sneered.

"And you don't like her! So why the hell did you agree to date her then!?" As the Uchiha stayed quiet Naruto blinked before letting go of the raven. "Are you serious?! Is this because I turned you down years ago?" He asked flabbergasted at the thought. "Seriously, you have issues, teme." The blonde said as he sighed heavily and flopped down in an empty chair closest to him.

"I can make you happy." Sasuke whispered into Naruto's ear causing the blonde to jerk back and nearly fall out of the chair.

"Bastard, don't get so close you scared the hell out of—!" The Uchiha didn't let him continue as pale lips caught plump pink ones.

Sasuke pulled away and looked at the flushed tan face of his long time crush. "I will make you happy." He said before diving back in for another kiss.

Naruto hit the ground hard as a fist connected with his left cheek. Sitting up and holding his abused face the blonde looked up at the person who had hit him. "Sakura-chan, what was that for?"

"Don't act so friendly with me." She snarled. "You are nothing but filth; you don't deserve Sasuke-kun." Green eyes glared heatedly at the man.

"Sasuke and I have been together for over three years now, what the hell is your problem?" Naruto snapped as his blue eyes went icy.

"My problem?" Sakura asked before letting out a bitter laugh. "My problem is you." She sneered. "My problem is that you, a nobody, have bewitched my Sasuke."

"The hell I did! That bastard is the one who chased my ass since we were kids." He growled as he pushed himself up from the ground to stand to his full height.

"Someone like you doesn't deserve his affection. The only reason the Uchiha even allowed you to be around Sasuke was to keep up their reputation in the public's eye." The pinkette stated as she crossed her arms over her chest. "You're just a lower class idiot that Sasuke-kun plays with until he gets tired of you." She smirked as blue eyes narrowed. "You would never make it in our world and once Sasuke-kun takes his position in the organization you won't be needed any longer. I on the other hand will be beside Sasuke-kun as his queen when our organizations merge."

"You know Haruno; I can't believe that I ever liked you. You're such a bitch and I can see now why Sasuke hates you." Naruto said calmly as he turned and walked away. "Oh, and by the way I'll make sure that merger never happens." He said before looking over his shoulder at the woman glaring holes in his head. His once bright blue eyes a few shades darker as they narrowed into an icy glare. "Even if I have to kill you."

End Flashback(s)

Naruto hummed slightly to himself with a slight grin on his face. Well, I don't ever go back on my word. Guess the bitch thought I was lying when I told her that merger would never happen. A dark chuckle escaped his lips as he recalled those lifeless green orbs before a frown marred his features. "I would have loved to have seen the bastard gasp his last breath as well."

The blonde was given a start when Sasuke's pale face appeared in the reflection of the window behind him. "Do you really wish to see my death so badly?"

The Uzumaki turned around no emotions showing on his face as he spoke, "Of course."

"You would go back on your word you gave to me?" At the blonde's silence the raven continued, "You said you wouldn't allow anything to come between us, was that a lie?"

Blue eyes narrowed. "It wasn't a lie. But the old me died the day you tried to kill me."

"And I was not me when I did so you know that!" The Uchiha growled as he reached forward and grabbed Naruto's shirt pulling him closer. "You were the only one that left me, Naruto. Why?" He asked his voice barely above a whisper.

"Because I believed you were still you. I believed that even though you were crazed that you were still inside and you would never hurt me." The blonde said as he slapped the pale hand away. "When you tried to kill me I lost my faith in you. You betrayed my trust."

"I still love you and I will do anything to have you back in my arms." Sasuke said pulling out his pistol and aiming it at Naruto's head before letting it flip, the handle now facing the blonde. "If you wish to kill me then do so. I will gladly die by your hands." Blue orbs glanced at the gun before looking back into onyx eyes. He took the gun and aimed it at the pale man's head before cutting his eyes over towards the door. "Don't worry, the room is soundproof no one will come."

Naruto narrowed his eyes before taking the gun to Sasuke's face in a quick movement. The raven's head snapped to the side as a thin stream of blood trickled down his pale chin. The barrel of the pistol pressed against Sasuke's shoulder before going off. The Uchiha grunted as the bullet priced his flesh and in the next minute he found himself on the floor with the blonde man straddling him.

Naruto threw the gun across the room and brought his hand down pressing on the wound. At this Sasuke flinched slightly at the pressure but stared up into those deep azure gems he loved so much. "You're a bastard." The blonde ground out.

"I know."

"I can never forgive you for what you did."

"I know." Sasuke whispered softly.

"I hate you." Naruto growled out as he pressed harder on the wound.

"I love you." The raven replied with a soft grunt of pain.

The blonde balled his fist and let it connect with the pale jaw beneath him. Sasuke's head lay to the side as his dark eyes continued to look at the man above him. "I can kill you right now, take Alice, and leave."

"You wouldn't."

Naruto looked down at the pale raven before digging his fingers into the wound earning him a pain filled gasp. "Are you so sure about that, Sasuke?"

"Your acting has gotten much better, dobe, but you still can't hide anything from me." The Uchiha grunted out. "Tell me… tell me why you left and not that bullshit about because I tried killing you. I know you better than that."

Blue eyes blinked before a wide, empty grin stretched across the tanned face. "Not all is as it seems in Wonderland."

Characters in play

Hatter- Sasuke

Cheshire Cat- Naruto

White Rabbit- Neji

Tweedledum- Suigetsu

Tweedledee- Karin

Dormouse- Shikamaru

March Hare- Kakashi

White Knight- Kiba

White Queen- Hinata

Caterpillar- Itachi


Temari and Kankuro

Characters out of play

Red Queen- Sakura

Red Knight

The Red Queen's Pawns