Just another note if you were the one who wrote the lyrics or know who please tell me so you may get credit and if you see that I'm useing your lyrics and don't like it dont hesitate to say and they'll be off in a jiff. I hope you enjoy this second chapter but its not like its any good or anything.

A few days later, there was a concert at the town square. Anyone who was anyone came to see it. You see, he was very well known thoughout the town for his heavenly voice. There was something about his voice that just pulled you in. After a few songs, there was a brief intermission to let the young man rest his voice up a bit. It was then when someone came up to the man. It was a little boy who seemed to have dressed all in white. "Oh hello there little boy," The man said. "I'm sorry but I'm not taking any requests for autographs at the moment.

"Well," the little boy paused, handing some paper to the man. "How about a few song requests, I'm sure once you see them you'll be dyeing to perform them.

The man took the papers curious about what kind of music could be so good that he wouldn't hesitate to sing them. Looking though them he noticed they all seemed very corrupt and fearful but they were intriguing for some reason. The last sheet in there wasn't really a sheet at all, it was a playing card. The ace of diamonds to be exact.

"Alright little kid, I'll perform these songs, I just have to go get something first." Once again everything seemed to be going well for the young boy and his plan "Great I know have my second Alice, maybe this one will be the one."

Once the intermission was over, the man came back to the stage and continued his show, only this time he was singing the songs that the little boy had given him. The audience noticed the new change in music, it frightened them a bit but it still had it intoxicating feel to it. What seemed to stand out the most though was the man himself. He wore a mischievous smirk instead of his usual sweet smile.

"Thank you one and all for listening. Now I would like to end this show off with a bang." The man suddenly took a silver pistol out of his coat. "This time I'll be saying goodbye for the last time." He pointed the gun at his head.

The shot was heard though the whole town Square.

Now where was the boy, he was backstage, with a little doll singing this little tune.

The second Alice was a sweet and a humble man
He would always sing a song to his dear Wonderland
The many tones he sang they twisted and they swirled
And thus he created an equally mad world

Such an Alice was a man of flower and of rose
Go tshot down by a man who could not take his own woes
And there in the forest bloomed a flower blood red
Once loved and enjoyed by all, is now left for dead