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Authors Note: Greetings Mortals! Here's just an idea I had mulling around in my head. What if Bella was a vampire slayer? I know it's been done but often she's a lone slayer, or is part of a government organisation. Here, Bella is one of the girls who was called by Willow in the final episode of Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I haven't read the Season 8 comics so this won't be canon but I have added in the Scotland academy. As for the issue of the different types of vampire, I'm working under the premise that the Cullen-type of vampire is a descendent of the Uber-vamp of season 7, one that has evolved an immunity to sunlight, and developed skin so robust that staking is impossible. As for the sparkling, let Bella have her own fun with that when she finds out! Bella is a traditional slayer for the most part, but as no slayer in the Buffy-verse lived long enough to reach old age, how can we know for certain she would age over a certain point? So in a Wolverinesque way I'm working the theory that slayer healing prolongs youth and health almost indefinitely, but it doesn't mean they can't die from mortal wounds or magical intervention, as Buffy herself demonstrates. So Bella is perfectly capable of kicking Edward's arse and as a result far less likely to put up with any bull. Meet Bella the Vampire Slayer, while AU I've tried to make the character realistic, no Mary Sue's here, but definitely not as passive as I found the book Bella. I mean, if you were capable of killing vampires, would you be as "dazzled" by one as book Bella is? I rest my case, different Bella, AU universe, but hopefully lots of fun!

Bella: The Vampire Slayer

Chapter 1: To Every Generation

Before I was called I never put much thought into how I would die. Now, circling my prey, staring the monster in the eyes, I knew I wouldn't want it to happen any other. A Slayer lives, and dies to fight darkness, my only regret is that those I love will will not let go, that ...he won't understand.

The mission is what matters.


In every generation there is a Chosen One, she alone will fight the Vampires, the Demons and the forces of Darkness, she is The Slayer. I shouldn't have been a Slayer; I should still be safe and oblivious in Phoenix, with my hare-brained and erratic mother. Instead, because of the actions of a few in Sunnydale California a year ago, I was now part of a global sisterhood, and not the kind who share pants. And, as fate would have it, my first solo assignment as a slayer wasn't a far flung corner of the earth, but the place of my birth, Forks, Washington.

If being given a year's scholarship to an elite girls-school in Scotland didn't set off my mother's weird-dar, then my improved physique and general ability to walk more than 5 ft without ending up on my face wasn't going to set off any bells. While my mother was at one of Phil's try-outs I'd stayed home, citing a cold. In fact, I'd never felt better, I thought maybe I'd finally left my ugly-duckling phase and became a real "swan" if you pardon my pun. I'd noticed drastic changes in those last couple of weeks, my performance in phys-ed had shot through the roof, my senses had heightened, and my body seemed to have filled out in the right places. I'd thought all this was normal until I'd managed to pull the front door clean off of its hinges; that had been hard to explain to my mother, I'd blamed rust and shoddy construction.

So, when a red-haired witch and an eye-patch wearing goofball turned up on my doorstep with life-changing news, I wasn't in complete shock. I wasn't alone, my oddities were virtues, and I had a purpose, but more importantly, I had a way to leave my mother with Phil without her feeling guilty. So we'd made the arrangements, and created the cover story so my mother wouldn't worry, I went to the "special" boarding school in Scotland, or so my mother thought, and to be honest it wasn't all that different to one, we all slept in dorms, took classes, and even went into the neighbouring towns. Except our classes were on demonology, and phys-ed tended to involve far more guts and sharp objects than was strictly health and safety approved.

I'd found that while in my ordinary life I'd never fit in, at the academy, with other girls in the same boat I was part of a family, although slightly dysfunctional. Mr Giles, a warm but bookish Englishman, who due to my own literary ways I found a great affinity for. Buffy, our role-model, who could be slightly ditsy but hard as nails on the battlefield. Willow, (who I really didn't believe had almost destroyed the world), who sought out slayers and taught us all the nature of our power, as it was her who had given it to us. Then Xander; the dorky but loveable carpenter, who taught us all to forge our own weapons, and how to repair or replace anything that got damaged on the job.

Before I was called, I could never have imaged the exhilaration that came from a fight, the almost orgasmic high of the blocking, ducking, sweeping, punching, and eventual stabbing that climaxed the dance. Not to say that my first vampire kill was at all graceful, in fact it had earned its place in the Slayer hall of shame. Tripping on vine in the crypt we were scouting and falling stake first into a vampire had counted as the best simultaneous WIN and FAIL of that month. I was currently number 2 on the all-time FAIL leader board in the slayer common room, but I liked to think it was in a loving way. The first being Buffy, who first time round had managed to miss the heart. Buffy still hadn't completely forgiven Dawn for spilling that little story to us mini-slayers.

Nevertheless, after many falls I'd found my feet, and earned my diploma in demon slaying, and that was when Buffy had taken me to one side and asked me to go on a secret mission. Andrew had sent word from the Italy of rumours of another kind of vampire, a kind that were organised, powerful ... and could walk in the daylight. This Evo-Vamp, as Andrew had dubbed it, seemed far more dangerous than the generic kind, or even the Uber-Vamp, they could blend in, they had assimilated, and as far as the legends went, they could not die from conventional slayer means.

Mr Giles had a contact from his old watcher academy days that might be able to shed some light on these vamps. A friend who had left to raise a family in his ancestral home of La Push in Forks. That was when the choice to use me was clear. William "Billy" Black was serendipitously a good friend of Charlie, my father, and as I had family ties it would be far less suspicious to send me in to gain information on the Quileute "Cold One" legends. Secretly I also thought that although my mother didn't know what I was, Charlie could probably handle it, and having his best friend there to help break it to him would probably soften the blow a little.

Simple, you'd think, spend some time with (and possibly "come-out" to) Charlie, meet up for the arranged information exchanges with Billy, and get my G.E.D. There couldn't be anything in wet and dreary Forks to mess with a simple reconnaissance mission, right?

Authors Note: I hope you liked it; the next chapter will have Bella's first day or so in Forks, and possibly even a sighting of our bronze brooder.

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