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Chapter 7

Angela and Jess had fallen over themselves to leave us alone when we got to La Bella Italia, I hadn't overlooked the irony of the name. I'd still been pissed about Edward interfering in my hunt and how he'd jedi-mind tricked me into going to the winter formal with him, and another date! So I'd been determined to make dinner as unpleasant as possible. It hadn't worked out that way. When I think back to what my life was like before I was called, it's sometimes like watching a really boring reality show about someone else. I had been meek, small and somewhat pathetic, I'd have never dreamed of sitting in a restaurant with a sparkling vampire, exchanging witticisms and trying not to notice how well his clothes fit him, the curl of his lip, the long copper eyelashes, wild hair... But that's what I'd done. We'd talked about his family, his abilities, particularly his telepathy, which I was happy to say I was immune to, must be some kind of Slayer thing.

It was odd, that "first date", it didn't go how I expected. It turned out we had a lot in common, music, art, literature, although we had argued about his soccer-mom car.

"It goes to 200 mph and has impressive safety reviews"

"You're practically invincible and it does nothing for your street cred."

"I don't need street-cred, we try to keep a low profile."

"Well you're failing, miserably."

His lips had quirked at that, as if I'd given him a compliment.

Edward had driven me home, I'd made a point of opening my own door, and closing it a little too hard. I think if I'd pulled a little harder I'd have smashed the window from the impact. He'd countered later by grabbing my shopping bags and walking me to my door, which Charlie answered. Nice comeback.

"Bells, you're late" he looked at Edward "girl's day out huh?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry, I got lost and Edward happened to find me. Angela and Jessica had to go home early and I wanted dinner so Edward offered to drive me home afterward."

Edward chose then to intervene.

"Chief Swan, my name's Edward Cullen" he said, holding out his hand, "I wanted to formally introduce myself as Bella has kindly acquiesced to go to the Winter Formal with me."

Jeeze, was he going to tell everyone?

"Cullen, huh? You one of Dr Cullen's kids?" my Dad said, shaking Edwards offered hand, which was covered in driving gloves, nice move.

"Yes Sir"

"You're a little old aren't you."

I was getting sick of being ignored like I wasn't there, but they were sizing each other up and having their male pissing contest. It's like a right of passage of something, I'd brought my first boy...friend home, and Charlie was following tradition. If you can get past the Dad stare-down and grill you're worthy to date his daughter. It's very patriarchal.

Edward's lips had quirked at Charlie's question.

"I'm 17 sir, I'm in Bella's biology class."

"I wanted to meet you in person because I'd like to know if it's alright for Bella to come play baseball with my family next weekend? If you don't have anything planned?"

He was asking Charlie permission to take me out, that was very 1950's. I wasn't particularly happy about that.

"Baseball huh?"

Charlie approved of any sport, period. Well, maybe not badminton. Before becoming a Slayer I'd been too uncoordinated to walk across a room, now I could do Olympic worthy gymnastics. After my calling, we'd had much more to talk about. He'd been encouraging me to join the track team, which I was seriously considering. It was better if I didn't join a sport with contact, like Jess's volley ball team, I'd probably end up hitting the ball too hard and breaking someone's bones. Edward could probably read Charlie's mind, and was choosing the right answers, that was cheating.

"Yes sir, my family would like to spend some time with Bella, I know my sister Alice is especially fond of her."

Ahh, he was pulling the "it's perfectly innocent, my family will be there" card. Damn.

And God damn it, it worked.

"Well that sounds fine there, Edward. I'll be fishing and Bella's more of an action person. Get your father to call me and we'll arrange things."

God, now he was going to liaise with Dr Fang? I wasn't invisible! I just knew that the minute he got to the station he's be running background checks on Edward, hopefully their cover story was full proof.

But Charlie was a cop, he was trained to snoop, and pretty soon I'd have to fess up about my Slayer-Status, or risk him finding out in the wrong context. Like me knee deep in demon blood or staking a vampire in front of him.

That would be bad.

"I'll do that Chief Swan, I'm sure Carlisle would love to talk to you about it."

"I think you'd best head home, it's getting dark and it's not safe to be out at night with those bear sightings."

"Of course Sir, goodnight Chief Swan, Bella. I'll see you at school."

Edward nodded at us both and handed me my shopping bag before getting in his soccer-mom car and driving away.

Oh, we'd definitely see each other at school. I'd need to find a way to pay him back for the parent-centred embarrassment.

"Bells, I didn't know you had a boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend."

"Kid, you might not think so, but that boy does. He just introduced himself to you parent and asked permission to take you out."

I looked at Charlie, struck dumb, as he ushered me into the house.

Edward turned up to drive me to school with Alice on Monday morning. On Monday, before school, Charlie gave me a can of mace, "just in case".

I don't think mace will help much against a vampire that apparently wants to be my boyfriend.

Slayers have the weirdest problems.

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