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A/N: Hiya guys! I had to try this since I really like this pairing and since they live in a gigantic castle with many rooms (probably), there had to be a room filled with potion-making ingredients and potions. And so I got this crazy idea since I love Ven too. I kinda thought there was a possibility a situation like this happened in The Land of Departure because it's a world filled with many possible impossibilities. XD I think I'll write this as a three-shot or somewhat, but I hope this fic would be enjoyable to all who reads it! :D Expect a hyperactive Ventus, a lovestruck-due-to-a-potion Aqua, Master Eraqus finding the situation funny, and Terra being Terra, with the twist of being confused on what to do because Aqua suddenly wants to hug him in every second of her life.

Love Potion


Chapter 1

This is Panacea, Right?


It was ridiculous. It was impossible! And yet, it happened. Ventus was jumping for joy when he heard from Terra that Master Eraqus would teach them how to brew potions. He swore that he was banned from potion-making until he turned 18, remembering the last time he tried to brew one. He managed to make one of the alchemy rooms in the castle they resided in completely covered in ashes while the potion he brew glowed a disgusting color of brown and green mixed together. As if that wasn't enough, his potion suddenly started moving like slime and engulfed the ash-covered materials in the room. He would've been eaten as well if not for Master Eraqus' interference.

"TERRA! Am I dreaming? Am I?" the blond asked repeatedly. A taller, muscled brun walking beside him exhaled and pushed down Ven's head, causing his spiky hair to mess up a bit.

"No, you're not. We're going to brew a potion. But you'd better not create another slime monster," he said, chuckling afterwards. He looked at Ven, their blue eyes meeting. "That thing scared me when it tried to eat you. It's an abomination."

Ven laughed while fixing the ruined spikes on his blond hair. That slime monster is history, especially since Ven had no idea how he created it in the first place. There were tons of ingredients in the alchemy rooms of the castle, and the slime monster was a creation of randomly selected ones. Back then, Ven didn't understand the importance of using the proper ingredients compared to the alternatives.

Returning to reality, the blond quickly caught up after his best friend. "Terraaaaaaaa! What are we gonna brew?" he asked excitedly.

Without looking back, Terra replied seriously. "Panacea."

"What's that?" Ven asked.

"It's a potion," he said teasingly.

Ven rolled his eyes. "Of course it is! I know that! But what kind of potion is it?"

Terra paused to think. "Well… when you're poisoned, sick, wounded, or under the wrong influence of a spell, it'll heal you. It's like a cure-all kind of potion. It's really useful." Ven's eyes brightened. What a delightful potion! It sounded like a miracle in the form of precious liquid.

"I can't believe the master allowed me to brew a potion!" Ven said happily.

"That's because I need an assistant to brew it. He's too busy with something so he assigned you to assist me. Aqua will be checking up on us afterwards," he told the younger blond.

"Will she drink it?" Ven asked. Terra nodded.

"Yep. Aqua has her own bottle of Panacea if ever we accidentally brew something poisonous." Ven cringed. "But we won't do that. I'm as good as her in potion-making."

"If you say so," Ven said in a sing-song tone. He knew Terra had his misfortunes with potions too. He couldn't understand though why Terra was allowed to continue whereas he was told not to touch a cauldron due to his tendencies to make something, according to Aqua, catastrophic.

They reached the end of the gigantic hallway of the castle and entered the only door found in the perimeter of the area. The alchemy room was astounding – countless bottles of various sized with various ingredients were perched on the long shelves attached to the wall of the room. He eyed down the cauldrons endearingly.

"Woooooooooow…" Ven said with amazement. He felt a hand tug on his wrist and Terra brought him behind the counter.

"Well, here we are. Ven, go find the book with the recipe for Panacea," Terra said, tracing a finger on the cauldron in front of him. The blond grinned widely and started rummaging the small bookcase in the corner of the room. "Uhh… Terra… what book?"

Terra's eyes widened. He partly forgot! "Uhh…"

"Don't tell me you forgot!" Ven yelped. Terra groaned and shook his head.

"I did NOT forget! I just… well… my mind was on other matters," he retorted. Ven smirked mischievously – an obviously unnatural thing for him to do. Terra actually felt his spine shiver at Ven's weird expression.

"Was Aqua there when the master was telling you what book the recipe was in?" he said teasingly. Terra grimaced at him, and the blond released his innocent and childish grin.

"So what if she was there?" Terra huffed. "Just find the stupid book with the instructions on how to brew that stupid potion."

"B… but there are twenty-three books in here! And they're as thick as that slime monster!" he whined. Terra shook his head. "That's why books have a table of contents section!"


Terra exhaled and glanced at the window in front of him. No matter how hard he pretended, Ven remained inquisitive and managed to figure out why he became distracted at that moment. There was a part in him that fancied the blue-haired angel who fought feisty with her Keyblade. And that part of him was… his entire being. Behind his façade of a stoic and serious Keyblade apprentice, there was a normal teenage boy with hormones and emotions tugging his senses.

He liked the girl. Big deal. She had brains, beauty, and brawn. Not to mention kindness. There was nothing in her to dislike. Except the fact that she was completely NUMB to Terra's attempts to whisk her away to a romantic experience for only the two of them. Aqua had no interest in romance at the moment. Maybe that was something for Terra to dislike – her boyish tendencies made her immune to the effects of romance to a girl.

But then, he had no time for romance as well. He was a Keyblade apprentice – soon to be master. Master Terra. Now that sounded good.

"Found it!" Ven exclaimed from behind. Terra turned to the blond, who slammed the gigantic book on the counter.

"Wow. That's…"

"It's heavier than my Keyblade," Ven said. Terra smiled and scanned the list of ingredients.

"Unicorn tail hair, snapping stem extract, phoenix tears… thank goodness we have all of these! Phoenix tears are kinda hard to find nowadays," he said. Ven initiatively collected all the bottles of ingredients and almost dropped the bottle of phoenix tears, causing Terra to have a little dramatic moment before continuing.

"Just pass me the ingredients when I need them, alright, Ven?" he asked. The younger boy nodded and watched eagerly as Terra poured the proper amount of liquid in the cauldron. He summoned his Keyblade and casted Fira for the cauldron's needed heat. Soon, Ven handed Terra seven strands of unicorn tail hair and was enchanted by its silvery color. Terra asked him to chop some plant with healing abilities finely afterwards and even allowed him to mix the almost-finished potion clockwise.

"And now for some palmetto," he thought. Ven handed him two leaves of the plant before he took over its brewing.

"Make sure the potion turns silvery," Ven chirped.

"Of course it will. The unicorn hair's color would seep out and spread throughout the potion, making it particularly colorless, if not silver."

"Wow, that was unusually smart of you," Ventus joked, watching his older friend mix the potion. "How long do you have to mix it?"

"A minute or less would do," Terra replied. And he was right. The brunet smiled as the potion completely appeared shimmering silver under the sunlight. The faint scent of vanilla tingled his senses.

"Have you been eating ice-cream, Ven?" he asked.

"No. Why?" the younger boy asked.

"Because I smell vanilla."

"Really? Maybe Aqua's cooking a vanilla-flavored cake!" he exclaimed.

"No, I'm not," they heard another voice say. Terra thanked the heavens he didn't lose his guard as he heard Aqua's angelic voice. She went towards them with her natural smile. The boy couldn't help but look away, feeling the heat on his cheeks.

"Hey! You're done! And it looks perfect!" she gushed. Terra smugly grinned.

"Of course. I do have the skills of a potion master," he teased with pride. Aqua laughed heartily before examining the contents of the cauldron.

"Hmm… why does it have a scent though?" she asked. "I smell wo… nevermind. Let me taste it. If this is properly brewed, I'll feel better, particularly because I have a cough. What coincidence." She laughed for a few seconds because of her personal joke. "If I choke or something wrong happens to me, force the Panacea in my throat so I could swallow it properly."

The two boys watched her lift up the spoon they used for brewing and take a sip of the potion afterwards. She licked her lips and sipped again. "It's kind of hot. But I feel like my cough's going away."

Ven and Terra grinned at each other triumphantly. The potion they brewed was working! And there was no slime monster in sight. As Aqua continued sipping the potion on the spoon, Ven decided to take a peek on the potion in the other page.

"Love potion? Why is it beside Panacea? I thought this was alphabetic," he said with a curious expression. Terra took a look.

"Oh. It has all the ingredients of Panacea save for the palmetto. It has paopu fruit leaves instead," Terra replied.

"P… palmetto? I thought Panacea used the paopu leaves…"



The brun turned to Aqua, whose eyes gave off a strange feel. She walked towards him and engulfed him in a tight embrace. "That was a good potion!"

"R… really?" he choked out. Aqua still didn't let go of her hug. Ven backed away in horror. "Aqua… are you feeling alright?" Ven asked.

The girl finally released Terra from the hug, relieving the brun. She almost weakened his muscles, physically speaking. But he was shaking on the inside. Aqua? Hugging him? What was happening?

"I feel great, Ven!" Aqua said cheerfully. "How about you, Terra?"

Ven snickered behind them as Terra stuttered his answer. "Uhh… uh… yeah… I'm fine." He gave her a reassuring smile. Aqua hugged him once again, surprising the two boys.

"A… Aqua?"


"Why are you hugging me?"

"Because I feel like it. Is it wrong?" she asked, her voice being sweet and innocent. Terra's eyes widened. There was only one explanation.


"Thanks for stating the obvious," Ven said, laughing afterwards.

A/N: I have no idea what ingredients are used for Panacea and love potion, so I made them similar to have an easier time writing this fic. XD I also based the love potion on Harry Potter's Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in their universe. Amortentia has different scents for different people, so the first thing I thought that Terra could smell was... vanilla? XD And since this is a Terra/Aqua fic, well, Aqua smelled wood because of Terra's wooden Keyblade that he gave to Ven. Maybe before Ven's arrival, they used to spar with wooden Keyblades together? XD Ahhh well, there goes lovestruck Aqua with a hugging problem. XD Please R&R, and stay tuned! :D More love potion silliness coming up. I hope you guys like this fic, and thanks for reading! :D