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Love Potion

Chapter 4

Kitchen Confrontation

Terra continuously muttered to himself while walking towards the castle's kitchen. He concluded that it was April Fool's Day (darn for not having a calendar on the nearest castle wall!) and everyone had staged out a prank to get him. Maybe it was Ven's idea to pretend that their potion was love potion and Aqua agreed to join in to take revenge for all the times he made sexist comments and jokes in front of her. Master Eraqus barely had any fun, and probably joined in because he didn't want to seem like a total stickler to the kids.

But then, Ven would have set off a prank for each of them, so his previous conclusion sounded obsolete. The young blond managed to make a slime bomb explode in Terra's room, feigned the destruction of his Keyblade when he sparred with Aqua, and acted like a moody boy whenever Master Eraqus was around, all in the previous year. He wouldn't set up a single prank just for a single victim, right?

The brawny brun exhaled out his bad thoughts and shook his head. The chances of Ven messing with his head were very slim. Plus, the boy would have made another messy prank instead of plotting out an intricate joke that could possibly mess with his feelings. Ventus would never cross that line, let alone Aqua too.

Terra's thoughts of Ventus and pranks quickly drowned when the sound of serene humming reached his earshot. A tiny smile crept on his face involuntarily. It was too relaxing and it made his feelings intensify even more. He prevented another mental battle with his oddball conscience as he slowly entered the kitchen to avoid interrupting Aqua in whatever she was doing. He caught sight of her making cheese and tomato omelets. The aroma taunted the brunet's senses. He licked his lips and placed a hand on his toned abdomen, acknowledging his total hunger.

"Terra! Do you like omelets?"

He smacked himself in the forehead, asking himself on how long she felt his presence. She turned around and smiled at him endearingly, causing a blush to creep on his face. He couldn't tell if he preferred her without the influence of the love potion or what, with all the feelings he had teasing his every thought. He looked back at her and nodded, trying his best to look unaffected.

"Good!" she said, laughing afterwards. "I hope Ven likes these too."

"Master Eraqus wanted me to remind you about the juice," he told her. It was a relief that he remembered the reason on why he visited her in the kitchen, or she might play with his thoughts again.

"Oh? What flavor?"

"He said he wanted…" His eyes widened in shock – it was a trick!



"There's no such thing as err juice, Terra," she joked, giggling lightly afterwards. He chuckled bashfully and rubbed the nape of his neck in frustration. What juice exactly? And did they have any juice to begin with?

"Master didn't say anything," he replied softly, the heat on his face intensifying. It was bad enough that he had to face Aqua with his hormones raging. Now, he was tricked by his guardian into having a moment with Aqua and ended up humiliated because of juice.

He was too wrapped up in his thoughts to even notice Aqua waving a hand in front of his face. "Terra. Terra. Terra!"


"I said I'll prepare some," she replied. "What's distracting you lately?"

He shrugged. "Dunno. Maybe it's the potion." There was no point in lying anyway.

"The love potion? Hmm, I guess it could get your attention, especially because I drank it."

Terra's eyes widened. She was aware of her condition! Aqua probably figured out that he was surprised as well. "I feigned cluelessness because the Master would get mad if I said I knew. Plus, I guess it's pretty fun to see your reaction!" she giggled before continuing. "I'm sorry, but I guess I do like you a lot right now. Teasing comes with the territory, I guess."

"Don't say that," Terra snapped. "It's the potion. You don't like me in that way." The words were painful, but Terra appreciated the truth compared to false fantasies. Aqua looked at him in all seriousness she could gather.

"Well, I have to admit that the potion is making me say all these things. But have you ever wondered if I had feelings for you even before I drank the potion?"

If Terra lacked masculinity, he swore he fainted on the spot.

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