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Title: Primal

Summary: The Purebloods have always valued their secrets, especially Malfoy's. The story will be written as a narrative of harry, Draco ECT, then Third person. "Talking" 'thinking' "dreaming"

Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter and characters belong to J.K Rowling, I'm just you run of the mill crazy fan girl.

Warning: This contains Yaoi, Mpreg, Possessive Draco/Submissive Harry and some very graphic language. So no likey, no ready; no one's forcing you…except Draco because he wants the attention.

Chapter one

I want to break free

Walling Mountain Forest, located deep in the eastern part of Europe among the thick woods and snowy grounds. Not widely known too many people because of its hidden location, a troupe of wizards hike through the valley with quiet steps cautious of their surroundings. In their glove covered hands they hold black candles barely lighting the way as they head towards their destination. The winds howl with whispers of the intruders and the animal's yellow eyes could be seen in the brushes, watching there movements as the wizards continue to walk. Their cloaks shield them from the drizzle of rain that comes down on their heads and their dragon hide boots splash the muddy ground. The tallest of the wizards leading them face is hidden except for a small string of silver hair faintly peeking through his hood.

He turns his head slightly around to whisper to his group, stopping when it seems they've reached their destination. The ground is now clear of trees and mud; only lush, damp grass covers a circular floor large enough to fit a small cottage. In the center there lye a red circular mark with a triangle draw in the middle. A strange letter is at each point where three of the wizards go to stand. The smallest of them finds himself in the center with the last remaining wizard hiding off to the side watching the proceedings. The wizard in the middle pulls his hood off first presenting a slightly angled face with smooth features. His eyes are a grayish blue with a small hint of silver and his white blond hair is slicked back with gel.

He stands with rod straight shoulders, clasping his hands behind his back staring ahead with a blank look on his face. The other three wizards lift their hands up in unison, while holding the candle indirectly in front of their face, chanting an ancient spell. Slowly the wind picks up swirling around the youngest wizard, making loose branches and leaves lift around his form. The words coming from the wizard's mouths began to become louder with each second.

"Cresco...Falcutas...Magia...Da!" they chant over and over again watching the air become thick with magic. Their hoods are blown back suddenly as the storm spreads, reveling their faces to the darkness. The tallest wizard, at the north point, face is a sharp handsome appearance. Long silver hair trails down his back just shy of his waist and silver eyes with slightly with pointed pupils. On the east point a tall woman resembling the youngest wizard, stands concentrating. Her white blond hair is brushed up in a loose bun; she has a pointed face, a slender nose and blue eyes. The last point is occupied by a wizard with dissimilar features to the other three. His greasy black hair hangs limply on his head faintly hiding his aged face, large hooked nose and bottomless black eyes. They raise their candles higher stopping their chant and watch, breath labored, as the wizard falls to the ground in agony.

Writhing in pain, the young wizard's face begins to contort, shifting before their eyes. His once white bond hair changes to silver growing much longer. The grayish eyes bleed into a silvery color and his face changes from slightly pointed to a much more narrow. His nose becomes perfectly aligned, his jaw a more pronounced and his small stature alters allowing him to grow several inches taller. After several moments the wizard lays still hardly moving his chest. The air becomes still again reverting back to the calm forest it once was. The three wizards backup from the clearing, bringing their hoods over their heads again, keeping their eyes on the figure. The minutes that go by are agonisingly slow for them with the only sound of the forest to comfort them. Until the wizard in the center is able to stand again twitching from aftershocks and panting hard. His body is racked with sweat despite the cold chill in the air.

At last, the final wizard, who was previously leaning against a tree truck, steps into the circle. Though he continues to hide his face under the hood. His spidery fingers grab a hold of the blond wizard's wet arm producing a wand in his other hand and presses the wand unto the arm tightly, while whispering. It takes only a moment before a black wisp is brought out of the wand making the young wizard shudder in pain. Where once pale clear skin was, now lays a tattoo of a skull with a snake slithering from it's mouth. Pleased, the wizard takes his hands away and steps back walking back towards the path and disappearing from sight.

Once the wizard is gone from sight the only witch rushes to the youngest and catch him as he finally passes out from exhaustion. She cradles his head in her thin arms slowly petting his wet hair with words of comfort.

"You've done wonderful Draconis, I'm so proud you."

The wizards on the sides look at the scene with looks of pride gripping their cloaks to ward off the cold. No other words are heard just the howl of the winds continuing to carry around them.


At number 4 Privet Drive, a small raven haired wizard shivers suddenly and looks up from under his bed. Wrinkling his nose in confusion the little wizard bends back over his homework, hiding under the bed once again. His green eyes struggle to read the lines since his only light source is a candle. This year the Dursleys were even worst then last year. The second the sable haired wizard stepped into the house his belongings were snatched out of his hands and stuffed in the cupboard under the stairs. He tried to argue with them, but their voice's only became louder, then his uncle called him freak and dragged him to his room hard enough to leave bruises.

As soon as he was shoved into his tiny bedroom, they slammed the door shut locking him in, only allowing him to come out for short bathroom breaks three times a day. A few days went by before they even allowed him to do his chores, which confused the wizard. The only up side to having this much alone time was he able to actually get his homework done on time for once.

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, defeater of You-Know-Who was the small green eyed wizard. Orphaned when he was only a child and forced to live with his only living relatives, the Dursleys. The dullest and most unpleasant people you could ever meet. If it wasn't for Harry being a wizard he was positive he'd be just as horrible as them. However Harry Potter was a sweet, loving, and understanding boy. He was also brave to a T and very stubborn with a fiery temper. Entering his fifth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry stood at a stature of 5'5. His face held bright green eyes lye concealed by ugly horn rimmed glasses, disheveled short black hair, and smooth pale skin. His appearance was also faintly muscular showing signs of his maturing into an adult.

Putting the finishing touches on his potion essay, Harry dug around in the loose floor board searching for a new parchment. During the beginning of the summer Harry found an opening to sneak downstairs and steal back his school supplies. He grinned when the locked was opened from the bobby pin he discovered on the bathroom floor. He had caught the Weasley twins picking Filch's locked door on one of his many late night walks and asked them to teach him. Before he left school he could practically break into anything with help of only a bobby pin. With his things back Harry could finally complete his summer homework and not end up cramming everything together at the last minute on the train.

Flipping his transfiguration book to chapter 12 he began his essay for Professor McGonagall, knowing hers would take the longest. The raven haired wizard had been up all night researching without having had dinner. His stomach growled ever few minutes to remind him of his hunger, which made getting his homework done harder. The Dursleys were entertaining company that night so they had "forgotten "to feed him, he wasn't all that surprised.

"The least they could have done was send up some leftovers," he whispered quietly as hears his stomach growl for the fifth time since beginning his essays.

The Weasleys hadn't connected him at all this summer and neither had his best friend Hermione. The only one, strangely enough, that wrote him at all was Neville Longbottom. He didn't have anything against the portly Gryffindor; it was just that he wasn't that friendly with his roommate. He spoke to him and hung out when Seamus or Dean were around, but other then that they never had a chance to talk one-on-one. However when he was boarding the Hogwarts Express at the end of the year, Neville stopped him to say he believed Harry no matter what people said. So taken by shock it took him awhile to reply back, then days later Hedwig delivered him a letter addressed from Neville asking him about his summer so far. Since then they've been sending letters back and fourth, he even sent Harry some cakes his Grandmother made for him. Those ran out days ago, due to the Durselys bad memory this summer.

Harry quickly blows out the candle when a shadow pasts his door, shifting his weight towards the wall. It was two a.m. now and if his Uncle caught him with his books, he didn't even want to image what would happen. The hard thumps of footsteps could be heard going downstairs and after ten minutes coming back upstairs with the sound of a door shutting. Taking his lighter from under his arm, the Gryffindor lights his candle again, so that he can finish his homework.

An hour goes by before the shiver he felt earlier rise up with his magic again. It felt bizarre, like an electric current tingling through his body. He didn't know what it was and he'd been sensing it all night. Harry would have written to Dumbledore, except the small wizard could imagin that the headmaster wouldn't have much to say about it. The green eyed wizard shrugged off the feeling until a sharp pain rips through his body causing him to roll from under the bed with a hiss. He blinks rapidly trying to get up when another abrupt ache leaves him cringing on the hard wood floor. The raven bites his tongue to keep from screaming as the pain gets worse, making his head throb and his body shake in agony. Blood quickly fills his mouth when he bit down on his tongue while closing his eyes to ward off the extreme pain that was arcing through his system.

'Wha…what's happening to me?' he thinks when the pain increases. The little Gryffindor never notices his body slowly changing. His raven hair deepens to a blue black color; becoming shoulder length. His eyes goes from a forest green to emerald, making them shine, his face change to have a more feminine structure, which give him a soft pink color to his cheeks and red pouty lips. And at last his height shirks down to 5'2.

When the Boy-Who-Lived stops shivering, the last thought that crosses his mind before he passes out is, 'Why me?'


Dumbledore couldn't have been more content if someone were to make everything lemon flavored. He sat in his office at Hogwarts sipping his tea watching the wards of 4 Privet Drive. His little weapon hadn't had a single letter from his friends, thanks to a certain Great wizard, which pleased the headmaster soundly. He told the two in his most grandfatherly tone that contacting Harry would endanger his safety and the Gryffindors believed him. It was sometimes just too easy. The old headmaster goes to stands up from his desk walking towards the fireplace; he takes a pinch of Floo Powder and throws it in with a yell for.

"Severus Snape's office."

The fire flickers green and a minute passes before the surly wizard sticks his head through the fireplace with a sigh.

"Headmaster, this had better be of up most importance, because as you can clearly see it's three a.m. and I am extremely tired."

Waving off the comment, Dumbledore looks at the snarky Potions Master with a bright twinkle in his eye and smiles, "Severus my boy, you're running a tad late? Was the meeting long?"

Feeling extremely temped to roll his eyes at the headmaster, Snape replies, "I apologies Albus. However, the Dark Lord was bringing an exceptionally valuable recruit into the Inner Circle tonight, and you know how fond he is of flashy performances."

The great wizard walks back to sit in his chair folding his hands on his desk and sitting his chin on his stapled fingers

"Is that so Severus? Who, if I might ask, was this important new recruit?"

A sneer appears on the greasy haired man face as he looks to the corner, "That sir I am unable to tell you," Snape snarls.

The twinkle in the headmaster eyes brightens and he leans forward slightly, "And why prey tell is it you can't, Severus?"

Just as the black haired man begins to reply, the wards around 4 Privet Drive go off, blaring loud bells and whistles. The headmaster turns to the old device with narrowed eyes and stands abruptly rounding the desk in a hurry.

"I see, I think it's best if you come through, my boy."

The Potions Master doesn't resist the urge to roll his eyes this time and pulls his head out, coming through the fireplace the next minute. Dusting his robes of any ashes, Severus stands tall and scowls at the old man running around.

"Severus, I need you to go check on Harry tonight, it looks as if there may be a problem."

Albus just manages to turn off the last alarm when he sees Severus giving the most horrified face the man could make.

"Excuse me headmaster, it appears I may have heard you wrong, but did you say you want me to…"Check on Potter?"

"That is correct Severus, now if you wouldn't mind hurrying, my boy. I'm sure you can handle this matter quickly," replies the headmaster as he turns fully towards the sour looking Potions Master with a warm smile.

A sigh escapes the Potions Master's lips and he swirls around in a bat like fashion to walk towards the door. Just as he is about to touch the handle, Dumbledore, who goes to sit down again, yells, "And Severus if you could be a just a bit out of your character for once while checking young Mr. Potter it would be most appreciated."

The greasy haired man simply growls lowly muttering about spoiled brats and steps out the office without turning around, slamming the door. Proving he could indeed act very out of character.

As soon as the black haired man exits an unfamiliar glint enters the usually jolly man's eye. Leaning back he wears a thoughtful look on his face, he reaches his wrinkled hand out to grab a Lemon Drop from the crystal dish on his desk and tosses the sour treat inside his mouth.

"Hmm…It appears I may need to remind Severus of his place again," He whispers quietly.

Closing his eyes, Dumbledore begins to plan.


A dark wisp materializes upon the entrance of one Severus Snape. He couldn't possibly put into words how much he hated the Headmaster at this moment. The loony old man actually thought that at 3:00 a.m. now 3:54a.m. He, Severus, wanted to come into contact with the bane of his existence. He didn't want to be around the boy at a more pleasurable hour, but this early in the morning would surely be a test for his patience.

Quiet footsteps are hardly heard as he walks past the countless grey houses of Privet Drive. The man sneers at the plainness of the street and speeds up his pace.

'Muggles could truly be unremarkable at times' thinks the sour wizard.

There wasn't a single thing unique about Privet Drive, except for the minor change in a mailbox or the flowers within each yard. But there was nothing that could be distinguished between one house to the other.

His pace slows and he stands in front of number 4 four Privet Drive, coming to a complete stop. His wand hand arches around the silent house, searching for any intruders with a spell. Satisfied with his work he glides to the front door.

"Alohomora," whispers the onyx eyed wizard.

He opens the door with a soundless click and steps inside silently. Stepping over the thresh-hold he takes in his surroundings with narrow eyes. The off-white walls is littered with pictures of a large man that resembles a hog, a woman whose face is similar to that of a horse and a boy who takes after the pig man. Not seeing any photos of the Boy-Who-Lived, the Potions Master shrugs it off, thinking that the boy was probably too good to be a part of the collection. He strides up the staircase, wand in hand, stopping at the first door. Taking in the many locks and cat flap he can't help but have his curiosity peaked. The black haired man makes quick work of the locks and pushes the door open with a soft hiss.

Never in Severus Snape's wildest dreams would he have ever thought that he'd see Harry Potter in the position he was currently in. Many times he had entertained the thought of seeing the reckless hero fall; however this was beyond nightmarish. There in the middle of the filthy floor lay Potter, unconscious. His chest took in shallow breaths of air with a long black hair fanned out across his face. There were some blood littering the floor and on the boys fingers.

The man furrowed his brows trying to remember if the boy was always this small. He kneels beside the raven haired boy, brushing his hair aside to make out his face. Holding in a gasp, the aged man finds harry to look very different from when Severus last saw him. Instead of the scrawny, shy boy he was use to despising, lay a feminine young man. His figure, once awkward, was now petite and his heart shaped face, dare he think it, cute. The Potions Master can't help but sit down, fully in shock as he takes in the new Potter. He tries and thinks of all the possible reasons for this change, reanalyzing everything he knew of the family history of the Potters, but came up with nothing usual.

As time passed with the greasy haired wizard trying to deliberate any possible reason for Potter's latest change in appearance, a door opening down the hall startles the man. The loud thumps of footsteps echoes across the room and the following noise descends downstairs. The Potions Master mutters a hushed tempus, seeing that it's almost time for sunrise. Thinking quickly, Snape mummers "Silencio."

Inside Potter's room, he stands gracefully back up and walks over to the bed snatching the flimsy blanket. He saunters back towards the boy and wraps him up tightly. Afterwards the onyx eyed wizard summons all of Potter's things, which come out from under the bed, to his suitcase and levitates it to his other hand.

Shrinking the suitcase and other items, Severus places them in his pocket. Next he goes over to the bird cage and opens it so that he could free the bird, certain the owl could find Potter, and shrinks the cage down with the rest of Potter's things. Confident that he had everything, he carefully picks up Potter and strides back out of the room towards the door. He reaches the hallway he could hear the muggle just getting up and without turning back, he walks out with the bird not to far behind.

While he walks away with Potter and his belongings, Severus thinks of where to go. He knew that bringing the boy back to the headmaster would relieve him of this burden, but some force was holding him back from doing so after seeing the boy. He couldn't hide Potter in his rooms since the headmaster always knew what went on in the school and taking him back to prince manor would leave him alone, which wasn't an option. A soft breath escaped the greasy haired wizard's mouth for the second time that night as he thinks of the only place the aged old wizard would never look for the boy. He just hoped that this wouldn't be the most idiotic idea he ever had and he disparate away, leaving the dreary lane of number 4 Privet Drive.

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