Poisonous Cereal

Poisonous Cereal: Into the Sunset

The guys made their way to the alter standing in order with Jared standing next to the suddenly nervous groom. The groom was dressed in an all-white mandarin collar suit to match the beautiful bride. The groomsman wore the same suit but navy blue with royal blue ties, handkerchiefs, and flowers to match the bridesmaids.

The music began to play signaling the bridal party's entrance led by Clair, who skipped down the entire aisle as she threw white and blue rose petals. Following the flower girl were the bridesmaids who wore silk halter royal blue gowns with a small train with rhinestones lightly feathered on the dress, thinning out at the bottom. Each of them had spiral curls that looked like each strand was carefully curled and placed in its destination thanks to Rosalie.

The music changed and the lights dimmed alerting the guests to stand and receive the beautiful bride. When she stepped into view the guests gasped and cameras started to flash so much it looked as if the room was being attacked by strobe lights, but her focus was on the groom, her soon to be husband. She was wearing a strapless white wedding gown with a sweetheart neckline that fit snuggly from the bust to the waist with a small rose type detail just below the bust; just below her hips it flared out into rows of ruffles leading into a train. The vale was just as long as the train and had a small row of ruffles near her bottom and again at the end. Her hair was in a bunch of curls rolled and pinned up on a diagonal with a diamond encrusted hair pin.

As the groom watched the bride make her way to him, his breath hitched when he took in the site of his soon to be wife. What caught his attention were her glowing hazel eyes that were enhanced because of the dark eye shadow. As he stood there watching her and her watching him, everything and everyone else disappeared. There were no candles placed at the end of each aisle, no music playing from the speakers, no guests occupying seats, no groomsman or bridesmaids, not the church they were standing in, not even her escort who was walking right next to the bride. The only thing that mattered and the only thing he saw was her and her him.

He couldn't believe after all this time she, of all people, would be standing in front of him looking like a goddess ready to marry him; he felt like he was in a dream. As he took her hand he felt as surge of power and fire run through him and by the look on her face she felt it too.

The pastor along with Billy, as the chief of the tribe, began the ceremony…

"Do you Paul take Leah to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, to honor and protect as long as you both choose to live?"-Billy said; the crowd was too caught up to catch "choose to live"; them being shifters means they can live with each other for the rest of forever if they choose.

"As long as she stops bitching about cereal and milk yeah I do!"-Paul said grinning and earned a glare from the pastor for cussing in his church. The pack just shook their heads and tried to keep from laughing.

"Dude how long do you think those two will last? I say til after the honeymoon."-Embry whispered to Jacob, but all the wolves heard and Paul growled lowly.

"You know what? I think they'll surprise us and last forever."-Jacob whispered back.

"What, why? Those two are always at each other's throats. I mean come on they were not only arguing not twenty minutes ago in the forest, but right now…at the altar."-Embry responded earning a growl from Leah this time.

"Exactly they're both violent, short tempered, stubborn, and hate everything; yet, they are still together. If they aren't perfect for each other I don't know who is. They might fight, argue, and drive each other crazy, but that only adds to the passion and love they feel for each other. They know what they have and value it, not to mention will kill anyone who says otherwise or tries to get between them. Bella learned that the hard way, may she rest in peace. They've seen each other at their lows and highs not to mention in their heads; trust me their love is more pure, stronger than any of ours…imprint or not." he glimpsed at Sam "They might not be imprinted on each other, but they sure as hell were made for each other, so yeah their marriage isn't ending now or in the future."-Jacob said earning a smile from Leah.

"Besides who else can put up with them?"-he added, this time earning a sly middle finger that she covered by pretending to wipe a tear.

"When you put it that way yeah I guess you're right, not to mention the wild and crazy make up sex they're gonna have."-Embry said earning a punch in the back from Seth.

"And do you Leah take Paul to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, to honor and protect as long as you both shall live?"-the Pastor asked

"No,"-Leah said and everyone gasped and eyes bugged out in disbelief. Paul started to tremble from an equal amount of anger and devastation. His entire world was crumbling in front of him for all his friends and family to see. Before he could stop it a small tear ran down his cheek.

"Never mind I take it back."-a stunned Embry whispered to an even more stunned Jacob.

"Um…"-both the pastor and Billy replied, at a lost for what to do.

"What-"-Paul started, but had to stop because he could barely speak with how tight his throat was. Jared put his hand on his shoulder for support as he tried again.

"What do you mean no?"-He barely got out this time.

"I mean no as in negative, not happening."-Leah responded

"Wha…but…I…we…"-Paul couldn't even form a complete sentence he was so upset.

"If you wouldn't have cut me off you would have heard the rest."-Leah said

"What the hell else is there to say Leah?"-Paul was getting mad now.

"No I won't marry you, unless, you agree to pay me back for my milk and cereal."

Everyone who didn't know about their argument looked confused, but the rest shook their heads remembering it was Paul and Leah after all. Paul just looked relieved and gave a small smile.

"Damn, fine, I'll buy you some more milk and cereal!"-Paul said a little annoyed, I mean she scared him half to death!

"No, two deluxe family size boxes of peanut butter Captain Crunch and two deluxe family sized gallons of milk."


"And an apology"

"Oh my God sorry damn!"-Paul said getting frustrated, but couldn't help but laugh.

"Say it nicely and like you mean it Paulie."-Leah said batting her eyelashes.

"Leah, baby I am so sorry for spoiling your milk and eating your cereal it was rude of me and I should have asked first."-Paul said in the sexiest, sweetest voice Leah or any other woman present has ever heard from Paul or any man come to think of it. The packs too, minus the sexy bit. The men looked at Paul like he said he imprinted on a vampire while the women awed and wiped their tears. Leah couldn't help but blush and try to further hide under her vale.

"Thank you Paulie"-she said genuinely sweet this time and smiled making him melt.

"No problem baby, I'll even make it up to you on the honeymoon."-Paul said in the same voice, winking, making the women swoon and Leah's blush deepen.

"Back off bitches he's mine!"-Leah said to the women in the audience.

The pack howled and whistled, Seth looked mortified and covered his ears while Sam looked sad but still offered a small smile; Billy smiled while the pastor blushed furiously and cleared his throat.

"Ok then…let's try that again. Do you-"-he was cut off by Paul.

"She better!"-he said and growled playfully only for the wolves and Rosalie, her maid of honor, to hear. The pastor continued as if Paul said nothing.

"Leah take Paul to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, to honor and protect as long as you both shall live?"

"I do!"-she said beaming at Paul.

"Then by the power-"The pastor was cut off again this time by Paul trying to grab Leah and kiss her already. Billy along with everyone else laughed while Jared pulled him back.

"Paul man you can wait like three more seconds."-Jared said chuckling at his anxious friend.

"No I can't and if he doesn't hurry up I'm gonna phase and rip his fucking face off!"-Paul growled a little too loud because the pastor looked mortified. Billy shook his head, but was smart enough to move out of the way towards the groomsmen and let the pastor finish the ceremony alone.

"Bythepowerevestedinme byGodourcreator Inowpronounceyou husbandandwife! You may now please kiss the bride!"-the pastor said so quickly and in such a panic it came out in a jumble of incoherent words, but that was good enough for Paul.

Before Leah could blink, Paul grabbed her by the waist and yanked her flush against him with one arm, while the other tossed her vale back. He bent her back and kissed her passionately like there was no tomorrow or a crowd of people watching. The pack hooted and hollered while Seth covered his eyes and the crowd cheered.

Paul deepened and kept kissing her and took a little too long and became a little too into it because he had to be yanked off of Leah by a disgusted Seth while everyone else laughed.

"You aren't at the honeymoon yet."-Seth said

"Just use the back of the limo, it's plenty of space!"-Jacob called out.

"Eww dude, brother of the bride in the room, gah!"-Seth threw his hands in the air.

"Ladies and gentlemen I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meraz!"-Billy announced as everyone stood and cheered.

Paul gently held Leah's hand as he helped her down the steps and walked her up the aisle. When they got to the hall they had privacy for a few minutes while everyone made their way out, so he pulled her into the side room.

"I know how scared you were to marry me because I never imprinted and because of how you felt after Sam, but I want you to know how honored I am that you married me."-Paul said with nothing but pure love and adoration in his eyes as he held Leah protectively in his arms where she belonged.

"I know and I'm honored you wanted to marry me despite my insecurities."-Leah said with tears in her eyes, truly grateful for Paul.

"You are the most beautiful being I have ever seen and my heart beats like it's going to explode every time I see you, hear you, or someone just mentions you still after all this time we've known each other and been together."-Paul said teary eyed, not being able to hold in his deeply seeded love for her.

"Jacob was right, even though we aren't imprinted on each other we are still made for each other."-Leah said letting the tears fall now. Paul tightened his grip on his wife and kissed her on the top of the head then each eye to catch her tears.

"I don't think you will ever know just how much I love you baby. You mean everything to me and I'll do everything in my power to make you happy, no scratch that make you the happiest wolf, vampire, or human on the planet and any other planet in the solar system. I would die to keep you safe."- Paul said seriously letting his own tears fall now; only in front of Leah would he or could he show this rare side of himself.

"I know and I will live to keep you happy."-Leah said looking into his grey hypnotizing eyes that looked even more mesmerizing with tears.

"You just became my wife, so you already have."-he said before kissing her.

The bridal party finally made it to the hall and with their wolf and vampire hearing heard everything those two said.

"I told you so. Forever"-Jacob smiled smugly at Embry who in turn rolled his eyes, but knew he couldn't argue after hearing what they just spoke to one another.

They broke away from the kiss and stood wrapped in each other's arms while looking into each other's eyes.

"I love you Paul."-Leah whispered and Paul tightened his grip around her.

"I love you to Mrs. Meraz."- he whispered against her lips before getting lost in their slow passionate, love filled kiss then walking off in the sunset, only this time with each other.

Storms can be scary, but the aftermath can be a beautiful thing!

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