Descending Upon the Winding Road

In a whirlwind of events I'm suddenly out, my feet upon worn road

It twists and winds and disappears, leading me to unknown.

Adventure took me by surprise

Took my hand

Opened my eyes

Before I knew it I was gone, far from the places I knew so long

I turn my back to return, but the horizon blocks my view

"You must continue!" Screams the wind, banshee screams into the blue.

It twists and winds and disappears, pulling me away.

I fight and struggle against my ties unwillingly 'till morning's rise

When white dawn breaks I close my eyes and think of that I left behind

But I find the sun never comes, and darkness holds sway

I must toil on; continue on, for there's no other way

"I'm lost!" I cry to anyone, but they act like they cannot see

"Where's the road that leads to home?" But no one turns to me

I'm on a road that twists and winds and disappears leading me into a darkening abyss.

The breath barley stays in my lungs as rocky mountains befall

I look atop each craggy cliff, knowing I must climb all

Where am I going? I hoarsly ask

When does the pain start slowing?

It calls my name, the wind, it does

It becons, draws, yet has no cause

Save for leaving me naked in this world of black

All I want is to go back

But no say have I on this road that twists and winds and disapears pulling me from the light.

Then suddenly when all goes dark a ray shines through the curtain

Someones guilding me, some one kind, of whom I am not certain

But I think things maybe alright

As the sun breaks and shatters night

It no longer screams, begs for me to carry on

The glowing white, soft and pristime, fills my head with song

And then, I'm aware that I lie still upon a feather bed

With hestitant thoughts I open my eyes and begin to raise my head

I'm on a pathway that rises and curves in gental slopes... back to home

Hope you liked it! My brother helped me on the fourth verse. Then my mom came over and told me it was too depressing, so I added the last verse. Oh my family... Please R&R!