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One thing Naru loved about his Girlfriend Mai Taniyama was her ability to make amazing tea.

Now some may say that there no such thing has the perfect cup of tea, but to Naru there was such a thing. She made it like everyone else did, but always mange to come out better than if you went to a café to have a cup. Perhaps the sweet girl really made her own special blend , but simply never disclose the magic for it.

Naru heard the bell singling someone coming in and heard the sweet voice of Mai announcing her arrival to work. When Mai came in the door happy to get to work and see her boyfriend "wow, can't believe it, am dating Naru now." With a quick look around she saw the kitchen and headed towards it knowiing Naru like her tea the best, not that she did anything special to it. She was busy humming along to a song she had in her head when she jumped slightly when two arms went around her waist suddenly. "Naru you scared me" Mai calmed herself down while looking at her boyfriend dark blue eyes, still holding a smirk in them. "Ah Mai you astound me, this is why you have to have a better since of your surroundings."He gently took a strand of hair that had fallen and tucked I back behind her ear.

"Oh Mai" Mai gave him, her full attention waiting for him to continue on "Yes, Naru what you need"

"You need to pay attention, the tea pot over flowing" Mia quickly turned to where she was filling the tea pot with water. Seeing The water already been well past the rim and over flowing, "Ahh Naru you Jerk, look what you made me do ." Mai quickly turned off the faucet and pouring off excess water into the sink, meanwhile Naru smirked has he watched her quickly put the pot on the small stove. Turning it on and wait silently for it to single it was ready.

He turned back to exit the kitchen, entering his office and sat down opening a file that lay there. Smirking to himself "Mai really makes the Best Tea" he thought. The door open a few moment later and the girl he was thinking of enter the room. "Here you go Naru, one special cup of tea" Mai gave him her signature smile. She left in a twirl leaving Naru to his Thoughts. The hint of Early gray and a sweet undertone he always got when Mai made his tea.

"She really Make the best Tea" he thought while have a nice sip of the beverage smile softly to himself.

Hope you LIke it , a simple story that was in my head .

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