Some shameless terrible phone sex that came out of nowhere one day. XD

Fun Fact: This was supposed to be fluff at first, but once I started writing, the boys got horny and decided to have phone sex instead. Which is all fine and grand...except I was writing it in French class, so it quickly became a game of "Finish writing this as quickly as possible before someone sees and also pile every book I own on top of the paper so no one can read it and oh dear lord, Madame, DO NOT COME OVER HERE AND LOOK AT WHAT I AM WORKING ON."


Evan and Ethan


Enjoy. :)


"Hey, babe."

"Hi, loves. How are you?"

"We're good."

"But we miss you."

"I miss you too. How's Windsor? You haven't blown it up yet, have you?"


"Well there was a tiny fire last week."

"But we were almost completely innocent."

"You haven't been innocent for a long time."

"It's almost sad that we know you so well-"

"-that we can hear you smirking."

"Like I said, I miss you."

"How much?"

"Now I can hear you smirking."

"That didn't answer our question, oh beloved Queen of Hearts."

"I'm supposed to be studying. Now is hardly the time for describing how badly I…miss you."

"College is way too easy for you and you know it."

"You can take a break from studying for a few minutes."

"How do you know I want to?"

"Like you said…you miss us."

"And we're so lonely without you, Charlie…"

"We haven't been able to stop thinking about you."

"And what have you been thinking about?"

"Your mouth…"

"Your hot, wet mouth kissing and licking down our bodies…"

"Your perfect, strong hands tugging on our hair as we touch you in all the places that make you shiver and moan and beg…"


"You're breathing a little differently, babe…"

"Have you been thinking about us too?"

"God yes…"

"What have you been thinking?"

"I've been thinking about how badly I want to feel you against me…how amazing your bodies feel arching and writhing when I touch you…those gorgeous faces you make when you're crying out my name…"

"…What else…?"

"I want you to slam me against the wall, the way you did on Christmas last year when we went to that party at your parents' house and snuck into the coat closet…I want to feel you everywhere, touching and kissing and sucking me…fuck, Evan, Ethan…I want you inside me so badly…"

"Come home this weekend."


"Our parents are in Greece."

"The house is empty…"

"Let us show you how much we miss you…"

"…I will be there if I have to crawl the entire way….but what about until then?"

"Until then…"

"We can talk on the phone some more…"

"You were saying something about wanting us inside you...?"

"Yes…I was…"