Chapter 1

Snape had been walking down Privet drive, it was late, and the sun had already set. His long black robes were billowing behind him. If anyone had looked out there window, they would have thought they had seen an apparition. Snape was looking at the numbers on the houses, 10, 8, 6, then finally, number 4. He turned up the driveway and frowned to see the car gone, he recognized it as meaning the Muggles were out, but perhaps the boy was still in there. He went up to the door and nocked. He was rather surprised to see a small woman with a horse-like face open the door. The look on her face was that of pure terror.

"You…" She said, recognizing him from her childhood. Snape sneered.

"Petunia." He said with disgust, remembering Lily's sister.

"W…what do you want?" She asked closing the door slightly; Snape put his foot in the way, keeping it ajar.

"I was sent by Professor Dumbledore to retrieve Potter." He said flatly. Petunia went even paler.

"Potter…" She repeated, almost to herself. Snape frowned again, there was something wrong.

"Where is he?" he asked, shoving his way into the house.

"He….he…" She stammered, flicking her eyes to a cupboard under the stairs. Snape quickly moved over to it and tried to pull it open, it was locked. He pulled out his wand, Petunia gasping, and unlocked the door without a word. He ducked to step in and saw Potter, the wonder boy, the chosen one, lying on the floor, naked, and blood everywhere.