Author's note: Sorry for the wait, but I have written and re-written this chapter about twenty times and this is the one I was most happy with. I hope you like it, please send me a review and I am hoping to get the next chap up soon. (Warning Lots of smut acomming, )

Chapter 25:

Darkness. Severus was walking in a black sea, he could see nothing around him and all he could do was walk forward. He could faintly hear Harry's voice echoing, but were was he? Were was his husband?

"Severus..." Severus froze at the hissing voice, looking around him frantically, reaching for his wand, it wasn't there.

"You can't fight me Severus." The voice said again, louder, closer. "You never could and you never will. I know your weakness, Severus"

Snape turned around and saw the pale face of He Who Must not be Named, The Dark Lord, Voldemort. Severus was about to say something, or perhaps scream, when a cold hand covered his mouth and he was forced to the ground. Severus shivered, his hair and clothes now drenched in freezing cold water. He felt that ice hand slide under his robes, and despite his struggle, he could not move, and his call for help froze in his chest. He hand pulled away from his mouth and moved with the other to drag long, sharp nails down his chest, drawing pain and blood.

"Does he know, Severus?" The Dark Lord hissed in his ear. "Does your young lover know who, what has touched you?" Severus shivered, trying to move to scream, anything to get away from those roaming hands and those red eyes but all he could do was look, to watch as more pale skin came out from under those tattered robes, more flesh pressed against his. He felt a hot tear slide down his cheek, and a hot, searing pain in his shoulder. He managed to catch a glimpse of green and black scales go past his head as the snakes slithered over his chest. They slithered down him, and between his legs, wrapping around them and pulling them apart as Voldemort dug his nails into his hips.

As the cold, hard flesh pierced into him, the spell keeping him quiet and Severus screamed.


"Severus!" Harry called, shaking his husband violently, trying to wake him. "Severus wake up!"

Severus' eyes opened and he sat up in a rough jerk, nearly knocking Harry back. Severus sat there, shaking, for a moment before burying his face in his hands and breathing hard. Harry stared at him before pulling him to his chest. Severus clutched to Harry, taking in shaky breathes, trying to calm his pounding heart. Harry didn't say a thing, he just held him, his own eyes starting to hurt as he tried to hold back his tears, brought to him by his own dark dream. The dream of Voldemort, taking what was his, taking his Severus, and it burned him to the point of pain, and he never wanted to see that again. He would never let it happen.

"Harry?" Severus' soft voice brought Harry out of his thoughts and he looked at him.

"Yes Severus?" Harry said, smiling and brushing that dark hair back, out of his face.

"Do you..." Severus trailed off and bit his lip, his face flushing. Harry's heart leaped up in his throat.

"Do I..what?" Harry asked, licking his lips. Severus pressed his lips together, and looked away.

"Did you...mean it when you said you loved me?" Severus mumbled, his heart hurting slightly. Harry gaped slightly and smiled, touching Severus' cheeks and making him look up at him.

"Yes...I did." Harry said, warmly, truthfully. Severus smiled and leaned against Harry, closing his eyes.

"I know..." Severus said, causing Harry to look at him. "I love you too."

Harry smiled back and kissed Severus' hair.

"I know." Harry replied. Severus gave a small chuckle and sat up, wiping tears out of his eyes.

"I think I need a drink." He said, causing Harry to laugh.

"'s only noon." Harry said, looking at the clock. Severus sighed and brushed his hair back.

"Maybe a shower then." Severus said, looking at the still soiled bed-sheets, and tracing a finger over the rope burns on his wrists. Harry smiled and took Severus' hand in his own and kissed his wrist.

"Do they hurt?" He asked, and Severus shook his head.

"No Harry." He said smiling. "I know you won't hurt me."

Harry stared at Severus as he got up and walked into the bathroom. Harry sat alone in bed for a moment, listening to the sound of the shower starting. Severus was acting strangely. First having him wake up in a such a fit of panic, and now all this? What was going on? Harry thought for a moment on his dream. Was it possible that he had some how seen part of Severus' dream? Was that what scared him so much? Was that why he asked, why he needed to hear that Harry actually loved him? To know that he would never get hurt like that by him? Harry shook his head, even if that were true, what did it mean that Severus had that kind of dream? What had brought it on? Did Harry do something to scare him? Or was it something else? Harry sighed and flopped back on the bed and closed his eyes, the images of his dream coming back to him. Those pale hands on Severus' warm skin, those snakes moving over him, biting him, touching him on their Masters command. The thought of it make Harry's stomach turn. Severus was HIS, and he would never, Never, let someone hurt him.

Harry opened his eyes and jumped out of bed and walked to the bathroom, opening the door. The room was full of hot steam, Severus' jeans were hanging out of the hamper. Harry looked at the shower and could make out Severus' thin shape through the fogged glass. Harry moved forward and slid it open. Severus turned, the water beating against his chest as the soap slid down his body.

"Harry?" Severus asked. "Is everything oka-"

Severus was cut off when Harry pulled him into a kiss, stepping into the shower, clothes and all. Severus took a step back, up against the wall as he tried to keep his balance. Harry would not let go of him, and just wrapped his arms around him tighter. Severus smiled and kissed him back, giving in to his husbands desire.