Daddy Dearest

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It was basically Finland's secret weapon. Of all the little sexy tricks in his arsenal, Finland knew the power of that one little word. Sweden would drop everything, literally everything, and turn around and give Finland an awesome, mind-blowing fucking.

Finland also knew that he couldn't overuse his precious word in fear of Berwald's amazing reaction lessening over time. So it was saved for extremely special occasions.

Sometimes Sweden would do something sweet for Sealand, and Finland would kiss him on the cheek and tell him he was a great pappa. Sweden would flush and try to downplay his actions, which was super adorable. It also was nice because Finland could compliment his husband's sweet gestures without sending his blood boiling. That was nice, especially because Finland did not want to give Berwald a raging boner in front of their son. Sealand did not need to see his pappa giving mamma a fucking over the kitchen table. Just no.

But when Sealand was out and Finland was in the mood, it was just so easy to get Berwald turned on. Finland could do that anyway; just saunter up and sit in his lap and give Sweden his best bedroom eyes, and Sweden would pick him up and carry him somewhere they could be alone.

That was not the power of Finland's word. Finland had to prepare for his word. He'd always make sure he was lubed and stretched before approaching Sweden. Always.

"Daddy" was an invitation for the hardest fucking Sweden could give. No kisses and no caresses, just straight up cock pounding inside him at a relentless pace. And spankings.

Finland usually couldn't walk the next day, and Sweden typically felt kind of terrible for all the bruises covering his lover's hips. Finland did not give a fuck.

It was just awesome. Usually he could feel the stretch for maybe a day or two, but daddy-fucking stretches lasted for at least a week.

It was like America's comic book character, the Hulk. One word to Sweden and his pupils would darken and his nostrils would flare and Finland would find himself being pummeled within thirty seconds. Anywhere.

With great power comes great responsibility, so Finland knew not to use his word when they were on a crowded bus or in condensed populated areas, but side streets were okay.

Sweden would fuck him so hard he'd see stars. Finland could come, and Sweden wouldn't stop. He'd just keep on ramming his cock in until he came, and sometimes Finland could come three times before Sweden finished. The oversensitive period between orgasms was painful-good, but Finland loved the fact that Sweden was so caught up in the sex he didn't even care. It was so hot.

The word also meant no stopping. Finland knew that. Sweden was a very caring man, but Finland was provoking the beast and knew better than to try to say no halfway through.

It was a little funny how a word like daddy could turn Sweden on so much he'd forget about anything else, but Finland was not complaining. At all.

It had been in the evening. Finland had been daydreaming and ended up really wanting a spanking. He remembered being kind of embarrassed about asking Sweden, but he'd really wanted it.

So he'd coyly copied the porn star's sentence word-for-word: "Spank me, daddy?"

Finland had never seen Sweden move so fast. He dropped the book he was reading like it was red-hot and hauled Finland across his lap.

Finland had been spanked and fucked and spanked while being fucked and the next day Sweden had been so embarrassed. Finland had just sighed happily, pulling his man down for a kiss.

A/N: This was my own kink meme request and I filled it myself. lol.