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Hey everyone. Thanks to everyone who voted on my poll. I have decided that I will do two stories from it: 1 for YYH and 1 for DBZ and go with the winner for each topic and then start the other two next month. Obviously the winner for the YYH is this one, Is It You? I hope you enjoy it.

Background: I was talking to someone about Ranma 1/2 the other day and even though I've never seen it, I know a little of the plot, but mostly about the guy who can become a girl when splashed with cold water. I'm doing my own spin on it XD

"You moron!" Hiei shouted at Koenma. "You knew about her and didn't say anything? Like I always say, you're nothing but a bunch of idiots that use us to do your bidding and say it's for 'good!'"

Hiei stormed out of Koenma's office leaving Spirit World's prince tense and panicked. He had just found a file about Hiei and Yukina's case with their mother. There had been another child that day and the child was also banished as Hiei was. The strange thing was she was a girl. The ice maidens should have never banished her. It left Koenma wondering what had happened.

"Yukina, we need to talk," Hiei said appearing at the window of Genkai's compound.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Hiei. I didn't know you were coming. Would you like me to make tea?"

"No time for that," he said in a rush. "Koenma just found something out. It's about your sister."

"Sister?" Yukina asked in confusion. "Oh, Hiei, you're so silly. I only have a brother. I don't have a sister."

Hiei sighed. "Yukina, his information is not wrong."

"How do you know?" Yukina asked.

Hiei flinched. He would probably have to tell her the truth. The day he was thrown of the cliff, he remembered another baby being tossed. He had remembered most of what was going on around him, but he didn't remember the other child of his mother's being a girl. Buy they were babies. How was he to know?

"Yukina, I need to tell you something."

"Tirsa, are you going home already?" a girl asked another girl with cerulean blue hair and red eyes.

"Sorry, Suzu," Tirsa said looking outside to the rain, "but I have to get home now. It's getting cold."

"It's not that cold, Tirsa," Suzu teased. "Seriously, any time it gets just a little chilly when it rains, you go running home. Why?"

"No reason," Tirsa said nervously. "Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow."

Tirsa Raven, a demon taking refuge in Human World ever since she was a child. After living alone in Demon World for years, she managed to gather enough resources to escape to Human World and get her own apartment. Working at a resort spa on the weekends, she makes enough money to pay for all of her expenses. She hates the cold and with good reason.

Running to her apartment complex on the other end of town, she rushed out of the cold and into her apartment. After closing and locking the door she ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

"Damn it, not again," said a male's voice.