Revised November 7, 2014


I am changing the point of view from 1st to 3rd to help flow. If a chapter does not have "Revised-" at the top, it will still be in 1st person because I have not re-written it yet. I first wrote this in 2011 and I think it could use some major tweaking. The story line will otherwise remain the same, and I will delete this little portion when all the revising is done. I will try to finish as quickly as possible so it won't be confusing for too long. It will be a mess, but I hope you can have a little patients for me.

Ellis dropped from the rotting fence, the other three survivors falling at his side. All a little less happy then the young man, but that couldn't possibly be his fault.

Ellis couldn't help but let a giggle escape, earning him a sharp green glare from Nick. "It wasn't funny, kid..."

"Are you kidding me? That Hunter was fucking hilarious!" Ellis retorted back, seeing the Gambler roll his eyes as Rochelle and Coach turned their way.

"It wasn't on you. Nick wasn't having such a blast." Rochelle sighed, wiping her mud covered hands on her jeans before adjusting her rifle in her tired, sweaty grip.

"Yeah, I'm damn sure I wasn't." Nick huffed, hitting the bill of Ellis' hat until it fell over his eyes. "Now get out of my way."

Ellis frowned, but otherwise moved aside. Nick bumped his shoulder slightly, starting on a way down the ravine that led deeper into the swamp. Farther away from the over-run hotel. They hadn't found much for supplies anyway, it had been a waste of time.

Instead, a horde had broken through the tree line, a pack of hunters at the lead. The group hadn't even lifted their weapons before one was on Nick, shoving him back. All four had been forced back near to an incline, and the Hunter was small, pushing Nick back before he fell to the ground, rolling off the edge. The Hunter held Nick tight by the shoulders until they slammed into the muddy ground at the bottom.

They landed hard in the creek, and Nick immediately kicked the Hunter in the stomach, sending him over his head. The Hunter took off, dashing out of sight before Coach had made it to the shorter man's side.

And damn, it had been funny.

The group continued on as they always had, the infected thinning out the farther into the swamp they went, as if the water deterred them. Before too long the water was deep enough they were practically swimming up to their belts in muddy, filth ridden rivers. The Common couldn't swim, that much everyone knew. Only Tanks would brave the murky water. Ellis wasn't so sure of Chargers. He had never seen one drown, but he never saw one swim either.

"Damn it! My suits ruined!" Nick complained from behind, lifting his right leg out of the water to inspect the water that was filling his shoes and staining his white trousers.

"Was it supposed to stay perfectly clean, Nick?" Coach asked, raising an eyebrow. Nick rolled his eyes and moved forward, foot steps sloshing around the mud until the water was an opaque green. "No, just thought it would last longer..."

Ellis pulled his own leg hard, feeling the mud suck at his boot before giving in. Water had completely filled around his feet and he was beginning to shake. Whether it was from the cold or from exhaustion, he didn't know.

He thought about what a nice new pair of socks would feel like.

Pretty damn good, probably.

Ellis had moved his way in front of the others, feeling the cold water wash around his legs. He shivered as he heard Coach freeze quickly, tapping Ellis' shoulder with his gun.

"Watch where you're pointing that thing, man." Ellis hissed, shrugging the nose of the gun away.

"Shush!" He hissed, hitting Nick in the arm with his own as Rochelle pointed to a tree a few yards away. A crouching figure silently hopped to a different limb, hiding in its shadow. Ellis lifted his gun, looking through the scope. The Hunter froze, seeing the man's movements and knowing what they meant. Ellis let his body freeze, cross-hairs centered on the zombie's head.

He stopped.

"Look." Ellis said, lowering his gun."His eyes..."

"Ellis, you have a clear shot." Rochelle whispered, her shoulder stiff with tension.

Ellis shook his head, watching the Hunter's hands push the long, oily hair away from it's eyes. "No. He isn't attacking. What's he doing?"

Nick growled. "He isn't doing shit, Ellis, which is exactly what we want." He grabbed the gun out of Ellis' hand, aimed it quickly. The shot rang through the desolate swamp, only to be met with the sharp cry of the Hunter, which promptly fell from the tree, running ahead.

"Shit, that's the same one that jumped me! He's been following us." Nick exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air. The four of them could only watch the retreating figure, staying close to the tree line in an attempt to stay dry.

"Good going Ellis! You could have taken that thing out with one shot!" Nick yelled, rounding on the younger man. Ellis scowled and took a step back, feeling the mud under his boots give a little.

"But Nick, He-"

"No, Ellis. There was nothing about that thing that was any different from the rest. If you do that again I'll shoot you second." Nick threatened coldly.

Coach shook his head, holding up his hand. "Now Nick, calm down. We need to find a house before this downpour starts." He stepped between the two other men, beginning to march through the ice cold water that was sloshing over his thick belly.

"He was watching me, he was." Ellis interrupted, starting after the big man and slinging his gun over his shoulders.

"Shit right he was." Nick growled, staying a few steps behind Ellis, with Rochelle bringing up the rear.

So, here's the beginning of a terrifyingly long revision.

I am going to continue the sequel but it won't continue until I fix the point of view in this, the first, and what exists of the sequel.

If this is the first time you're reading, I apologize for the mess, and thanks to everyone who has left feedback and kept reading, despite my terrible 2011 writing skills.