Blossom was walking Home when all of a sudden her boy Counterpart Brick Jojo shows up and Harasses her. Oh look what we have here he said with a smirk. Shut up and leave me alone brick I'm not in the mood she said with venom in her voice. What's the rush babe? He said teasing her. Whatever Brick she walks away anger about her encounter with Brick.

Next Day…..
Blossom walks pass all the cheerleaders , but notice that their Staring at Someone none other than Brick Jojo her counterpart she sighed and Walked away. Hey Babe he called as he gets out of the crowd of Cheerleaders. She starts running as her counterpart chases her around the school yard. Get away from me Brick im serious she said with anger in her voice.
why should I listen to you blossy. He said teasing her. Im serious Brick get away from me , she said with a serious tone. Not until I do this , he pinns her up against the school wall.
get off of me you pervert she screamed. Will see about that as he leans in and kisses his blossom. N-n-no Brick she stuttered . oh yes baby I want u as he puts his hands up her skirt and pulls down her panties. B-b-b-br-ic-k what are you doing? She said with nervous ness in her voice. Something new babe he said with a smirk as he starts fumbling with her Breast through her shirt. Brick she moans. He starts sucking on her Breast as she cries at his name in pleasure that turns him on more. Then this Happens he puts his finger in her pussy and starts Pumping it which made her shaven pussy crave for more pleasure, he finally stop but rips all of her clothes off that made her blush a scarlet red.
well look who's got the hot body he spat at her as he smirks evily.
Brick! She Bitch Slap him. Grrrrrr babe your not getting away with that he spats at her. Ekkk! He pushes his 9 inch dick inside her pussy that made her body ache in pain, but that made him want her more. He pushes again but harder and he doesn't stop until she passes out , he starts pumping again which made her moan in more pleasure as she passes out from her heated sex with Brick.
Hehehehe your mine Blossy he flies off with her in his arms and disappears to his house.

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