Soul Eater: Increase the Beat!

Chapter 1: The Scythe and Immortal

Victor Albarn was standing in the rain.

He did not care that his clothes were soaked through or his pink hair ( Dyed black ) was plastered to his skin.

His silver gaze was focused on the graves before him. He smiled a little as memories washed threw his mind.

His 5th birthday, the day he got his favourite toy from Auntie Patty

The day he joined DWMA and met Tabitha his Meister.

The day his parents got married, with himself trying to comfort his weeping grandfather.

The day he became a Death Scythe after slaying Maba Queen of Witches.

Days he made his Parents smile and laugh and be proud of him. Tears crawl down his cheek, mixed with the rain.

How long had it been, since he saw them smile? How long had it been since Tabitha vanished? How long had it been since he told someone he loved them?

Time moved forward and he stayed. His Witches blood did not allow him to age and he was forced to watch his family vanish as the world entered a new era.

Victor felt something stop the rain.

" You might catch a cold." a familiar voice said to him. Victor wondered why he would not leave him alone.

" I don't get sick Werewolf." He said as the immortal sheltered them from the rain with a large umbrella.

Free quirked a eyebrow at the Weapon. " You sound as if you want to."

" It would make me feel human." was the reply and Free shook his head. He had met Victor when he and Eruka broke out of prison and just like when Free met a certain student in London, all those years ago.

Free ended up falling off a bridge… again.

" I heard DWMA is taking in new students this year." The Werewolf said, changing the subject.

" Yeah. Shinigami-sama has noticed the sudden increase in Pre-Kishin numbers."

" Its not your friend is it?" Free winced when he said that. It was a touchy subject.

" No GYRUS is still in suspended animation. The Madness is coming from somewhere else." Victor explained. Free nodded agreeing with the Scythe's statement, he had noticed the increase as well. The Witch nation was uneasy and feared it would explode into a battle the Witches could not survive.

They stood in comfortable silence as the rain started to fall heavier and the skies turned black.

Free read the words carved on the stone and could not help but feel sorrow for the man standing beside him.

He knew what it was like to lose loved ones to time.

The stone read.

Maka Albarn and Chrona Gorgon

Beloved parents of Victor 'Yggdrasil' Albarn(1)

May their love never waver

Victor wiped away his tears as he read.

He promised he would be strong for them and help Shinigami bring peace to the world. A feat he vowed he would see before he joined them.

A warriors vow.

Free noticed him stand straighter and smiled.

" Eruka would like you to visit." he said almost chuckling at Victor's bemused expression.

" Remember what happened last time, Mizune punched me through the roof because I said she was cute!" Victor said, rubbing his cheek where the Mouse Witch had hooked him.

The lady had a nasty left hook. Free laughed patting the boy on the shoulder and guiding him away from the grave and towards Eruka's summer home.

" Well that means she liked it!" Free grinned

" So when she's happy she punches people! Women are fickle, especially when they are Witches!" Victor stated and Free burst out laughing, completely agreeing with his friend/rival.

" So how about you tell me about these students that got Eruka and Mizune so exited about?" the Werewolf questioned and shared Victor's insane smile.

" Well lets say they might pay you a visit"

there you go! a quick intro for Victor Albarn. i was shocked to see how many people were surprised at Chrona and Maka having a kid! i guess its a first in fanfiction i think. Anyways if you read carefully there is a hint too future chapters and teh Main Characters appear next chapter!

thank you all for sending in OC's and they belong to their respective creators

(1) Yggdrasil- Tree of Life. a refrence to Raganrok since his name means End of Days. i thought since Victor was a start to a new life Yggdrasil would be a perfect middle name for him