Soul Eater: Increase the Beat!

Chapter 2: New assignment and Treacherous Death Scythe?

DWMA has stood to protect the world from the beasts known as Kishin.

Meisters and Weapons stand before this madness under the command of Shinigami-sama.

Madness spreads and Souls waver before evil

A new chapter begins

In the legend known as

Soul Eater!


The Moon was bleeding, a sign evil was afoot in Death City.

The beast stood over its prize and, with a clawed hand, pulled free the soft blue soul. Todd Sweeney grinned as he swallowed it.

His bulbous body, swelled with power and his powerful arms grew so large, his feet lifted off the ground. His sharp toothed grin showed the evil of a Kishin about to be born.

A scream made him turn abruptly. He glanced a shadow run into the main street and hunger bubbled in his belly.

" More.. Power!" he rasped and leapt into the air with a grunt. He almost cackled at his own display of strength. His massive form leapt clear of the rooftops and easily overtook the fleeing woman.

With a thundering crash, he landed before his prey and toward above, like a Golem of old. A long black tongue, slithered from his lips as he tasted the girls fear.

" More.. Power!" he raised his massive fist for a strike when.

" I don't think so."

Sweeney turned his head to his left, only to meet a fist that lifted him into the air, with a grunt of pain. Sweeney felt his nose cave in and blood fill his mouth. His brief moment of pain doubled when the attacker appeared above him and the Pre-Kishin was slammed into the ground. Stone flew into the air as the monster connected with the earth and groaned.

" What.. Is this?" he opened a red eye only for it too widen in terror.

A boy stood there, his amber eyes narrowed in disdain at the beast slowly getting up. Akimitsu Hiro brought his weapon into the traditional Kendo stance as Sweeney growled and snorted like a rabid bull.

" Is this thing human Ken?" he asked his partner. The blade shined slightly and his friend and Weapon partner Ken Yuya answered.

" Yeah but remember what Professor Hyde said. A human that devours the soul of his kin shall turn into a Kishin and thus we must purify this heresy." Mitsu snorted at his friends comment .

" Since when did you listen in class?"

" Hey I listen now and then! Oh and you better block."

Mitsu brought the katana up in time and blocked the massive fist aimed to crush him. Sweeney growled as the human smiled in amusement. Hiro spun on his heel and Ken cut through the iron skin with impossible ease. The severed arm and head of the creature, once known as Todd Sweeney spun lazily before exploding into black mist, followed closely with the body.

" Another one bites the dust!" Ken chuckled as his transformed. His miss-matched eyes glittering as he looked at the crimson soul. He licked his lips as he devoured the soul, Ken was disappointed that Kishin Eggs had no taste but he thought the texture was absolutely divine.

Mitsu rolled his eyes as his friend ate the soul and pulled out a small mirror. He quickly wrote Deaths Number.

To his surprise Shinigami answered instantly.

" Yo! How's it going?" the gods quirky voice always amused the Meister and could not help but smile.

" Akimitsu Hiro and Ken Yuya report target terminated."

" Ah! Very good, I believe this is your 98th soul?" Shinigami asked as he began to make some tea, seemingly pulling a teapot and cups out of thin air. Mitsu noticed Ken was beside him, listening closely.

" Yes sir."

" Good because I have another assignment for you." this surprised the two. It was uncommon for Shinigami to give a team a mission personally. Whatever it was, had to be very serious.

" Tell me what you know of Victor Albarn?"

Ken was surprisingly the one who answered.

" Victor Albarn is currently the most powerful Death Scythe in the world, he has slain Maba the Witch Queen and three of Asura's Heirs but he is mostly known to have mastered the Madness Wavelength almost into a art form. It is belived he can also use Magic and has been trained in its arts with the Immortal Wolf-Man Free. He is feared by the Witch Nation to the point they have stated that whoever brought his head to them. They shall receive the Witch Crown. All in all, the man is someone no one wants to meet in a dark alley." Ken noticed his partner staring at him in amazement and shifted slightly nervous.

" I do study you know!" Ken stated.

Shinigami chuckled a little as he sipped his steaming tea.

" I am glad the students are taking their studies seriously. However Ken-kun you have missed a small fact. Victor Albarn is a former Death Scythe." both students paled.

" You cant mean Professor Albarn left?" asked Mitsu horrified such a powerful warrior would abandon DWMA with Kishin numbers beginning to rise. Shinigami poured himself another cup as he let the information sink in before dropping the bombshell.

" No Victor Albarn has joined the Witches." Akimitsu and Ken felt fear run down their spines, images of a Witch wielding a scythe over the burning ruins of Death City instantly imprinted in their minds.

DWMA had been betrayed by a Death Scythe before and the carnage that followed still haunted the world at the actions of Justin Law.

" I want you and another team to find and capture Victor, remember Victor will be a formidable opponent that is why I have several squads of the Witch Hunters on stand by. Expect to engage Clowns and Witches, be careful and return home safe." Shinigami said gently as the mirror cleared.

Akimitsu Hiro and Ken Yuya looked at each other.

The same thought passed between them.

Were they ready?


Standing upon the roof tops the four shadows watched the pair. The largest shadow nudged the one beside him before speaking.

" These the kids you were on about?" it said in a deep baritone

" Not all of them. The other two must be on the back-up squad." the other shadow replied his voice smooth and filled with excitement.

" I hope they can provide some entertainment. Working full-time can be such a drag." the third shadow said, she looked at her nails as she spoke.

" Well Mr Pink never let us down before!" the final shadow chirped as the second shadow chuckled.

" Indeed I haven't my dear."

" What's the plan then?" the giant asked Mr Pink

" Spread rumours that a Scythe was seen near the Devil's Ashes night club. Engage the children there, you know the rest Mr Brown. Mistress Violet and Green will be at the Airport waiting if the kids get past you."

Each shadow nodded at mention of their code names.

" What if they dont beat Mr Brown?" Violet asked, making the man frown in thought before replying.

"Then they are not worthy of the path laid before them."

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