An inception goes terribly wrong and the Team is trapped in the dream for ten years.

I had the idea for Astrid Well because I've seen the world change so dramatically in the past few years. It's amazing how reliant we are on our social media and streaming devices with wifi built in.

I can't do anything now without my laptop, cell phone, iPod, and eReader. I'm always taking them to work with me. I have to have something to do, right?

It's totally changed our economy and maybe not for the good. We will have to see. But we can't stop the change so we have to adapt to it.

There will be erotica in this, so if your offended by it, then don't read this.

Depends on the Dream

~ "Quick, in here." Arthur said pulling her gently into a hidden closet. "Projections." He whispered as he secured the door. In total darkness, Ariadne was forced to rely on her other senses. She could smell his pleasant cologne. Feel the nice fabric of his suit. His hands suddenly on her waist.

"Arthur." She said disapprovingly. "There were no projections out there."

"Sure there were." He said huskily as his bent down to kiss her. His lips making delicious contact with hers. Warm and welcome. Leaving her breathless and wanting more.

They kissed feverishly until her lips began to tingle and her cheeks were flushing red.

"Arthur." She gasped as his lips gave her a brief reprieve. "We have a job to do."

"Your right." He whispered. "I'm sorry."

The Point Man finally pulled away from her. Allowed her to straiten her clothes as he composed himself. She had just finished smoothing out her hair when a chink of light appeared in their little closet. The Point Man looking out.

"Let's go." He whispered taking her hand.

~ It was an inception. Only their second after the Fischer job. One that if completed would set them up very nicely, if not for life. The Mark, was a computer genius. Young by any standards, only 20. Her name, was Astrid Wells.

An American, who at age 16 had invented a social media network that rivaled all others. It made her an overnight billionaire and she never stopped inventing. She cornered the market on portable media devices. Put movie rental places out of business with her streaming videos and game products. Allowed people to work from home, or anywhere on the planet. Her potential was limitless.

She was a true success story, which meant she had enemies. One of them being her rivals who wanted her to work for them. To use that intellect of hers to make the new it product that would astound the world and become a must have.

Her own company was putting some of the most well established brands in technology out of business in just a few short years. There seemed no bottom to the fall they saw coming.

Cobb and his Team were hired to convince the young woman to either work for the big brands she was about to put out of business, or retire to a beach somewhere.

Astrid Wells was not the typical billionaire. She had none of the trappings of a rich girl. Her clothing was off the rack. Her style was typical computer geek. From her worn converse sneakers, to her hipster glasses. She could easily meld into a crowd and not be given a second thought.

She was also unconventional in her thinking. She didn't care about money. That was for her parents and her lawyers to fight over. She only wanted the freedom to do as she wanted. The Team had discovered on the first layer of the dream how bright and unique the Mark was.

"So, with this new technology, you can read a book, access a movie from your home library. Access the net, and communicate with a built in phone." Astrid was telling Cobb.

The Extractor was slightly taken aback. Fischer had been rather self absorbed but Astrid Wells was a curve ball.
"Wow. No need for text books or even going to class." He mused. The Mark nodded. Her big blue eyes peeping out of her black glasses. Making her almost beautiful in a sexy nerd kind of way.

"Technology is a great equalizer." She told him. "I thought it up for people with disabilities. Physical, metal, emotional. If you got bullied a lot in school, like I did, you can still go to class and interact socially. This will also help cut cost to schools. They can teach more students right from their homes." Astrid said with a smile and wink.

"It's amazing." Cobb said genuinely impressed.

"What's that noise?" Astrid suddenly asked.

Cobb almost didn't hear it. Almost chalked it up to the sounds of the busy urban utopia that Ariadne had dreamed for them to hide in. The long drawn out horns. The distorted and pulled voice of the singer. Cobb looked worriedly over his shoulder.

"Is that.. is that music?" Astrid asked.

~ "No, it's too soon." Arthur whispered. He and Ariadne were in a bare loft preparing charges for a kick out of a forth level. Because of Astrid's sharp little mind, the Extractor had decided that five levels of the dreaming were necessary. They even had to pull in outside help in the form of Yuseff's friend and fellow dreamer, Davis. The Chemist had devised a compound that, similar to the Fischer inception, meant they would drop into Limbo if they died.

"What's happening?" Ariadne asked.

"It's music." Arthur said looking worried.

"Can't be, it's so soon, we have another few days on this level!" She said feeling a panic.

"The kick is coming." Arthur said. "We need to ride it out."

"Arthur the mission." Ariadne said in shock.

"Were going to be stuck here for ten years we don't get out now." He said as they hurried down a flight of stairs. "How much time do we have?"

"20 minuets." Ariadne said easily doing the math in her head. Following Arthur out of the building onto the street. His face was that same angry scowl he often wore when a mission had gone wrong.

The couple quickly spotted the Forger standing outside an oh so trendy coffee shop. A worried look on his face. He had felt it to.

With the Forger was the Tourist, Mr. Lewis. A representative for their client. Sent to make certain the Team had done the job. A shifty beady eyed lawyer that Eames was elected to babysit. Arthur, hate tourists.

They spotted Cobb and Astrid sitting in a quaint little outdoor restaurant. The Extractor shaking his head at them.

"Cobb." Arthur said as the Extractor gave them a hand signal. The Team hanging back.

"What is it?" Ariadne asked.

"He's saying not to ride the kick out." Arthur grumbled.

"What?" She asked. Not believing it. "Were going to be stuck her for 10 years." She breathed.

"What's happening?" Eames said finally crossing the street with the Tourist hot on his heels.

"Something must have happened with Davis or Yuseff." Arthur told him. "Were getting to the kick too soon. Much too soon."

"Ride the kick out." Eames said plainly.

"Cobb is saying no." Arthur said hitching his hand over his hip. His stance agitated as he glared at the Extractor.

"We need the idea planted in Miss. Wells." The Tourist said.

"Forget it." Eames said.

"We can ride the second kick out." Arthur said in grumble.

"What, in ten years?" Eames asked.

"Arthur." Ariadne said. Trying to make him listen.

"I know." The Point Man said numbly. "But we can't go back now. We do it now or we fail. We won't be able to do another inception on Wells again. Her subconscious will be ready."

"Arthur!" Ariadne said in protest as they could feel their world turning upside down.

The Kick.

With a terrible force the fashionable, urban neighborhood exploded. Glass and debris were everywhere as if a great wind has suddenly forced all lose objects to burst from pressure.

The Point Man threw himself over the Architect as the glass rained down on them. Hurting them, but not killing them.

The lovely neighborhood had turned into a disaster area as the Team ignored the kick and stayed in the dream.