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This I Promise You

"You're not gonna catch me," I taunted, still giggling and running with his jacket around me.

"You watch, chica, you're in for it," I heard him say, his footsteps accelerating. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me against him and stopping me from running.

"Let go," I said, still giggling, squirming in his arms.

"I don't think so." I turned around to look up at him, looking into his ice blue orbs. I smiled up at him.

"You're so mean," I said, hitting his shoulder.

"Only to you." I stuck my tongue out at him. "Molesto belleza."

"What did you call me?"

"Nothing." I kicked his leg playfully. He smirked, letting me go. I ran from him again, almost to the dock when he tackled me. We rolled down a hill, me laughing and him chuckling. We landed with me on top of him. I straddled his waist and sat up, smiling victoriously at him.

"Ha, what now pollo!" He chuckled.

"You just called me a chicken ya know."

"Ugh, eff you and your Rican-ness." He chuckled again, starting to sit up. I pushed his shoulders back down. "No, bad boy," I whined. He smirked.

"I gotta get up sometime, Rose."

"Not right now."

"But I want my jacket."

"Too bad. I like your jacket. It's comfy and warm."

"Like me?" I blushed, looking down. He sat up, starting to put my long pink curls over the collar of the black leather flame-armed jacket. I was much too big on me but it fit him perfectly. I looked up at my best friend. His tanned Spanish skin, green spiky hair, full lips that would make any girl jealous, end-arched eyebrows, a hint of a small blonde-brown mustache above his top lip, his electric ice blue eyes that could stare into anyone's soul. I mentally sighed. He was breathtaking. The only thing that really made him an inch away from perfect was his sharp teeth and anger problems. Other than that he would be the perfect human being. He was smart, funny, goofy, sociable, athletic, charismatic - evil at times- and overall a good friend. Ever since we got to high school, things haven't changed. He's still the same guy I grew up with. The same guy I fell in love with when we were three and I simply asked if he wanted to play with me on the playground. Sometimes he did confuse me when he spoke Spanish which was quite often. It wasn't that he didn't know English, it's just that Spanish just came more easily to him- and the fact that he likes to use it to my disadvantage. I wanted to take French for a language and he did too since he already knew Spanish. But then he'll know three languages, widening his knowledge. "Chica," he asked, his accent showing more.

"Huh?" He chuckled.

"You were staring. Checking out my abs?" I scoffed.

"In your dreams." He poked out his lips.

"En tus sueños," he said in a high pitched voice, mocking me. I hit his shoulder.

"Oh you shutup." He smirked, his dimple slightly showing. "Dimple!" His smirk dropped, leaving him glowering at me. He hated his dimple but every girl on this planet thought it was "Adorable"- including me. "Don't give me that look." He rolled his eyes, lying back down. I poked his stomach playfully. His hand hit my cheek lightly. We went through this poke-slap charade for a little while before he stopped. His pretty eyes were focused on the sky. I rolled off him to lie next to him. He put his hands behind his head. The stars were shining brightly tonight, lighting up the dark royal blue sky.

"Es un paraíso mirando hacia nosotros," he murmured.


"Sorry, I said: its heaven looking down at us." He pointed up at the bright stars. "See those are the angels, looking down at His creations."

"Yea, I bet angels are beautiful."

"Hermoso sí."

"I know you said 'yes'." He chuckled.

"I would've thought you'd be used to my Spanish by now, chica."

"Why do you call me 'chica'? Doesn't that mean 'girl'?"

"Sí, pero yo lo utilizo para sustituto amor."

"Speak English, Scourge." He chuckled.

"It's fun to say things I know you can't understand."

"Ugh, you're so annoying."

"So are you, chica."

"Oh tell your Spanish to go kick rocks." He chuckled.

"¡Mire! ¡Allá arriba," he exclaimed, pointing up at the star moving rapidly across the sky.

"It's a shooting star. Oh, make a wish!" I closed my eyes, making a silent wish to myself. I wish that Scourge will see my feelings for him and take our relationship a step further, my mind said. I opened my eyes to see Scourge staring at me. "What, chico?"

"Nothing, did you make your wish?"

"Yea, did you make one."

"Yup. What'd you wish for?"

"Can't tell then it won't come true." He raised an eyebrow. I laughed. "Don't look at me like that." He rolled onto his side, wrapping his growing muscular arm around me, pulling me closer. He didn't say anything, just pinned me against him, his cheek pressed on my head against my hair. I was always confused when he did this. Was there more than friendship behind these little gestures or was he just cold? I hoped for the first one but I could never tell with him. He wasn't the type who spoke about his feelings. He didn't really talk at all if you really think about it. In school he's kinda quiet, well when he's not around me. It surprises me sometimes of how he's the most popular guy in school. I mean I know that he's smoking hot and smart and is the star of most of the sport teams but he wasn't really that talkative. He was sociable when he wanted to be but he could never really blab on about anything. When it was just us two, I'd be the one doing most of the talking and he'd have his remarks but it scared me sometimes. How much he didn't really talk about what was going through his mind, how his feelings were. IF he kept it all balled up inside then it would surely kill him. I didn't want that. I felt the rain start hitting my skin softly.

"Come on, chica," he said, getting up and pulling me up with him. I noticed how his hand grabbed mine tightly as we started walking. I looked up at him but his face was guarded- as usual. We started walking to my house, holding hands. We always held hands for some reason. Even when we were little. I guess it gave us a little feel of security. It feels kind of strange now since I'm 15 and he's 16 and we can both protect ourselves but we never stopped. We approached my house and my heart started to throb at the thought of leaving him. I started to shrug off his jacket when we got on the porch. "No, keep it for tonight. Just give it back tomorrow morning. I'm still picking you up right?" I nodded.

"But I don't want you catching a cold."

"I'll be fine."

"You sure?"

"Yes, mama." I giggled. He smirked. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into a hug. "Dulces sueños mi hermosa flor," he said before pecking a kiss at my forehead. I smiled up at him.

"Night, Scourge." His smirk widened at me before he ran down the street in the rain. I watched him until his figure was far out of sight. I let myself into my house, seeing my mom walk down the stairs holding a big laundry basket. "Hey mommy," I said, going to take the basket out her hands and set it on the couch.

"Thank you, baby. Is that Scourge's jacket," she said, raising a playful eyebrow. I blushed.

"Yea, I took it from him and he let me wear it."

"Oh, what does it smell like?"

"That weird Spanish guy's cologne, cinnamon, and brown sugar."

"Really, come here, let me smell." I giggled, but let her smell the collar of the jacket. "Mmm, that boy never fails to surprise me." I giggled. "So, any love confessions tonight," my mom asked, sitting on the couch. I sighed, sitting down next to her.

"No, but you know Scourge: masks his feelings."

"Ah. Any Spanish word he said often today?"

"Hermoso, I think." My mom smiled.

"Awww, did he call you that?" I nodded. Her smile grew. "He called you beautiful." I blushed.

"No, that can't be right. Scourge would not call me beautiful. Remember when we were five and he painted makeup all over my face and called me Feo belleza or whatever he said."

"You guys were five and he said 'ugly beauty' but that doesn't matter. What matters is that he still said beauty. Besides, you gotta take more credit in yourself. You're a very pretty girl." I shrugged. My mom grabbed my arm, yanking me up gently and guiding me to the mirror. "Take a close look at yourself."

I saw my soft facial features and lightly sun kissed skin straight off. My oval eyes that made me look mysterious that held my dark green irises. My long curly pink hair that fell a few inches above my waist with a small side bang that fell into my eyes at times. My high cheekbones, my big soft cheeks, my small but plump lips, my arched eyebrows. My body wasn't the stick figure but I did have curves, from my reasonably sized perky chest to the little curve that went in from my stomach to my hips to my thick legs that went skinny at my calves. I didn't dress too girly though, just a pair of jeans or sweatpants and a t shirt with some Ed hardy's or something. I shrugged again. "I'm okay I guess." My mom pecked a kiss at my cheek.

"You're beautiful, honey, don't be so harsh on yourself."

"I don't feel very beautiful."

"Why not?"

"I'm fat." My mom rolled her eyes.

"You're not fat; you just have body, thick legs, that's all. Be happy with your curves," my mom said before walking away. I stared at myself for a little bit, trying to figure out what Scourge could possible see beautiful in me. I came up with nothing. I sighed, walking away from the mirror. I went up in my room and flopped on my bed, going to sleep with his jacket on.


I walked down the street with Scourge the next day, on our way to school. He was wearing dark ripped jeans, a fitted dark red t shirt that said "On the Dark Side…They Gave Me Cookies" in black lettering, and red and black high tops. His red shades were on his ace, covering his sensitive eyes from the sun's strong rays. I wanted him to say something but he didn't. Just kept strolling that perfect walk with his graceful long legs. I had his jacket on me though it was warm out today, but he still didn't ask for it. "So, ready for mid-terms," I asked, attempting to break the awkward silence.

"No, are you," he said, his accent stronger than usual. He usually hid it when he wasn't home because he didn't like people making fun of his Puerto Rican racial status. I actually thought the accent was pretty sexy. It went nice with his smooth deep voice.

"No, I think I'm gonna fail."

"You're not gonna fail, chica. They're probably gonna be easy."

"Yea, easy for you. But for me, they're gonna be torture."

"I can tutor you."

"I hate studying."

"Okay, I'll be coming home with you today than."

"You don't have to if you don't-"

"Chica," he said, wrapping his arm around my waist so I was close enough that he could whisper in my ear. "I have no problem, besides can't have my little maravillosa flor failing." I shrugged.

"I guess, but remember, you need a lot of patience to help me." He chuckled.

"Rosa, I put up with you all the time. Shouldn't that show my patience," he chuckled, his lips now brushing my ear, his warm breath flowing into my ear gently. I blushed but pushed him away.

"Asshole," I said, crossing my arms.

"Name calling will get you nowhere, chica."

"Oh you shutup." He chuckled, moving closer to me and grabbing my hand as we approached the school. A lot of girls winked and sent flirtatious smiles at Scourge but he ignored them. I wondered why. I mean I know he was holding my hand but he was kinda gripping it. I saw a tall sun kissed boy with dark navy hair and mischievous orange eyes with a muscular body walk up to us. He smirked.

"Aye Immigrant, hey sexy," he said, winking at me. My hand got squeezed tighter.

"Hi Dean," I said. Dean was the one of the other hot guys in school but he was mean and a player. He'd always set his sights on me though, but I never liked him that way. We were almost friends at one point until he said a remark about Scourge that I didn't like.

"Rosy, can I walk you to your locker? Me and you have to talk."

"Scourge, can come with us, I mean his locker's right next to mine so-"


"She's not going anywhere with you," Scourge growled. Dean looked to glare at him.

"Ain't nobody talkin to you, Chico, so go back to Mexico and go mow a lawn or somethin." Scourge growled, making a move toward him. I put my hand on his chest, pushing him back a little.

"Hey, hey don't," I said softly. He looked down at me and his eyes softened.

"You're not going anywhere with him," he said softly.

"Score, I'll be fine, it's only a walk around the school. No biggie."

"I don't trust him," Scourge said, sending a glare up at Dean.

"I have my pepper spray, don't worry," I whispered. Scourge smirked before engaging me in a tight hug. Ugh, not this again. I shot him a smile before walking off with Dean who put his arm around my shoulders. I shrugged it off casually. "You really shouldn't insult him like that," I said.

"Well it's true."

"He's not even Mexican. He's Puerto Rican."

"Same thing," he said with a lazy shrug. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms. "But I think you need to get some distance away from him."

"Like I care about what you think."

"It's not that, almost the whole school thinks so. You and the Immigrant need some space."

"He's my best friend."

"I know, but c'mon, he's holding you back. I mean, he's obviously curving the feelings you have for me." I blushed.

"Look okay, me and you are barely friends, let alone do I have feelings for you." He smirked down at me.

"I know you do, Rose. Don't hide it." I rolled my eyes.


"Rose, seriously," he said, pushing me up against a wall, "Think about what we could be with him out the way." I tried to picture it in my head. What if I hadn't met Scourge? I guess he's right. He and I probably would be dating and I'd be more popular and have more friends. But I like my life the way it is. If left in the middle of the life I'm living now: everything would change. Maybe my small crush on Dean would grow and I would talk to more people but Dean doesn't compare to Scourge. Not one bit.

"I know what you're saying but I just don't feel that way. I mean, I think you're cute but-"

"That's a start, right?"

"Dean, I'm sure there are plenty of nice girls out there-"

"I've dated almost every girl in this school and in the next town over, they don't compare to you." Just like how you don't compare to Scourge.

"I'm flattered that you feel that way but-"

"It's him, isn't it? That little Mexican freak."

"He's not a freak and for the last time: he's Puerto Rican."

"I don't give a fuck. Is this his jacket?" I noticed that I still was wearing his jacket.

"Yea, so?" He shook his head, grimacing.

"How can you wear that?"

"Dean, don't-"

"I'm serious. Why can't you see the real person that he hides behind that little innocent mask?"

"I've know who he is and his anger problems don't make the person he is." He stroked my cheek softly, making my heart shudder.

"He can hurt you. I won't. Not physically, not mentally, and definitely not emotionally."

"And sexually?"


"Sorry, I just had to ask." He leaned closer.

"I just wanna make you happy. I can only do that if you let me." I didn't answer as his lips got closer. I couldn't. Any movement of my lips would result in lip contact with him. Though my heart fluttered at the thought, my feelings for Scourge were much stronger.

"Thought it was just a walk," I heard him say. Dean looked annoyed as he pulled away from me, turning to face my Spanish love.

"It was, but we had to have a serious talk about something."

"Get away from her."

"Make me."

"Guys, don't," I warned. I liked to see fights but not between them. I couldn't bear to see Scourge get hurt by Dean. Nor Dean get hurt by Scourge. I cared about both of them too much to see them fight. Plus I was a lot smaller than them so me trying to break it up wouldn't do any good. Scourge's eyes flicked to me and they softened.

"Sorry, chica," he said, softly. I nodded.

"Sorry babe, see you in Chemistry," Dean said with a wink and pecked a kiss at my cheek. Then he looked to Scourge. "See you on the street, Chico."

"Pieza estúpida de mierda," Scourge said, anger deep in voice. Whatever he said, I could tell it was not nice. Dean smirked before muttering something about a stupid Mexican before walking away. Scourge looked to me. "You okay," he asked.

"What did you call him?"

"Nothing, chica. C'mon, we're gonna be late for homeroom," he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me down the hallway.

"Did you hear and see the whole thing?" He nodded. "Look, Dean is a jerk and he's just trying to get under your skin."

"By expressing his feelings for you? He liked you before he even knew I existed."

"I know but- wait what does that have to do with anything?"

"Nothing, nevermind."

"Okay," I said softly.

"Are you sure you're okay, you looked kind of scared."

"No. A little shocked but not scared. I mean he tried to kiss me."

"I know. He deserves to get his teeth knocked out."

"Out of all the things he said about you, you're mad about that? That he tried to kiss me?"

"It's complicated, chica." I wanted to ask more but we were at our lockers. I quickly put my combo in and got out my morning books before running into homeroom with Scourge. He leaned on his desk, staring at me during all homeroom. I tried to shake off the flutter my heart kept giving me as I talked to my friend, Blaze. She had a bob styled purple hair, light yellow eyes, and two red beauty marks on both her cheeks, and straight eyebrows that made her look mad even when she wasn't.

"He's been staring ever since you got in here, what did you do? Kiss him," Blaze asked. I blushed, looking over my shoulder at him. He noticed that he was busted and looked away, his fingers fiddling with a pencil on his desk. I looked back over at Blaze.

"No, Dean tried to kiss me and they almost got in a fight and he's probably just worried," I said with a shrug. She raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"I think he's jealous."

"Jealous? Naw, he can't be." The bell rang.

"Oh, you'd be surprised at the feelings boys hide."


I closed my locker to see Dean standing there. I jumped. "Oh, you scared me," I said. He smirked.

"Sorry babe. Where's Mexico at?"

"He didn't get here yet."

"Can I give you a ride home?"

"Um, no thanks, I'd rather walk but thanks anyway."

"Walk with Scourge?"

"Yea, he's been tutoring me all week."

"For mid-terms?"

"Yea, I need the help."

"You probably don't. You're a smart girl." I shrugged. "I think you are." I blushed.

"Thanks." I looked around the hallway, spotting Scourge's mop of green hair. His icy eyes met mine and he smirked. I bit my lip but my smile still crept up my face.

"Perfect timing," Dean said sarcastically before grabbing my waist lightly, turning me to him. "Bye babe," he said before pressing his lips onto mine. My eyes widened, my lips firing up under his soft lips. I could feel all eyes in the hallway on us. The kiss lasted no more than a few seconds but that was enough to get chaos started. Dean smirked at me before turning, meeting a cold blow to the face, making him fall back against the lockers. I looked up at Scourge who was glaring down at Dean who now had a bloody lip.

"Don't you ever touch her again, gilipollas," Scourge growled.

"Or what? Do something, Mexico," Dean said, getting up and pushing Scourge. I came between them.

"Guys, stop," I said, my voice sharp.

"Move, chica," Scourge growled.

"No, Scourge, I'm not letting you fight."

"Babe, seriously, you'd better move. Don't want your pretty face getting messed up," Dean said. Scourge growled, making a move toward him. I grabbed his middle and tried to push him back.

"No, stop it, Scourge," I whimpered.

"Get off, chica."

"No." He unwrapped my arms and threw me on the ground before stepping up to Dean, starting to throw punches at his face. A crowd swarmed up to them. I managed to get up and watch in horror. Dean had been caught off guard at first but now he had flipped Scourge against the lockers, banging his head in the lockers and throwing punches at his chest. Scourge was still throwing and kicking, messing Dean up still. "Stop," I yelled. They ignored me. Scourge kicked Dean off him and threw him into a door, his head hitting the glass. Scourge then slammed him on the ground and started throwing punches at his face. There was a rage in his eyes that I never saw before and it scared me deeply. I felt tears behind my eyes. Dean kicked Scourge off, pulling out a gun. "No," I yelled, grabbing Dean's arm. He chuckled at me.

"Say bye bye to Mexico," he said darkly.

"No, stop it. Don't shoot him." Suddenly Dean was pushed into the lockers, the gun out his hand. I took it away just as the principal came. All the kids around us scattered. I opened my mouth to explain but he held up his hand to stop me and motioned for the gun. I put it in his hands.

"Thank you. Now boys, you two are in deep trouble," the principal said, glaring between the two who were glaring at each other. I could only stare at Scourge, the blood on his hands, his bloody mouth, and the bruise where his dimple is when he smiles. My sweet best friend was gone during that fight, unleashing this terror that really described his name. I felt a tear fall out my eyes, letting out a sniffle. Scourge looked over at me. Sadness and guilt grew over his features. I looked away for a split second to see the principal had gone. Stupid school. They could attack each other and there would be no one around but me to stop it. The gun pointed at Scourge flashed in my mind, making more tears fall. "Chica," Scourge said softly, making a move toward me but his hands, stained with Dean's blood made me step back. Dean chuckled, getting up.

"See babe, told you babe. The innocent mask can only stay up for so long," he said, coming up to me. His hands were stained with Scourge's blood but I was too frozen and shock to move away from his hug and his bloody kiss on my cheek. "See you later, sweet," he whispered in my ear before walking away. I was still staring at Scourge, our eyes locked, both of us frozen.

"Rosa, I can explain," he started. More tears fell. His voice was hoarse from Dean punching on his chest.

"Don't, just go away," I yelled before running down the hallway.

"Chica, wait," I heard his voice call after me, his footsteps coming after mine. I kept running anyway, despite his pleas and calls. I didn't want to see the monster who took part in trying to tear his opponent apart. I'd seen Dean do worse than he did to Scourge but just the fact that he hurt Scourge made me hate him. But that Scourge could hide such anger from me. I thought we were closer than that! More tears fell down my face. That innocent mask Dean talked of was true, I just didn't want to believe it. I ran all the way to the docks, almost falling face first in the water when I got there. I would've fell if he hadn't caught me. His arms wrapped around my waist. I felt my heart sped up. "Rosy," he asked softly. I could hear his voice cracking slightly.

"You shouldn't have fought. He could've killed you," I said softly.

"I know but he hurt you."

"He didn't hurt me, he kissed me."

"Without your approval. I just wanted to protect you. I always want to protect you." I turned in his arms, wrapping my arms around him and engaging him in a tight hug, crying into his chest. One of his arms went to cradle my head, stroking my hair softly. "I'm sorry if I upset you, chica, I'm so sorry." I nodded.

"It's okay. I understand."

"You're not mad anymore?"

"I was never mad. I was afraid."

"¿Miedo? ¿De mí?"

"Yes, of you. I just never say you like that. You never told me-"

"I told you about my anger problems, chica."

"But you didn't tell me about the things you do when it goes out of control. You could've killed him hadn't Dean pulled out that gun. And you threw me. You tossed me like I was a piece of trash."

"You're not a piece of trash, you know that. Eres mi hermosa flor."

"You keep calling me beautiful, stop it," I snapped, wiggling out his arms.

"I'm sorry," he said softly. I sighed.

"I don't want us to be like this Scourge. It's either we have feelings for each other or we don't. I love you but it's your call now."

"Me amas?" He seemed confused.

"Yes, I love you. How is that so confusing?"

"You never-"

"Because I'm scared that things will get awkward and that you'll hate me."

"Because you love me?"

"Yes. I didn't want to tell you like this but I just can't hold it in any longer," I said, turning to face the water. More tears fell when I heard silence from him. "This was stupid, but thanks for being my best friend," I said, turning but he was gone. My heart shattered then. He left! He left me! I couldn't hold in my hurt any longer. I fell right on that dock and cried into my hands. I hated myself for feeling so weak. So vulnerable. Stupid self! I was stupid to believe he would love me back. I was like his little sister in some ways. That's probably all he thought of me as. I heard footsteps come back onto the deck. I didn't look up, just kept crying. I didn't care who saw me in this position right now. I felt a tap on my head. I shook my head. "Go away," I choked between tears.

"I'm not going anywhere, chica." I cried harder.

"Go leave again! Better yet, go to Hell!" I could picture him rolling his eyes. Those beautiful icy blue eyes. He grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands away from my face. Before I could shout profanities at him, a lavender rose was in my face. It was beautiful. I looked up at him. "What," I trailed off.

"Te amo." My eyes watered more. I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him. His lips moved quickly along with mine, both of our longings coming out. His soft tongue traced my lips gently as our lips molded each other. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his arms wound around my waist. He pulled away and pecked my lips. "I love you," he whispered, "I'll never leave you. Not ever. And I'm not going to Hell even if you told me to." I smiled slightly. He smirked and kissed me again. "This I promise you," he sang lightly. I looked into his icy orbs.


"And Ever my love." His lips met mine once more, making forever begin.

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