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Ichigo Kurosaki has a 5-year-old daughter, not just any daughter, and the daughter of the sexta espada Grimmjow Jaegerjaques. A human child with bright orange wavy hair and the softest blue eyes ever, the remaining espada had been placed under prisionment, this included Grimmjow (who knows nothing of his daughter), Coyote Stark, Ulquiorra Schiffer, Nelliel and Szayelaprro Grantz. Ichigo had promptly disappeared after the war, now currently living in a very nice apartment just outside of the city, be makes a lot of money from his job as a fashion designer for One Fashions. His family and friends haven't heard from him in just over 5 years, making him 21 years old, he works from home so he can spend all of his time with his daughter. This story is rated M for the BOYXBOY (This is a yaoi, if you do not like leave) content in the next chapter, there is a slight IchigoXUryu. Please enjoy.

"Daddy!" a little girls voice shrieked as she threw herself at Ichigo at the gates of her pre school, Ichigo looked down at the orange mass of hair by the top of his thigh, smiling he crouched down to pick up his daughter.

"How was school today, Emiko?" she looked down at her dad and smiled brightly, if anything, she had Grimmjow's smile her name? Emiko Misaki Jaegerjaques.

As they walked away hand in hand the woman in the day care watched with looks of approval, Ichigo had gained their approval over the years when they saw how committed he was to raising his daughter on his own.

"And then we did drawings our most precious thing in the whole wide world" she said throwing her arms up in the air to add effect, "Oh and what would that be Emi?"

"Daddy of course" she said with a wide smile. He tightened his grip slightly on his daughter's hand as they walked into the convenience store, he bent down to Emiko's eye level before saying "You have 2 minutes, get as many sweeties as you can carry" her eyes bugged out of her head before she took of for the sweet isle. After Ichigo had collected all of their groceries he was met by a five year old carrying an armful of sweets.

Ichigo's apartment has four bedrooms, two large bathrooms, and a large kitchen with a joined dining area, a living area, and a playroom for Emiko and an office for Ichigo to work in.

"Emiko get changed and bring your homework down!" Ichigo shouted into the apartment, "Kay daddy".



Ichigo pulled his phone out of his pocket and flipped it up, "Moshi moshi, Kurosaki here."

"Ichigo we need you at the office now! We finally found someone to replace the head of manufacturing!"

"Hai I'll be there in an hour."

Ichigo quickly fixed Emiko something for dinner when she appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, "Daddy is you going out?"

"I'm going to the office, I'll be back very soon, remember to lock the door from the inside when I leave okay, I won't be long Emi" he said sadly as he knelt down to kiss her forehead.


Storming into the building he found his assistant, "Make it fast I have things to do". He growled at his poor assistant.

"H-hai Kurosaki san, this way please" she stuttered showing him a door to one of the meeting rooms he stepped in to see a tall dark haired man standing by the large window, clearing his throat to get the mans attention, voice promptly dying in his throat as the man turned also going wide eyed.



Ichigo wanted to die right there.

His heart fell ten feet under before leaping into his throat, panicking he realized that this was going to take a while, "Whatever you want to know hold it until we get back to my apartment, I need to go back as soon as possible" he said raising his hands up in defense.

Uryuu grit his teeth, he was ready to shove an arrow up Ichigo's ass but he could sense the desperation in his voice, gritting his teeth and relaxing his tense shoulder's he muttered out a 'fine'.

The ten-minute walk to Ichigo's house was unbearably silent; so thick a toothpick could cut through it.

Pulling out the keys to his apartment Uryuu was surprised that Ichigo lived in such a place, he had to give him points for it, before Ichigo stepped in he turned to Uryuu placing a finger over his lips, instructing him to be quiet.

Uryuu stepped in and noted how clean it was, more points for Kurosaki, following Ichigo into the kitchen he noted the tiny plates in the sink, giving it a questioning look, Ichigo motioned for him to wait there as Ichigo stepped into another room, he peaked in as Ichigo crouched down to the couch and picked up a body figure, he watched as Ichigo came to the door holding a sleeping girl in his arms.

No words could describe the amount of shock that came to Uryuu at that moment, "Ishida, can you open that door for me please." Ichigo whispered tilting his head towards a door to the right, Ishida still in shock still managed to comply to the request. He watched in awe as Ichigo placed the girl on her bed gently kissing her forehead as he tucked her in, "Amai yume Emiko".

He shut the door behind him slowly and started to make some tea, Uryuu had long sat down still too dazed to say anything, Ichigo placed a tea down in front of him and sat opposite him taking a deep breath preparing himself for a bombardment of questions.

A few uncomfortable minutes passed before Uryuu spoke, "Who's the mother?"

"Technically speaking? Me."

"What?" Ishida blinked.

"She's… she's Grimmjow's. Apparently my hollow failed to mention due to him being a feline type hollow and me being part hollow, there was a highly unusual possibility of me getting pregnant, she's five years old, she's got his smile and his eyes" Ichigo suddenly found the cup in his hands very interesting.

Uryuu could see why he'd left; soul society would have killed the baby or him at first sight, "I understand your reasons Kurosaki but that's no excuse for…"


Uryuu froze mid sentence and Ichigo was up and out of his chair, "Emiko, did we wake you?" Ichigo said kneeling down holding his daughter gently in his arms, he felt her nod against his shoulder.

"Uryuu do you mind continuing this while she's at school tomorrow, my bedroom's that one there" Uryuu nodded and walked into the room while Ichigo hummed a lullaby for Emiko.

Looking around Ichigo's bedroom Uryuu was impressed at the size of it, a super king sized bed with dark blue sheets, a large walk in wardrobe and shelves with various things on them.

Jumping slightly as Ichigo came in without a shirt on, blushing slightly, its not his first time sharing a bed with the orange top, many times during their hollow hunting days he'd been to tired to go home or when he was escaping from Ryuuken he'd crash at Ichigo's, just its been a while since the quincy had done so.

"Uryuu, are you going to stand there like a lemon or join me in bed already" Ichigo said with a playful wink not failing to miss Uryuu's blush.

The second Uryuu had pulled the covers over him he almost jumped out of the bed again when he felt muscular arms wrap round his chest and waist pulling him into a much warmer body behind him, "Kurosaki? Let me go."

"Let me snuggle" he said nuzzling into Uryuu's hair, "Besides, be lucky it's only snuggling I want to do with you Uryuu" he whispered into his ear, hot breath tickling his ear, the effect that Ichigo had on him hasn't changed a bit.

He smirked slightly and spun slowly so he was facing Ichigo, sliding his leg in-between Ichigo's to make them more comfortable, not failing to accidently brush his thigh against Ichigo's crotch, Ichigo growled low in his throat, "Don't tempt me Uryuu, it's been a while so if you 'accidently' do that again I am not responsible for what I do to you or your ability to walk tomorrow morning" Ichigo said in a low voice.

Bringing a hand up to cup Uryuu's cheek gently, shifting up the bed slightly, his thigh catching Ichigo again, Ichigo growled and rolled Uryuu on top of him, using a hand to force their lips together softly, Uryuu didn't protest.

He could tell that Ichigo would rather him be Grimmjow, he could tell that the ex substitute shinigami wanted the blue haired espada that probably doesn't care about Ichigo, but Uryuu doesn't mind, he missed his Octavo espada, he'd never admit it to any one, but he missed the crazy scientist.

Pulled out of his thoughts when something warm and wet enclosed around his erection, he looked down to realize that Ichigo had flipped them over again and Uryuu was now on the bottom currently watching orange bob up and down him.

In Soul society. Prison cell's 1,3,5

Grimmjow banged his head against his cell wall, again. It's been 3 years, in soul society time, that's a long time. "Up ya get hollows, the head captain wants to see ya" shouted the prison guard.

"You are free to go under one condition! You must spend the next year living under the supervision of a Shinigami," the head captain shouted, Grimmjow broke out a feral grin, so did Szayel.

"Can I stay with the quincy boy?" he asked innocently, the head captain hesitated but nodded anyway, Stark, Ulquiorra, Nelliel and Grimmjow looked at each other before stating…

"Ichigo Kurosaki."

-Page break-

'Mornin' king'

'Go away Shiro, the more you talk to me the easier it is for them to find my spiritual pressure so go away, and I'm still ignoring you anyway'

'Yeah yeah yeah, but you still love me, cuz I gave you Emiko and kept ya hidden all these years'

'Whatever' Ichigo grumbled.

Uryuu had to leave early that morning getting an urgent call from his office, Ichigo was up early anyway to make Emiko's lunch for Pre-school, he was currently sitting on his couch flicking through his TV channels when he felt the entire Gotei 13 appear a few miles from his home, his eyes widened at the presence of 4 of the espada as well.

'King, what ya gonna do?'

'Don't talk to me now!'

'They might attack yer you don't know what they want, they… they could want her, you should be prepared ya'know'

Pulling the badge from the chain around his neck he poofed into his Shinigami form, his human body dissolving, with his new sword, Shiro was now his Zanpakto spirit, the powers are pretty much the same only his bankai form he looks like Shiro, voice and all, and Shiro insisted on a catch phrase for the bankai, claiming just saying bankai, was boring.

He hopped out of his window closing it after him and headed in the direction of the shinigami.

They all felt it. That spiritual pressure they hadn't felt in years and they were sure had disappeared after the war, before they knew it they were faced with the scowling substitute shinigami.

Ichigo looked straight at Grimmjow, heart constricting in his chest. "Can I help you, Yamamoto sotaichou?" Ichigo asked calming his nerves.

"We need a favor Ichigo, the espada will be free to go if they spend a year under Shinigami supervision, these four picked you, Szayelaprro Grantz is already staying with Quincy Uryu Ishida, would you be willing to help us?"

Ichigo stood running a hand through his bright orange hair what if Grimmjow noticed and decided to hurt him, or Emiko?

'King, talk to him first, before you decide anythin' Ichigo nodded to himself probably looking like a lunatic.

"May I speak to Grimmjow Jaegerjaques first please?" Ichigo said looking almost desperate, the head captain raised an eyebrow but nodded any way, Grimmjow walked over to Ichigo with a huge smile on his face.

"Sup berry, miss me so much you just had to speak to me before…" he trailed off his cocky speech when he saw Ichigo almost close to tears.

"Grimmjow, don't freak out okay… well you know you're a feline type… and I'm part hollow, and during your mating season we…" Ichigo stopped talking and swallowed thickly hoping Grimmjow would piece it together so he didn't have to say it.

Grimmjow's mind had just finished piecing together what Ichigo had just said eyes widening as he realized. "You, you got…"

Ichigo nodded, keeping his head to the floor.

"She's five. She's got your eyes and your smile, I understand if you want nothing to do with her but I thought you should know, before you decide to stay with me, you can stay if you want to and pretend she's not yours if you want", Ichigo managed to say as his throat was closing up on him, trying not to cry as he said the words, like he's being stabbed with the dullest blade each time he speaks.

He walked around Grimmjow to face Yamamoto and the rest of the shinigami giving him questioned glares, "I will watch over them Yamamoto"


A hollow's presences about three blocks away, Ichigo panicked, 'KING! That's where!'

"EMIKO!" Ichigo shouted building up his spiritual pressure to go into bankai, he realized the others had only just noticed the hollow, "Manically Slash, Kyassuru OITA!"

He needed his bankai speed to get there in time, he disappeared immediately not wasting any time, the hollow had crushed almost half of the nursery, he slashed at it not giving it a chance to do anymore damage, he placed himself at the nursery gates and reformed back to his human shape, he ran for the nursery searching for that bright orange hair, "EMIKO! WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Daddy!" Emiko let go of the day care lady she was holding and ran straight for her father, she ran to him crying, he dropped to his knees as he reached her and pulled her crying frame into his panicked one, "Are you hurt anywhere?" He asked softly, she shook her head; he let out a huge breath of relief.

"Emiko, some of daddies friends have to stay with him for a while, they're nice people so I want you to be nice okay" she gave him a mischievous grin before nodding.

He looked up at the day care people who were smiling at him, "I'm taking her home" he mouthed to them they nodded to him before tending to the other frightened children.

The soul reapers and the four Arrancar that watched the scene from above were utterly shocked for 3 reasons.

Ichigo was faster and more powerful than ever.

He'd managed to keep that amount of power hidden for five years

And the most surprising of all, He was a father.

When he'd shouted Emiko in a panic, they thought he had gone insane, when they arrived above the nursery they'd watched him frantically search for someone, when they heard the daddy cry, they all froze.

They'd all switched into Gigai's so they could speak to Ichigo about taking the arrancar's in; they met him at the gate. Emiko hid behind Ichigo's legs, smiling at her unusual shy moment, he picked her up, "So, I'll take them in, I've got more than enough space just they cant go around causing me trouble".

They looked at him like he had three heads and eight arms. "Ichigo, your…" Toshiro started.

"Another time, I've had a hell of a morning and so has she" Ichigo stated respectfully.

"Who's the mother?" Byakuya questioned softly, all of them dying to ask, Ichigo stiffened slightly, not failing to catch Grimmjow take an interest in the floor, "Died during child birth" Ichigo stated coldly before walking away towards his apartment.

Grimmjow's chest constricted, but followed anyway followed by Starrk, Nelliel and Ulquiorra.

"There's two spare bedroom's here, please make yourselves at home, if you need me, please don't hesitate to find me, the bathroom is down the hall and next to the kitchen, lunch is in a couple of hours and dinner is at seven" Ichigo instructed to the Arrancar, they simply nodded, although not taking their eyes off of the sleeping child in Ichigo's arms.

Ichigo turned on his heel to put Emiko in her bedroom, leaving the espada to sort out who's sharing which room.

"Dib's on Ulquiorra, he's quiet, so I can nap better" Stark said with a yawn, Ulquiorra shrugged.

Nelliel looked at Grimmjow before stating, "I am not sharing a room with this pervert." That is when all hell almost broke loose.

Almost because Ichigo had come back with a warning glare that said 'either you share with him or I do, and that is NOT happening'.

"Ulquiorra, in my office there's a large supply of books if you would like, Stark feel free to crash until lunch, Nelliel, if I give you some money would you like to go shopping for everyone, you all need some new clothes, and Grimmjow…"

It hurt to say his name, his heart ached and his chest burned but he went on anyway, "You can either help me with lunch or stay out of everyone's way, I don't want Emiko to wake up before lunch time" he said with a low voice heading towards the kitchen.

Ulquiorra eventually found the office and did indeed get caught up in a book; Stark was fast asleep within minutes, Nelliel was out shopping and Grimmjow was watching Ichigo make lunch and a cake.

Grimmjow's insides were in turmoil, he knew why Ichigo had to hide for five years, also why he'd risked his and her safety when he felt the Shinigami appear, he was worried they'd come for her.

Ichigo would have only been pregnant for 8-9 weeks, but he'd still raised their child on his own. He didn't know Ichigo would get pregnant, hell Ichigo didn't know he would get pregnant, yet he still fought Aizen anyway.

Grimmjow's never had children, he'd usually kill the person he's spent his mating season with or the children never made it through, but that one night with the substitute shinigami had apparently been more than enough to give him a child.

That realization hit him hard, he's a father, Ichigo gave him the option, and to forget? Could he put Ichigo through it? Does he have feelings for Ichigo?

Looking up from his hands to watch Ichigo move around the kitchen, those long slender legs wrapped around his waist, that defined covered chest panting heavily underneath him, those muscular arms either griping the sheets or wrapped around his neck pulling him closer, that tight ass just begging to be fucked mercilessly but with care, that slightly long orange hair slightly sticking to his forehead and splayed out on the white pillow, those soft brown eyes glazed over in lust and those sexy pink lips parted slightly with the lightest hint of saliva leaking out of the corner of his lips. Grimmjow felt his pants become unbelievably tight.

"Grimmjow?" he saw a hand wave in front of his face, he looked up to see Ichigo's face too close to his, way too…

Grimmjow's hand shot out before he had any chance to protest, it all happened so fast, Grimmjow gripped Ichigo's shirt and pulled him down to meet his lips.

Ichigo had opened his mouth to protest, but Grimmjow used it to slide his tongue into the strawberries mouth cancelling any protests he had, Ichigo felt his body go numb as Grimmjow's tongue worked wonders in his mouth, his hands found their way into Grimmjow's wavy blue hair pulling on it gently, that was when Grimmjow pushed Ichigo away, so hard he almost fell over.

Ichigo stared at Grimmjow in utter shock, seeing that his fists we're clenched Ichigo said possibly the hardest thing he ever would, "I see you've made your choice, I'll stay out of your way and I'll make sure she doesn't come near you, I'm sorry to have caused you such an inconvenience by telling you about her, to have dragged you into it hoping you felt the same way I did. Lunch will be ready soon, I have things to do, excuse me." Ichigo then spun on his heel so Grimmjow wouldn't notice his eyes starting to water and he quite literally ran to his office and locked the door.

Sliding down it with his head in his hands not bothering to hold back his cries, it just hurt too much.

To say he scared the hell out of Ulquiorra was an understatement; he'd just watched Ichigo start to have an emotional break down possibly forgetting he was in the room.

Ulquiorra knows he has the emotional range of a grain of sand, but he still felt the need to comfort Ichigo, he quietly placed his book down and lightly placed a hand on Ichigo's shoulder startling the teen, Ichigo said nothing as Ulquiorra pulled him into an awkward hug, sliding in between Ichigo's parted legs and lightly wrapping his arms around the larger teen's neck, Ichigo appreciated the gesture and rest his head against his shoulder.

They stayed like that for a little while, until Ichigo had calmed down more. "I should finish preparing lunch," Ichigo said weakly into Ulquiorra's shoulder shifting his weight to get up.

Grimmjow had moved back into his bedroom to wonder what the hell he was thinking. Sure Ichigo's attractive, scratch that, he's drop dead sexy, he remembered that night they'd spent together like it happened five minutes ago.

Just barely able to raise their swords, bloody and struggling for breath no more than arms length from each other, Ichigo looked at Grimmjow as he collapsed to the floor finally, Ichigo following soon after. "You know Grimmjow, minus the cocky attitude, your not actually that bad" Ichigo said with a tired smile, Grimmjow's mouth threatened to smile as he replied, "You know when your not scowling, your not so bad yourself". That's how it started. He forgets how young Ichigo is sometimes; he doesn't act like a 21 year old man with a 5-year-old daughter.

"Grimm, lunch is ready" Starrk said through the door lazily. Sighing Grimmjow got up and headed towards the kitchen, he sat with Nelliel, Starrk and Ulquiorra waiting for Ichigo to get back to the table, the food looked amazing.

"C'mon don't be shy there my friends" they heard a soft voice from the side, their heads looked up to see Ichigo with a small girl trailing behind him. He put her in the higher chair and the table was eloped in an awkward silence, just the sounds of cutlery hitting plates and eyes shifting from side to side.

"Emi chan, do you enjoy your school?" Nelliel asked breaking the silence. Emiko looked at the sea haired woman before breaking out into a huge grin that looked like one of Grimmjow's.

"I love it, the ladies are sooooo nice, we gets to draw all the time and I have lots of friends to play with and papa picks me up every day and he makes my lunches with funny shapes" she went on rambling.

The guests didn't fail to notice Ichigo's blush at his daughter's words.

"What do you draw?" Starrk asked raising a lazy eyebrow.

"We draw the thin' most precious to us in the whole world" she said raising her spoon in the air to add affect.

"What's that Emiko?" Nelliel asked again genuinely intrigued by the little girls words, Emiko paused and she gave an ear splitting grin, Grimmjow noticed how wide the smile was, that was his…

"My most precious thing, is papa of course" she said confidently. All of the espada felt a warm feeling in their chest; this girl was mature for her age, "Ichigo, where did you learn to cook?" Ulquiorra asked popping the last piece of food in his mouth elegantly.

"I used to help my sister in the kitchen, she did all the cooking since mom passed away so I offered to help, I musta' picked things up on the way" Ichigo said with a far away look on his face as he rose to collect the plates taking them into the kitchen.

"Emiko, does your papa ever talk about your mother?" Nelliel asked softly so Ichigo didn't hear.

Emiko looked down for a minute, before she spoke "I think, papa is my momma, he does all the things a momma does, but he's alone, that's why he's my papa, also I hear him crying at night sometimes like he's missin' his precious person… I think that precious person might be papa, I know it's odd for a boy and a boy but there's some in my class, they always hold hands and stuff and papas never talked about girls before… I wish papa would come home soon… momma really loves him I can tell, I want momma to be happy…" She said sadly before jumping out of her chair, "Papa! I want the biggest slice of cake!" she yelled darting towards the kitchen.

The four espada stared wide-eyed at the three year old who sounded like a relationship therapist. Nelliel looked at Ichigo picking up his daughter in the kitchen, "You know I think she's right…" she said quietly.

Ulquiorra nodded in agreement, Starrk grunted and Grimmjow was trying to ignore the heavy pain in his chest, the one hurting him more than any battle wound he's ever had. Ichigo had just set the last plate of mouth-watering chocolate cake down when there was a knock at his door.

Sighing to go and open it, he wished he hadn't.

At his doorstep stood Rukia, Renji, Kenpachi, Byakuya, Uryu and Szayel he wanted to die right there.

"Please go in, first door on the left, make yourselves at home I'll be with you shortly," Ichigo said with annoyance in his voice but they obeyed his request anyway.

Ichigo grudgingly returned to the table to be met with questioned glares, "I'm sorry but I have very unwanted company to take care of, please finish desert and go about your business" He said keeping his eyes to the floor.

"Papa, you okay?" His daughter's sweet voice asked through the silence he looked up at her with a smile, "Yeah, I'll be fine, you can come in with me, they're probably dying to know about you".

Ichigo walked in with Emiko on his back, they all stared at her wide eyed, so they weren't hallucinating earlier, "Emiko, these are papa's friends, Rukia, Renji, Kenpachi, Byakuya, Uryu and Szayel." Ichigo said with a grin.

Emiko pondered the names, they sounded familiar, her memory was stronger then that of the average five year old, then it clicked.

"Rukia she gave you your super powers!" All of the guests choked on the air.

"Ah so you remember the stories?" she nodded her head.

"Renji and Byakuya stole her away and you lost your powers, but then you trained reaaaaaaaally hard and got them back, you travelled to a new world with Uryu and had to fight the baddies because they were gonna kill her! You had to fight Kenny, Renji and others to get her back, also you had to fight her brother as well because he's such a hot head you had to knock some sense into him" She said giggling at her old bed time stories, Ichigo was trying not to laugh at her daughters recollection of them.

"Them you had to fight these bounty people, and this Aizen freak and his gooney people, and you almost lost your powers doing so but my papa's the best hero ever, he always protects his precious people" She said with a wide smile.

'But who protects my papa?' she thought to herself sadly.

"I told her about all of you ya'know, even you Byakuya, if you're here to ask me why I left, I wanted her to have nothing to do with that world, why I didn't contact you? For that exact reason, I will answer no questions about her mother."

Emiko's arms tightened around her papa, she knew papa was her momma but there must be a reason why he's hiding it, ah yes, he told her once but she didn't think anything of it at the time.


"Papa, do I have a momma?"

Ichigo sat down next to Emiko and began his story about how he fell in love with the enemy, and how if anyone found out, they'd all be in really big trouble, or worse.

Ichigo avoided eye contact with Uryu completely who was doing the same. "Any other questions?"

"What espada do you have staying with you Ichigo?" Uryu asked, Ichigo would have happily died there again; he took a deep breath, "Nelliel, Coyote Starrk, Ulquiorra Schiffer and Grimmjow Jaegerjaques".

Uryu's head snapped up so fast Ichigo would have sworn it would have come clean off his shoulders, Ichigo looked straight at him with pleading eyes. "I'm going to get a glass of water." Uryu stated.

It wasn't a question and Ichigo knew that's not what he was going to do, but he didn't say anything. Emiko had hopped off of Ichigo and began playing with Byakuya's hairpiece causing Rukia and Renji to stifle giggles.

Uryu stomped through Ichigo's apartment searching for the sexta, cross bow at the ready almost. He found him in one of the bedrooms, "Do you know about her?" he growled low in his throat at the blue haired espada, and Grimmjow shot straight up in his bed eyes full of pain.

"Do you feel pain espada, do you? GOOD! Because imagine how he feels! She's almost the splitting image of you in so many ways! He gave up his family, friends, job and his own fucking freedom to keep that child; he didn't have to and now he's got to worry his safety, your safety and her safety!" Uryu shouted acidly at him.

Grimmjow ignored the gaze that was chilling his non-existent soul, "I'm a hollow I don't have emotions." He said coldly.

"Ichigo is half hollow you arrogant prat, did you forget about that fact? He's half hollow he has emotions, he turned into a fucking VASTO LORDE and still had the lightest shred of emotion, hell even the hollow inside of him has emotion, hell even Ulquiorra has a little bit so don't give me that shit!" Uryu swore.

Before either could say anything Ichigo walked in and pulled Uryu out. "Don't Uryu, it's fine, I gave him the choice, and he's only going to be here for a year anyway, so please just don't worry okay?" Ichigo looked Uryu straight in the eye.

Uryu looked right into Ichigo's once warm playful chocolate colored eyes only to find dark, sad and almost dead ones, it scared Uryu but he dropped the subject with a mumbled fine and dragged Szayel out of the apartment.

Renji, Byakuya, Rukia and Kenpachi left soon after saying they would visit soon. Nelliel had taken Emiko out shopping and they had dragged Starrk's lazy ass with them, so left in the apartment was Ichigo, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow.

'King?' Shiro asked genuinely worried about his king.

'Yeah Shiro?'

'Your in quite the turmoil, I can feel how much pain yer in, how sad you are, your inner world, its burning in here, but the rain doesn't put the fire out, the building's are crumbling, but ya don't want ta to anythin' stupid cuz of Emi chan, she's the only form of light in here ya know' Shiro said to his king.

Before Ichigo had the time to think of a reply, a crash came from his office, rushing towards the door.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, not his mother, his father, Kisuke, or Yoruichi could have prepared himfor the sight that met his eyes.

Grimmjow had Ulquiorra pinned to his desk in a ferocious lip lock with his hands running over the smaller male.

Ichigo turned, grabbed a bit of paper, scrawled a note and left the apartment. Ichigo had blocked out Shiro completely and that worried Shiro a lot for his Kings mental sanity because by the look of his inner world, it was apocalyptic.

"Are you absolutely sure you want this? Kurosaki?"

"Please sir, erase them, replace them and please give me the punishment I deserve and my last wish is, please do not hurt my human child or the father, I take full responsibility".

The head captain looked down at the savior of the soul society, "Very well, Ichigo Kurosaki."

The head captain looked at his captains and lieutenants with sad eyes, this meeting would not go down well. "Head captain, what was so important that you called us all here?" Ukitake asked politely.

"Bring him in". Was all he said and with that, two soul reapers walked in in front of Ichigo Kurosaki, who was wearing an execution robe.

Uproar threatened to break out but the head captain boomed his staff.

"Ichigo Kurosaki, you admit to bearing the child to the sexta espada Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, you also admit to keeping the human child hidden for three years, you also admit to having consensual sexual relations with a hollow, is this true?" the head captain asked loudly to hide the sadness in his voice.

"Yes, it is all true" Ichigo said voice unwavering.

"And will you tell us why you want to be executed instead of the sexta espada?"

Ichigo gave a sad smile, "Grimmjow was unaware of the child and simply wants nothing to do with her or myself, also because I alone kept the child hidden and originally came onto the sexta after both collapsing from exhaustion during battle and my final reasoning… Love does strange things to hormonal pregnant 16 year old boys, and besides, it was only a matter of time before it was known anyway", Ichigo said with a shrug.

"Any last requests, Kurosaki san?" the head captain asked, knowing what they were already, Ichigo smiled at the head captain.

"Erase her memories of me completely and watch over her for me, she's a sweet girl, I'm just not strong enough, also you are not to harm her in any way shape or form, you are not allowed to give my body to the captain of squad 12, none of my friends are allowed to hurt Grimmjow, this was my decision alone and last but not least, tell Grimmjow now he really can forget" Ichigo said in a monotonous voice that shocked a few people further.

"One more question" Ichigo looked up nodding his head for the head captain to continue, "Why did you confess all of a sudden?"

Ah that question raised a few heads, "I'm only 21 year's old with a lot on my plate already, there are limits as to how much damage a heart can take, before it's indeed broken completely".

Ichigo's voice was sad, broken and slightly chilling… "Indeed king, you finally fell off your horse, I'm sorry that I failed you as a protector"

Shiro's voice echoed throughout the meeting hall, Ichigo's left eye had turned black with a honey golden iris, "I'm sorry I failed you as a king, Shiro, thank you for being my shield, but even you couldn't shield my heart, Head captain, my execution date?" Ichigo said looking up with his mismatched eyes.

"A month from now, Kurosaki san, due to your previous heroism and the debt that we owe you, you will stay in the squad barracks of your choosing until then, also you may see your daughter one last time, you have one hour" he said opening a passage to the world of the living, Ichigo stepped through it, to say his final goodbyes, while the head captain had an uproar to deal with.

Emiko was at the table with Nelliel when he came home, he pulled her into her bedroom for one last story.

She lay in between his legs with her soft orange hair against his chest. "Emiko, you have to be a good girl for papa okay" his voice was cracking, his hand shakily running through her hair, "Papa, has to go away for a while to a far away place but just know, I love you very much and you are the best decision I ever made" he said arms tightening around her and kissing the top of her head.

He then pushed a pressure point in her neck and she fell asleep. He lay her down gently and kissed her forehead, he picked up the photo album he kept in her room and all of her drawings of him before closing her bedroom door forever. He left a long message in the office for his guests, and like that his hour was up. Stepping back through the passage fresh tears down his face not even attempting to hide them from any of the captains, he simply said, "I think I'll stay in squad six" he said looking down at the first page of his photo album.

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