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To Nelliel, Starrk, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow.

I'm sorry that you have to receive a letter such as this but you are the only people I can ask.

Take care of Emiko for me please.

I am turning my self over.

There is enough money in this bank card for you all to live off until Emiko decides to go to Collage, that or you can get jobs, heh I would have loved to see Starrk get up more than once a day, I will no longer be around as I have failed her as a father being emotionally weak as I am, a soul reaper should be round any day now to erase her memory of me so could you please possibly act as her family? Of course you can send her away should this task be too much trouble for you.

The reason for this you ask? I am still 21 years old, that may seem old to you but to people in the world of the living it's still quite young, especially if you've been a father for five years and not really had much of a teenage life, there are so many things a soul can take, in this case it was simply loving someone who could never love me back, Emiko's father, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, during his mating season and being part hollow myself it was apparently possible.

Do not hate him or hurt him for this, I gave him a fair choice as to whether or not he wanted anything to do with myself or his daughter, I respected his decision as much as it pained me, I just wish he wouldn't pick my office desk to pin Ulquiorra against. Though knowing Grimmjow, Ulquiorra was probably forced. After seeing that I couldn't take it anymore, I have turned myself in to the soul society ordering my own execution and asking them not to harm him or any of you, I'll probably have about a month so, this is my good bye.

If Uryuu comes by, show him this letter before he gets to Grimmjow, he'd probably be seething heh, my main reason? Love does strange things to us humans, so being a soul reaper, hollow human and pregnant, it does really strange things. Tell Grimmjow that, I love him and I don't regret this, having Emiko and tell her I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promises.

Thank you so much and Goodbye.

Ichigo Kurosaki, Ex Substitute soul reaper, Vizored, and Father.

By the time Nelliel finished the letter, she'd almost torn it in two, Starrk had appeared half way through wondering what she was reading and looked over her shoulder, his name on the page caused him to read it, and place a calming hand on Nelliel's shaking shoulder.

"Ichigo dammit how can you leave her behind!" Nelliel screamed, that was when Grimmjow and Ulquiorra walked in the kitchen.


Nelliel looked round and lunged, but Starrk caught her arms behind her back, "You ASSHOLE! You never learn do you, you can't just keep it in your pants can you SEXTA!" She roared in blind fury.

"Ulquiorra, did you willingly consent to what just happened in Kurosaki san's office?" Starrk asked calmly from behind a seething Nelliel, Ulquiorra blushed before mumbling a 'not at first no I didn't'.

That seemed to do it for Nelliel, "YOU ASSHOLE, IN YOUR OWN CHILDS HOUSE, AND IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH ON HIS DESK, KNOWING HOW HE FUCKING FELT ABOUT YOU, I'VE SEEN HEARTLESS BASTARDS BEFORE BUT EVEN FOR A HOLLOW THAT IS BELOW THE BELT!" She screamed vehemently, Grimmjow's eyes widened, as did Ulquiorra's for different reasons.

"How do you know she's mine" Grimmjow asked eyes wide with horror, Nelliel gave a vicious smirk.

"I just read it in his goodbye letter, he turned himself in for execution after he caught you two earlier, he's asked them to kill him and erase her memory." If it were possible, Grimmjow's eyes widened further, and further again when Ulquiorra bitch slapped him clean across the face.

"Trash." Was all he said before walked over to Nelliel to read the letter, indeed Ulquiorra had refused him at first because of Ichigo's feelings for the blue haired espada, Grimmjow then lied to him saying Ichigo had feelings for his Quincy friend. Reading the letter he felt even worse.

Grimmjow said nothing as he raised a hand to nurse his cheek. Before anymore words were said they heard a crying from behind them, all four pairs of eyes widening in horror as they turned to see Emiko crying her eyes out.

"Papa promised me *hic* that he wouldn' leave *hic* after his stories he promised", she cried hands over her eyes. "What stories?" Nelliel questioned anger completely disappearing as she crouched down to comfort her, "He used to tell me that *hic* he was in love wit' tha enemy and I was their daughter and is friends couldn' find out because papa and momma and me would get in troub *hic* le, papa was always protectin' me from them, he said if they ever found out id have ta forget him and papa would, papa would *hic*" she started crying harder, it was a heart breaking sight for all of the espada.

"If I had to forget him it means papa was going to die for me, and his special person, I don't want momma to die, why won't papa save him. WHY WONT YOU SAVE HIM PAPA!" She screamed looking straight at Grimmjow, his own blue eyes staring straight through him, "Emiko? How did you know?" Ulquiorra asked regaining his ability to speak before the rest.

"Momma used to say that a child is a mix of the two souls used to create it, I can feel mommas soul in me, I know when mommas upset even though he's smiling for me, I know when he's crying for papa, I can also feel mommas happiness when he's telling me stories about you. I can also feel you. You are my papa but you keep hurting him, why? Why wont you love him?" She asked crying again.

They need to give this five-year-old more credit. At that moment Rukia and Ukitake came through the kitchen window, Emiko stared wide eyed at them, she could see them, like she saw papa that day and that monster, her papa had been able to see them and she could too.

"I wont forget him! You can' make me! I will not forget my papa!" She screamed with hot tears down her cheeks.

All six adults did a double take, "You- you can see us?" Rukia choked out, turning to her open mouthed Captain.

She nodded before pulling her legs into her tiny chest. "Don't let me forget him, I love my papa, please *hic* don't make me forget him, he gave up so much, im so proud of my papa, don't let me forget him" she cried harder.

Byakuya eyed Ichigo carefully, he was sitting by his koi fish pond looking through his photo album, Ichigo had chosen the sixth division to stay in because of many reasons, in the second division there was the noisy lieutenant, he didn't like Izuru of the third division, the fourth was too noisy due to patients, Hinamori of the fifth division would probably kill him in his sleep for almost killing her precious Aizen, he didn't know any one in seventh, Shuunsui was not an option for eighth, Hisagi Shuuhei stalked him slightly from ninth, Matsumoto was in tenth, Kenpachi was eleventh, twelve didn't even cross his mind and Rukia was in thirteenth.

He'd chosen six because Byakuya would keep people away because nobody wanted to cross the nobleman anyway. He noted the sad smile on Ichigo's face and couldn't help but feel bad for the teen, he did indeed grow up too fast; casting a small sad smile of his own he turned away to return to his duties for the day.

It was starting to get dark when Ichigo went inside the squad six barracks, walking straight into Renji. Ichigo swore a rainbow mentally mean while Rukia was swearing one at Grimmjow.

"You blockheaded espada what bloody possessed you to get with a soul reaper and play with his emotions? Don't you feel anything!" Rukia shouted, arms flailing about in the air.

"I am a hollow, no soul no heart, no emotion, I don't care about the soul reaper and I never did!" Grimmjow roared in the kitchen, Nelliel lurched forward and punched him square in the stomach knowing the rest of his words out of him, "DON'T GIVE ME THAT CRAP!" Emiko went unnoticed and crawled over to Grimmjow and placed a hand on his chest.

A few seconds passed before she felt it…


She gave a knowing smile and looked him in the eye, "I knew it, papa has a heart" she said softly. That one sentence caused Ulquiorra's hand to shoot up to where his chest lay, as did Nelliel, and Starrk.


Grimmjow stared at the little girl closely; she looked so much like him, and Ichigo it was unreal she had Ichigo's peach colored skin with his own deep cyan eyes but Ichigo's softness in them, Ichigo's unique orange hair with his wave in it, he hadn't realized until she wiped his cheek, that he was indeed crying.

The room was dead silent; Grimmjow blinked a few more times not quite believing it. "I'm sorry I caused momma and papa so much trouble, that I made momma and papa cry over me, maybe if papa had not had me in the first place momma and papa could be happy together, Im sorry papa" Emiko had tears running down her face as she said that.

Grimmjow's new found heart clenched heavily, she blamed herself? She thought this was her fault? Rukia and Ukitake had slipped out a while ago.

Nelliel stared wide-eyed with the rest; if Ichigo had heard her say this it would have broken him further, it wasn't her fault, Ichigo knew the risks he was taking when he kept her. Grimmjow's arms enclosed around his daughter for the first time since knowing about her, and cried into her shoulder. "It's not your fault, don't say that, it's not your fault" her arms wrapped around her fathers neck and he pulled her closer as he cried, and cried.

Back to Ichigo and Renji.

"Ichigo, I thought you were stronger then that, gotta say I'm disappointed," Renji said with a smug grin on his face. "Shove it Renji" he retorted trying to walk past him, Renji followed him down the corridor though; "I never would have guessed you were gay though Ichi, you don't seem the type to take it up the ass" he laughed. "Tell me Renji, is it Rukia or Byakuya you're so in love with?" Ichigo shouted back loud enough for anyone to hear.

"What'd you say asshole?" Renji asked blood boiling fast, "I mean you claim to care so much about Rukia like she's your girlfriend but you've always got time to sneak looks at Byakuya while he's training and get all flustered when he looks at you or talks to you".

"ROAR Zabimaru"

"Bakudo no. 9 GEKI!" Ichigo shouted turning to Renji paralyzing him, "Did you think I was sitting around doing nothing for three years Renji? You couldn't beat me then, you can't beat me now" Ichigo said turning to walk away.

Obviously the head captain had Zangetsu taken off him and a spirit limiter placed on his wrist so he didn't try to escape, although he still had enough free for Kido spells.

"No, I'd imagine you were looking after the spawn of a demon".

Ichigo paused before turning around with a smile; "My human daughter is no demon Renji, nice to see your true colors before I die, goodbye Abarai san" he turned on his heel and walked towards Byakuya's office leaving behind open mouthed by standers and a frozen Renji.

"You should fix that mouth on your lieutenant Byakuya, it will get him killed one day" Ichigo said coldly walking into Byakuya's office.

Byakuya looked up to see Ichigo with watery eyes but the man would not let them fall, Byakuya huffed in annoyance at the mention of his lieutenant, "What did he do this time Kurosaki?" he grudgingly asked.

Ichigo took a deep breath to compose his emotions and find his voice, "Oh not much just something about my sexual preference and referred to my daughter as a demon child" Ichigo growled at the memory, Byakuya looked Ichigo in surprise usually he would be tearing up the sixth division trying to kill Renji, yet he's in one piece and no blood.

"What did you do to him?" he asked not quite knowing if he wanted to know the answer to that, "Bakudo no. 9 as he attacked me with Zabimaru, are you done, can we go now I'm tired" Ichigo whined slightly, he just wanted to leave so he could finally cry himself to sleep again, Byakuya nodded and led the way to the Kuchki manor.

The next three weeks were a blur for Ichigo and Grimmjow, Ichigo had had encounters with a depressed and angry Rukia, a still trying to fight him Kenpachi, a 'can I experiment on your body after you die' Kurosutchi, an apologetic looking Renji and a very annoyed Byakuya.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, must you cause so much trouble?" Byakuya asked eyebrow twitching, they were currently in a heated argument inside the Kuchki manor, and servants were deliberately avoiding the room so they didn't get caught in it.

"By doing what exactly Byakuya? Minding my own business and having psyco's come at me every day!" Ichigo shouted back.

"Well it's your own fault for keeping the damned child anyway!" He shouted back, Ichigo saw red.

"Dammit none of you, NONE OF YOU know how I feel!" he shouted falling to the floor with his head in his hands. 'I can help you there King' Shiro mumbled a few words in a different language before Ichigo's spiritual pressure shot through Byakuya's heart like a needle, it also shot through everyone of Ichigo's friends in the world of the living.

The pain of his heart being torn out of his chest, anger at himself and the father of his child, frustration of letting himself believe anyone could ever love him, betrayal that happened before his very eyes, confusion feeling so lost not knowing what to do anymore, love for his daughter, Grimmjow, friends, family he didn't want to leave behind, sorrow for not being emotionally stronger for his age to live with his daughter, not being able to handle it, regret of leaving his daughter, and Ichigo's thoughts, Byakuya felt a heavy pain on his chest the amount of emotion was suffocating him, it was over whelming, a thousand times worse than when Hisana died and even then he didn't feel like this.

'Can you feel the pain he's in?' a voice echoed through his head, 'Can you comprehend how much this soul has been through in just the last few months? Now imagine how scared he was at 16, and how terrified at the thought of losing his only source of light, he's 21 years old and lost so much already. Do well to remember that' the voice faded.

Every one of his friends, and even Byakuya realized it, he was crying. Ichigo was in so much painit was almost unreal, yet he still managed to fake a smile everyday, go around like nothing was wrong and talk to people. Byakuya crouched down next to Ichigo before handing him a handkerchief; Ichigo looked up and smiled, for the first time in weeks.

Grimmjow almost killed himself feeling that, Nelliel wanted killed him feeling that, Uryuu almost charged over to Ichigo's apartment and shoot him feeling that. Over the last two weeks Grimmjow was visited by many unhappy shinigami that swore so many words he didn't know existed, but none laid a finger on him due to the 5 year old girl that never left his side who screamed bloody murder at anyone that went to hurt him, that was one thing she got from Ichigo, his hardheadedness, stubborn attitude and would kill if someone was to harm someone she cared about, but she was also so kind like him, and it was breaking Grimmjow's new existent heart.

"Papa, I want to see momma," Emiko stated during dinner one night, the tables awkward silence became three times more awkward, "Do you not love momma? Is that why you're letting him die?" Emiko asked sadly.

Grimmjow went to bed that night battling with his feelings again like he had done every night for the last three weeks, he loved Ichigo, he was finding it so hard to breathe without the orange haired teen around, he craved his body, voice, hell he even slept in his bed.

'Why did he turn himself in? Leaving his daughter behind' That one thought seemed to kick Grimmjow's mind into overdrive, 'THAT IDIOT!' Grimmjow's mind screamed, getting up off of Ichigo's bed and charging like a mad man towards the kitchen startling all three occupants, "Get yer asses ready, we're going to knock some sense into that strawberry!" he stated, eyes holding no room for question.

"FINALLY!" Nelliel screamed in delight, "We were starting to run out of time, we're ready lets go!" she screamed again out of pure joy, using a mod soul to get out of her gigai, throwing one at Grimmjow who said nothing at the preparedness of his friends. Once Nelliel had dragged Starkk out of bed and Ulquiorra was standing miles away from Grimmjow they were ready to leave.

"Papa, take me with you" Emiko said quietly from her bedroom door, he nodded "One condition" he said picking her up, she nodded furiously not caring about the condition, "You stay with Starrk because he's the strongest, cause momma would kill me if you got hurt" smiling he handed her to Starrk, and they stepped through the Gargantua that Ulquiorra had created.

A/N: I am fully aware that the times probably don't add up, please forgive me for that, onward with the story

Although the cavalry was on it's way, today in the soul society was the day of Ichigo's execution, and was he nervous? A little bit.

He was to be executed at sunset by Ichigo's request; he always felt most at peace watching a sun set, at the moment he was giving Kenpachi one last spar with the head captain's permission, allowing Kenpachi to go all out, Ichigo had indeed gotten stronger, many of his friends gathered to watch his last fight, Kenpachi stood panting and blooded, Ichigo stood in his shikai with a scratch on his cheek.

It was now a race against time.

Grimmjow took the lead, he was a man on a mission, Nelliel was behind him screaming murder at any shinigami that tried to get in his or her way, Starkk was in the middle with Emiko on his back holding her tightly, and Ulquiorra took the back, purely because he wanted to be no where near Grimmjow.

Ichigo was led up Sokyoku hill by two shinigami he'd never met to make it easier, although walking past his friends was heart breaking, most of them were crying or staring at the floor, he was carried up to the new execution platform seeing as he broke the last one and he stared out into the near setting sun.

"Ichigo Kurosaki, is this your final decision?" the head captain shouted up to him. Ichigo thought it over for a few minutes, now wishing he hadn't. He had hoped he was imagining it earlier today, but that panicked cry of 'intruders' from a shinigami that had just flash stepped onto the hill, Ichigo mentally sighed.

He looked up at the sky, "PAPA YOU PROMISED ME!" came a shrill cry from down below, his head shot down like his neck had just been broken, the shinigami on the ground just as surprised as they didn't even see her arrive, Ichigo was furious.

"Grimmjow… YOU ASSHOLE! YOU COULDN'T JUST LET ME DIE IN PEACE! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING BRINGING HER HERE" Ichigo screamed to the land below him, Grimmjow stepped forward from behind the crowd of shinigami also furious.

"What the hell am I thinking? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING LEAVING OUR DAUGHTER BEHIND LIKE THAT!" neither of them noticed it due to their anger, but everyone listening did.

"You asshole, don't pretend you actually care! Not now after everything you put me through!" Ichigo growled, Grimmjow looked down at the floor before he snapped, "Oh shove it so I made a few mistakes, I was trying to come to my senses, grow a pair and suck it up!" The shinigami had swords at the ready, just incase intervention was needed, though nobody wanted to get in between that…

Scaring the people below him by very easily breaking free from the platform, he came face to face with Grimmjow with livid golden eyes.

"Fuck you! Seriously fuck you, you are the last person with the right to tell me that! You got me pregnant, wanted NOTHING to do with me or her then you kissed me, pushed me away again after giving me false hope, pushed your daughter away again and fucked Ulquiorra on my desk! That is pure coldblooded heartbreak, telling me to grow a pair and suck it up; I'm a 21-year-old Shinigami/Hollow! I'm not even human anymore! My human body died five years ago! I fell in love with an asshole that plays me like a puppet on strings! Don't give me any of that I'm a hollow shit because I'm two quarter hollow, a quarter shinigami and the rest is trying to re-find my humanity! How about you grow a pair, suck it up and tell me how you fucking feel!" Ichigo screamed shoving Grimmjow hard in the chest with hot tears leaking out of the corner of his eyes.

There was silence and stillness time was frozen, until Grimmjow tackled Ichigo to the ground, many rushed forward to stop them but Emiko turned and held her tiny hands up to stop them.

Ichigo was frozen in shock to say the least, but the feeling soon melted away as Grimmjow's tongue prod his bottom lip for entrance, he resisted at first just to annoy him, that caused Grimmjow to grunt and nibble his bottom lip softly between his canine teeth.

Ichigo moaned slightly as Grimmjow's tongue invaded his mouth, Grimmjow pulled away and looked at Ichigo's flushed state, eyes growing darker with lust and rosy pink lips. He kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "I love you, Ichi so much, and our daughter".

Ichigo blushed furiously and shoved Grimmjow off of him "Idiot when did you get all sappy, and I love you too" Ichigo mumbled standing up brushing his clothes off Grimmjow close behind him.

"MOMMA!" Emiko cried as she threw her arms around Ichigo's waist, completely ignoring the fact he was just called Momma and picked up his crying daughter and she buried her head in his shoulder mumbling her incoherent scolding because she was crying too much to be understood, although she managed to stop crying enough to say, "Finally, we're a family" Grimmjow's heart melted and he wrapped an arm around Ichigo's waist and pulled him closer and Ichigo rested his head on Grimmjow's chest.

The shinigami looked at the three finally at peace, it made a beautiful picture until Ichigo's next sentence surprised them all.


After a few, long questioning hours, Urahara's explanation and death threats from Uryuu later Ichigo was cleared of all charges due to the fact Grimmjow was no longer a hollow but a Vizored due to Urahara Kisuke and his sneaky Gigai experiments, especially Ichigo's gigai the one he had been wearing for four years because during his hollowfication stage his body died, Ichigo was made captain of squad 13 with Grimmjow as his Lieutenant, Starrk was also made captain of squad 8 as Ukitake and Shuunsui decided to join central 46, Nelliel was made captain of squad 3 and Ulquiorra squad 5. Emiko, Ichigo and Grimmjow now live together in a nice house in Seiretei.

Two weeks later…

(A/N Grimmjow's hollow mask is like the others, it will come out if he summons it and his hole is no more, just to make it clear…)

"Grimmjow I swear to kami I will send Kenpachi after you if you try to get sex out of me again, you are on a ban because of your display in my office" Ichigo grumbled at his boyfriend finishing his last piece of paperwork for the week. Grimmjow huffed and crossed his arms over his chest like a child that had just been refused candy, but he didn't mind because Ichigo would be his tonight, Rukia was watching Emiko at the Kuchki mansion, really he thinks that Byakuya is watching her, the noble has become seriously attached to her that Ichigo made him her god father and he actually smiled, though he'd kill you if you asked about it. Grinning to himself proudly he didn't realize that Ichigo had already gone home without him, grin turning to a scowl he ran out the door after his strawberry.

After Byakuya came to pick up Emiko claiming 'Rukia was busy' Ichigo headed towards the bedroom shedding his uniform on the way, he was tired, ached everywhere and just wanted to relax for the rest of the night, sighing as he flopped face down on his bed in nothing but his boxers inhaling the fresh linen smell he was at peace until the bed dipped down either side of his legs and the weight of a body rest on his ass.

"Grimmjow, what are you doing~aah" his voice died in his throat as rough warm hands that had been rubbed in an oil ran over his back and slowly began untangling the knots in it, Grimmjow was trying really hard not to pound Ichigo's body into the mattress due to the hazed amber slits staring back at him along with the sweet sounds being released from those sweet lips.

It's been too long since Grimmjow had touched his berries sweet body.

LEMON BEGINS HERE! IT'S FAIRLY DETAILED. Don't say I didn't warn you.

(Also I would like to add, they are circumcised. If you don't know what that is you probably shouldn't be reading something like this or look it up because I am not explaining it here….)

Ichigo's body was on fire, Grimmjow's touch always made him feel like he was high on something, turning back to face his blue haired lover who had restraint written clearly on his face, "Gri-mmjah kiss me…" Ichigo's lust filled voice stabbed its way into Grimmjow's ears, lowering himself down to lie on his sweet berries back.

Finally… after two weeks of being kicked away and sleeping in separate rooms, he finally connected his lips to his sweet berries. Ichigo awkwardly turned round underneath Grimmjow so they were laying chest to chest, propping himself up on one arm Grimmjow began to devour Ichigo's mouth, thrusting his tongue inside the willing cavern he explored without much resistance.

Ichigo's logical thought fried the second Grimmjow's lips touched his, raising a knee to slide between his lovers thighs brushing gently against the elder mans crotch and locking his arms around his neck, Ichigo was long gone with logical thought.

Grimmjow growled and panted as he pulled up for air, every time he moved he had Ichigo's thigh rub against his boxers in a dangerously delicious way, he nibbled Ichigo's bottom lip before kissing down his chin to his jaw line, as he reached Ichigo's tan slender neck his wicked tongue poked out for a taste of skin. Ichigo moaned as a warm, wet muscle ran over his pulse point and again when soft lips closed down on it sucking gently. Grimmjow's tongue traveled to Ichigo's shoulder where he then bit down. Hard.

Ichigo's P.O.V

I cried out when Grimmjow's overly sharp teeth pierced the skin of my neck juncture, dam the fucker has sharp teeth, he did it the first time as well, marked me as his own. His tongue ran over the bite as an apology, and his mouth came up to ravish mine again.

I moaned into his mouth, he has the best addicting taste; vanilla, chocolate and sin.

His hands were on my torso, thumbs against my ribcage and soft hands on my back as I arched up slightly; our breathing was rapid, uneven and heavy. His hands reached my sides and I froze slightly, 'I wonder if he remembers?'

I looked up at his wild cyan eyes as he pulled away again for air, judging by the grin he was giving me, I think he did. He kissed down my chest lightly, blue hair tickling me as he went, his tongue poked out at points causing me to gasp, at the wet feeling on my over heated body.

Grimmjow nibbled on my hipbone and I almost lost it, "Ichi, you didn't think I forgot did you, not a body like yours" he whispered against my hip, I could only produce a groan and he laughed.

Oh hell no he didn't.

Shaking my head and moving my leg to rest on his hip, I pulled his body closer and then flipped us over. Resting my lips next to his ear I felt him stiffen, I grinned, "Did you think I'd forgotten Grimmjow" I purred against his ear, I curled my tongue round the shell of his ear and I felt him melt underneath me.

Crawling down his body I dipped my tongue into the waistline of his boxers catching the tip of his furiously leaking erection. He gasped as I introduced his hard member to the cold air of our bedroom.

I ran the tip of my tongue teasingly along the thick vein starting from the base and slipped it gently inside the tip collecting beads of that delicious flavor that could only be his. It's been a long time since he's had any action, I can tell because of how unusually sensitive he is. Curling my tongue around the soft mushroom tip caressing it gently I slid my hands up those perfect legs of his to clamp down on his hips, gripping his fine ass in the process.

With no warning what so ever, I looked him in those predator filled teal eyes, grinned and deep throated the entire eight and a half inches.

Humming at the scream that tore from my lover's mouth and from the rough hands curled into my hair as he pulled me off of his cock with a 'pop'. He gently pulled my head up to meet his and locked his lips to mine passionately.

Normal POV.

Grimmjow began to ravish the strawberries mouth with his own softly flipping them over so Ichigo was panting underneath him. Never breaking the kiss Grimmjow slid his knee in between Ichigo's legs brushing against the younger mans crotch allowing him to swallow Ichigo's delicious groan.

Running his hands up Ichigo's slightly feminine sides reaching the berries lips and sliding two fingers in for their tongues to dance around, Ichigo moaned at the feel of the digits sliding out of his mouth and right into him. He didn't even notice he was naked his body was so numb with excitement.

Although he did feel Grimmjow shove two fingers in with no warning. That he felt.

"Ah- Grimmj-ah that hurt." He whined slightly against his lover's lips as he finally came up for air. His lover gave his trademark smirk, "You'll forgive me for it in a second Ichi." He purred as he nibbled on his strawberries neck while stretching him out and adding a third finger. Ichigo was reduced to a gibberish mumbling panting blob as Grimmjow touched him. Grimmjow plunged his long fingers inside Ichigo one last time.

"AH FUCK! AGAIN!" Ichigo's most coherent sentence for a long time.

Pulling his fingers out and dipping them in the vanilla scented oil conveniently placed by the bed, he lubed up his painfully hard member, hoisted Ichigo's legs up onto his hipbones, and thrust into his lover in one go.

Ichigo's blunt nails tore into Grimmjow's sweat covered shoulder blades as he was ripped in half, finger's will never compare to the sheer size of it, let alone the thickness of it. Kissing his berries pain creased forehead as Ichigo's tight walls were almost cutting off the circulation to his length, he thanked whatever god existed that Ichigo began to relax.

After a few moments of deep unsteady pants from both ends and pure restraint from Grimmjow's side, Ichigo wriggled his hips and Grimmjow threw restraint out the window head first and off a cliff.

Taking hold of the poor head board behind Ichigo's head, he looked down at his lover withdrew his member until the tiniest part of his tip was inside, and rammed himself back in. Ichigo gave a lust filled scream as his prostate was hit dead on where his fingers could just about reach.

Grimmjow stopped himself remembering in his pleasure filled mind that he had something to do. Ichigo looked at him with slightly fearful eyes, 'Oh god he doesn't regret it already does he' panic filled him as Grimmjow locked eyes with him. Removing his hands from the headboard with the item he stored behind it he locked his arms under Ichigo's back and lifted him up while rocking back so Ichigo was sitting on his lap, still impaled on him. He cupped Ichigo's beautiful face in one of his hands and forced him to look down at him.

"Ichigo…" he whispered softly, "Ichigo, I promise you, until the day we die together, I'll be by yours and our daughter's side. I'll never leave or hurt you again Ichi, so please…" Grimmjow brought forward his hidden hand to reveal a small silver ring with an amber stone in the middle of two twisting vine shapes, on either side of the amber was two small sapphire studs.

Upon closer inspection the vines had engraved 'My strawberry'. If Ichigo wasn't so choked up like a woman right now he would have knocked his lover out right then. "Ichigo, I love you so much, be my one and only, please." Grimmjow gave Ichigo a loving look as his lover nodded, Grimmjow slid the ring onto Ichigo's slim finger and Ichigo lifted himself up on Grimmjow's still inside him member and slammed back down causing them both to grunt.

Grimmjow's hands gripped Ichigo's soft cheeks as he helped him lift himself on and off of him.

Grimmjow wasn't going to last much longer, and Ichigo knew it too, taking something close to a bite out of Ichigo's shoulder as he rammed his lover's prostate one last time causing them both to release with a scream of each other's name. Pulling out and limply falling to his lover's side, he pulled Ichigo into him and they fell asleep.

Lemon end… and time skip to the next morning!

"Papa and momma made up!"

"Such an inappropriate scene in front of a child, they could at least be dressed."

"Eh? But you and uncle Ren…" a hand was placed over Emiko's mouth as the noble man blushed.

"What was that Byakuya? You and Renji eh? About damn time!" came Ichigo's sleepy reply as he placed a clean pair of boxer's on and smothered Grimmjow with a pair. Once Grimmjow was covered and Byakuya left in an embarrassed huff, Emiko crawled into bed between her parents and smiled.

Finally, they were a family.

A horrible thought struck Ichigo like he had just been stabbed. They didn't use protection last night.

Emiko: Beautiful smiling child.

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