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Chapter 13: Family

"Anabella bring my pensieve please" Harry said hoarsely, he could hardly believe how his voice had changed over the years, when he was young his voice had been deep and smooth this crackly weak voice still didn't seem like his own.

"Here you are dad" Anabella said placing the pensive gently on Harry's frail lap.

Harry looked up at his daughter who had just turned 82, she was still beautiful in his eyes, she had aged wonderfully her red hair having only a few streaks of silver through it, and her skin still amazingly smooth. "Thank you sweetheart, it's getting late you should turn in" he said softly giving the joy of his life a smile.

"Are you sure dad? I could stay up and put that away for you when you're done" Anabella offered as she smoothed the blankets covering her father. "For 100 he still looks good, you could never tell by looking at him that he was sick" she thought sadly.

"Oh I can put it on the bedside table, I'm not so old that I can't do that" Harry teased leaning forward to kiss his daughter on the forehead "Go get some sleep, we have an early morning, we are going to see your father in the morning" Harry said wistfully.

Nodding Anabella kissed Harry's heavily lined cheek "I'll make sure the flowers have enough water, can't leave father wilted flowers can we? I love you dad sleep well" she said as she walked to the door.

"I love you too baby girl" Harry said softly, noting how Anabella still rolled her eyes at the old pet name Harry had given her at her birth. Harry stared at the closed door lost in thought, how he wished he could have told her goodbye, but if she had known what Harry knew deep down she would never have left him, "I'm surprised she didn't catch on as it is. She is too bright, just like her father, she sure didn't get it from me…must have something to do with the eyes, they have the same eyes" Harry mused his thoughts leading as always back to Severus. It was ten years ago last month he lost his husband, all those years of being a spy had finally caught up with the potions master, and ever since the day Severus left him Harry's life felt empty. How do you get by without the person you've loved for 82 years? But somehow Harry had survived, "Until now" he thought "You'd think magic could cure something like cancer, but apparently not". With a sigh Harry shook himself from his thoughts he only had so much time and he had a lot to see, turning his attention back to the heavy pensieve in his lap Harry ran a wrinkled finger along the edge before dipping the finger into the liquid.

Harry watched an 18 year old him being bullied into a broom cupboard by a very handsome potions master, with a smile Harry listened to the noises coming from the cupboard not needing to see it to remember the scene vividly.

Moments later he saw a very pregnant him lying in bed that first valentines day, walking closer to the bed he heard the reason he saved this memory "I said I love you Harry" he heard Severus say, even now 82 years later it still made his heart flutter.

The memory faded out to be replaced with a very tired and sweaty Harry holding a new born Anabella, he heard him and Severus name their wonderful daughter, who would have known then how much joy she would bring them.

Next Harry watched his little red headed 3 year old running across the Quidditch pitch chasing a snitch as Severus kneeled on the grass in front of a young Harry asking him to marry him.

The next memory to come up was Harry and Severus's wedding day, Minerva McGonagall officiating the ceremony had just declared Harry and Severus to be wed and the two joyful grooms were kissing passionately as a 4 year old Anabella in a flower girls dress scattered them with flower petals.

Then came the first detention their daughter had ever had, her grandpa James and Uncle Sirius would have been proud of what a little merauder she turned out to be. At 11 she looked so cute scrubbing the burnt on polyjuice potion from that cauldron, it was only the second day of her first year.

The next memory was one of Harry's favorites, Anabella walking down an aisle in a beautiful white gown, Severus on her right and Harry on her left both men beaming with pride and love as they gave their little girl away to the man who was still her husband today.

Then came the grandkids, all five of them, the twin boys who were 40 now Tobias and James, then came Lily who was 38, and then the second set of twins Minerva, and Brian who were now 32. Harry watched the memories of his first time meeting all five of them and watching them grow and make him proud.

The last memory was of lying in bed with Severus the night he died, looking back Harry could tell Severus knew, just as Harry knew now, that he wouldn't wake up in the morning. "You were the best thing to ever happen to me brat" Severus had whispered kissing Harry softly before pulling Harry in closer to go to sleep.

Harry sighed as he found himself back in his bed a few tears making their way down his cheek, oh how he missed that man "I will be with him soon enough" he thought part of him rejoicing at the thought. Harry reached over to his bedside table and took his wand from the drawer and quickly took a few more memories and put them into the pensieve, these ones were for Anabella and the kids. Frowning at how much that simple magic drained him Harry struggled and got the pensieve on the bedside table and pulled out a long parchment and a 'never ending ink quill' from the drawer. He had started this letter when he found out that his cancer was terminal and now was time to finish it,

"I'm sorry I lied to you and didn't say goodbye after you kissed me goodnight tonight, but I needed this time to leave you and the brats some of my happiest memories. Speaking of which I told you I wasn't too old to put the pensieve on the table! I love you more then you could ever know, you were and still are my miracle, you made your father and I so proud of you. I love you my baby girl I'll give your father your love.

Love you always and forever

Your Dad

Harry James Potter-Snape"

Smiling softly Harry sealed the parchment with his wand and placed it next to the pensieve, and with a flick of his wand turned off the lights in the room. Harry slipped his wand under his pillow as he had every night since his first night at Hogwarts and laid down sighing in comfort as his head hit the pillow, "I'll see you soon Severus" he whispered closing his eyes, moments later Harry Potter, the boy who lived, fell asleep for the last time.