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' ' means thoughts

" " means Talking

'Sample' means hollow spirit

'Sample' means zanpaktou spirit

Now on with the story

Chapter 1- The Voices

It all started one morning, when Ichigo and my dad where fighting -those two are soo annoying.- ordinary as ever, with Yuzu making breakfast, while I usually ignored them. "AAARRRRGHHHH" there I heard it, a deep hungry growl. Again another usual occurrence, it of course was a hollow –My brother still won't admit to me his a shinigami.- But then all of a sudden another strange voice cut in telling 'IT EAT, EAT IT! DEVOUR' 'What the hell, where'd that thought come from?' I looked around to see if the voice could have come from anyone, but all I saw was dad lying on the ground unconscious, and Yuzu, who suddenly spoke up. "Karin, what's wrong. You look like you heard something." She asked, with her voice laced with concern.

"Nothing. I thought I heard something." I said, while shaking my head to clear the headache, which was growing since this morning.

"Oh, okay. I'm gonna go wake up dad." So she did and walked over to our father, who was still against the wall with his feet up in the air, and a huge lump already forming on his head. 'Serves him right.' I thought and just went over to the living room to watch some TV.

'Wonder what's on.' I casually grabbed the remote and started clicking through to see what's on Today. 'Seen it, seen it, seen it. Damn what's with all the reruns? There's nothi- wait what's that.' I stopped at the news, and turned the volume up.

"Karakura high school has suffered an explosion resulting in 19 students injured" –cut to a screen showing the resulting damage. Showing the school with a gaping hole in the side and smoke billowing out. - "The cause is unknown, and is still being investigated. We do…

I shut the Television set off. 'What the hell happened there, could it be a hollow? No Ichigo and his friends could have handled it. So what happened?' I kept wondering, and thinking of the possibilities of what could have happened, I sighed. "Uhhh… I'll probably never find out."

"Find out what." Yuzu Asked, surprising me and I nearly fell of the couch. 'Damn, she's like a ninja or something.' She helped me up, after my embarrassing fall. "What was on TV?"

"Oh. Uhh… there's was some kinda accident at Ichi's school. A few students were injured." I answered simply; she seemed worried after I said this news.

'Do you think Ichi-nee got hurt?" She asked worriedly. I doubt he would be too hurt, Ichigo is pretty tough.

"No, he's probably fine. He's probably gonna be pretty happy, There's no school for him for awhile." She seemed to cheer up. 'I'm better than I thought at cheering people up, or is it just Yuzu?'

She walked over to sit on the couch with me. "You're probably right; he might not have even made it in time for the school to get wrecked anyway." She chuckled "anyway what's on?"

I sighed and tossed the remote over to Yuzu, who just barely caught it. "Nothing. You find something." And I lay back on the couch, with my eyes closed trying to relax. Before I fell asleep.

My dream- mindscape

Im laying down in a forest, no not a forest more like a jungle. There are trees everywhere, odd thing is I don't see a single animal, hell , there aren't even sounds indicating animals live here. The only question on my mind is- WHERE THE HELL AM I!

"HEY, ANYONE HERE." I shouted hoping someone would here. No such luck. So I decided to try walking around. 'It really quiet here, why does this place seem so familiar.' I shook away the thought and continued my walk. Hoping to god I find someone her- wherever here is-

"He-he-he" I quickly spun my head to hear some chattering in the trees. "Come find me."

"Who are you?" I tried calling to whoever's voice I heard in the trees. "Where am I?"

"You already know it." A red figure appeared in front of me, and then vanished once again, leaving me confused. "Just say my name."

What the hell. I already know it, what's that suppose to mean? Who is she? "I don't know your name, I have never even met you even met you before in my life." She then jumped down showing me finally what she looked like. She had long flowing black hair, with unnaturally pale skin, and near glowing red eyes. But that's not the most shocking part, on her back where these huge black wings. That's right WINGS! And she was wearing a long red kimono.

"Of course you know me; I've always been a part of you. We've just never got the chance to talk before." Her smile got bigger, if that's even possible. "Just concentrate."

I've always known her, what does she mean 'apart of me' what is she? I closed my eyes tight in concentration, trying to think of any names that could go with this strange girl. Gah, this makes no sense, how am I suppose to know her name? I have never met this crazy girl before.

"Just tell me who you are?" I screamed at her, if she keeps talking in riddles I might just rip out my hair, I really hate riddles.

She frowned, I couldn't help but feel bad for disappointing her. Maybe I was too harsh on her.

Suddenly her dark obsidian wings burst into flames before she rushed at me, a thin blade materializing from fire appeared in her hand and I narrowly missed getting my head chopped off. Instead I hit my head hard on a tree. "Ow! Hey what was that for? Are you crazy, you could have taken my head off!"

"Either remember my name," she spoke coldly, all remnants of the cheery girl left. "Or I won't miss.


I decided to redo my story abit, my previous version really sucked and I hope this one is better.