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Chapter 4 Taken

"oh my god!" Yuzu cried as she saw me and Ururu walk through the door. "what happened."

We went upstairs first before I answered her. Ururu had already left.

I laid back down on my bed, my head still pounding at the slightest movement. She quickly left the room and came back with an ice pack that I wordlessly thanked her for.

Man, my head fucking hurts like crazy. The cold ice is a big help. But still even blinking hurts.

Since I had a concussion, the night was spent with Yuzu waking me up occasionally through the night. And by morning I could tell my twin sister was exhausted. She passed out and I carried Yuzu over to her bed and tucked her in. Smiling at her peaceful face.

It was about noon now, I could faintly hear dad yelling and waking Ichigo up, so he must be here I guess. Kiskue told me Ichigo needed to train to control his powers or something, I think he called them vizards. Anyway, I guess he is finally back now.

I decided to walk downstairs and see what was going on. Dad and Ichigo were fighting like old times and dad had Ichigo in a headlock, who was screaming to be let go and what kind of parent does that. Sure it may not be the most normal family, but I love them.

Moving past them I walked outside wincing a bit as my eyes adjusted to the light. Not really caring where I was going I just decided to walk. I was feeling a bit restless.

Not really paying attention to my surrounding I didn't really notice when I arrived in the park.

"Watch out!" Spinning my head I barely noticed a soccer ball coming straight at my head. I quickly put my arm up to grab the soccer ball. I held it out to the kid who seemed to be only like seven years old boy with short brown hair under a red hat. He apologized and thanked me for the ball back.

"What a nice thing to do." I quickly turned my head and moved back in shock. Standing casually near a tree was a woman wearing all white with her shirt stopping just under her breasts while her face was covered. She had flawless tanned skin with blonde hair and on her back was a pink sword sheath.

"Wh-who are you?" My voice shook. Damn, I wish I remembered to bring a soul candy.

"Not important." She started walking closer to me. "But you are coming with me."

"Hell no!"

"It was not a request." With unbelievable speed she disappeared from my sight and I felt her grab me by the waist and pick up. I struggled as much as possible, but she didn't seem to even care. I stopped my efforts knowing they were pointless.

"Where are you taking me!" No response.

She held out her hand and suddenly the air looked to tear like fabric showing an inky swirling black nothingness behind. I would never say this out loud, but at this point I was completely terrified. I restarted my struggles when she began walking inside.

Suddenly I felt a pressure on the back of my neck and drifted off too unconsciousness.

I crack my eyes open and saw a brunette haired man in white staring at me with sick pleasure. The smirk on his face making me actually rather have that tan woman from before here with me.

"Hello Miss Kurosaki." A smooth velvety voice that creeped me out. "My name is Sousake Aizen. Welcome to Las Noches."

After introducing himself to me Aizen told me he needed me. He was really specific but said I was vital with his plans. After he was done he had the same woman from before, who I now know as Tia Harribel, escort me to a room.

The hallways all looked alike, each door was very plain looking and really had no distinguishing characteristics. The walls were all a plain boring white with very high ceilings. I tried striking up a conversation with Tia, but as I soon learned she rarely ever talked.

We finally stopped at a door, Tia opened it and I just went in. The room looked really dull, there was a plain looking queen sized bed with plain white sheets and another door opposite the bed.

I looked back at Tia who stood in the doorway. "You will stay here until Lord Aizen says otherwise, food will be brought here regularly. The door will also not be locked, but I do caution you leaving this room. And any attempts for you to leave to the human world would be useless."

With that she closed the door. I just stared back at the closed door. Part of me wanted to leave to run away and do anything to get as far away as possible and get home. But instead I laid down on the bed, hot silent tears streaming from my face.