Well then... I suppose 10 months is a bit longer than "As fast as possible", but I will admit a few things:

-I was certainly losing interest in the story and continuing it, and with that went motivation to continue.

-This stemmed from a massive writer's block regarding the subject of "How am I going to continue and have this make sense, and what do I want to happen at the end and the important parts leading up to that?" This is because I am at the stage where I need to start deciding what is going to happen in the final acts and how to get there. What I want to happen is still quite unknown to me, and the time I've had to mull over it I've spent thinking a little, getting frustrated, and then giving up.

-A lot of things happened in my life, and most of them entail a busy, BUSY (actually busy, not high-school busy) life. I am now going to major in cyber security, AND I am pursuing a career as a pilot. That's right, that little tidbit I speak of reverently in my profile is now likely going to be my life, with a degree in cyber security as a supplement or backup to that. Both are VERY challenging and VERY competitive careers, and I am doing them at the same time. Gonna be great.

So, what's this below? Well, it's a continuation (drummed up in about 40 minutes) of our favorite squad of misfits and their engagement with Eldar forces in the city of Korvashil (where the story began). This is just a little bit to remind you guys I'm alive, and also to hopefully ask for affirmation that my writing skills haven't deteriorated too badly in the almost year that I've spent away.

Also, happy WAY belated 2 year anniversary, and thank you to all of you who've stuck with me for so long.

I've also found out tonight that Suffer Not the Xenos to Live ranks #3, #4, and #7 in follows, favorites, and reviews on the Warhammer section of Fanfiction. This is out of over 2,500 other stories. When I saw that I was at a loss for words. I had no idea I was literally in the top 10 and even top 3 in the whole category. That certainly was a refreshing boost.

The upcoming conversation between Andron and Aureleth is REALLY giving me trouble, and for that I apologize in advance. I do have some things about the ending sorted out, but how I'm gonna get us there and some other elements are still not even close to certain or even thought about. Either way, thank you for your patience, or I understand if you've long since ran out.


The Chimera roared through the deserted streets of "Thunderhead", known to its inhabitants as Korvashil, towards the skirmish that had erupted between Eldar and Imperial forces. The distant snap of lasrifles and the shriek of Eldar shuriken weaponry was dim, but grew louder in time with the heartbeats of the men that the armored vehicle would disgorge into combat, supporting the members of their company that composed 12th Squad. All they knew was that what awaited them was a fearsome engagement and that 12th Squad had apparently taken heavy casualties.

"So who sent the vox?" One of the occupants, sitting towards the front of the crew compartment, was reinserting a power cell into his lasrifle.

"I think it was 3rd," responded another.

"You mean those annoying assholes that got lost in the outskirts a couple weeks ago?" a third quipped.

"That would be them, but right now they're holding back an outnumbering Eldar force and we are going to support them. Their vox operator reported that their numbers are growing. We're in for a hell of a fight, gentlemen." Sergeant Regin, leader of 4th Squad, stood at the front of the crew compartment, bracing himself on the overhead railings and rocking back and forth as he kept balance against the jarring dips and bounces of the Chimera on the cratered terrain. "We'll be there in two minutes. Get ready."

"KRELL!" Dolan roared. Shuriken were hissing through the air around him or burying themselves in the armor plating of the Valkyrie that he hid behind. He ducked away from sparks and projectiles before snapping off several shots in the general direction of his foes. Behind them, the Chimera's bolters continued their chatter as their gunner fired bolts and profanities at the growing enemy forces, cursing their agility that made his job unnecessarily hard.

"They're coming! They're sending another squad now, it should be on its way! They're bringing another Chimera!" Krell shouted over the din of battle and the deafening roar of Johlem's nearby heavy stubber before rising slightly above his cover and firing off several shots. He was quickly forced back down by a barrage of shuriken that turned some of the debris near his face into dust and shrapnel, drawing a trickle of blood from his cheek. He released a string of curses instead of lasfire in response, Johlem also ducking down but only slightly as he quickly whipped another belt of ammunition off of his person and fed it into the weapon.

Norrum, one of the two surviving members of 12th Squad, sent a jet of flame down the street. It turned the dust on the ground to ash or glass, leaving blackened streaks under its path before it lapped at the armor of one of the Eldar as it attempted to move from one cover to the next. It stumbled, and a single, particularly bright lasbolt impacted low and to the left inside of its center mass, causing the warrior to crumple to the ground. Several more shots impacted the body from various directions, ensuring that the soldier was dead.

Bren Darmerth smiled as he readjusted his aim to take another shot. He squeezed the trigger. It missed, considerably. He sighed and lined up again. An Eldar roughly 100 meters away raised its head to fire. He quickly shifted his aim, placing the intersection of the crosshairs directly on the enemy's head. He exhaled slowly, feeling his ribcage shrink slightly and squeezing the grip on the rifle harder, the soft tissue of his hand swelling under the pressure to counteract the tiny change in aim that his breathing had caused, and squeezed off another shot. The concentrated beam of light covered the distance instantaneously, vaporizing most of the soldier's helmet as it tried in vain to absorb the immense amounts of thermal energy it was assaulted with. Inside, the soldier's head was vaporized before erupting out of the glowing, molten hole in between the eye gems of the helmet in a mist. As he crumpled to the ground, the rest of his body as well as everything a few yards around him was consumed in a ball of flame as his finger tightened on the missile launcher he held.

"Throne of Terra..." Bren exhaled along with the last of the breath he had been holding before he'd fired. He glanced at the Chimera; the gunner was reloading the heavy bolters. On the very edge of his hearing, he picked up the sound of a loud, clunky engine roaring.

"Almost there, get ready!" The driver shouted back into the troop compartment.

Dolan fired several more shots, one of them catching an Eldar in the chest. As he ducked back into cover, he heard Bren in his ear. "Sir, I think the reinforcements are here."

In affirmation of his conclusion, a Chimera barreled down the street towards them before screeching to a halt, skidding several feet, its twin heavy bolters already sending their deadly fire into the ranks of the approaching enemy.

"Out! Out! Move it!" Sergeant Regin shouted as he leapt from the bowels of the armored vehicle, his subordinates pouring out behind him and spreading over the street to cover. Sergeant Regin immediately sought out Dolan and ran to him before hunkering down next to him in cover.

"We're in for a real bout, here!" Dolan shouted as he continued to exchange fire with the enemy.

"We've brought more ammo and another Chimera, but the rest of the company is awaiting tasking back at HQ. We're all you're gonna get."