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Chapter One

The two monstrous black, FBI grade SUV's came to a sliding halt on the moist grassy ground, the occupants of both throwing the doors open and jumping out before the engines died.

Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, Unit Chief turned to his BAU team with an air of urgency, "Rossi, Reid you take the rec centre. Morgan, Prentiss the sports centre. JJ and I will search the college."

The three sets of partners glanced quickly at one another before turning their attentions to their allocated building.

"Our UnSub could be anywhere. Keep your eyes open and keep in touch." Hotch warned sternly before nodding to JJ who set off after him, their building located in the middle of the three.

Rossi and Reid set off at the same time, their building residing the farthest away on the right.

Morgan turned to Prentiss and then they both started running. Their assigned building was mere feet away.

"You ready?" Derek threw over his shoulder when they reached the front door.

Prentiss nodded once, "Go."

The two partners trailed up and down corridor after corridor, locker rooms, bathrooms, offices but nothing.

The Unsub they'd spent the last three days hunting down was picking off young teenage girls in this small town in Ohio. He'd torture, rape and maim them before finally strangling them out of their misery. He'd killed three girls before they'd been called in: all brunettes, all between 18 and 21. Then he'd gotten two more after that. Now they were gonna stop him...if they could find him.

Morgan stopped when he rounded the next corner, "Prentiss?" he hissed quietly flagging her closer.

"What?" Emily whispered back, eyes darting around her wildly both their stances rigid and on edge. Hearts hammering against their ribcage.

Morgan nodded forward and Prentiss followed his gaze. There were two doors, one led towards the larger gym and the other led out to the pool.

Prentiss nodded towards the pool entrance, the hand resting on his back pressing harder.

Morgan nodded once then headed for the gym's entrance as they split up.

Prentiss entered the pool area slowly, mindful to watch her step on the wet floor. The entire place was silent, the thin pool cover moving softly with the water underneath. The lights were off but the suns glare from outside shown through the large full length windows to her right, casting an eerie glare throughout the open space.

Gun steady and sure, Prentiss panned the area with a practiced eye.

It was completely still around her, no movement at all. Reid's voice crackled through the comms telling them his building was clear so far. It was in that moment that there was movement from behind the brunette agent and she spun around only to have the butt of a gun connect painfully with her right cheekbone. Hissing in pain, Prentiss forcefully shoved her elbow in her attacker's stomach twice.

There was a grunt and an angry hiss before she was body slammed which even with the Kevlar on, knocked the air from her lungs as her feet left the ground. Prentiss tensed her body, waiting for the painful and disorientating contact with the solid white tile floor.

The brunette agent couldn't quell the yelp of pain that passed her lips when the back of her head smacked off the floor. Before she'd even fully registered the pain that was erupting in her skull, her head snapped to the left as she was pistol whipped from above, alerting her to the heavy weight now straddling her middle. Gritting her teeth Prentiss turned her head and opened her eyes, staring into the hardened, angry and determined face of Lyle Harper, their UnSub.

He raised his arm again, gun in hand but Emily blocked the hit with her right then slammed her hand, palm facing upwards, into his nose.

Harper's head was thrown back and he yelped in pain.

Taking advantage of his discomfort, Emily sent a fist into his stomach before harnessing all of her strength through the sickening dizziness she was now experiencing to throw him off, releasing her legs which she brought sharply into her chest before slamming both feet into his.

Harper lay on his back gasping for breath, gun at his side.

Rolling over, Emily snatched up her own weapon which had landed dangerously close to the pools edge-briefly registering that a few inches to her right and she would've landed in the water-then pushed herself to her feet on shaking legs.

Before she could replace her comms in her ear to communicate with Morgan, Harper reached for his gun and Emily levelled hers before two shots echoed throughout the deserted building.

Derek Morgan was pissed off. This son of a bitch had been giving them the run around all day: showing up at his apartment to find it empty, locating his little shed of horrors minutes too late to save his final victim and now this. The bastard had been right under their noses the whole time, working as a grounds keeper for the college and surrounding buildings. He was smart. Kept a low profile but made sure not to be invisible instead approachable, almost kind.

The degree of torture he'd inflicted on the last girl—youngest of them all at only 18—was hard to stomach and Morgan was just pleading with the universe that Lyle Harper gave him a damn good reason to pull his trigger.

Sweeping the gym for a second time, Morgan swallowed his sigh as he moved towards the closed door leading to another set of locker rooms. He twisted the knob and pushed it open, flash light sweeping the smaller room.

That's when the two gunshots—less than a second apart—echoed though the building and Morgan's stomach plummeted, heart stopping in his chest.

Activating the comms he called his partners name sharply as he took off at lightning speed back through the gym and into the pool area but only silence answered him. Not good.

Eyes scanning frantically his heart seized when he couldn't find her but he did find Lyle Harper pulling himself to his feet while groaning in pain.

"LYLE HARPER! FBI!" Morgan bellowed before activating his comm once more, "I got 'im! He's in the sports centre, pool area."

The other man froze at his voice, back facing the agent behind him.

Morgan trained his gun in the UnSubs back steadily fighting to remain calm when his partner was nowhere in sight, "Drop your weapon, Harper." the muscles in his arms flexed as he took a careful step forwards, "Harper, drop it now!"

The other man's hand twitched, fingers flexing around the trigger.

Morgan tensed as he moved closer still, "Don't do it, Harper. Don't do it!"

Movement caught his eye out the window signalling that the Calvary had arrived.

"I won't tell you again, Harper." Derek warned lowly all his thoughts on his partner, "Drop. Your. Weapon."

Hand twitching again, Harper drew in a breath, teeth gritted against the pain exploding in his wounded shoulder. He wasn't going to prison. Not for the dead girls and not for killing a fed! He wasn't doin' it.

Eyebrows knitted together, Morgan watched Harper carefully. He was gonna do it, the seasoned agent could just tell.

Decision made, Harper spun around and raised his weapon ready to fire.

Morgan reacted, pulling his own trigger twice, both bullets slicing through the UnSub's chest.

Harper jerked backwards, gun falling from his hand as he slumped to the ground, gun clattering in his wake.

Morgan puffed out a breath, racing forwards, kicking the gun miles away then pressing two fingers to the man's neck: nothing.

Lyle Harper was dead and good riddance to him.

"He's dead." Derek muttered into the comms not sparing a thought for the retched life he'd just snuffed out.

Now where the hell was Prentiss?

Morgan surveyed the area slowly and that's when he saw it: her Glock 19 resting silently on the disturbed tarp covering the pool.

Morgan's heart leaped to his throat and his eyes widened, "Oh shit, PRENTISS!"


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