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In a land as crazy and strange as the separated world of Gensokyo, in which odd circumstances are nearly a daily tradition, it is quite unusual for there to be actually nothing noteworthy happening. However, such was the plight of a crow tengu girl who, after stopping her midair flight and folding up her wings, began to read back what she had written in her notebook for today.

"Big stories: nothing. Current events: nada. Obituaries: the only bucket that's been kicked is Kisume's. Local culture: Nitori bought a new hat after she blew up the last one in an experiment." She slammed the notebook shut with a loud bang and brought a palm to her face, covering her exasperated red eyes and letting her black hair get ruffled in the process.

"Ayayaya!" she grumbled, frustrated. "Who's going to read the Bunbunmaru newspaper if it's completely blank?! There must be at least one newsworthy thing in this whole place."

Holding in a sigh, Aya Shameimaru, ace reporter of her own newspaper, took a brief look at the area around where she had decided to land. While the closely-growing trees that produced shady, overgrown foliage in the forest didn't house many interesting things, they broke in the distance into a small clearing in front of a lake. The Misty Lake, as it was called, was where several mischievous fairies called home, but Aya could care less about them. The real point of interest was what it held on the island in the center: a grandiose mansion that housed some of the most curious individuals imaginable. Aya took a brief glimpse at the horizon, where the sunset was a few minutes away from its glorious red and orange colors.

"They're probably waking up around now," she concluded from this observation. "It's as good of a place as any to find a big scoop."

Aya held her notebook to her side, as it was too big and important to go into a pocket of her blouse or skirt, and let her wings open up again to the evening air. In the blink of an eye, she was soaring off towards the mansion in the middle of the lake, reaching speeds unbelievable to anyone not familiar with the crow tengu.

Remilia Scarlet, owner of the famous Scarlet Devil Mansion, was indeed opening her crimson eyes to the last few glimmers of sunlight of the day at this moment, just as Aya had predicted. As she took a great yawn, she exposed her vampire fangs to the world around her. Lazily rolling from one side of her lavish bed to the other in an attempt to wake up more easily, she stretched both her arms and bat wings into the air, brushing her light-blue hair out of her face. Though she appeared to be no older than a child, her true age was beyond 500 years.

"Sakuya," she called to the other side of the door of her room, "I'm awake." Within seconds, the door opened, and a girl with silver hair and dark blue eyes dressed in a blue maid's outfit stepped in with a warm, polite smile.

"Ah, Miss Remilia," she greeted. "Good evening. I trust you slept well today?" Remilia shrugged casually, not bothering to keep her elegant image when just with Sakuya.

"Typical dreams and all; there wasn't anything really worth talking about. Could I have some tea?"

"Of course, my lady." Sakuya walked gracefully over to her mistress's side, carrying a glass tray that held an intricately designed tea set. As she began to pour the steaming drink into a teacup, her eyes strayed upon a piece of paper lying on Remilia's bedside table. It appeared to be a document with a fancy border consisting of a repeating pattern of green flowers spiraling around purple butterflies. "Oh? What's this? Were you writing a letter last night, Miss Remilia?"

Remilia frowned, lowering her eyebrows. "No, I wasn't. Someone must have left this for me. Coming into my room while I'm sleeping and dropping the letter off here instead of just putting it in the mailbox is quite insolent, though. Does it say who it's from?" Sakuya glanced at the bottom of the letter where the signature was neatly written.

"The author seems to wish to remain anonymous. Shall I read it for you, my lady?" After an approving nod from Remilia, Sakuya carefully examined what had been written on the piece of paper. Her eyes seemed to relay shifting emotions between confusion and anger as she read through the letter, which made Remilia very curious about what it was about. As Sakuya reached the end, she suddenly put a hand to her mouth in horror and let the tray holding the tea fall from her grasp, shattering into tiny bits and spilling hot tea on the floor. Remilia watched the mess form with a half-amused smirk.

"And that was one of my favorite sets of teacups," she muttered. "Sakuya, just what is in this letter that made you do that?" After vanishing for a moment and instantly cleaning up the mess she had made (the ability to stop time is quite useful for a maid to complete her mistress's chores in mere moments), Sakuya handed the letter to her mistress with a trembling hand.

"M-m-my apologies, but Miss Remilia, may I suggest you read it?" she stammered, the horrified look on her face remaining. Remilia rolled her eyes.

"What's gotten into you today, Sakuya?" she asked. "I doubt whatever's in this letter is that bad." Rubbing the last bit of sleep from her eyes, she took a look at the letter.

To Miss Remilia Scarlet,

Strength is a rather funny thing, is it not? Some may be completely incapable in physical power, yet hold such an authority over others that it translates into strength. Others have all the power in the world, yet are forever condemned to lives of serving those higher up in influence.

Then, there are those who possess both types of power, and those who have neither. Gensokyo is one such place in which this situation is occurring, and the time has come that a radical shift let these roles reverse.

Miss Scarlet, as a person of both great power and authority, do you disagree with the idea that the weaker denizens of this land deserve to rise up and become the ones of power themselves? I have always advocated the idea that fairness and a fighting chance are the least you can provide for an opponent, and for that reason, I write this letter to you. At midnight of tonight or before it, your long life shall meet its end at the hands of a most skilled killer. I certainly encourage you to try to avert this or to discover my identity, as the struggle to reclaim Gensokyo from tyrants would be very quick and boring otherwise.

I should probably wrap up this letter before I begin to digress. Please enjoy the final evening of your life to its fullest, Miss Scarlet.


A Patriot Fighting for a Better Gensokyo

Remilia gently set the letter back down on the bedside table and looked up at Sakuya, her scarlet eyes gleaming in excitement. "Well, this is certainly an interesting turn of events, is it not?"

Sakuya rubbed the back of her head in confusion. "Y-you're not concerned or worried, my lady?"

Remilia giggled softly. "I would be more concerned and worried for whoever wrote the letter. After all, I'm not the one who will be sucked dry of all of her warm, succulent blood when she is caught." She licked her lips in anticipation and let her razor-sharp fangs show again before pulling off her bed covers and sitting up. "Anyway, notify the rest of the staff about this and tell them to report any suspicious activity they see. I'm going to get dressed."

Sakuya bowed respectfully and began to exit the room before turning back. "Is there anything else, Miss Remilia?"

Remilia pointed out the window to the courtyard of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where the red-haired gatekeeper Hong Meiling was peacefully taking a nap. "Make sure China actually stays awake and does her job tonight. It wouldn't be very pleasant to end up dying just because she's too tired to keep anyone out."

"As you wish, my lady." Sakuya bowed again before taking her leave, gently closing the door behind her. Remilia hopped out of bed and let her feet get a good grip on the plush carpet beneath them before heading towards her wardrobe to change into her usual pink dress. Aya, who had been watching and listening in on the entire conversation at the window unbeknownst to either Remilia or Sakuya, grinned as she furiously scribbled down the entire story in her notebook.

"Well, well, well," Aya laughed to herself. "It seems good things come to those who wait. This is exactly the kind of story I was hoping for!" She quickly snapped one photo of Remilia and one of the foreboding letter before taking off to keep from being spotted.

While Yuyuko Saigyouji, the ghostly princess of the Netherworld, was not particularly known to be a nocturnal dweller, she enjoyed taking a brief afternoon nap after a big feast for lunch. Hence, she emerged from her home in Hakugyokorou with a lazy yawn into the middle of the Netherworld just as the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Though she wore her typical blue and white kimono, her wavy pink hair was not contained by her usual hat. As she emerged into the gardens of Hakugyokorou, Yuyuko marveled at all the cherry blossoms that were blooming around here, creating a beautiful collage of pink in every tree of the gardens. The largest tree, Saigyou Ayakashi, did not bloom, but Yuyuko was wise enough to remember not to bother with it after the incident that occurred five years earlier. The ghostly butterflies she was so fond of that glowed purple and blue fluttered all around the trees, and one even stopped to land on Yuyuko's head. After gently stroking the insect's antennae, she looked over to a silver-haired girl wearing a dark green dress and being circled by the marshmallow-looking phantom half of her body. The human-phantom girl was sitting high in the middle of one of the cherry trees and carefully pruning unruly branches with her two swords.

"Youmu!" called Yuyuko from the base of the tree. "How are you doing up there?" Youmu Konpaku looked down in surprise when she heard Yuyuko's voice, and she caused a small amount of cherry blossoms to shower on Yuyuko's head as she shifted her position in the tree.

"Lady Yuyuko! It's good to see you're awake again," Youmu replied. "But your hair is a mess! Did you lose your hat? Showing such a poor image is not a setting a good example for the rest of the spirits of the Netherworld as their princess." Yuyuko laughed merrily and shook off all the blossoms that had fallen on her.

"Relax," she chuckled. "You're so serious all the time. I think I've come to like the hatless me image." Youmu sighed, knowing it would be pointless to argue with Yuyuko on something like this.

"If you want to try a new style, I guess there's no stopping you," said Youmu. "I am a gardener, not a fashion expert, so I wouldn't really know if it's good or bad anyway." Finished with the pruning of that cherry tree, she dismounted the branches she was standing on and returned to the ground.

"In any event, I've got a busy evening planned, so I'd love it if you could do a couple of errands for me," said Yuyuko. "You could leave Myon here so I'll be able to satisfy my hunger while you're doing them." Youmu looked horrified and hugged the phantom-half of her body tightly to her chest.

"Not Myon! That would be like eating my leg," she cried. Yuyuko gave a jolly grin and affectionately pinched Youmu's cheek, causing her to back away in embarrassment.

"Oh, you," she laughed. "You look so cute when you're all flustered. I'm only kidding. Besides, I've found out that regular marshmallows taste much better than phantom ones. All you need to do is go to Rinnosuke's store and pick up an order I placed earlier. Then, cook dinner for both you and me. I'm probably going to be really hungry after tonight, so be sure to cook lots of food!" This was no understatement; Yuyuko's appetite was unrivaled in all of Gensokyo. Still, Youmu nodded and accepted the task.

"All right, Lady Yuyuko," she replied, "I can do that. But what is the order you placed at the store, anyway?" Yuyuko casually waved her hand.

"It's nothing really important," she said. "Just something we've run out of that I thought I could use here. It won't be anything really big or dangerous to carry."

Youmu was a bit puzzled by her lady's vagueness regarding the order, but she bowed and sheathed her two swords before setting off towards the border of the Netherworld to reach the store. Yuyuko began to walk back to Hakugyokorou, stopping for a minute to pick up and devour an apple that Youmu had accidentally dropped as she was working in the gardens.

While the vampire mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion was preparing herself for the evening after reading an assassination attempt on her life, another girl was waking up about 50 feet directly below her. This girl, who had no pajamas and simply always dressed in a red vest and skirt, awoke from the small cot she slept on and took a look around her. The dim, dingy basement that she lived in would be hard to see in for most people, but a vampire like her had no trouble seeing in the dark. She looked down to the side of her cot and quickly found the pink frilly hat she had dropped on the floor. After brushing off the dust that had accumulated on it during the day, she casually placed it on her head and pulled it over her blonde hair, letting the ponytail drawn up with a red ribbon on her left side drop freely.

When this brief process of getting ready for the night was finished, the girl threw the single sheet on her bed to the side and let her feet hit the cold stone floor. Gingerly walking to avoid stepping on one of the various mangled toys or stuffed animals strewn around the room, she made her way to the wall opposite the cot. Every step she took made a resounding echo around the whole basement, though she was the only one to hear them. When she reached the wall, she picked up a red pen lying on the floor and examined a calendar creased along three of its corners.

"Ah," the girl murmured. "It's just a day away now." She made a large circle around the square that corresponded to tomorrow and smiled as she realized how soon this was.

A slow creaking of the great metal door in the basement suddenly caused the girl to turn her head in that direction, her red eyes piercing the darkness and her wings of multicolored shards flapping lightly. Her heart began to speed up slightly; was somebody paying her a visit? The door was designed to be impossible to open on her side, so others would have to come and see her instead of her seeing them.

The one who opened the door was a blonde fairy wearing a simple maid's outfit and carrying a single cup of a deep red drink. "Flandre Scarlet, is it?" she asked. "Here is your breakfast, prepared exactly as Sakuya Izayoi ordered." Flandre, disappointed but not surprised by the identity of the visitor, casually grabbed the cup from the fairy and downed it in two quick gulps. The fairy had been given orders not to reveal what was in the drink, but Flandre had already figured it out since about the third day she began to receive the drinks for breakfast.

"By the way," began Flandre as she handed the empty cup back to the fairy, "do you know what tomorrow is?" The fairy, puzzled by the strange question, pondered it for a moment.

"Umm, I think it's a Wednesday," she said, trying intently to remember the date. "Is it Wednesday the 24th? Or is it the 25th? I'm sorry; I'm not very good with remembering days."

Flandre frowned and shook her head. "No, no, no," she said. "I'm talking about the special event that's happening tomorrow. You remember, don't you?" The confused fairy scratched her head for a moment before shrugging.

"Sorry," she replied, "but I really don't know what you're talking about. It's actually my first day working here, so I'm not too familiar with the important events. My apologies, Flandre."

Flandre turned her back on the fairy and sat down on the floor dejectedly. "Whatever; it's fine. You can go ahead and leave now." The fairy nodded and shut the door again, letting the big lock of the door click on her way out. Flandre, once again alone in the dark, paced back and forth on the basement floor before she accidentally stubbed her toe on something that was lying on the floor.

"Ow!" Flandre cried, looking down at the quickly-reddening toe before locating the perpetrator of the crime: a baby-blue rabbit toy made of steel that grinned up at her with cartoon eyes and a goofy smile. "Stupid rabbit," she muttered to herself. "Why do I even keep things like that around anymore? I'm getting kind of old to be playing with toys." Concentrating intently, she stared at the grinning rabbit until a small circle resembling an eye appeared to her in the center. Holding out her arm, the "eye" floated right into her open hand. As soon as it was in her palm, she clenched her fist tightly, causing the grinning rabbit to smile for the final time as it suddenly exploded into hundreds of bits of steel. The pieces of steel scattered all over the basement from the force of the explosion and Flandre smiled to herself in satisfaction.

Voile, the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, was incredibly massive, just like the rest of the mansion; Sakuya's abilities to manipulate time also extended to manipulating space. Rows and rows of books were lined up on every wall, and the shelves in the middle of the room were so tall that they created what seemed to be a labyrinth. At the front of the room, there was even a grand staircase leading up to a second floor filled with an equal amount of books. As Remilia's pale skin could not tolerate the sunlight, the library was the only room in the mansion to have great windows, as she rarely ventured inside of it. Rather, the main dweller of Voile was its librarian, a magician named Patchouli Knowledge who even now was sitting in a chair in the back of the library and reading one of her books.

Patchouli Knowledge was girl who must have adored the color purple: her hair was purple, her eyes were violet, and the pajamas and nightcap she wore even during the day were lavender. Even the ribbons adorning her hair were alternating blue and red. The only thing that did not have a connection to the color purple was the yellow crescent moon shape attached to her nightcap.

As Patchouli turned the pages of her book, she lightly stifled a cough. It was primarily from the asthma and anemia she suffered from that she rarely left the library, instead spending most of her days reading books in the quiet and peaceful environment. However, if an intruder decided to pay a visit to the library (as was often the case), Patchouli was not afraid to blast them away with her strong elemental magic.

An energetic call from the other side of the library got her attention. "Mistress Patchouli!" shouted a red-haired girl wearing a black dress with bat-like wings coming out of her head and back who was running towards her now. "Mistress Patchouli! I organized every book of Section EF 8! Just like you asked. It's all nice and neat now."

Patchouli looked up from her book and nodded approvingly at the energetic library assistant standing in front of her. "Well done, Koakuma. That was the last task I needed done today, so feel free to relax for the rest of the evening."

Koakuma grinned with glee, the wings on head softly waving back and forth. "Thanks, mistress! I'll be right back here at the crack of dawn tomorrow." The little devil happily began to rush down the rows of shelves towards the door leading out. Just as she was about to open the door, though, it swung open from the other side, knocking the poor girl down to the floor with its force.

"Patchouli! Where are you?" shouted Sakuya, hair slightly ruffled from distress as she burst into the library. She wasted no time running straight to the chairs at the back where Patchouli would always read through a good part of the day.

As Sakuya approached her, Patchouli set the book she was reading down and looked up at the flustered maid. "Yes, Sakuya? Please don't be so loud in here; it is a library, after all."

"Sorry, Patchouli," replied Sakuya. "It's just, this is pretty urgent." Patchouli closed the book on her lap and stared patiently. "Just half an hour ago, Miss Remilia and I discovered a letter that had been delivered to her bedside table," Sakuya continued. "This letter… well… it's a death threat addressed to her. The person who wrote it claims she will kill Miss Remilia before midnight tonight."

Patchouli rubbed her eyes and let them wander thoughtfully. "Oh my. And you have no idea who this killer will be?"

"Unfortunately, none at all," replied Sakuya. She ran a finger along the edge of one of the sharper knives she carried around and lowered her eyebrows. "Of course, the whole mansion is on high alert so we can hopefully stop this assassin before they even lay a finger on the mistress. But still… I feel scared that we don't know who it's going to be. You're the smartest person I can fully trust, so…"

"You want me to find out who it is, right?" Patchouli finished. She rubbed her forehead in frustration as she realized the quiet evening she had planned would not be taking place, but still gave Sakuya the best diplomatic smile she could manage. "I'd be as devastated as you if Miss Remilia got assassinated. I'll do my best to figure it out, okay?"

Sakuya thanked her profusely and handed over the letter, which Patchouli held delicately. "I wish you the best of luck exposing this miserable creature. I have to go check on Meiling; she is definitely getting a knife to the head if I find her sleeping again!" Sakuya promptly dashed back to the door and exited the library, slamming the door shut and causing Koakuma to get hit by the force again.

"Somebody is after Remilia and I have a little more than five hours to figure out who it is," murmured Patchouli to herself, slowly walking back to her chair as her mind was deep in thought.

"My, sounds like a pretty difficult task you've been presented with, doesn't it?" said a voice from behind one of the shelves.

Patchouli groaned as she walked around the shelf. "Sorry, but I really don't have any time for whoever's here. If this is another one of Marisa's awful attempts to steal some of my books, I am just not in the mood for it today."

"Really? You don't have time for somebody who's going to help you figure out this mystery? That seems a bit foolish, Patchy," replied the voice. Patchouli stood before the corner of the shelf separating her and the other person and took a peek around. The woman standing before her had long blonde hair, an elegant purple dress, and a white hat with red ribbons and bows all about her. She smiled mysteriously as she twirled her light-pink parasol in one of her gloved hands.

"Yukari," greeted Patchouli in a deadpan tone, fully turning the corner. "How did you get in my library?"

"It's one of the stops on my daily unspotted tour of all of Gensokyo, of course. I always create border gaps in every major location that I stick my head into to see what everybody is up to. When I heard Sakuya talking about this little incident with Remilia and wanting you to resolve it, I figured you'd appreciate some help with it from the beautiful youkai of boundaries herself." Yukari walked up to Patchouli and put a hand around her back, directing her towards the chairs in the back of the library.

Patchouli smiled wryly as she walked with Yukari. "Before I agree to anything, I'd like to know why you of all people are so willing to help me here. I would have expected you to sleep through this and hope someone else deals with it or send your shikigami to help me."

Yukari laughed good-naturedly. "It's fun to insult someone after they so generously offer to help you, isn't it?" Her face suddenly grew serious. "Still… I have a feeling that this whole situation is bigger than you'd think at first. It could be that Remilia's assassination is just the first step to achieving a greater goal that could threaten the entire Gensokyo. I might be a pretty lazy youkai, but I'm not going to sit around and let Gensokyo die."

Patchouli frowned, still skeptical of this newfound "help". "How do I know that you're not the one who wrote that letter, Yukari? You could have easily just slipped through a gap to deliver it to Remilia and then disappeared, right? I don't think having the killer help expose herself would be a very good idea."

Yukari brought a paper fan up to her face and lightly fanned herself, letting only her violet eyes show as they remained locked on Patchouli. She let a rather eerie chuckle emanate from behind the fan. "I suppose you'll just have to trust me in that aspect. But what have the humans said about me in the past? Yes, that's right; I'm the kind of youkai that shouldn't be trusted." Yukari looked at the end of the row of shelves, and in that location a border gap tied by two red ribbons and containing what appeared to be hundreds of red disembodied eyes formed. "Well, if you don't need my assistance in taking care of this incident, I'd best be on my way."

Just as Yukari was about to walk into the gap, Patchouli changed her mind. "Hold on a minute," she said quickly. "I'll accept your offer to help me with this on one condition."

Yukari looked behind her shoulder and smiled curiously at the magician. "Oh?" she asked. "And what might that be, Patchy?"

"We bring a few more people in to help in the investigation. Basically, people who could have my back in case you do decide to betray me." Patchouli coughed lightly. "It's not so much that I distrust you; I just can't be too careful when my friend's life is on the line."

Yukari let the gap close and turned around to face Patchouli. "Very wise. All right, I agree to your condition." She smiled in a friendly manner, holding her hands together. "Well, now that it's settled," she said, "what are we waiting for? Let's begin our investigation into this incident."

Kourindou, the antique store run by Rinnosuke Morichika, was located right on the very edge of the Forest of Magic. Though its owner did not battle, being a half-youkai meant he could live in this spot without the fear of being attack or eaten. As Youmu opened the door of the dusty shop, she let her eyes adjust to the dark room inside before walking in. As she approached the counter, the glasses-wearing silver-haired Rinnosuke emerged from one of the back rooms and greeted her.

"Miss Youmu Konpaku, I presume?" he said. "Welcome to Kourindou! May I interest you in any of our fine wares?" He picked up a rectangular piece of metal and plastic with many buttons on it that had the word Nokia printed on the back. "We just received this last night. Apparently it is called a 'cell phone'. You use it to talk to other people, even if they're very far away. Since nobody else in Gensokyo has one, though, I'm not sure how much it would be useful."

"No thank you," replied Youmu tersely. "I'm here to pick up an order that Lady Yuyuko placed earlier. She didn't say what it was, though."

"Ah, of course. I have it right here." Rinnosuke put the cell phone back where it was and pushed a pile of random junk to the side on the counter, picking up a package wrapped in brown paper that had been underneath it. "After this machine that creates clones of paper showed up here about a month ago, I decided to try to make some money selling mass quantities of custom-designed stationery. Seeing as I had to color each piece of paper by hand, the business hasn't been going too well for me. Still, Yuyuko Saigyouji bought a sample of 10 sheets not too long ago, and she then put in an order for 100 more. Here it is."

Just as Rinnosuke was handing over the sheets of stationery, he got hit in the face by a newspaper thrown at him that flew through the open door. "Sorry!" yelled Aya's voice from outside as she zipped off, delivering more papers. Grumbling softly, he pulled the newspaper off from his face and looked down at the front page.

"Wow, that's interesting," he commented. "Apparently Remilia Scarlet of the Scarlet Devil Mansion has received a death threat this evening." Youmu craned her head sideways to read the article.

"How terrible," she responded. "I certainly hope they find out who it is before something bad happens to her. Anyway, I've got to get going. Cooking dinner for Yuyuko is certainly no simple task."

Rinnosuke looked up from his paper. "All right. Please come again!" As Youmu was about walking out the door with the stationery in hand, he suddenly gasped. "Whoa! Hold on a sec!"

Youmu turned around, slightly annoyed by being delayed. "Yes? What is it?"

Rinnosuke frowned. "I'm not sure… but I have a hunch about this. Youmu, may I see a sheet of the stationery, please?" After Youmu ripped open the package and gave a sheet to Rinnosuke, he held it up and compared it to the newspaper. "Ah, just as I thought!" he said. "Youmu, come take a look at this!" Youmu, intrigued, compared the two pieces of paper side by side. "Look at the picture of the death threat letter here," he said.

Youmu observed the picture of the letter printed at the bottom of the article that had a visible pattern around it. She then looked carefully at the piece of stationery in her hand. It had a border featuring spiraling green flowers around purple butterflies. "T-that can't be. They're… the same pattern!" she exclaimed.

"Exactly!" concurred Rinnosuke. "And the only person who has bought stationery in that particular pattern is Hakugyokorou's princess and your mistress, Yuyuko."

[A/N]: Well, here we are, at the end of the first chapter of my first ever fanfic. By the way, despite how the title may seem, this is not a crossover story. Despite being a story about a group of people getting together to stop a terrorist threat over the course of 24 hours, it will take place entirely in the Touhou universe with just its characters. If it turns out that this should actually go in the Crossover section, please tell me.

Anyway, yeah. Is Yuyuko really the one who wrote the letter? Will Patchouli discover the mastermind behind this plot before it's too late? Why is Yukari so eager to help her? Will anyone buy Rinnosuke's cell phone? The answers to these questions and more probably won't be answered in the next immediate chapter, but they will in good time, so stay tuned for more of Temporal Quintessence.