We pulled up in front of the prison. From the outside it looked dismal; I couldn't imagine how much worse it would be from the inside. I didn't even give myself time to pull the keys out of the ignition. I just jumped from the car, leaving the engine running, the door wide open and started striding towards the Warden.

She didn't turn to look at us as she got out of her jeep. She just got out and strode towards the door. The guards eyed us carefully but didn't say anything as we followed her inside. We waited in silence for one of the guards to unlock the rusty metal door leading to the inmates. I could feel Abbie and Kate exchanging glances behind me.

I focused my mind forwards, on what was the other side of the door; Eve. She had tried to hide her injuries from us at the swap but she had slipped up and accidently shown us some of them. She was in bad shape.

Cuts adorned the right side of her face. I couldn't work out how bad they were or exactly how many there were because of the amount of dried blood that covered her face, neck and shirt. It was also clear from her winces and the way she struggled to catch her breath that she had at least two broken ribs, but it was probably nearer five or six.

And then there were the bruises. They were better hidden at first but had been exposed accidently when her shirt had ridden up. I didn't want to think about how many more bruises just like the ones that we had seen covered her body. What I hated to see even more than that was the embarrassment on her face as she tugged her shirt back into place and refused to look up afterwards.

What filled me with alarm was that he had done all that to her before the deal had gone south, I dreaded to think what he had done to her once it had failed and he had no more use for her. The old metal key turned in the door and clicked, giving us access to the inmates.

The warden charged forwards, her heavy boots pounding on the concrete floors making where she was known to everyone. Turning this way and that in the maze of corridors I noted each turn making sure that we could find our way out with out the Warden if needs be.

Cells ran off most of them and women sat in all of them. Some times there were up to five women in a cell, which was made for one. I was searching the cells for any sigh of Eve, but found nothing. I guessed that the warden knew where her cell was and she was taking me to her; but I couldn't help searching the other faces in the cells for hers.

A jangling caught my attention and I watched the warden unclip a bunch of keys from her belt. She came to a halt outside one of the cells and slipped the key into the padlock on the cell.

I was staring into the cell not wanting what I was seeing to be real. Damp and darkness filled the cell but even through that I could clearly see; the cell was empty.

"Where is she?" Kate piped up from behind me. She jumped in front of me and backing the warden up against the bars. The warden looked stunned but moved to look over her shoulder to make sure that she really wasn't there.

Finding the cell empty she turned slowly back to face us.

"The hole," she gulped dipping her gaze guiltily to the floor. Kate and Abbie took of like lightening; I had never seen either one of them run as fast as they were now. I knew that Eve and Kate had spent some of their time in there with Tess but the speed that Kate and Abbie took off at only heightened the sense of dread that was rising in me. I had no idea how bad the hole was, but from their reaction I knew it must be bad.

I watched their backs disappear around a corner and then to my horror watched the warden break into a run. If there was one person I though I would never see run it would have been her.

She was surprisingly fast and I watched her round the corner as well before I could make myself move. I forced my legs into action. As much as I didn't want to see what had happened to Eve in the hole, I had to save her from him.

I sprinted down the corridor repeating the left turn Kate, Abbie and the warden had done before me. Once I had turned the corner there was no sign of them and I realise that I had no idea where this 'hole' was.

I kicked myself for taking so long to react. There were two lefts and one right of the corridor, and I had to choose one. I wasn't sure whether to ask any of the women in the cells knowing that they wouldn't care if I went in the wrong direction.

"Second left, first right, then go all the way to the end and turn left into the dark corridor through the door at the end and down the stairs." I turned to face a young woman who was alone in one of the cells.

She looked like she had given up hope. Her long dark hair hung in greasy strands around her grubby face. I stopped to talk to her. Her brown eyes were sunken and held sadness like none I'd ever seen before.

"Go now or you'll be too late." Her words urged me forwards reluctantly. I didn't want to leave her but I had to save Eve. So I turned away from her, vowing to come back for her later, and started running.

"Thank you." I called over my shoulder as I turned into the second left corridor. It looked exactly like all the others as did the one off the first right.

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