Family Planning

AN: I intend for this to be a few years down the line. Some time after Goliath and Elisa's "commitment ceremony" and inspired by Werewolfsbane's post for the Month of Birth .com/blog/38878626/
originally written and posted on Deviantart under my other alias Shusei.

"How are you planning to go about this?" Goliath's chest rumbled against his love whom sat snuggled in his lap; his wings draped around her additionally with affection.

"Still haven't thought that part completely through yet," she kissed what flesh was readily available to her lips.

"I'm mainly entertaining adoption or artificial insemination although our encounters with mad science over the years have dulled me to that idea."

Perhaps it was paranoia but she felt it was justified; Sevarius had targeted her alongside her clan for cloning and other such taboo sciences how could she be sure he wouldn't somehow find a way to affect her perspective pregnancy without her knowing.

Goliath nodded in understanding.

"Forgive me Elisa. If I-"

"Stop it," she shifted into a straddling position and gripped behind his ears; forcing him to look her squarely. "We're not talking about that. Magic, Goliath and Elisa do not mix on any kind of level of well."

"You're right of course." He took firm hold of her hips and began directing them. He kissed and nibbled her neck and collar.

"Hey we're talking about important stuff here," she yelped and gripped his shoulders.

"I assure you we can do both. Have you thought about names for whether it's a boy or girl?"

Her hands moved to his hair; her fingers racking over his scalp as he loved them to.

"No," she broke away from his kisses. "I want you to do it."

That was cause for pause. Names had never been important to him and she knew that but he was honored and surprisingly overwhelmed. "I need a name book."

He tried to get up, she tackled him and recommenced their love play.

"No you don't."

She kissed him deeply and he went wild. He loved when she was dominant.

"If it's a girl she'll be Elisa the second."

She shoved his chest, "No she won't you have to give her her own name."

He couldn't help the grin, "Elisa's a good name we should keep it in the family."

"It's my name," Elisa pouted, "she can't have it. Think of something else."

"Elisa junior?"

"What do you think?"

"I think I might get in trouble soon." He used his tail to flick her.

She gasped. "Oh, you so are mister. We'll be coming back to this topic of discussion later."