Plausible Deniability

She sits there on her bed in awe of what just happened. Unable to move, unable to speak, unable to breathe (Well, I guess that doesn't count. She's dead. Dead people don't breathe) but for the sake of argument and pictorial description, we'll just go with that.

Did she just let him go? Were they done?

"After everything we've been through, and you've been there for me through all of it, don't turn your back on me now."

She didn't mean to not answer, but what could she say?

It was clear Tyler would never be the old Tyler, and there was nothing more painful than being connected, but not really. It was almost as if they were strangers. She knew what he must be thinking, that she didn't care, that she gave up too easily, that she once again slammed the door in his face.

But that wasn't it.

That was never what it was about.

How could she explain it?

It wasn't that she didn't want to help, but more like she couldn't. There was something gnawing in her gut that's said if she stayed, she'd only make things worse. But two words stuck in her head.

Plausible deniability.

It was easy to blame it on the siring, really. It was easy to say that she was doing it to take away Tyler's choice. Without her in his life, he didn't need to make that choice. She did it for him. Now he'd have one less thing on his mind concerned about. He didn't need to worry about sacrificing their love for Klaus, because she knew he wouldn't. He'd find some way, some how to save her. Always.

Maybe that's why.

She wasn't used to a love like that. Not from her parents, not from Matt. Especially not from Matt.

Caroline grew up in a world of pain. Her insecurity was like glass cutting the skin, deeper and deeper. So, she hid. She acted. She became someone else. Caroline the Class President. Caroline the Head Cheerleader. Millions of different titles.

She got drunk and slept with boys to fill her up, but it only left her predominantly empty. There was nothing to fill the proverbial void.

Only with one person could she be herself, could she be just Caroline, no title following.

Maybe she was afraid to lose that.

If she stayed with him, she'd mess up. She knew she would. Everybody always told her she messed up. She couldn't be perfect, but he never expected her to be. He never expected anything, and that was new. Everybody always wanted, needed, expected something from her.

A good fuck.

Help with homework.

Something to make themselves feel better, but with Tyler, there was no expectation. And that drew her into him.

The truth was he thought he wasn't good enough for her now that he was sired, but the reality was she wasn't worthy of him. To have that kind of loyalty, she never did.

She loved him, she did, but she put up that wall for a reason, and she needed to let him go. It was for his own good. He didn't need her in his life.

She wouldn't, no, couldn't tell him that though, why she let him go. People say you can't keep secrets forever, but she could. She had forever to live, and the real reason would go down with her forever.

She'd denied herself a lot, but the thing that would hurt her the most would be denying herself a real chance at love, with the one person she never expected to fall for.

Thank goodness for plausible deniability.